That’s My Mom

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The early morning dream I was having moved easily into fantasy. It was my mother in the dream and as I was leaving the house I gave her a kiss and fondled one of her breasts. As I awaken to my hardened state, I imagine picking up her tee shirt and exposing the two big globes that were always the center of my fantasies about her. It’s probably not something that a son often say’s about his mother, but I always thought she had a great pair.

In the fantasy she’s lactating. I’m turned on by the white droplets at the end of my mother’s nipples. I bend over and take one of the rubbery nipples into my mouth. The milk is sweet. She’s had a baby. I say, “Is this for me too mom?”

She laughs and says, “Of course love, my milk is for you, you’ll always be my baby. Laura loves you.” That was something she had taken to saying when I got older. I imagine her offering me her swollen tit, and I suck more of the sweet fluid out. I love it. I take off the rest of her clothes. She stands naked before me and takes me out of my pants. I go back to sucking on her swollen nipples and she holds my cock. I feet a small spasm and I know that some pre-cum had oozed. Mom does too.

She says, “I see you have some milk for me too, don’t you baby.” She leans over and takes the tip of my cock into her mouth and sucks out the small amount of cum. In my fantasy she says, “Mmm…I love how you want me. I love how hard you get for me. I love how you…” At that point there’s a knock on my door and I come back to reality.

Mom say’s “Honey, are you up…you told me to make sure that you didn’t sleep past eight.”

I say, “Thanks, I’m up, I’ll be out soon.” I wanted to get up early so I could finish a project I was working on and send it to the office. Except for meetings, I work at home, designing systems. After spending two years in the service, I felt as if I was on vacation even when I was working. I was making more money than I thought I would at that point. I liked making enough so my mother only had to work part-time after having two jobs ever since I can remember.

I know the reason I had that fantasy. About a week before I had come home to find her crying. She came into my arms trembling, making herself small, hoping she could hide there from the world. I tried to give her refuge.

Bruce was gone. He doesn’t even deserve a name. He should just be called, ‘The Bastard.’ I never liked him, especially when he told me that my mom was too uptight sexually; I didn’t want to hear that crap. And I liked him even less when mom said that she had told him that she’d missed her period, and he went ballistic, yelling at her, telling her that he wasn’t going to have a kid and she’d better do something about it. He carried on until mom became furious and told him to leave. It was the realization that he didn’t love her that was so upsetting. A few days later she got her period, but the idea of her being pregnant gestated in my mind. I imagined what she’d look like; I liked the images I saw.

Mom was devastated and down for days. I tried to console her. I mouthed the usual inanities, “You’re better off without him…you’re better off finding out now after six months than after six years…you don’t need him.” It didn’t help much. He was supposed to move in and I was going to move out, but after the Bruce debacle, she asked me stay for a while and I said I would.

And then things got worse for her. How she came out of that car alive is anybody’s guess. She was driving to work when an oncoming car jumped the guardrail and crashed. Mom was in the car behind the one that got hit head-on, but her Cooper was totaled anyway. She ended up in the hospital for two days and when she came home I took care of her. She was in bed for a week and didn’t want to do anything. I practically had to feed her to keep up her strength. But after a lot of reflecting and a lot of talking together, she started looking at Bruce and the accident in a different way.

It seemed like one of those ‘Change your mind, change you life’ moments. She came to breakfast dressed and made up. She said, “Let’s go out today.” So we went to the park and the small zoo they had, we bought picnic lunches, and then rowed in the lake for two hours in a rental boat. She was almost teary when we came home.

Later that night as she was about to go to bed, mom said, “Thank you for today baby, and thank you for being there when I needed you.”

I said, “Mom there’s nothing to thank me for, aren’t you always there for me?” She smiled and I could see her eyes fill as she held me close enough to feel her contours. Surprisingly she didn’t let me go. It wasn’t just her breasts that I could feel against me. In my excitement I had pressed myself up against her mound. I hardened, and she had to know it. I became anxious that she would be offended and I pulled back.

Everything got quiet. She was motionless and time seemed suspended. I’d gone too far. There was no hiding it. I said, “I’m sorry mom.”

She said, “It’s okay baby, I understand.” gaziantep escort She gave me a soft smile and said, “Is that what you really want?”

My head swirled, I wasn’t sure if she was talking about my hardness against her or something else. After a moments hesitation I started saying something and then stopped. She said, “It’s okay honey, I think I’ve known how you feel for a while now…you’ve always looked at me with a different kind of love. It is what you want, isn’t it?”

I finally owned up and said, “Yes mom…how did you know? I didn’t think it showed. I was always afraid you’d be ashamed of me.”

She said, “No baby, never…we have a special love, not like most mothers and sons.” I suddenly felt free. It was out in the open, and amazingly, she didn’t hate me or find me horrible. But she said, “I can’t sleep with you Tommy, you understand that don’t you honey?”

I didn’t know where it was all going, but I said, “I know mom.”

The she said, “It is more than just the physical thing, isn’t it Tommy?”

I said, “It’s because I love you; you know that mom don’t you?”

She smiled and said, “I guess I do…and you have my love.”

She touched my hardening dick and said, “Is this what my baby needs?”

I could hardly believe that this was my mother talking. I’d always know her as a shy and reserved person. Not that we never talked about sex, we did. But it was always in generalities using the proper, acceptable terms for everything. I never once heard her curse. I know it sounds unbelievable, but that’s how I always knew her.

And now she was touching me over my pants. I said, “Mom, I don’t want to do anything you don’t want…”

She stopped me and said, “Shhh…I want to baby, just tell me that this is what you want.”

I said, “Of course I do mom; I think about it all the time.”

She gently rubbed my bulge. It had all happened so fast. In a matter of minutes my life had gone from black and white to color. I didn’t know what the rules were, so I said, “Mom, can I touch you?” I guess it was an absurd question to ask her considering what she was doing, so she nervously giggled and said, “Yes, of course honey.”

I reached and caressed each of her breasts in turn. I had wanted to do that for such a long time. I pulled up her shirt and managed to get her bra off without too much fumbling. She looked up at me and smiled when I said; “Mom, you sure are something.” I took one of her bare breasts into my hand. It felt wonderfully heavy and I said, “Mom, you don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this.”

She said, “I think I do.”

I said, “Was I so obvious? Yeah, I guess I did check you out quite a bit.”

She said, “I always had a feeling about it.”

I said, “Well you can’t blame me, you have a killer body and these are beautiful breasts.” And they were great tits; full, creamy, and still upturned. Her nipples were rosy. I fondled her with both hands and rubbed her nipples between my thumb and fingers.

As she rubbed, she started breathing heavier and said, “Aren’t you even going to kiss me?”

I was so intent on her tits that I was lost in the experience. I looked at her sweet smile and said, “Yes Laura, I am.” Our lips met, and our tongues met, but I still held on to one of her globes throughout the long passionate kiss. I was feeling so good that I wasn’t thinking about what would happen next. I guess I figured that as I touched her, she’d rub me until I came. But as we kissed mom unzipped me and reached in. Her warm hand on my cock felt great. I was surprised when she took me out of my pants.

My mother went down on me. It’s a surreal sentence, and the reality was no less mind bending. Mom put my cock in her mouth and her soft lips moved down my shaft. I said, “Oh God mom…mom…mom…” I opened my eyes to take in the sight, and there was my mother with my cock in her mouth. It was shocking and awesome at the same time.

Mom started sucking. I thought I would go out of my mind. She licked up and down the shaft and then my balls. She was moaning softly and took one of my balls into her mouth. It was excruciating. I was lost in the feelings of my mother’s mouth on me, but I could hear myself exhaling long ‘OHHhhh’s as she licked and sucked me.

She stopped for a moment and said, “I thought about you all the time you were away. I’ve fought these feelings, but yes honey, I want to, as much as you do.” My mother was telling me that she wanted me in her mouth and she wasn’t just doing it for me. I could hardly believe that, but she proceeded to prove it. There was an intensity to the look on her face as she sucked me. It was passionate and excited. It was a look I’d never seen on my mother’s face.

I was beyond pleasure. I was in a place where the most intimate act was being done to me by the person I most wanted to do it. Her lips were locked on my shaft as she moved up and down on it. Her tongue massaged the head and her hand caressed my balls making it gaziantep escort sitesi all almost too much to take.

I usually had pretty good control with other women and could come when I wanted to. That time with my mother was different. Of course it was different; I was a son in his mother’s mouth. It couldn’t have been more than five minutes after she had begun sucking on me that I cried out, “Mom…I’m coming…I’m coming.”

All she said was, “Mmm…” as I exploded. She stroked me with one hand and I expected her to stop sucking and masturbate me to orgasm, but she kept me in her mouth. I can’t imagine how much cum came out of me as my mother kept sucking. All I know is that when she stopped for a moment to catch her breath it poured over her lips before she had me again solidly in her mouth. I could almost feel my body jerk as each stream of sperm filled her mouth and went down her throat until I was spent. I took my cock in my hand and squeezed the last drops of sperm into her mouth. Mom opened her eyes and smiled up at me. Coming in any woman’s mouth is an intense experience, but there was no doubt that it had been intensified because it was my mother’s mouth.

She came to my arms and I was still in the shocked silence of the moment, but I didn’t have to say anything about how I felt. Mom knew. As I caught my breath I was exhaling, “Oh…oh…oh…”

Mom said, “Yes, baby, Laura loves you very much.”

We sat on the couch in each other’s arms for a while with only a quiet ‘I love you’ passing between us. I must have fallen asleep because when I opened my eyes she wasn’t there. The thought crossed my mind that maybe she was upset about what we had done. The memory was intense and exciting; I could see my cream on my mother’s lips. I thought maybe I had pushed her too far by coming in her mouth.

I knocked gently on her bedroom door and when she told me to come in, I saw that she was already in bed. I said, “Sorry mom, did I wake you?”

She said, “No honey.” She smiled, and it told me that she wasn’t sorry, and that she loved me. She said, “I guess I’m a little too excited after what happened to fall asleep. “

I sat on the bed and said, “Mom can I come to bed with you?”

She said, “Oh baby, I don’t think that would be a good idea.”

I said, “No I didn’t mean…I just meant to sleep…you know.”

She said, “I know, but if we did that, it’s just too easy for things to happen that shouldn’t happen. Baby, it may seem strange, but to me, what we did isn’t the same as… you know, intercourse. I guess I feel as if that would be ‘Real’ incest.”

I said, “I guess I understand mom, but you made feel so good and I wanted you to feel good too.” She looked at me as if that thought hadn’t occurred to her.

She said, “I feel good… I feel good that I made you feel good.”

I said, “Mom, you know what I mean, I want you to have an orgasm too.”

She just said, “Oh.”

I said, “Let me mom.”

She didn’t say anything when I pulled the cover down. I lifted her nightgown and to her waist and she went back on her elbows watching me as removed her panties. I saw her pussy for the first time. It was pretty. It was neatly trimmed and her folds were rosy like her nipples. They both looked as if they were made to be sucked.

I put my mouth on her and she fell back on her pillow with a long moan. I’d had enough women to know the territory and I teased her clit until it swelled out of its hood. I drew her into my mouth and the fragrance of her excitement came through. I licked at some of the juice she was producing and darted my tongue in and out of her channel. When I settled on her clit and used the tip of my tongue on it, I could feel her hips rise slightly in anticipation of her orgasm. I reached up and took one of her tits between my fingers and stopped sucking her long enough to say, “Mom, I love you.” As soon as I took her back into my mouth she started to come.

My God did she ever come. It was long and loud and totally unexpected. I know my mom as a soft spoken gentle lady, but she came in a rush of cries and moans that had me wondering for an instant if she was okay. Mostly she said, “Aieee…OHHHhhhhh…God…” as her hips flexed and she arched up in to my mouth. I stayed with her and kept sucking her clit as she came. She was almost whimpering when the last of spasms subsided. She kept her hands on my head and said, “Tommy…Tommy…Tommy…”

When she recovered I said, “Are you sure you don’t want me to stay the night?”

She said, “Please don’t tempt me Tommy. I’m not strong enough right now.”

I said, “Okay mom.” I kissed her long enough to feel her excitement through her fingertips in my back. I said, “Goodnight my love.”

As I left the room her response was, “Oh God…”

Needless to say our relationship changed after that night. We looked at each other differently; we touched each other differently and spoke to each other differently. gaziantep escort tanıtımları We confided in each other and told each other things from our hearts and desires. I could feel our love deepen. Everything was new.

And that led to the posing. In one of our intimate conversations over the next week I asked her how things had changed for her with the start of our physical relationship and she said, “I’ve realized some things about myself. I don’t want to be the wallflower I always was…I don’t want to be so inhibited, but I find it hard baby. I know you love me, and I know you want me, even if I’m not sure why. I know that you can have prettier, younger girls…but I still feel embarrassed when you take my clothes off. I don’t know, maybe that’s how I’ll always be.”

I tried to be encouraging telling her how lovely she was to me and showing her what she did to me when I touched her. And it helped, somewhat. A few days later I came up with an idea. I said, “Mom, now hear me out before you say ‘No,’ which will be your first reaction, and don’t decide before you really think about this, okay?”

She said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, but okay.”

“I want you to pose for me.” She gave me a look. I said, “Just sexy, not crazy. I want you to do this for me. We’ll get you some lingerie and I know you’ll look great, and then you can see that you can be proud of the way you look.”

She said, “Well…I’ll do it for you if that’s what you want.”

I said, “Thanks mom, but hold on, you didn’t hear the rest.”

She said, “What?”

I said, “I want to post it on the internet.”

She said, “No way.”

I said, “You promised you’d listen before you made up your mind.”

She stopped and said, “Okay, I’ll listen…”

“I know this site that’s for amateur, mature women. They’re not models; they’re just ladies who you’d see walking in an airport, or in a mall, and you wouldn’t know they were really sexy until you see them posing and showing another side of themselves. They’re women who could be someone’s girlfriend, wife, or mother. Mom, I could take your picture and not even show your face, even though it’d be a shame to hide that pretty thing.” I kissed her. I said, “Before you say anything, let me show you the site.”

She said, “Okay.” We went to the computer and I opened the site which featured a thumbnail of almost a hundred women. Mom said with a smirk, “And what are you doing looking at a site like this?”

I said, “I told you, they could be anyone’s mom, and that turns me on.” She gave me a warm smile. I opened a few of the thumbnails and she could see that the photos were more cheesecake than porn. I said, “What do you think, will you do it, take the plunge?”

She said, “I must be losing it, but okay, and remember I don’t want anyone to know it’s me…not that anyone would care since I don’t know anyone.”

I said, “You got it. This is great, let’s go to Victoria’s Secret now.”

She laughed, “Hold it, I’ve got things to do here for the next few hours, and we can find plenty of lingerie at the mall without paying three times as much at Victoria’s Secret.”

So that afternoon we went to the mall, mom bought some things, but without letting me go into the store with her. When we got home I had a hard-on before she came out wearing her new lingerie. She opened the door and said, “I feel a little silly.”

I said, “God, you don’t look silly mom, what you look is, ‘Hot.’ I’d never seen stockings like that. They were seamed with a pattern at the thigh band, but the panty, garter belt, and straps were all attached and made of nylon. She had a matching sheer black bra that had the same pattern over her nipples that were on the stockings. You could still make out some of mom’s big areola and the points of her nipples. She did have an impressive body and I told her.

I took almost fifty shots of her sitting, reclining, and standing by the couch. And then we took some as she stood by the kitchen table. I couldn’t stand it and I put the camera down and went to kiss her, fondling her tits and pussy. She responded. I said, “Do you still feel silly mom?”

She said, “No baby, I feel good, and I want you. I want you inside me.” I was surprised to hear her say that, happily surprised.”

I said, “Mom, are you sure?”

She put her hand on my cock and said, “Yes love. After that first night when you came to me and loved me that way, I knew that I had found my lover and my soul-mate. Yes I’m sure baby, because I started taking the pill after that, and it’s time for me to let you love me, for real.”

I kissed her and got out of my pants. I press against her and she ended up against the table. I lifted her to sit on the edge of the tiled table and when her warm skin contacted it, she laughed and said. “Oohhh…it’s cold.”

I said, “Let me see if I can warm you up mom.”

She said, “Yes baby, warm me…” She pulled me to her and kissed me searchingly as I took her tits out of the delicate bra. I fondled her. They were soft and pliant, real tits. I liked them because they were hers, and because they felt good, filling my hand with their nipples hardening. I also was hardening and it didn’t elude my mother’s attention. She reached for me and made a sound through her teeth and said, “I like that you’re that way for me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32