Tawny’s Hair

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Nobody had hair like Tawny. It was long and thick and red and Seth wanted to run his hands through it every time he saw it but he thought Tawny’s boyfriend might object! Her hair was so amazing. Really amazing!

Tawny was tall and thin and not usually Seth’s type but there was something about Tawny that drove him crazy. It was her hair. Tawny also had the most beautiful eyes that Seth had ever seen. He could sit and gaze into her eyes all day. She was very exotic looking and sexy. Tawny really did turn heads everywhere she went.

Seth knew Tawny and her roommate Janie from his freshman chemistry class. Seth and Janie had become fast friends. They both liked the same bands and websites and were both art majors. Tawny was majoring in business and was a little bit more serious and on the straight and narrow. She was going out with her high school sweetheart who just happened to be the starting quarterback at the college.

It was halfway through the first semester when tragedy struck. Seth had been caught drinking beer in his dorm room. Well actually it was more like drinking beer, starting a fight, vandalizing the conference room and having twenty issues of penthouse magazines in his room. He only got a stern lecture from the college itself but he was banned from on campus dorms for the rest of the year.

Seth was in shock! How could he get his college work done being homeless? His parents would kill him! What would he do? Seth was sitting on a bench in front of his former home with piles of his belongings heaped around him, when who should come walking his way but Tawny and Janie!

Janie was dancing down the sidewalk sing “Even better than the real thing.” It was a little off key but her dancing sure was good! He liked the way she swayed her hips from side to side as she glided down the sidewalk. Tawny recognized Seth first.

“Hey Seth!” She called out. This doesn’t look good!”

“Oh my god Seth!” Janie chimed in. “What happened?”

“My life is over!” Seth moaned. “I got kicked out of my dorm and now I’m afraid I’ll have to leave the college.”

“You Kartal escort don’t have any friends here you can room with?” Tawny asked.

“You’re the only two I know.” Seth replied.

“Wow a real life homeless man!” Tawny laughed. She handed Seth her diet mountain dew. “I think you’re going to need this more than me.” She said.

“Gee thanks Tawny.” Seth said. Despite his dire circumstances and the gravity of the situation, his cock was starting to twitch every time he looked up and saw Tawny’s hair flying proudly in the wind.

“We’ll see you later Seth.” Janie said and the two continued on down the pathway.

Seth took a swig of the diet Dew and bowed his head in submission. He was definitely a dead man.

He lost track of how long he sat with his head down in despair. He was bought back to reality by a soft hand on his shoulder. “Seth?”

Seth looked up and saw Tawny and Janie standing there. Tawny spoke first. “Seth, Janie and I talked it over and we want you to move in with us. We have an extra room in our apartment and we know you’re a nice guy.” She said.

“You mean it?” He smiled up at them.

“Yes!” Janie chimed in. “But!” She said. “We have some ground rules that you have to follow. No girls, no drugs, no parties and no funny stuff with either one of us. Can you handle that?”

Seth acknowledged that he could. He knew he would have a hard time being in the same building with Tawny’s hair everyday but …he thought he could handle it! The three of them hauled Seth’s belongings to their new home and got settled in.

The first few weeks were uneventful. By the third week, Seth’s fetish for Tawny’s hair was starting to affect him. He had been dreaming about it all week and masturbating two sometimes three times a day about her hair. He even went so far as to steal one of her hairbrushes.

It was late Friday night and both Tawny and Janie were fast asleep. Seth was naked except for a pair of boxers. He snuck down to Tawny’s room and opened the door. He just couldn’t control himself. He stood Kurtköy Escort next to Tawny’s bed and looked down. There she was in all her glory and beauty. Her hair was loose and all over the bed. She was sound asleep.

Seth pulled out his cock and started to stroke it right they’re next to Tawny’s bed. If her boyfriend ever found out about this Seth knew that he was a dead man. He started stroking his cock faster and he was in such a state of arousal that within seconds he started to cum. His first rope of cum landed just above her forehead and into her hair. His second landed right across her forehead and the third landed beside her head and on the hair that was lying there.

Seth exited the room quickly and quietly ran back to his bed. What had he just done? Was he insane? Was he some kind of pervert? He had a restless night as thoughts of prison ran through his head.

The next morning Seth and Janie were sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee and talking about their favorite U2 songs. Seth insisted it was something older like “I will Follow” while Janie liked “One” or “Mysterious Ways” much better.

\Tawny stormed into the kitchen. “What the fuck is in my hair?” She yelled. “And where is my favorite brush? ” Tawny’s hair was matted up in two places and Seth knew why!

Seth sat there horrified and hoped his expression didn’t give him away. Janie just started laughing. “You need to be more careful. You know your bathroom is a mess. It’s a wonder you don’t have more problems like this!”

“Ha Ha.” Tawny hissed. “Laugh it up Janie.” With that Tawny stormed back into her bedroom. Seth inwardly sighed in relief. He hadn’t been caught.

It was later that night and Seth had that uncontrollable urge again. It was like something was taking over his mind. He couldn’t help himself. He got up and walked into Tawny’s bedroom. This time he was completely out of control. He gently picked up a handful of Tawny’s lush, red hair and wrapped it around his cock and started to masturbate his cock with it!

He went slowly so as not to pull Maltepe Escort her hair or wake her up. Tawny snorted a little in her sleep but never woke up. Lucky for Seth she was a very sound sleeper.

Even though he was going slowly and gently, the feeling of Tawny’s thick hair on his cock was too much and Seth erupted within only a couple of minutes. It felt like he was cuming in gallons, deep into Tawny’s hair. When he was done he quickly got up and left her room in a hurry. As he was leaving Tawny’s room he could have sworn that Janie’s door had just shut. He ran back to his room and lay there sleeplessly again. He waited and waited for the cops to come, but they never did.

The next morning was much the same as the previous one, with Tawny complaining about her matted hair again and Janie laughing it off. This was two nights in a row that Seth hadn’t gotten any sleep and it was showing with the bags under his eyes.

That night, the urge again took over Seth and he crept down to Tawny’s room. Tawny was again asleep with her hair covering her pillow and most of the upper part of her bed. Seth grabbed a handful of Tawny’s hair and wrapped it around his cock again and started to jack himself off with it. In mid stroke he felt a hand on his shoulder!

“I want to watch.” Janie’s voice said from behind him.

It was too late to stop now so Seth kept sliding Tawny’s hair up and down the length of his cock. He started to moan a little bit as he quickened his pace.

“I want to taste you.” Janie said from behind him and got down on her knees.

Seth released Tawny’s hair and turned to face Janie. Janie leaned forward taking Seth into her mouth. Seth had only been seconds away from cuming in Tawny’s hair and as soon as Janie’s wet, warm mouth engulfed his cock, he erupted. Janie slid her lips up and down the upper part of his cock has he emptied his sperm into her mouth.

“Oh god Janie!” Seth said. “Thank you and I’m sorry. What must you think of me?”

“I think you taste real fine Seth. That’s what I think.” She replied

“And I think I need the next taste!” Tawny yelled from the bed.

Seth froze in shock. Had they known all along? Yes they had! The rest of that night was spent exploring each other’s bodies and realizing some of Seth’s wildest fantasies. That will be told in another story thought!

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