That Nice Friend of your Father’s #01

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Prolog 1

“Dan, this is Ralph. I’ve checked Jenny’s and Stell’s schedules for tomorrow. My wife, Stell, is totally booked but Jenny has absolutely no plans. As I told you last week, Jenny’s boyfriend has been out of town since the beginning of the summer and she is about dying of boredom. I know that she is ready and that this is the right thing to do, but please, please be very gentle with her.”

“Don’t worry, Ralph. I will be. You know that I have done this several times before. She will feel very special, I promise.”

Just as Jenny finished taking off her bathing suit a slight breeze blew her mirror-covered closet door into exactly the right angle so she caught a full view of herself. Although she had always thought of herself as modest she had to admit that she was spending more and more time looking at herself in front of the mirror when she was totally naked. It was during one of these inspections earlier this week, when, for the very first time, she had decided that her breasts were as big as her sister Nancy’s, even though Nancy was almost 20 and Jenny was barely 18. She took advantage of the unexpected opportunity that the swinging mirror provided to do another assessment, her third of the day.

As always she started with her hair. The summer sun was having a great affect: the highlights which it created made her hair far less “mousy looking” (her words) and far more grown up, even a bit sophisticated. Being more grown up was very important to Jenny who had just turned 18. She thought about how she couldn’t wait to see her boyfriend Todd’s face when he got back from his summer in New England with his father. She knew that he would notice how nice her hair looked right away.

But as her eyes continued to look down her body she knew that her hair was not the only thing that Todd would notice. Her daily measurements showed that her breasts measurement was almost half an inch larger than when he left. Even as the thought that Todd would see and touch her breasts in another three weeks entered her mind, she felt her nipples begin to tingle and then start to get hard. This feeling always caused her left hand to begin to slowly fondle her right nipple while her right hand started to move between her legs. She knew that if Todd could slow down enough to touch her as softly and gently as she touched herself she would enjoy their experiments with sex much more than she did.

But before she even had a chance to lie down on her bed and really get excited, she was interrupted by her mother who yelled from downstairs.

“Jenny, there’s a phone call for you. It’s that nice friend of your father’s, Mr. Fitzpatrick. He needs some help taking his boat up to Port Huron and remembered that you said you would like to go on his boat again.”

“Just a minute. I’ll be right down,” she yelled back already grabbing for her shorts and halter top.

“Hello, Mr. Fitzpatrick, this is Jenny. Mom says that you are going to take your boat up to Port Huron and maybe I could help you.”

“Hi, Jenny. Well, I remember when you were on the boat last summer you seemed to really like it and mentioned that you might be interested in helping out some time. It turns out that I am really in a bind tomorrow and need someone to crew for me. A couple of weeks ago I committed to get a new electronics package installed on the boat and it’s got to be there tomorrow. But the fellow who was going to go with me had a last minute problem and now he can’t go. Is there any chance you can come along? I would pick you up at your house about 8:30 tomorrow morning and I’ve already arranged for my other car to be waiting for us at the marina up there. I promise I’ll have you back home by 8:00 tomorrow night, at the very latest. Are you interested?”

“Oh, yes, I really am but do you think that I will be able to really help you,” Jenny asked, hoping that he would say she could.

“I’m sure that you can. What I really need is to make sure that someone can help with getting the lines rigged and thrown to the dock hands. In fact, we’ll practice a couple of times before we get there just so you are not nervous. But I know that you can do it. How about if you ask your mom or dad and call me back.”

“Oh, no. I’ll ask my mom right now. I know that she will say ‘yes.'”

After a very brief pause, Jenny came back on the line. “She says it’s fine with her so I will be ready at 8:30. I am really excited to be able to help, Mr. Fitzpatrick.”

“I really appreciate it and know you’ll have a good time. Oh, by the way, if we make really good time going up the river we may have a chance to stop for a swim so you might like to bring your suit. It is suppose to be a great day and we’ll probably run with the canvass down so make sure to bring plenty of suntan lotion. Other than that, I’ll see you at 8:30. Oh, by the way, make sure to wear shoes with soft white soles. O.K.?”

“Sure, Mr. Fitzpatrick. escort gaziantep bayan reklamları Just a minute, my mother is asking if she could make any sandwiches or salad for us.”

“Tell her that I appreciate the offer but I have already arranged to have food put on board in the morning before we get there. Well, see you tomorrow. Bye.”

“Bye, Mr. Fitzpatrick.”

Dan Fitzpatrick smiled as he put down the phone. “Right on plan,” he thought. He then punched the intercom button and told his secretary to get Ralph Davis on the phone.

“Ralph, this is Dan. Everything is a go. … and please relax and trust me, I know that I will do as well with your Jenny as you did for my Beth.

Jenny was up at 7:00, in order to take a shower and fix her hair just right. She wasn’t totally sure how she felt about being alone on a boat all day with a man she had only met a couple of years ago and been with only a few times but she knew that it would certainly be an exciting change from the boring summer that she was having so far. And besides it was a spectacular day, exactly the kind of day that she should be sunning herself on a huge power boat speeding up the St. Claire River toward Port Huron.

The most difficult decisions she had to make was what to wear and which bathing suit to take. After a lot of rummaging through her closet she decided to wear her white shorts, white sneakers and a hot pink and white horizontal striped shirt with a very wide neck which she wore slightly off her right shoulder. She had gotten it in early spring so it was just tight enough to show the extra amount her breasts had grown. Just for fun and to make her feel even more adventurous, she also decided to wear her new very sheer beige bra and panty set, the one that she had gotten for when Todd first came home. She also liked this new set because it was her very first C cup.

As she got dressed she thought about Mr. Fitzpatrick. Actually he was a pretty good looking man even though he certainly was as old as her father. Then again, her father was good looking too. Both of them were trim, tanned, exercised a lot and had a certain kind of confidence that was unlike any of the guys in high school had. The fact that Mr. Fitzpatrick had very broad shoulders she found especially attractive.

She didn’t want Mr. Fitzpatrick to get any wrong ideas about her so she decided against her red string bikini and grabbed the powder blue one-piece suit. It was flattering but not too sexy … just right for today. She threw it, her suntan lotion and a couple of towels into her carrying bag and headed down for breakfast.

It had been several months since Dan had seen Jenny and he had nearly forgotten how truly attractive she was. In fact he almost lost his breath when she opened the door to his knock. “Well, Jenny, you look terrific … exactly the right outfit for a ride up the river. Is your mom here?”

Jenny’s mother, Stell, was right behind her. “Hi, Dan … looks like you two are going to have a great day to take the boat up. I’ve been looking at the weather reports and there doesn’t seem to be any chance of rain at all.”

“Hi, Stell. Yes, we’re going to have a great day and I really appreciate Jenny’s willingness to help me out and your letting me have her for the day. Any chance that you could come along?”

“Actually, Dan, I have a full day already committed but thanks for asking. Besides, you are doing me a huge favor. I am getting tired of Jenny’s moping around the house all day. This will give us both a break,” Stell said without any hesitation.

“Mom! I don’t just mope around the house all day. … that’s just not fair to say, especially in front of Mr. Fitzpatrick,” Jenny responded.

“Sorry, Jenny, I didn’t know you were quite so sensitive about it. O.K., O.K. I’m sorry, Dan, she doesn’t really mope around all day, just most of the day. There, it that better?”

“No, it isn’t!” Jenny replied angrily while picking up her small carrying bag. She couldn’t believe her mother would say something like that in front of others, especially someone like Mr. Fitzpatrick. “I’ll show her,” she thought, “I’ll have a very exciting day just to show her.”

Dan Fitzpatrick decided that this was good time to lighten things up and get moving. “Well, we’re running a little late already so I guess that’s my cue to get Jenny into the car and make sure that this is anything but a boring day for her.”

As Jenny and Dan moved to the 2006 black Porsche Carrera, Jenny didn’t even look back although as they backed out of the driveway, she managed a token wave at her mother.

When she first saw the boat it was even bigger than she remembered. “What kind of boat is it, Mr. Fitzpatrick, and how big is it?” she asked.

“It’s a SeaRay 39 Express Cruiser which means that the hull is 39 feet long but actually when the swim platform and the bow pulpit are included it’s escort gaziantep resimleri about 43 feet,” he responded. “Jenny, how about just for today, at least, you call me Dan? After all we are really handling this project like a team and I think we can be a little less formal. Now, we’ve got plenty of gas so if you want to stow your bag below and then go up onto the bow to get the lines, we’ll get underway.”

Within minutes, they were idling out of the marina and into Lake St. Claire. The water was absolutely calm. “We’ll have plenty of time for swimming and whatever else we decide to do,” he thought to himself, once again eyeing the delightful girl sitting in the seat next to him. His slightly raised seat and the way the shirt fell off her shoulder allowed him to get a better appreciation for her breasts … and so far they looked absolutely spectacular.

“Jenny, you had better get some suntan lotion on right away, you know the rays don’t just come from above but get reflected off the water too. We’d better make sure that you don’t get a burn or I would never hear the end of it from your mother and father. If you want to put your suit on, this is probably a good time too. It’s a little bumpy down below when we are up to cruising speed. If you want, I’ll help put some lotion on you when you’re ready.”

“I don’t think that I will put my suit on quite yet but if you want to help me put some lotion on the back of my neck and my right shoulder, I’d appreciate it.” With that, Jenny disappeared below and came up with a small plastic bottle. She immediately began to apply the contents over her face, arms and legs. Dan couldn’t take his eyes off her, especially as she spread the oily solution near the top of her thighs. He quickly changed positions so that she wouldn’t see his growing excitement.

“There, I’ve done all I can reach,” Jenny said, as she swung her legs away from him. “Now, if you’d put a little on the back of my neck and the back of my right shoulder, I’d really appreciate it.” With that, she handed him the bottle, turned slightly further away from him and lifted her hair off the back of her neck. Her skin was so smooth and so inviting that he had to fight very hard against placing a kiss on her neck right then. But, as she suggested, he simply placed a little lotion in his hand and then rubbed it very gently and slowly over her neck, slightly under the collar of her shirt on the left side and on her entire right shoulder. He had to force himself to stop.

“There, I think that I got it. What do you think?” he asked her.

Jenny was a little stunned. His hands were so gentle in applying the lotion that she hardly even knew they were there. And she was very confused by how good his hands felt on her neck and shoulder. They had felt as good as anything Todd had done and further confirmed to her how totally clumsy and insensitive Todd really was most of the time. It seemed that Todd was always into what they were doing totally for himself. She thought about the many times he had put suntan lotion on her and it never had felt that good.

“Jenny, is there something wrong? I just asked you if you think that I covered it all.”

“Oh, sorry, Mr. Fitz…, I mean Dan, I was just daydreaming a little, Yes, I think that you got it all but I reserve the right to ask you to put some more on in a little while.”

“Yes!!! Please ask me again, and make it soon,” he thought to himself. “I want my hands under that shirt … but I won’t to rush it.”

The next half hour was filled with chit-chat covering everything from how long Dan had owned the boat to what Jenny’s favorite courses had been in her senior year of high school and where she was going to college. During this time they covered almost half of the distance to Port Huron, and it was only a little after 10 o’clock.

After slowing the big boat down a little, Dan said, “Well, Jenny, why don’t you take the helm for a few minutes while I get myself a refreshment. I think that I’ll have some orange juice and a little vodka. What would you like some orange juice?” Dan asked as he moved away from the console.

“Can I have a little of the same thing you are having?” she asked tentatively, knowing that he would likely say no.

“Sure, if you promise not to tell your mom or dad. I’ll make a very weak one for you. Promise not to tell?”

Jenny was totally caught off guard by the offer. ” Well, … sure, I promise.”

A few minutes later, Dan came out of the cabin holding two glasses and set them down in the holders built into the console. “Now, don’t get these mixed up, Jenny. This one on the left is the weaker one.” As soon as they switched positions so Dan was back at the helm, Jenny picked up the glass and took her first sip. It tasted just like plain old orange juice, and she was already pretty hot and thirsty so she took a very long swallow.

“Whoa there, Jenny,” Dan said warmly, escort gaziantep bayan sitesi “take it easy. There isn’t much vodka in there but there is a little bit.”

“Sorry, it just tasted so good and I was more thirsty than I thought,” Jenny replied.

“It’s o.k., just take it a little easy. Why don’t I just get you some plain orange juice?” Dan asked.

“Oh, no. I’ll be fine. I’ll just sip the rest of it.” But each time she started out to take a sip, she took a longer drink that she had anticipated. By the time the glass was empty she could feel herself getting very relaxed.

During all of this time the boat continued to make excellent headway up the river and within another half hour the chemical plant on the Canadian side just south of Sarnia was slipping by.

After a silence of several minutes during which both just watched the shore go by and the other boats on the river, Dan spoke. “Well, Jenny, we have made such good time that we now have a decision to make. We can either go immediately to the marina and head back early or run up into Lake Huron a few miles and anchor in a place I know, do some swimming and have some lunch. What do you think?”

Without hesitating Jenny said, “Oh, please, let’s keep going for a while. It’s too beautiful out here to just stop and go home.”

“I hoped you’d say that. I know just the place. It will take us only about 20 minutes to get there once we’ve clear the Blue Water Bridge just up ahead. But first, young lady, I think that you need another layer of suntan lotion. Do you still have some left?” Jenny immediately grabbed the bottle and before applying any to herself, handed it to Dan.

“Please put it on exactly like you did it before, I think it worked fine,” Jenny asked.

Dan slowed the boat down a little, made sure there wasn’t any congestion ahead and engaged the auto pilot. He then turned to Jenny who was already holding her hair up and away from her neck. “Did anyone ever tell you that you have one of the prettiest necks in the entire world?” Dan asked as he began to gently rub the lotion into her neck just below the hairline. “No, on second thought, I’ll take that question back. Of course you’ve been told that, probably a hundred times. Right?”

“No, not really. I don’t think that Todd ever even notices much about me except whatever part happens to interest him at the time.” Before she even finished the sentence she started turning pink with embarrassment as she realized that she was saying had clear sexual implications.

“Well, then let me be the very first to tell you officially. You have one of the prettiest necks in the entire world,” Dan quickly responded as he started massaging lotion into the area just to the left of her neck. He gently lifted the collar away from the left side of her neck and slid his fingers just under the material of her shirt. “I think that you need at least a little right here just in case your shirt slips down a little on this side. O.K.?” This was of course the first step and although he was fairly confident that she was ready to accept a slightly more intimate gesture, he could never be sure.

Jenny didn’t answer but just twisted slightly so that Dan fingers went a bit further under her shirt than even he had planned. In fact the tips of his fingers momentarily touched the bra strap. All she said was, “Yes, I think I need a little there too.”

The next move would be the most important so far. This time he put a extra amount of lotion on his hand and as he was spreading it on her right shoulder he purposefully let some lotion run off his fingers and down inside the front of her shirt. “Damn,” he said, “I guess I got a little too much. Let me get it before it gets on your shirt.” With a very deliberate movement he slipped his hand into the front of her shirt and smoothed the dripping lotion around until he could feel the rise of her right breast under his hand. She made no protest at this and in fact lifted herself ever so slightly off the seat so that the tips of his fingers touched the top of her bra. “Time to stop,” he thought to himself as he withdrew his hand and continued applying lotion to the exposed skin on her right shoulder.

Jenny realized that as soon as Dan’s hand had started to reach under her shirt to get the dripping lotion, her nipples started getting hard. She was surprised to realize that she was thinking about how good it would feel to have Dan’s hand fully on her breast and to feel his fingers stroking her. What on earth had come over her? She had never wanted anyone to do anything like this to her before, not even Todd. She had certainly let Todd play with her breasts and even put her nipples into his mouth a couple of times, but whenever she did, it was for him and what he got out of it and not at all for her and what she got out of it. This was so different that she could hardly sit still. She realized that she was even getting wet between her legs.

Dan finished with the lotion and gave it back to Jenny. “There I did my job. Now you need to freshen up the other parts of you that you can reach.” Almost mechanically. Jenny took the bottle and began putting lotion on her arms and legs. This time she also put some on her feet because she had kicked off her sneakers earlier in the trip. Dan watched her closely and noticed how slowly she smoothed the lotion into her legs and ankles.

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