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Wendy and Marie are sisters, aged eighteen and nineteen. There both quite pretty young women, fit and fairly intelligent. They both play tennis. They actually have a tennis court build onto their backyard. The advantages of owning a large backyard, I guess.

They’re not bad players. Quite good in fact, and I told them so. I can’t see why they were so insulted. Maybe I shouldn’t have added the rider, for girls, when I complemented them. Anyway, they were quite rude about me and my opinions.

I tried to explain. I pointed out that men are just a lot stronger and faster than women. I pointed out that while the girls were good against their own sex, they wouldn’t really have a chance against men around the same age. Wendy told me I could take my opinion and shove it. Marie wasn’t quite so polite.

Our friendly little chat finished up with the girls issuing me a challenge. I play them a game and they’d make me eat my words. I pointed out that I did play tennis and was quite good, but they just ignored that.

The result was that a few days later I wound up at their place, ready to be taught my lesson. I suggested that we just play three sets. One against Wendy, one against Marie and, once I’d cleaned them up separately, I’d take them both on.

Wendy was actually a little better than I expected and she actually won one game. She was spitting chips when she yielded the court to Marie. By then I was nicely warmed up but I also only lost a single game to Marie. By then both girls were in high dudgeon.

After two games with them playing doubles, they were two games down. They went into a huddle, apparently talking tactics. They came up with a beauty. They took of their tops and now I was facing a bouncing ball and four bouncing boobs.

It worked to a certain extent. I lost the next three games straight. Then I managed to get my libido under control to a certain extent and managed to rally. The final score, in my favour, was 6:4, and I’d won all three sets.

The girls strolled over to where they’d dumped their tops, but so did I. They weren’t expecting that and I whipped the tops and bras out of their reach, just as they were reaching for them.

As you can guess, there were immediate cries of protest, both girls blushing and folding their arms across their chests, hiding their charms. I just laughed at them.

“Bit late for that, isn’t it?” I asked. “Not that you’re hiding too much, I added.” I reached out and gently poked a nipple that was peeking from between a couple of fingers.

Marie gave a squeal of protest, demanding that I surrender their tops.

“I’ll be happy to surrender your tops,” I told them, “but first there’s the matter of the penalty you have to pay.”

“Penalty? What are you talking about, penalty? We didn’t agree to any penalty where the tennis was concerned?”

“I’d have thought it would be obvious that some sort of penalty would apply when you found yourselves so hopelessly outclassed. Something that would show that you were both properly apologetic for your unwarranted boastfulness.”

I laughed as their eyes promptly lasered me.

“Mind you, I’m a good sport, or like to think I am. I’d probably have waived the penalty if you’d played fair, but the pair of you cheated.”

“We did not,” protested Wendy, and probably would have said more but I held up a frilly little bra. Not that little, come to think of it.

“You could have done something similar,” Marie pointed out, smirking.

“Wouldn’t have worked,” giggled Wendy. “We don’t let little things distract us.”

Both girls were almost rolling around laughing at this witticism.

I just smiled.

“Wouldn’t have dared,” I said dryly. “It would have been too tempting a target. Besides, you’d have complained that I had two bats instead of just the single racquet.”

I wasn’t kidding with the target comment either. A couple of times I was damned positive that Marie had deliberately aimed for my testicles when returning an easy hit. From the blush she now gave I knew I was right.

“So what sort of penalty did you have in mind?” asked Marie. “A blowjob, perhaps,” she added, sounding a bit sarcastic.

“No, he wouldn’t go that far,” Wendy chipped in, a faint blush on her cheeks. “He’ll probably settle for a hand job.”

Both girls were smirking as they regarded me, neither of them, I noted with approval, bothering to hide their charms anymore.

“Now be reasonable, girls,” I murmured. “Why would you think I’m such a small thinker?”

Marie got it first and she straightened right up, and that had a very interesting effect on her breasts. They bounced slightly as she took a deep breath.

“You want,” she started, broke of and started again. “You want one of us to fuck you? In your dreams.”

Wendy blushed quite hard, then she jumped in with her refusal.

“We couldn’t possibly. And if we were silly enough to you’d probably be boasting of it all over the place. No way.”

“Who said anything about fucking one of you?” I asked, giving what I hoped Şerifali Escort was an evil smile. “And I wouldn’t gossip. In this sort of situation it’s contra-indicated.”

“Both of us?” Marie almost screamed.

“What’s contra-indicated?” asked Wendy.

“Contra-indicated means that it would be totally the wrong choice in this sort of situation. Basically it means that if I went around boasting about having fucked you it greatly reduces my chance of fucking you a second time. So I don’t talk about that sort of thing.”

“Ha!” snorted Marie. “Everyone knows you had a flaming affair with Michelle until she dumped you.”

“You may think they know, but you didn’t hear it from me, now did you?”

“He’s right,” Wendy pointed out. “Michelle was the blabbermouth. She was telling everyone what a bastard you are after she dumped you.”

“No comment,” I said, but oddly enough Marie did.

“You’re right, and I don’t think she dumped you, did she? She was going around with Carl awfully fast after the two of you split up. I bet she was cheating and you found out.”

“No comment,” I said again.

To change the subject I reached out and flicked loose the button on the side of Marie’s skirt.

“Hold it there, lover-boy,” she snapped, back peddling and doing up the button again. “We haven’t agreed to anything and aren’t likely to.”

“Ah, of course. I hadn’t realised that I was dealing with a couple of blushing virgins. Sorry if I offended you with my crude suggestions.”

I got the eye laser treatment again.

“Oh, gee,” said Marie. “We won’t drop our panties when he snaps his fingers so we must be virgins.”

“Or lesbians,” chipped in Wendy. “Do you think he’ll suggest that next?”

I just grinned at them.

“Am I to assume that you’re not going along with my suggestion for a little friendly fucking as a penalty?” I asked.

“You may safely assume that?” Marie drawled.

“So, is a hand job out of the question?”

The girls looked at each other and shrugged.

“You’re the oldest,” said Wendy, smirking. “It’s your right.”

I didn’t give Marie a chance to refuse. I took a step nearer to her, one hand closed on her bottom and the other slipped under her dress and cupped her pussy. I started massaging quite firmly.

“What the hell are you doing?” she squealed, sounding quite shocked.

“Giving you a hand job,” I said innocently. “Wendy just said that you’d be the one to get it.”

“Not get one, you fool. Give you one. I was thinking about it.”

“Now why would I settle for a hand job?” I asked, quite reasonably from my point of view. “I told you what I expected. I guess I’m greedy, but I really couldn’t settle for less.”

Marie was quite flushed at this point, her pussy twisting back and forth under my gentle administrations. Maybe not that gentle, come to think of it, but definitely holding her attention.

“Wendy, can you pull down your sister’s panties, please? My hands are busy.”

“No, Wendy, don’t you dare,” squealed Marie, being totally ignored by her giggling sister.

“Oh my fucking god,” wailed Marie as my fingers now trespassed inside her slit, wreaking even more havoc upon her nerves. “You can’t do this.”

“Now that’s a silly thing to say,” I chided her. “It must be obvious to you that I can. I mean, can’t you feel it when I do this?”

My fingers did some interesting things in the vicinity of her clitoris and Marie jammed her hands in her mouth, shrieking something. It sounded rather rude. I repeated the exercise and, yes, Marie was definitely saying some very rude four letter words.

Marie was twisting about, but not really trying to fight me off. She may have wanted to, but her body was enjoying the experience. I could feel her rhythmically pushing her pussy against my hand as I played.

A few more touches and Marie had had enough. She clamped down so hard on my fingers I thought they might break, while she spasmed with the force of her orgasm. Once I managed to free my hand she sank down and sat on the grass, looking slightly stunned.

Wendy was still giggling, but that stopped abruptly when she saw me looking at her thoughtfully.

“Oh, no,” she said, raising her hands defensively. “You’re not doing that to me.”

She’d have been smarter keeping her hands lower down. I flicked up her skirt and pulled on her panties, sinking to my knees as I lowered them.

“Don’t you dare lay a single finger on me,” she squealed.

That was fine by me. It wasn’t my intention. Kneeling in front of her I held her in place with a hand on her bottom while I pressed my face against her.

Wendy just seemed to freeze as my tongue slid along her slit, making a strange squawking noise. Her hands promptly tangled in my hair, but all she did was hold me, all the time making little squeaking sounds as my tongue dipped and darted.

Marie, I noticed was now sitting up, watching with a smirk on her face. I took a moment’s break to wink at her, then continued teasing Wendy to life.

They İstanbul Escort say that the tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body. I took pleasure in demonstrating this to Wendy. Mine was plainly stronger than Wendy’s thigh muscles as she seemed unable to close her legs and keep me away. As a matter of fact, her legs actually seemed unable to support her. They were definitely trembling when my tongue probed around her clitoris.

Not wanting Wendy to fall by accident, I tapped her behind the knees. They promptly folded and I guided Wendy down onto the grass. It wasn’t long after that that she had a climax, shuddering and squealing and almost pulling my hair out.

I sat back and regarded the two young women. Marie looked back at me fairly steadily, but Wendy was looking a trifle stunned.

“Did you even hear Wendy begging you to stop?” Marie asked.

I considered what had happened, and then shook my head.

“Not really. Do you think she really wanted me to?”

Marie avoided the question. Looking around I saw that Marie’s panties were still lying on the ground. Interesting, I thought, that she hadn’t bothered to put them back on. The way she was sitting, her skirt covered her, but only just. Tennis skirts are not exactly renowned for their length. I reached over and pushed it up slightly. Marie promptly flicked it back down.

Challenge accepted, I reached back again and this time I flicked open the button the side. Before Marie could do it up I was giving her skirt a tug, drawing it down. It slid off as though it wanted to, and I tossed it over towards her panties. Marie glared at me but didn’t go scrambling after it.

I looked at Wendy.

“She took off your panties,” I murmured. “Would you oblige me by taking off her skirt?”

“Why the hell should I?”

“So you won’t be the only one naked?” I suggested.

Marie gave me a look and then looked at her own clothes and then at Wendy. Then she shrugged and pounced on her sister. There was a bit of giggling and protesting and some interesting scenery and then Wendy’s skirt was off and I was sitting there admiring two naked young lovelies.

“And just what, may I ask, did you hope to achieve by all this?” asked Marie.

“I’m just advancing my cause to fuck the pair of you,” I said innocently. “Look at it from where I stand. Earlier you were saying no, but you had clothes on. Now you’re saying maybe, and you’re both naked.”

“We are not saying maybe,” said Marie, showing a flash of temper.

“Oh, good, you’re finally agreeing,” I observed, sounding pleased and dropping my shorts. “I thought you would eventually.”

With that I grabbed Marie’s feet and lifted them high and wide, tipping her onto her back and exposing her charms to my crude intentions.

“Wait! No!” Marie squealed. “I’m not saying yes. This is rape.”

“No it’s not,” I retorted, “because I haven’t stuck my cock in you. Believe me, you will know when I do.”

“But you’re about to,” she snapped, “and after I said no.”

I let her legs lower until they were resting against my shoulders, while I stroked her labia with the tip of my cock. Her lips were swollen and parted, and her body was ready and eager, even if she was saying no.

“Am I to understand you’re not going to agree?” I murmured, continuing to lightly stroke her.

“Yes,” she muttered. “I mean no. I mean I’m not agreeing, so take that thing away.”

“Well, that seems plain enough.” I looked across at Wendy who was watching the pair of us with eyes wide, looking slightly shocked. And excited. She was also ready for a good length of cock.

She still managed to shake her head though.

“Don’t look at me,” she said.

I laughed and pulled back away from Marie, letting her legs sink back to the ground.

“Ah well,” I said. “It would have been nice but if you won’t, you won’t.”

“You’re not going to force me anyway?” asked Marie, sounding surprised.

“Don’t be insulting,” I said, speaking quietly. “I may not be a perfect gentleman, but I’m not a brute. When I do get around to taking you it will be with your consent.”

“But we’re not giving our consent,” pointed out Wendy.

“Details,” I said, waving it away airily. “Just details. Eventually you will and I can wait. If not today, then tomorrow, or next week. It will happen.”

“Bloody confident in yourself, aren’t you,” snarled Marie.

“Image,” I said with a grin. “One must project a certain image. I mean, what chance would I possibly have if I just accepted no and walked away with my head hanging. Far better to be positive. I’ll just tell myself that you’re only saying no because I showed you that you’re not too good at tennis. Like some more practice?”

“We are good at tennis, damn you,” snapped Marie, taking a swipe at me. “It’s just that you’re better because you’re bigger and stronger.”

And somewhat more devious, it would appear. When Marie took that swiped at me I fell backwards, catching her arm and bringing her with me. I finished up Ümraniye Escort flat on my back with her sprawled on top of me, my erection hard against her tummy and our legs all tangled together.

Marie glared down at me, flushed and breathing hard.

“Oh, damn you. That’s all I have to say. Just damn you.”

At the same time her hand slid down between us, easing my cock out from between us and putting it where it could do more good. I wanted to smile and yell in triumph, but had the common sense to keep a straight face as I felt my cock engage with her pussy and then start sliding home.

Marie was more than ready, pushing down upon me, eagerly accepting my upthrust cock. She seemed a little out of sorts at wanting me, and wasn’t afraid to let me know.

“Damn you, damn you, damn you,” she was gasping while she bounced feverishly upon me. “You’re a bastard, did you know that. Oh, damn you and fuck me. Harder, you bastard. If you’re going to fuck me do it harder. Oh god, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

Dear me. Such language from such a sweet young thing. I did my best to oblige, driving in harder and harder, enjoying the way she slid up and down my pole, relishing the contact with her. She was in full lustful cry, squealing with excitement in between her desperate pleas for me to take her even harder.

Not wanting to climax myself, I let Marie do the running, lying on my back and just giving added impetus to my thrusts. My real driving need I’d leave to later. Much later.

Marie’s passionate excitement just swept her away. It wasn’t long before she was climaxing, yelling her pleasure, clamped tight around my cock. I had a real effort to fend off my own climax. She finally collapsed onto me, gasping and shuddering.

After a while I eased her off me, laying her on her back, where she just lay, staring at the bright blue sky and breathing heavily. I turned to regard Wendy. She had a very strange expression on her face. She gave a start when she realised I was watching her.

“Um, I suppose you think that I’ll let you take me as well,” she said nervously, a little bit of rebellion showing. “What are you going to do, set up a time and place and demand I turn up?”

“Now why would I do that?” I asked with a laugh. “If you’re willing, what’s wrong with here and now?”

“You can’t,” she snapped. “You just had Marie. And I never said I was willing.”

“Neither did you say you were unwilling.”

I rolled over and came to a sitting position next to her. I then pulled the same trick on her that I pulled on Marie earlier, lifting her legs by the ankles and pushing them high and wide. Now I was between her thighs with my cock menacing her pussy. Once again I gently stroked a pair of lips with the head of my cock, Wendy watching in fascination as I did so.

“At this stage, Marie was still saying no. Are you going to keep on saying no? You’d better decide fast as my cock is getting impatient and might decide that no refusal means yes.”

I stopped rubbing my cock against her, letting it rest heavily at just the right spot, where a firm push would find it sliding home. When no refusal came I started leaning a little more heavily and could see her lips easing apart, allowing the intrusion.

“Wait,” gasped Wendy, looking at the connection that was about to be formed. “Just wait a moment.”

I waited, holding still again, but the light pressure was still there. Wendy was chewing her lip, wanting, but not wanting to admit it. Her mistake, when it finally came, was to wriggle her hips, looking for a more comfortable position. That wriggle gave an inadvertent upwards thrust from her hips and her pussy pressed up and over the head of my cock, her lips closing firmly around it.

“Oh my god,” she gasped as I renewed my pressure, sliding slowly in, and then not so slowly. “I didn’t mean to do that. Honestly I didn’t.”

My groin closed with her and I was looking into her shocked eyes.

“Does that mean you want me to take it out?”

She closed her mouth tight, not wanting to answer. With no instructions to the contrary I started moving, pulling back and then sliding swiftly back in. If she was still reluctant you would never know it from her response. Her breath came hissing out from between her clenched teeth and her hips lifted sharply, driving her up to meet my cock as it plunged down into her.

From that point on things got very lively. I took Wendy hard and fast and she matched me all the way. I drilled into her hard and she lifted her hips eagerly to take me, passion and lust now riding her hard. She wasn’t nearly as vocal as Marie had been but the sounds she did make all seemed to be appreciative.

How do you compare taking one woman with another? You don’t. The one you’re taking right now is far and away the best, blotting out your memories of others. So I took Wendy and enjoyed her, and enjoyed the way she was relishing the taking.

Wendy was gasping and panting, squeaking with excitement, and I pushed hard to bring her to a climax. Not too hard, though. I was still hanging onto mine, saving it for one final burst. Then Wendy was coming, bucking underneath me, squealing her pleasure, and I rode her to a standstill, feeling her slump back down into the grass, shivering with her passions.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32