Tech Specs Inc. Ch. 02

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Sarah was in a happy daze. Gazing around the room, she barely registered the office art, the huge oak desk, the couch and chair in the opposite corner. She had the job! She was never so happy to fill out forms before. Carefully inking in her name and address onto the payroll registration form and signing copies of the ‘non-compete’ agreement, she wriggled in her chair, excitement bubbling through her veins like the cheap fizzy wine Alicia had opened to toast her success.

Leaning back in the desk chair, she fiddled idly with the tie to the spa robe Alicia had draped around her as they left Mr. Kerr’s office, Sarah basked in fact that, in a few weeks, her first paycheque would be deposited into her bank account and there would be one every two weeks after that! She breathed deeply, feeling the oxygen down to her toes, stress from the interview and from the overwhelming money worries running off of her like rain.

Across the desk, in a matching robe, Alicia sat and watched her, amused at her obviously elevated mood. “You look happy, “ she said, smiling at Sarah.

“Oh, I am!” Sarah said. “I’m really looking forward to working here.” Flushing slightly as Alicia’s grin broadened, she added, “The writing. I’m looking forward to writing full-time.”

“You didn’t just sign on for writing, you know.”

Sarah took a deep sip of the wine. “I know.” She looked directly at Alicia, then away. “I’ll do everything I signed up for. I’m no quitter.”

Alicia laughed throatily. “Quitter! Oh, honey, this isn’t exactly going to be a chore, you know. And it looked like you enjoyed what you escort were doing with Mr. Kerr. He certainly did! You’ll be very popular.” Her eyes roamed the deep vee of terrycloth cinched by the robe’s tie. ‘Very popular!’

Sarah’s blush deepened and spread down her throat. “Alicia, I don’t want you to think that I’m, well,….indiscriminate.”

“I don’t know why what I think should matter, Sarah,” Alicia replied, still smiling. “You’re here to do a job, well, jobs, and do them to the best of your ability. That’s what matters. It doesn’t concern me whether you’ve had one lover ever or a dozen of both genders.” Eyeing Sarah with amusement, she added, “Maybe you’re a provincial miss and rarely been kissed!”

Sarah flushed further. “I didn’t say that. I just don’t sleep around is all.”

Alicia’s cool stare challenged her. “Ever kiss a woman? I mean ‘really’ kiss, not the deliciously teasing tongue tangling that we shared.”

Sarah’s chin came up and she met Alicia’s stare. She didn’t understand what it was that made her rise to this woman. It had never bothered her that she wasn’t as fashionable, elegant or poised as some women. She was happy with herself and what she’d accomplished. Yet, somehow, it had become important to impress Alicia on some level, to let her know she wasn’t the babe in the woods the beautiful, sophisticated blonde was assuming her to be.

“Yes, I’ve kissed women,” Sarah said, just as coolly.

“Women, plural?” Alicia moved around the desk, leaning over the chair, putting a hand on Sarah’s knee and gently pressing her lips against Sarah’s cheek. bursa eve gelen escort “Did you kiss them like that? A sweet kiss between sorority sisters, perhaps?” she asked. “Or like this?” She gently loosened the tie to Sarah’s robe and nuzzled the soft cheek, kissing warmly along Sarah’s jaw.

“More like the second one,” Sarah said. She cursed herself, hearing the tremble in her voice.

Alicia nudged Sarah’s robe open further, noting the sharp nipples pressing through the gorgeous bra. She exhaled mistily making goosebumps rise on Sarah’s chest and placed a hand inside the robe on her knee. She rubbed her fingers in little circles, feeling the smooth satin of Sarah’s skin and, as she leaned in to kiss the soft, parted lips, slid the hand further up the thigh.

The kiss started slowly, Alicia savouring every tremble of Sarah’s lips before dancing her tongue between them and hungrily roaming her hot mouth. Sarah moaned softly low in her throat and melted against the tall blonde. As the kiss deepened, Sarah’s tongue began to fence back and Alicia moved forward, still kissing, pressing Sarah back in the chair.

Nibbling Sarah’s full lower lip, Alicia left hot, wet kisses along the taut tendon of Sarah’s neck before nibbling the lobe of Sarah’s ear and making her shiver.

‘Mmmm,’ she murmured low in Sarah’s ear, “you smell so good!” Alicia inhaled the fruity fragrance of Sarah’s shampoo and, underneath that, the soft musk of a healthy, aroused female. “Oh, I don’t wear perfume,” Sarah said, shaking her head a bit. Alicia’s görükle escort low chuckle made Sarah shiver. “I didn’t mean perfume, doll. YOU smell so…..good.”

Sarah shivered as Alicia’s lips slid from her ear down the neck to lap at the collarbone. Slipping the bra strap from Sarah’s shoulder, Alicia pressed hot, wet kisses in a line over the pebbled gooseflesh straight to the nipple that she popped free of it’s cup. Sarah groaned and wriggled as Alicia teased and sucked first one raspberry bud, then the other, sending strong signals to her rapidly-swelling clit.

As Alicia lifted her head, a long striing of saliva attached from her lip to Sarah’s nipple. Sarah lifted her hand and broke the string, rubbing her thumb across Alicia’s lower lip. Running a hand through Alicia’s hair, Sarah tugged her forward, moving to take Alicia’s lips once more.

As they kissed more and more intensely, Alicia slid her hand up past that soft, tender skin at the top of the thigh and pressed against Sarah’s mound, feeling dampness in the gusset of her pretty panties. Alicia pulled the satin to the side, sliding one long finger unerringly between Sarah’s swollen lips, and moved to kiss her on the neck again and again, nibbling gently, as Sarah sighed and tossed her head, eyes closed, her hips moving in time with Alicia’s plunging finger.

“Mmmm, the better to hear you, my dear,’ said Alicia, lifting her head and smiling at the low, urgent sounds Sarah was making.

In one fluid move, Alicia withdrew her finger and scooped Sarah’s knees up, hooking them over the arms of the office chair and pushing it against the wall. Pulling the panties to one side, she fastened her mouth to Sarah’s wet slit and licked her out fast. Sarah came hard and rapped her head on the wall, seeing stars as she went limp with satisfaction.

‘There,” said, Alicia with satisfaction. ‘‘Write that!’

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