Teach Me Ch. 10

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We met at the bus station just before noon on a Saturday with everything we needed for the cruise. We rode the bus to the port down in Miami making a few other stops along the way. By the time we reached the dock it was late in the afternoon. We checked the bags and then checked onto the ship. They checked our tickets, IDs and passports before we were cleared to board.

“Last time we will have to use those,” I said.

“What,” she asked?

“Those passports, when we get back we will have our new ones,” I replied.

“We are actually doing it aren’t we,” she asked?

“That’s the plan,” I said. “As long as everything falls into place we will be out of here.”

The ship’s crew grabbed our attention and started to explain a few things as we walked towards the ramp that would lead us onto the ship. There was a lot that needed to fall into place I thought. We needed some place to get away too. To do that we needed money and some luck. Asshole was slated to be out of town on business when we returned so we had only a few days to get everything ready and leave. It weighed heavy on my mind but I wasn’t going to let it ruin our trip. Everything would work itself somehow.

“Ok, tenth floor, here we are,” the hostess said as the door opened on the elevator.

“And there’s your room,” she said as we departed from there.

“Enjoy your stay,” she offered.

I opened the door to the little suite and we walked in. It was a nice room and about as high up as we could get on the ship too. It had a little living room, an offset bedroom, a private balcony, and a nice bathroom. It was large as far as rooms on a ship were concerned. They had bigger but with just the two of us it wasn’t necessary.

“Very nice,” she sighed.

It was nicer than what I had expected. I agreed with her. We both looked around before going to the balcony for a look. The ship hadn’t left the dock yet so we were a long ways up overlooking the area below. Things were a buzz as it was getting ready to leave. I wrapped my arms around her as I stood behind her. It had been almost a week since I had held her last. I missed her warmth. My cock remembered who she was and started swelling immediately.

I let my hands wander as she leaned into me. I traced her collarbone with my fingertips and tickled her neck until she tilted her head back. We started kissing as my other hand sought the hem of her short sun dress. My cock pressed hard against her as my fingers crept up her leg towards her center. It jumped when I felt nothing stopping me from entering her wetness.

“I’ve been waiting,” she sighed.

My fingers slipped quickly inside her slippery folds as she parted her legs just a little. I twisted them around and worked my thumb over her clit.

She gasped into my mouth as we kissed still. I pressed in and out of her sticky wetness as she rolled her hips with me. Her hands clawed at my waist band of my shorts in desperation of release. I helped her quickly with my free hand. They finally dropped to the ground and I escaped one leg hole.

I continued to slip inside her tunnel as her fingers curled around my engorged shaft. She tugged on it softly and brought some relief but I wanted more. I departed quickly and kicked a chair over in front of her. She didn’t need any coaching, she pressed her knees into the chair and pointed her ass straight back at me. Her arms and chin rested on the railing that looked out over the port. She liked the semipublic fucking and I had no problem being the one doing it to her.

I flipped her dress over her back all the way up to her shoulders. I pressed the head of my cock against her soaked cunt and watched it first press her lips in, then they parted quickly and allowed me to slip into her depths.

“Fuck,” she cried. “I’ve missed that cock.”

Her wet pussy clenched my cock as I gave her ass a little smack before pulling back. I watched her lips glide easily up my shaft until just the head was resting inside. My cock was soaked with her white creamy fluid. She was wet. I pressed back in and watched some of her cream get cleaned off by her clinging lips. The fluid pooled at the edges and started to drip down towards her clit. Fuck she was hot and wet.

Her upper body came off the railing and she tugged the dress over her head and off. It was a surprise at first but a few more strokes inside her hot box and it wore off. She only had on a pair of flip flops as I started pressing harder into her. Soon one fell off and bounced to the floor at my feet. She looked fucking hot as I pressed harder.

“Fuck me, that’s good,” she cried. “Fuck my little pussy and make me cum. I’ve waited long enough, fuck me. Yes, fuck me.”

I pressed hard into her cunt. Her juice was soaking my cock and running down her leg. The chair softly shifted around on the tile deck as we both closed in on sweet release. I felt it first and I couldn’t hold back.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum,” I grunted.

“Fuck, I’m close,” she cried back. “Keep fucking me.”

I dipped a little lower in my stance and gaziantep bayan escort started loading her cunt. I washed her walls and filled her tight little hole. She started pressing back into me and crying out.

“Fuck, I’m cumming,” she yelped. “Oh, yes fuck meee!”

Her pussy tightened and gushed cream as I continued to pump. It leaked all over the place as she panted hard before settling down. We both panted and rested.

“Fuck, that’s a good way to start,” she cheered.

“I’ll say,” I agreed.

I backed away and watched a rush of white drip from her contracting hole. She kicked her other shoe off and headed straight for the bathroom dripping a little along the way. The room was tile so it wouldn’t be too hard to clean. I gathered her clothes and returned to the room.

“You filled me up babe,” she cried. “I’m still dripping.”

“I think some of that is you,” I retorted.

A flush and she came out just as there was a knock at the door. Out of habit she opened it before realizing she was still naked. She quickly used the door to hide herself.

“Can I help you,” she squeaked?

“Um,” he stuttered. “Just checking to see if everything is ok. I see you have already made yourself at home.”

“Things are fine,” she said politely but with a hint of attitude.

“Well, ah,” he stumbled again. “If you need anything just ah, let me know.”

She was annoyed now. I could tell by the tapping of her foot that she was about to let him know what she thought.

“I have everything I need sitting right over there,” she pointed.

His eyes continued to look at her tits which were barely covered by the door at this point. He gulped.

“What, haven’t you seen tits before,” she asked with more attitude?

“Not that nice,” he admitted.

“Hump,” she grumbled before shutting the door.

“Sorry,” he hollered from behind the closed door.

“Jerk,” she replied.

“They are nice tits,” I teased.

“You too,” she sassed?

I only smiled and looked openly at them. They were fantastic. She could only smile and even started laughing after a moment of thinking about the situation.

“Guess I shouldn’t answer the door naked if I don’t want that,” she joked.

“I could go out there and knock and you could answer and we could see where it leads,” I teased.

“Nobody is home,” she replied quickly.

We both laughed. She leaned in and kissed me.

“I’m happy,” she said. “Thank you for all that you have helped me discover. I feel I am living life again.”

“You’re welcome,” I said.

She took her flops from my hands and slipped them on her feet.

“I can’t believe we are her,” she cheered.

“We are baby,” I said. “Let’s have some fun while we are here. When we get back the serious stuff begins.”

“Ain’t that the truth,” she agreed?

Another knock at the door. We both looked at each other and smiled. She and I were thinking the same thing.

“Do you dare me,” she asked?

I was saying yes before she could finish.

She bounced to the door and opened it carefully. Her body slumped in disappointment as she turned back to me. She waved me over. It was just the luggage. I pulled it inside and set it on the bed.

“Well, at least I can get changed and we can go out,” she said.

“I kind of like what you were wearing before,” I joked. “That was quite a shock to find that.”

“That was my plan,” she teased. “I’ve been so wet all day but it was worth the wait.”

She opened her bag and dug around it before selecting and dressing. She selected a tight purple V neck shirt with her hip hugging jeans. She slipped into the jeans without panties again. Maybe she didn’t bring any at all.

“Let’s go and explore,” she said.

Off we went.

The ship had just about everything you could imagine. Mini golf course, rock climbing wall, surf pool, 5 different pools, you name it, it was probably there. As the ship left port we found ourselves in one of the dance clubs.

We walked in and found a quiet corner table. She ordered us drinks and was carded. She was but I wasn’t. They didn’t think to card me. Dummies. We sipped and talked before she wanted to dance. I didn’t dance so she had to drag me out on the dance floor.

“Come on and move,” she cried over the music.

“I don’t dance,” I shouted back.

“Just feel the beat and move with it,” she ordered.

All I could feel was boom, boom, boom from the way to loud speakers. I tried anyway and made a fool out of myself. We took a break and had a few more drinks and laughs.

The second time out I was, looser, you could say. I moved better than before. At least I thought I did better. She was laughing her ass off at me while some big girl moved in and shook with me. She didn’t care and at that point I didn’t either. We all laughed and tried to dance.

It was well after 1 in the morning before we headed out. We were tipsy but not completely wasted as we marched back to the room. I was surprised to see the ship still alive with people at this hour but I guess that’s what you come for.

We dropped out clothes where we stood and climbed into bed. It was lights out and not a peep until 8 the next morning.

“Morning babe,” she sighed.

I loved to see her face when I got up. She was so happy and content all stretched out in bed.

“You want to hit the gym,” I asked?

“Yeah, that sounds good,” she replied. “I have been slacking off big time lately.”

She dressed in a sexy little gym outfit and off we went. The stares must have burned a hole in her ass as she took up a spot on the row of treadmills. Every guy in the place was looking as she started jogging slowly. I was lucky to have her I admitted to myself as I watched. I let her run and focused on my workout.

I pushed myself hard today. My stamina had saved me from a good beating in my last fight and I wanted to keep it up. I worked hard for 8 minute spurts, rested for 2 and resumed for another 8. I did this for 45 minutes or so. Then I punched the bag for 15 before she was done and ready to go.

“You sure work hard,” she said.

“It saved my ass in the last fight,” I replied. “I won only because he got tired.”

“Well, I hope you don’t get beat up like that again,” she countered. “You looked like hell.”

We headed back to the room and showered.

“The ship is going to dock soon,” I offered.

“Yeah,” she said excited.

She dropped the towel and hugged me. My cock pressed against her belly.

“This ship,” she asked tugging it? “Or this one,” she continued as she tapped her foot on the floor?

“Hmm, both,” I teased.

I turned her and bent her over the dresser. I gave her puckered asshole a soft lick. She shuttered with excitement. I continued down and pressed my face hard against her cheeks as I tried to get her slit. She bent harder and pulled her cheeks apart. Her taste flooded my tongue. I probed her opening and swirled my tongue as she sighed.

“How much time before the ship docks,” she asked?

“15 minutes maybe,” I said.

“You want to see it,” I asked? I gave her another persuading lick.

“I don’t want you to get mad you’re not going to get any,” she sighed.

“I won’t be mad,” I offered. “We got a lot of time together. Whatever will make you happy is what I want.”

My tongue found her lips again. I wanted some pussy but I was being nice.

“I like the tongue, you win,” she relented.

“We got time,” I teased.

“Hmmm,” she growled.

I spun her and picked her up quickly. I set her on the dresser and pushed her knees apart. My tongue swirled over her clit.

“Fuck, you’re a bad boy,” she teased.

I pressed my fingers into her wet little hole.

“That better,” I asked?

“Hmmm,” she growled again.

I slurped her clit into my mouth and rolled my tongue over it.

“Oh, yes, fuck,” she cried.

Her pussy creamed my fingers as she started cumming. I twisted and licked as she humped my face. I licked gently until she had settled down.

“Fuck, that was good,” she smiled.

I leaned in to kiss her. She stopped me and licked my chin before nibbling my lip a little.

“I do taste good,” she said.

“I think so too,” I said between kisses.

“You know what else is good,” she asked? “Your dick inside me.”

I pressed my head to her opening. She pulled my back and tried to get me to penetrate. I held and teased.

“Come on,” she begged.

“What,” I asked?

“I want it,” she cried.

“Want what,” I asked?

“This,” she begged again.

She pulled my butt now and inched forward in the dresser. My head pressed hard at her lips and parted them. I held still and looked at her coyly. She smiled. I flexed it and made it swell and rise.

“Oh,” I teased.

“Please,” she huffed.

She inched forward again and made the small dresser tip forward a little. My head pressed into her opening before it settled back and pulled it away. She repeated and I pulled her back so she wouldn’t slip away this time.

“Fuck,” she cried.

“That’s my plan baby,” I grunted.

I pressed into her fully and settled the tipping dresser again. My cock sawed in and out of her soak snatch.

“Fuck, that’s good,” she cried.

I grabbed her legs and pulled them up so they rested on my shoulders. She wrapped her arms around them and my neck pulling her tighter to me. Her pussy felt tight as I pressed in deep. She puffed hard with pleasure as we started kissing again.

Tap, tap, tap went the dresser as it rocked in rhythm with us. My hips slapped her thighs loudly as we both were close. I grunted loudly letting her know I was ready to make a deposit.

“Fuck, yes, fill me up,” she cried.

I stopped holding back and washed the walls of her cunt with my hot load.

“Yes,” she cried as I filled her.

She moaned and added her own cum to the mix.

“Fuck, I’m cumming hard,” she gasped.

We soaked each other then panted as we held still and felt us gently mixing inside her cunt.

She released her tired arms and leaned back against them on the dresser. Her legs dropped and dangled off the front as I stepped away. She quickly hopped off the dresser and started towards the bathroom leaving a mess on the dresser.

Her legs wobbled as she cupped herself and went quickly across the floor.

“You shouldn’t get up so fast,” I laughed.

I leaned against the dresser and rested.

“I don’t want to leave a mess,” she cried from the bathroom.

The ship started to rumble and I could feel it started to turn a little. I glanced out the window and saw we were getting close.

“We better hurry,” I hollered.

“I’m going,” she replied.

We tore into the suit cases and got dressed quickly. I looked out the window and saw land.

“Sarah,” I cried.

“What,” she asked?

“We can watch it from here,” I pointed.

We stepped out on the balcony and watched as the ship inched closer to the dock. It took a while but it was parked and the ramp was dropped. We were in the Bahamas at our first stop. We left the room and headed out to explore.

We spent the day wandering the island trying to avoid the locals who had something to sell at the best price. We window shopped along the way before finding a beach. We sat and watched the sun set before having to return to the boat. The horn sounded telling us it was time to go. We boarded and found our way to the dining room.

We sat and had a good steak and lobster dinner. Then we decided to see the show that they had on the ship. We got to the entertainment hall and were seated near the front. Drinks were served throughout the show and we drank way more than what we should have. We left the show more than a little tipsy. For some reason she stopped off at the store and bought a bottle of something. We then returned to the room.

I tossed my shirt off and flopped on the bed. She dropped her shorts and shirt and dug out the bottle.

“Let’s have a drink,” she teased.

I opened my eyes and saw her in nothing but her thong twisting the top off the bottle. My thoughts were on her and not the alcohol.

“Can’t handle it,” she asked?

She took a long swing and roared as the liquor stung its way down her throat.

“Give me that,” I ordered.

“Whew we,” she cried with her face still twisted in pain.

“What is it,” I asked? “It can’t be that bad.”

I took a swing and swallowed before my brain could register the burn.

“Tequila,” she cried.

Yeah, too late now I thought. The liquid burned down my pipe and into my stomach. The bottle was snatched from my hand and she tipped it back again. I couldn’t believe she was taking another swig. I had drank beer and some mixed drinks but never straight anything. I couldn’t let her win though.

“Give me that,” I barked.

I snapped the bottle back and took another swig gingerly. This one didn’t hurt as bad since my taste was all but torched out of my mouth. My face still twisted.

“Pussy,” she cried.

I loved it when she said that word. She passed the bottle back. She clicked the remote and turned the docking station on for the music player. It came to life and started playing a Toby Keith drinking song. How fitting I thought as I took a long gulp this time. She started wiggling her hips and danced towards me. She spun and twirled her hair around. She looked over her shoulder as she bounced her ass off my lap. Dam she looked sexy giving me a lap dance.

She took the bottle from my fingers and had another small sip. She continued dancing and working her hips seductively. It was getting me turned on to say the least. I wasn’t going to let the teasing distract me, I took the bottle back and pulled another long drink from it.

“I think I’m winning,” I slurred bad.

“The fuck you are,” she sloshed back.

She took it back and gulped twice. Then she set it on the small night stand and smiled as she twirled around and continued teasing me. The room was spinning around now. I had had way too much to drink.

“You want to fuck me don’t you,” she asked with a slow drunkenness?

“Fuck yeah,” I croaked. “But I want to win first, give me the bottle.”

“Haha,” she laughed. “Never!”

She spun to get it and knocked it off the table. It smashed on the floor and sent glass and liquid in all directions.

“Fuck,” she cried. “Guess you lose.”

“Cheater,” I retorted.

She laughed again in her drunken way.

“Watch out for the glass,” I cautioned.

She flopped on the bed next to me face down. Her ass looked perfect with the white fabric starting at the top before it disappeared into her crack. Her legs were parted just slightly and I could see the fabric was moist in between.

I rose up and pulled the strings on her hips and started to slide them down over her. She didn’t respond. I gave her a gentle shake. She barely moved as I did. She was out. I did the best I could to roll her over in my intoxicated state. Her tits shook gently as I got her onto her back. They looked good as I stared at them.


Sunlight streamed into the window and over the bed. The music still played loudly as I opened my eyes and clutched my head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32