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Over the table

Beth coyly leaned over the edge of the table and lifted her skirt as Jane watched. Jane’s eyes widened and mouth opened in both shock and amazement at Beth’s boldness. Beth looked over her shoulder and smiled as her friend stared at her nearly bare ass, clad only in dark purple tanga panties.

“Just going to stare,” remarked Beth, glancing over her shoulder.

“Beth, I, umm,…” stammered Jane blushing in a rare moment of speechlessness.

“I want you to touch…” requested Beth, “…please…” as she spread her cheeks slightly. She wiggled her ass, knowing her friend was eyeing the thin material covering her moist lips.

Beth reached back, hooked the panties with her thumbs and slowly pulled them until her tight little asshole and engorged, wet lips were exposed to her still flustered friend.

“Does this help?”

Trussed Up

Jim had rigged an eye hook in the basement, which Beth was now hooked to, hands tied above her head. Her legs were spread by a bar, allowing the cooler air to easy tickle her hot, moist lips. She watched quietly, her mouth gagged by a silk scarf, as Jim laid out numerous implements next to her – a paddle, small flail, nipple clamps, anal beads of various sizes and one of her favorite vibrators. She smiled slightly knowing that each would be used on her at some point. But before she would enjoy any of that, Jim pulled out his cell phone and quickly snapped several shots of Beth. Being photographed wasn’t new, but Jim wondering out loud if their friend Jane would enjoy this scene brought a shocked and panicked look to Beth.

She watched as Jim hit the ‘send’ on message. She was both panicked and aroused by the thought of Jane seeing her on display. But she would have to wait to see Jane’s reply until her ass was red from spanking and both her holes had been well pleasured tongue and toy.

Jane’s reply made Beth’s exhausted pussy tingle…”more please…”

Kitchen Counter

Beth’s skin goosebumped as her bare ass cheeks touched the cool marble of the kitchen island. Jim’s hand slowly opened her legs as she reclined back. She was somewhat nervous, her pussy open to the air and her ass planted on the island in her mom’s kitchen. They had waited for everyone to fall asleep before sneaking into the kitchen Bostancı Escort for a naughty oral session. Beth gasped as Jim’s tongue slowly lapped at her moistening labia, her legs draped over his shoulders. She closed her eyes as his tongue slowly turned her pussy into a hot, wet mess. She always enjoyed being eaten by him, but this was so much hotter and naughtier. She gripped the counter as his tongue slid into her hole, across her clit and nibbled on her lips. He worked his fingers in and out of her wet lips, while sucking on her very sensitive nub.

Both were so engrossed, Beth softly moaning and Jim’s face buried between her legs. The “oh shit” coming from the other end of the kitchen snapped Beth’s eyes open and locked Jim’s mouth onto her pussy. Ann stood there in surprise to see her sister with her bare ass and pussy on the end of the counter, and her brother-in-law’s face between her thighs. Mischievously, Jim ran his tongue up and down Beth’s lips while looking at Ann. Beth’s eyes fluttered as she tried to restrain herself in front of her sister.


Recovering from multiple deep orgasms, as usual when tied, blindfolded and fucked hard by her husband, Beth was thinking about burying her long silver toy deep inside her cream-filled pussy. Instead she felt Jim’s fingers stroking her lips, rubbing still warm cum up and down her slit. He had fingered her before, but somehow this was different. Jim kissed and nibbled on her nipples before slowing moving lower. A very naughty thought crossed her mind which startled and aroused her. Before the thought fully registered, she tensed and gasped as Jim’s tongue slinked up her glazed lips. Jim looked up as he heard a deep moan escape Beth’s mouth as she licked her lips and grabbed the straps restraining her. She widened her hips, pressing her body into Jim’s mouth.

The sensation of Jim eating her cum-filled and still twitching pussy was incredible. She always enjoyed his tongue probing and lapping her lips, but this was so much more taboo. It didn’t take long for her body to be racked by another deep orgasm, as his tongue probed her. Her hips tightened around him, as he sucked on her engorged clit.

As she felt his lips on hers, she deeply kissed him. To her surprise, he still had cream on his tongue. She relished the taste of both their Kadıköy Escort juices intermingled, knowing her husband had just feasted on their combined cream. As he removed the blindfold, she devilishly looked at her husband and licked her lips. She might enjoy that again…


I brush back your hair, exposing the soft skin of your neck. Softly kiss your lips, then across your cheek to your jawline. Slowly I moved back to just below your ear, softly exhaling. I nuzzle your neck before teasingly kiss, drawing a low moan from your lips. The tip of my tongue lightly darts across your flesh, pulling an almost silent gasp from your open lips. My lips and tongue glide down your neck, caressing the skin every so lightly. I bare your collarbone, as my lips dance down and across. Up your throat my lips go and across your neck again. Goosebumps trail as my lips walk over your flesh behind your ear, tongue gently teasing.

The Chair

Beth sat on the wooden chair, blindfolded. Her feet were tied to the legs of the chair, her arms tied behind the chair. Her ass was comfortably filled with a plug and her pussy was stuffed with an egg vibrator. Her legs were open just enough to let the slight breeze tease her bare, shaved lips resting on the cool wood surface. Although tied down, she could shift slightly, which only wiggled the plug and the egg, neither sensation she objected to. She had no idea was in store for her, the suspense making her pussy even wetter.

She jumped a little as the feather tickled her nipples. It then trailed down her breast, sweeping the underside slowly. She wondered if would slide down the side of her stomach, a place that always got her going. She barely finished the thought before the gasp escaped her lips as the tease glided across that very spot, only to swirl around, driving her crazy. Barely catching her breath, the teasing sensation traveled down, almost to her hot lips, before the light touch danced down her inner thigh. Slowly it danced up the tender flesh again, achingly close before pausing. Just as she relaxed from the tease of her thigh, the tip of the feather darted over her clit, drawing yet another deep gasp. As she writhed within her bonds, Jim turned the egg to low.

Her pussy twitched as the sensations traveled through her body. As the Göztepe Escort setting went higher, the chair buzzed, in turn sending pulses of pleasure through the plug buried in her ass. Her mouth opened as the waves built in her. The feather teased her nipples as guttural sounds of pleasure flowed from her mouth. Jim watched as her body convulsed against the restraints. Beth screamed softly as the first clamp closed on her tender nipples, her tongue tracing her lips as the second gripped her flesh. Her screams grew as her clit was pinched by a third clamp, chain dancing between her breasts and down her front.

Picnic Table

Convinced to go commando in a skirt, Beth and Jim were enjoying a drive through a local park. As Jim drove the winding road, Beth enjoyed the occasional breeze up her skirt and across her moist lips. Jim pulled into one of the many picnic areas, a smaller one that didn’t get much use, especially on a weekday. He coyly smiled as he parked the car at the far end of the small lot.

“Shall we enjoy the fresh air a little?” Jim asked.

“Sure,” Beth replied, a little nervous being out of the car with nothing underneath, but also a little confident given the semi-secluded area.

They walked back to the far corner of the pavilion, a naughty twinkle in Jim’s eye. Reaching a table, Jim requested Beth sit on the table end itself, not the bench seat. After lifting herself onto the table, she watched him glance over her shoulder, scanning for any other patrons. Secure in their seclusion, he slowly ran his hands up her thighs, spreading them slightly as he went higher and raising her skirt. Beth was apprehensive, but his hands felt good on her bare thighs. Fingertips on her hot wet lips made her jump slightly, the slight breeze not helping with her decorum. Jim kissed her neck as his skilled fingers easily slid past her lips and deeper inside. Her pussy was inflamed not only from her husband’s ever so talented fingers, but also from being fingerfucked in such an open place. As Jim kissed and nuzzled her neck, he kept watch, but still teased the inner walls of his wife’s hot pussy, a fingertip grazing her tight asshole from time to time. Her thighs clamping on his hand told him she was cumming and hard. A thumb on her clit only fueled her heat and the tightness of her thighs. After finally relenting with his fingers, she released his hand between her curvy thighs. She watched as he sucked her juices from his digit, then slowly kneel in front her. He licked his lips and kissed her inner most thighs. Beth was about to become a picnic lunch…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32