The Andy chronicles Episode 2Unlucky at cards

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I headed south for whatever reason. and was soon in unfamiliar territory. i avoided the interstate and the main roads wandering through backroads now that i was in south carolina. i was really drowsy and wanted to find a place to pull off the road to knock off a few Z’s. as i rounded a curve i saw a tall chain link fence with an open gate at what appeared to be an old lumber yard.

oh well any shelter in a storm i figured. and swung in i pulled the trans am behind a stack of paletts and turned off the lights i sat listening to the muffler cool and for any unusual noise. after about 3 minutes i decided i was the only consious human being around and got out of the car. i looked around and noticed off to the east the sun was about to rise.i moved away from the car and took a whiz and walked around stretching.then walked back to the car and crawled into the back seat to take my nap.

sometime later i was awakened by the sound of slamming and people voices. i waited a few seconds to try and figure out if they knew i was about.after i decided they didnt i raised up and looked around a group of about 8 or 9 people were unloading food ,beer,and sodas from a pickup truck and going inside what used to be the office of the lumberyard. i was still tired so i lay back down i glanced at my watch and saw it was 734 am i drifted off and dreamt of screwing jen the chick at the waffle hut who had given me a blow job a few hours ago.

about 3 hours later i woke up to the sound of a basketball being dribbled and guys yelling as they shot hoops at the goal on the west end of the lumberyard i felt the urge to piss so i eased up opened the door of the trans am slowly got out and eased it back closed i found a spot close by and drained my bladder. looking around i saw 5 cars and 3 pick up trucks obviously this spot was a sunday hang out/party point. i could see one man tending a grill cooking burgers hot dogs and chicken i was a little hungry so i wandered over he looked at me kinda funny and i introduced myself he responded with a grunt and said his name was arlo the guys who had been shooting baskets walked over and asked me what the hell i was doing and if i was running from the law


well we got us a fugitive here boys they all laughed

whats your name ? a tall dude w long brown hair asked

Andy i responded

well Andy i’m David but you can call me Doe-Doe everybody does

you boys having a cookout i see

yeah every sunday my uncle owns this spot of ground so we all hang out here on sundays drink beer and play cards shoot hoops

i nodded

what kind of cards i finally asked

poker 7 card stud mostly

anybody sit in ?

anybody with money

i fished out a small wad of 20s this do

sure come on in mr andy………what did you say your last name was ?

i didnt

we all walked inside except for arlo who kept on cooking

inside introductins were made and we started in playing

i won awhile

lost awhile

enjoyed the company and ate burgers and tater salad washing it down w ith beer

most of the boys at the card table were redneck mechanics farmers and so forth

one old geezer who won steady looked out of place kinda like a retired lawyer everybody seemed to like him and everyone seeemed to respect Sex hikayeleri him

everybody called him Roger and i finally found out his last name was Morgan

it was getting on toward nightfall when i hit the best hand i ever had

or at least thought i did

everybody folded out early except for me and a fella by the name of Logan Spinks a Viet nam vet who made his main living selling pot his cover job was as a the best welder in that part of south carolina

I didnt want to be the one to bust old Logans bubble but i was holding 3 kings in the hole or so i assumed i hadnt looked back since the Diamond king had been turned face dowon as my last card

i figured logan had a full house as he had 2 pair face up aces and jacks

i kep raisng and he raised back

soon i was all in a nice pot on the table about 6 000 dollars

Logan whispered to a chick in a halter top and she fished a roll of bills from that halter

well mr andy im gonna sweeten this pot oh…….by….about 2000 dollars you literally coulda heard a pin drop

i looked at him and grinned you sure ??

oh hell yeah

well all i got left is this

i reached in my pockets and tossed the keys to the trans am on the table

they had all admired my car when i pulled it from behnd the pallets and Logan smiled

well i’ll take that as a call Mr Andy

he turned his cards over and yep 3 aces and 2 jacks

enjoy your walk home andy he laughed

i shook my head and grinned back you better get ready to cry Logan

4 kings

i had the king of hearts face up and i counted off king of hearts

his face dropped

i turned a card over king of clubs

he closed his eyes and cussed the gal whose halter had been his bank punched him hard

damn he muttered as i turned over the next card king of spades

i felt really cocky as i turned over the last card and king of Diamonds i said as i flipped over the jack of hearts

Logan cussed and shook his head

as i started to claim my winnings

Roger Morgan cleard his throat

hate to rain on your parade Mr andy

but i…..he said as he turned over his cards

discarded the king of diamonds five minutes ago

i swallowed hard

and realized i had miscalled my hand

the whole building exploded with laughter as i damn near pissed my pants

i sat around and was the butt of everybodys jokes for the next couple of hours

then the party broke up i damn near cried as Logan drove off in my trans am

Doe Doe came over and said i was welcome to any leftovers and if i needed a place to stay i could use the couch in the office to catch a nap

just so long as i was out of the building by 6 am monday or in other words about 10 hours

soon i was alone with a few burgers and chips and a couple of beers feeling real sorry for myself

but i was getting tired and decided to sleep awhile dreaming of better days and better lays

I dozed off and was sleeping the best sleep i had enjoyed in about 3 days when i heard a noise

whoomp something had gotten knocked over i lay still in the little office lying on the couch

i heard voices

well they sure as shit didnt leave anything this time one of the female voices Sikiş hikayeleri said

tell me about it another voice replied

maybe something in the office

maybe lets see i could see a beam of light from a flashlight as the 2 female voices drew closer

the beam of light fell into the office and an instant later the door swung open

in walked 2 young girls about 13 or 14 years old both brunettes both in jeans and tees

well looka there carla the one said

what the hell do i see clara

well sis looks like a whatcha call a vagrant

well shit carla its a bum

i shook my head what a way to be woke up by 2 smart ass redneck chicklets

think we oughta call the law ? carla i think asked clara or it was clara asking carla to this day i couldnt tell you which was which as they were twins

naw he looks harmless enough

i was still a little groggy as i attempted to stand one of the girls doesnt matter much which one giggled and thats when i realized my pecker was tenting my pants

looks like he was having himself a sweet dream giggles aplenty from the girls

hey mister whats your name

Andy i said they introduced themselves all the while keeping the flashlight on the star of the show

my raging boner

sure would like to see it one of them said

the other was holding the flashlight and mustve agreed as the light bounced up and down

drop your britches mister she said

i grinned at the thought and figured what the hell no one around ‘cept me and the 2 of them

you girls dont look old enough to handle a man i said prodding them on

well lets see how much a man you are

well i was feeling kinda cocky (pun intended)

so i obliged my 2 admirers and undid my belt and slid my pants down they fell around my ankles having thrown my underwear away as frankly they stunk my cock all 7 inches of it stood up swollen and twitching

wow the girls said at same time clara flip the lights on clara did so and carla turned off the flashlight damn mister looks like you were having a good dream

i reached down and grabbed my cock by the base and wielkded it like a sword you girls are wayyyyyy too young to know bout things like this

they both snickered hell mister we were raised on a farm we’ve seen every kind of animal there is have sex including our kin folk

yeah i said now making a show out of my cock fondling trying ti entice these 2 redneck honeys into doing more than talking

so i guess neither of you is a virgin then ?

depends on how you define virgin clara said as she moved a few steps closer my cock had precum on the head by this point

well a virgin has never had one of these i shook my hard cock for emphasis in her pussy

well i guess we’re both virgins carla laughed .course we’ve had ’em other places

i nodded and noticed they both were almost drooling

so i said slowly you girls ever suck on one before they looked at each other

i detected a slight blush as they both grinned and nodded yes

well i sure could use a little of that kind of action myself right about now

they needed no further encouragement they both sank to their knees and started rubbing my cock

of course i do have one condition Erotik hikaye they both looked up at me still rubbing my dick i get to fuck those pussies too

they looked at each other and shrugged i smiled well go ahead girls suck away i felt like the most arrogant bastard in the world right then as i felt clara or maybe carlas wet mouth go down on me

i smiled smuggly as she bobbed a few times then passed my cock to her sister ahhhhhhh i moaned as i watched the girls take turns sucking my dick i tried to take my mind off the wonderful feeling the 2 sisters were giving me at first by counting sheep but then i relaized i was keeping score of which one had bobbed on my knob the most clara was ahead when i had them stop 398-356

i looked down at my slick shiny cock and said ok girls time to lose your cherries drop your linen and stop your grinnin

i had them both drop their jeans to the floor andslide their panties down to their ankles and bend over the desk in the office i admired the cute ass cheeks so smooth and tender my hands platying with those cheeks i ran a finger up and down each hairless slit and fingerd them both my cock begging me to stuff it n their honey pots

i couldnt deny it any longer i got behind clara i think anyway and rubbed the head up and down the slit she whimperd her sister looked back over her shoulder to see what was going on i grabbed my cock by the base and felt the head meet some resistance as i eased forward feeling it enter her tight pussy she grunted then whimpered some more as i felt it slide in

i let her adjust and began easing in and out of her virgin cunt sinking a bit more in each thrust i felt her hymen and she muttered damn that hurts

it will for just a second hang on honey i pulled back til just the tip of my cock was left in her i let it rest there a moment then grabbed her waist just above her hips and thrust in deep

she said what i felt at that instant “oh sweet mercy ” i felt her hymen tear apart as i fucked her slow and easy then built speed with each thrust her sister stared wide eyed as i fucked her sisters cunt

after a couple of minutes i eased out and moved behind her sister who was wide eyed in terror now as she gulped

she closed her eyes seeming to resign her self to her fate now as i rubbed my cock across her pale white ass cheeks smearng a little of her sisters virgin blood on her

sweet little carla was as tight as her sister had been i was more lubed now though and slid in a bit easier and was in no mood to take my time i slid in deep on the first thrust taking my second cherry of the evening i got to thinking i was 31 and had never had even ne before and now here iwas with 2 bagged ini less than 10 minutes

i fucked carla awhile then lest clara get comfortable i swapped and fucked her awhile i was having a good old time no doubt when i felt my orgasm build i pulled from carlas pussy and fucked her ass channel i gritted my teeth and soon shot my load all over her backside

i staggered back to the couch and fell down exhausted but happy the girls were sore and moved slowy cleaning themselves up and pulling their panties and jeans back up

i smiled at them thanks ladies that was sure fun

they seemd a bit embarassed and didnt speak much except to say goodbye i waited til they had been gone a few minutes and turned the light back off wondering if i was evr gonna get a full 8 hours of sleep again i smiled and told myself a joke hell if i keep getting pussy like that who needs sleep

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