The Anniversary Present Day 02

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Bdsm S

When Tom awoke on the morning after their anniversary, he felt extraordinarily tired. He had not slept well, his rest constantly disturbed by vivid dreams provoked by the previous night’s activities.

The dreams were quick and bold, strikingly erotic and disturbing in turn. They had merged in his memory into a strange pastiche that was more like a series of still pictures. He could only recall a few – Saffy with her face buried between his legs, lapping at his silky crotch, a picture of the shock on the taxi driver’s face when he turned around to find Tom in the backseat sitting naked apart from a pair of pink satin panties, back to an image of his wife, this time astride his cock, a split before entry. The images reflected his mixed feelings of arousal and shame about the previous evening’s events and he thanked God that the more disturbing ones only existed in his dreams.

Saffy was already out of bed and getting ready for work. Tom was glad; he wanted some time to think about last night. It was the most exciting night of his life and he loved every minute of it. There were so many exciting moments, he couldn’t decide his favourite. Complying with his wife’s request and putting her panties on in the restaurant was a powerfully erotic moment. Her touching him under the table, in the taxi and finally in the bedroom were all moments that he would carry forever.

Now he wondered what would happen next. Was last night a one-off never to be repeated? Would Saffy take this further? He was very conscious that Saffy had been completely in control throughout the evening and his demure role made it more difficult for him to gain control. He would have to play it carefully for a while and see what happens.

Saffy was making coffee in the kitchen as she relived the night before. She had awakened both Tom’s and her own sex drive and she wanted to keep it alive. She had surprised herself by being so in control and by Tom’s deference. Now she wanted to take this further, to eke out of Tom every fantasy he had and to make them real whilst taking the opportunity to test her own wants and desires, to find out what would make her feel the way wearing her panties had made Tom feel.

The likelihood of being able to concentrate at work today was extremely remote she decided, so called in sick. What the hell, she thought.

Tom was just getting dressed when Saffy entered the bedroom with a coffee in her hand. She told him breakfast was ready as she sat down on the bed.

“Tom, I want to ask you something.”

Tom turned to Saffy and she stood and walked to him. Putting her arms around him, she said “I know last night was great and I was wondering…” She faltered for a moment.

“I was wondering if there’s anything else you… well, anything else you fantasise about. I mean, it’s ok, I won’t be upset or put off. In fact, I want to know so that we can maybe play some out.”

Tom pulled Saffy closer into him so that she couldn’t see his face. If he was going to tell her things, he didn’t want to detect any disapproval. He thought for a while. Unsure how far he should go, he said “Why don’t we do some more of the same as last night and see where it takes us.” He quietly cursed himself for losing his bottle.

He kissed her neck as she replied “Ok, but you can’t wear my clothes. You need some of your own. I’m having the day off today so why don’t you tell me what you’d like and I’ll go and get them for you.”

Tom gulped as she spoke and his cock twitched in anticipation. He suddenly felt like a kid in a sweet shop. He could have anything he liked. Wow!

“Why don’t you write a list for me and I’ll get them a bit later. Maybe I could get us some toys too,” she said.

“Ok,” was all Tom could say. He couldn’t believe what was happening to him. To Saffy. To them. It was fantastic.

Saffy left the bedroom, intentionally leaving Tom to write his list out on his own. He sat at the dressing table and started to explore his mind for ideas.

After a few minutes, he started to write. He didn’t want to ask for too many things. He wanted to hold back a bit, to use a little self-control. If it all worked out well, he could get other things later.

When he had finished his list, Tom got ready for work and left the sheet of paper on the table and walked down stairs.

Kissing Saffy on her lips, he left for work. “Enjoy your shopping,” he grinned.

“I will.” She smiled back at him and they both relaxed a little.


Tom was struggling to concentrate. He’d only just got to work and already found it impossible to stop thinking about Saffy, the shopping and the night before. It was going to be a very long day…

Saffy spent the morning on the Internet. She wanted to learn more about cross-dressers, what they liked and what their fantasies were. She hoped to get some inspiration so that she could beat the previous evening’s performance.

She was looking for literature on the subject when she came across a site called olgun porno Intrigued, she clicked the link for the top list of ‘Transsexuals and Crossdressers’ stories and read one called ‘Sam’s Story’. She found it fascinating and, if she was honest, more than a little arousing. She printed the story out and gave it a ‘5’ vote before leaving.

She continued searching the ‘net for a while longer and armed with a bit more information than when she started, Saffy grabbed Tom’s list from the bedroom and set off on her shopping trip.

As soon as she was in the taxi, Saffy read Tom’s list. She could tell the list was written by Tom because it was so conservative. Short and to the point, Tom had just asked for a handful of undergarments. The key was that he wanted satin and lace mostly. He’d asked for a few black panties and a couple of white as well as some stockings and a suspender belt. He’d also suggested a vibrator too so Saffy’s first port of call would be the sex superstore just out of town. She’d never been there before, hadn’t even thought about it for that matter and she wanted to get it out of the way since she was a little uncomfortable with the idea of going to such a place.

Once the taxi driver had been paid, Saffy walked into the store. It was huge. It was well lit and staff of both sexes busied themselves with singles and couples alike who were shopping amongst the many aisles.

The store even had a map near the door to show where the various departments were and baskets for customers’ convenience. Walking passed the DVD and video aisles, Saffy eventually found the female toy section. There was every kind dildo and vibrator imaginable on display. She was drawn to the back of the area where a huge range of ‘rabbit’ style vibrators were. She’d often fancied buying one but could never have justified it to Tom before now but Tom’s list gave her licence and she was determined to make the most of it.

The main attraction on show was a new thrusting, squirming, rotating rabbit with a detachable ear. And there was bonus to this model too – a special offer of a free harness. Saffy took one off the shelf and popped it in her shopping basket.

Smiling, she next went to the lingerie department on the third floor. The quality of the clothing was surprisingly good and the choice of style and material was mind-boggling. For herself, Saffy wanted a powerful, dominant outfit and chose a deep red satin basque with matching panties. Black glossy stockings and spiky heels completed the outfit.

Tom’s outfits included 6 pairs of satin panties of various colours and styles plus three sheer pairs coloured white, pink and black, two pairs of stockings – one black and one white – two suspender belts, two pairs of sheer to waist hose and a white satin basque. This last item wasn’t on Tom’s list; it was Saffy’s contribution to the wardrobe.

Saffy paid for her goods and made her way home. There was plenty of time before Tom got home so she took the opportunity to plan out the evening.

Tom’s day was going from bad to worse. He’d made a number of errors through lack of concentration and to rub things in he now had to put everything right before he could get home.

At around 3 o’clock he called Saffy to warn her he’d be a couple of hours late. In her most teasing voice she told Tom not to be too late or he’d miss out on all the fun. This was torture for Tom. More than once during the day he’d been tempted to jack off in the bathroom just to get sex out of his mind. The temptation was almost too much; he’d had the most persistent erection of his life for most of the last five hours and Saffy’s words just made the problem worse.

Sipping a coffee whilst sprawling on the sofa, Saffy stared at all the clothes she had bought. A plan started to form in her mind and she grabbed some sheets of paper and started writing.


Tom finally got home, bursting with energy and desperate to see what treats awaited him just before seven o’clock. His eyes immediately fell on the objects on the floor in front of him. There was a bag just in front of him with a note on it – “Put the clothes in me” it read. A trail of lingerie ran through the house and up the stairs.

Picking up the bag, he followed the trail. A few feet from the bag was a pair of black satin panties. He picked them up and moved. When he reached the third pair there was another note with them – “Take off your clothes and put me on”. He ripped his clothes off and pulled on the white silky panties. He stroked and tickled his crotch through the faintly see-through material and groaned quietly as his stiff prick throbbed in appreciation.

Next was a pair of very sheer panties followed by deliciously glossy hose. A white satin and lace suspender belt lay at the bottom of the stairs with another note instructing him to fasten it around his waist. More panties followed and then a pair of white glossy stockings along with another instruction porno telling him to slowly roll them up his legs and connect the suspender belt to them. He’d never worn stockings before and the sensual tingling in his legs as the material clung to him was so erotic his cock oozed uncontrollably.

After gathering the final panties, hose and stockings and placing them in the bag he arrived at the closed bedroom door. He took a deep breath and opened it. Inside was a vision. Saffy was standing by the bed wearing her red outfit and a matching satin ribbon around her neck.

Putting the bag down, he walked to her and kissed her passionately on the lips, his tongue probing deep into her mouth. His hands wandered all over her body, stroking her sensually through her outfit. Saffy’s breath was coming deep and heavy and she moaned quietly into his mouth. Her hand roamed down his body, her long nails dancing delicately over his satin bulge.

Saffy led Tom to the bed where he saw five silk scarves and the rabbit. Saffy told him to lie down and she then wordlessly began tying him to the bed; first his legs and then his arms. Finally, she blindfolded Tom with the fifth scarf.

“Can you see anything?” Saffy whispered.

“No. Nothing at all,” Tom replied through laboured breath.

“Good. I bet you’ve been frustrated all day. You’d like to cum, wouldn’t you?”

“God, yes.”

“Do you like your new underwear?”

“Yeah, it’s great.”

“How does it feel? Describe it to me.”

“It feels so smooth and sexy. I can’t really describe it. It’s just very sensual. I can feel it against my skin and it’s driving me mad. I want to cum so much.”

“There’s more first. It wasn’t on your list but I want you to wear a basque too.”

Saffy picked up the satin basque and wrapped around Tom’s torso. He felt it being pulled tight on his body. Then Saffy’s fingers were running over his body, teasing and stroking him. His back arched as her fingers travelled down to his crotch, bypassed it and ran on down to his thighs, sliding over his stockinged legs before tracing their way slowly back to his cock.

He cried out as she moved her attention to his throbbing cock. Pulling his member out of his panties, she gripped the base and squeezed. As pre-cum dripped from him, she caught the fluid on the tip of her finger. When a sizeable pool had formed, she touched it to his lips. She then leaned forward and slowly licked it off before pushing her tongue into his mouth.

She kissed him for a long time. Taking the lead role and holding his head between her hands. After a while she stopped kissing him and loosened her basque so that she could free her breasts. Leaning forward, Saffy offered a breast to Tom’s mouth.

Tom felt Saffy’s nipple against his lips and parted them, engulfing her stiffening nipple with his hungry mouth. He gently nibbled and sucked at her flesh causing Saffy to squirm on his lap. She reached between her legs and touched her pussy through her damp panties. She massaged the material into her cunt to make sure they were as wet as possible and then repositioned herself so that she we kneeling over Tom’s face.

Tom opened his mouth instinctively as he felt the heat emanating from Saffy’s pussy and smelled her intoxicating musk. He raised his head to search out her mound but Saffy pushed him back onto the bed and slowly lowered herself onto him. She stopped short of his mouth and scraped the tip of his nose with her pussy. She teased him for a while, keeping just out of reach of his mouth. Finally, she dropped down the last few inches and pressed lightly on his lips.

“Suck the juices from my panties,” Saffy instructed.

The salty drips that had formed through her red satin knickers mingled with Tom’s saliva as he sucked hungrily. Whilst Tom’s feverish licking and sucking grew more urgent, Saffy’s orgasm steadily built. She could feel his tongue lapping at her through the thin satin and she started to twitch and buck against Tom’s mouth involuntarily. Lost in the moment, Saffy finally exploded, convulsing on Tom’s face and crying out his name.

Tom felt Saffy lift away from his face. He was very close to cumming and his hips were writhing backwards and forwards as his body tried to fuck the air in a vain attempt to seek out the satisfaction it needed.

Saffy climbed off the bed and peeled her wet panties off. Turning her attention to Tom’s cock, she carefully released it from his sodden white briefs and stroked her fingers up and down the length of his shaft. She wrapped her own panties around his cock and slowly began masturbating him.

Tom felt the wet satin material drape over his cock, tickling his skin and heightening his arousal. He felt her cup his balls with her free hand, squeezing and massaging his scrotum. Unable to take any more, Tom spurted load after load into Saffy’s knickers, grunting and groaning loudly.

Saffy watched fascinated as Tom’s face contorted and his cum splattered into her panties, darkening the material and dribbling Porno izle down his shaft. When it was over, she carefully wiped him clean with her panties.

“How are you enjoying it so far?” Saffy whispered in Tom’s ear.

“Fantastic. But what do you mean, ‘So far’?”

“Oh there’s lots more to come, baby. I’ve only just started.”

Then Saffy touched her used panties to Tom’s lips, the mingled mixture of their warm cum dripping on his lips. Tom moved his head to one side, not keen on this experience.

“Shh,” Saffy whispered, “do as I ask. I want you to open your mouth so that I can feed you.”

Hesitantly, Tom moved his head back.

“Open your mouth. That’s it, just a little more.”

Saffy slowly pushed the panties into Tom’s mouth making sure the juices dripped on his lips and tongue. She watched as his expression changed from disapproval to acceptance and then to willingness as the results of their lovemaking slowly slipped further into his mouth. She pushed more and more material in until finally his mouth was full.

“Now close your mouth. I want to watch you suck my panties until they are nice and clean.”

Because Tom obeyed her orders, Saffy rewarded him by stroking his prick. After a minute or so, Saffy kissed Tom’s mouth and licked his sticky lips. As his mouth opened she hooked the panties with her tongue. Then she grabbed the sodden knickers between her teeth and slowly pulled them out.

Now it was show time. Saffy removed Tom’s blindfold and picked up the rabbit. Tom’s eyes bulged as he looked at his lover, her sexy outfit and the glazed, horny look in her eyes. He’d never seen her look so radiant, so beautiful.

Saffy got on all fours as if to 69 with Tom, her face resting in Tom’s lap and touched the whirring, swirling toy to her pussy. It was the perfect view for Tom whose gaze was fixed on his wife’s gorgeous arse as the rabbit sank into her. He could feel her mouth against his crotch, her tongue lapping at him as she fucked herself.

As the toy sank deeper into her cunt, Saffy touched its ear to her clitoris. The sensations bolted through her like charges of electricity and within seconds she was on the verge of another climax. Moments later she was moaning and twitching, her juices trickling down her leg as wave after wave of orgasmic joy pulsed through her body.

Panting and moaning quietly, Saffy remained still for a few moments letting the relaxed aftermath bring her slowly back to reality.

Poor Tom had watched unable to help Saffy or satisfy himself throughout and he struggled with his bonds trying to get free so that he could ram his aching cock into his lover’s dripping honey pot.

As she came round, Saffy became aware of Tom’s struggle but was having none of it. He would do what she told him and cum when she decided, not before. She turned around and sat on Tom’s cock. She ground her pussy into his lap and leaned forward so that her breasts dangled in his face. Much to Tom’s delight she untied his arms and legs so he sat up and hugged her. He kissed her passionately on the lips and fondled her breasts but Saffy pushed him away.

“Lie on your belly,” Saffy ordered. Tom looked at her in disbelief. All he wanted to do was fuck her.

“Do it,” Saffy said firmly.

Once he was on his back, she tied his arms and legs to the bed again and sat on his back. She reached over to grab some massage oil and rubbed it into his shoulders. It wasn’t exactly what Tom wanted but he admitted to himself it felt pretty damn good.

Sliding down his body, running her fingers over his basque, she came to the top of his panties. She pulled firmly, forcing the skimpy cloth to ride up his crack.

“That’s the sexiest wedgy I’ve ever had,” he joked.

In response Saffy feathered her fingernails over his balls and then up between his cheeks.

Saffy pulled sharply at the waistband and tore Tom’s panties off. She threw them on the bed so they landed just by Tom’s face. Now she oiled her hands and began massaging Tom’s cheeks in slow circles occasionally stopping to squeeze and them pull them apart.

Tom felt oil trickle down his crack and then Saffy’s finger slower traced down towards his hole. Just before she reached it she changed direction and went back. Then she was massaging his perineum and stroking his balls again. He groaned aloud in delicious frustration.

Saffy stopped what she was doing and leaned to his ear.

“What do you want me to do?” She asked.

“Oh, God! Just do it!” He pleaded.

“What? Tell me precisely what you want me to do.”

“Finger me, please, finger me.” He pleaded.

Satisfied with his response, Saffy went back to Tom’s arse and ran her finger down his crack again but this time didn’t stop short. She dripped some more oil on him and then started working her finger into him. She buried her finger as far as she could in one slow motion and Tom cried out. He pushed back against her finger and she slowly began to finger fuck him.

Tom was dying. He had never been so sexually frustrated in his life. He felt as if he had been on the verge of cumming for hours. At that moment he would have fucked anything to get satisfaction but he was powerless, tied to the bed and virtually unable to move under Saffy’s weight on his legs.

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