Tantalising Shower Encounter

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Heather Winters was in New York for the US Open ten days before it was due to begin. She had just finished a long training session under a hot Long Island summer sun. Three hours of sprints and racquet drills all over the tennis court. Her feet ached. Her legs and arms felt the burn of exertion that only an ice bath could relieve.

Winters had managed to avoid the press that followed players around before the tournament but noticed that Henri Marron had been watching some of her training session. She had met him briefly once or twice in the past. He was the new young guy some French news service had covering tennis in Europe. While she didn’t care for the press, Winters certainly noticed him. Everyone did. He was the Mediterranean double of Brad Pitt and he had an accent that turned women into putty. She was too exhausted to care much that he had been watching her train. Picking up her bags she walked to the clubhouse locker room.

Catching herself in the mirror as she arrived at the showers, Heather kicked off her footwear and freed her hair of an annoying clasp. Quickly, she removed her shirt and bra and slipped out of her shorts. She looked in the mirror and considered her body. Years of sport had developed slender but powerful shoulders and arms. Unlike other players she had maintained the femininity of her physique. No manly muscles there she thought. Her legs were tanned and splendidly shaped from a lifetime of physical activity. Her thighs were long and lean, her calves perfectly shaped.

Looking around, she saw the locker room was empty and removed her underwear. Turning the water on cold, she stepped into a large shower and let it pour all over her. The cool water felt good on her weary muscles. She began to relax with her back against the shower wall. As she cooled, she became playfully aware that her body was on full display to the empty locker room. Nobody would be in until the later in the afternoon.

Her body reflected back in a mirror. The figure of a naked woman in the shower. Water drops anointing her skin, the light casting suggestive shadows across her curves as her cleavage stood proud.

She turned more fully to her reflection and ran her hands down over her hips and back up to cup her bursa eskort breasts. She admired her large areola. Big and red. Men, and possibly a few women on the tour, loved them on sight. Her fingers teased her nipples as she thought of times gone by.

As a fifteen year old at the Brighton tennis academy she met Jonas. A tall and slightly older boy, he was her first blow job. She pinched the pointed tips more firmly as she remembered sucking him awkwardly into her mouth for the first time and feeling him spilling over her naive lips, tasting him as he quickly came. A few days later, at a party on an estate after some tournament in Kent, he took her into a darkened bedroom. They did everything but fuck each other and she finished him with her hands onto her excited nipples. He said he had never come so hard. She had watched in fascination as he pulsed onto her skin. He licked it off and kissed the salty fluid back into her mouth. Can it really have been ten years ago she wondered as her hand languidly moved to her awoken mount of venus.

The voice of a man with an accent broke into her thoughts. “You left your watch beside your chair on the court. I didn’t know you would be here”. It was Marron. He walked around the corner and saw her in the open shower.

At first she was mortified but quickly recovered her composure and reached for a towel. A towel that wasn’t there.

“Really?” she said.

“Oh yes. Shouldn’t you be in an ice bath” he asked as his eyes moved quickly to admire her body as the water flowed over it.

“Yes I should. The bigger question is why the hell are you in here? How did you get in here? It is forbidden. It would be the end of your career if they knew you were ogling athletes in the female lockers. I’ll have your press pass pulled”

“What will you say”? He replied feigning surprise with wide blue eyes. His half smile mocking her.

“Nothing if you do as I tell…” a smirk crossing her lips as she spied the bulge in his shorts. He smiled at her challenge. “You look like you need a shower after watching me running around under the hot sun”

“Yeh, perhaps ” came the reply. He moved a few steps forward and pulled his shirt up over his head and threw it on the bursa escort bayan floor.

“Well, what else you got?” she goaded as he looked up at her. Her eyes gleaming with appreciation of his toned chest and arms.

His eyes held hers and he dropped his shorts to stand naked in front of her. She was in complete control and sensed his apprehension about what might happen next. Like a cat with a mouse she decided to play with him for a bit. Why pass up the opportunity?

“Get in here. Lie of the floor.” She watched as he obeyed. He was semi hard already and she liked what she saw. Cut and perfectly shaped she noted as she dropped a bar of soap on his flat stomach. “Now, soap up. I want to see you jack that thing”

She stood over him as he lay on the shower floor slowly working his penis. He got hard quick as he looked up and saw her nipples jutting with excitement. Her lips parted and her breath drew in more sharply as she watched, fascinated, as a man stroked himself for her. She loved the power it gave her and felt her pussy tingle. She was transfixed by the naked hard body stretched out beneath her and his sensual, yet primal, act of self-satisfaction. His toes curled each time his hand moved over the purple engorged head. She felt herself getting moist as he gently grunted with anticipation. The muscles in his chest and legs flexing gently as he slowly coaxed pre cum out of his shaft. After a few minutes she needed release.

“Sit up and eat me. Don’t stop wanking” she commanded.

He eased up into the corner of the shower as she moved into him. Gently, with one hand, she pulled his head into her trimmed mound as she steadied herself against the wall with the other hand.

He looked up into her eyes as he slipped his tongue into her folds. He knew what he was doing. Lapping gently around her outer lips he slowly began to build pressure each time he found her clitoris. He caressed the back of her legs and squeezed her ass as he slowly teased her with his knowing tongue.

All the time she watched in the mirror as he stroked himself. She was amazed at how in control he seemed over that hard cock. She marveled at how his hands moved from his heavy testicles görükle escort up the head with a slight twist and then moved down. He soon started shaking and grunting as his own pleasure took over.

“Stop stroking, keep licking” she breathlessly said. “Get your fingers inside me”.

She was wet and ready. He quickly pushed two fingers deep into her. His thumb teased her now pointed clitoris and he felt her contract around them. He reached up and teased her g-spot and sent her into cascading into a rapid orgasm. Her powerful legs started to shake and buckle as he edged her along. She felt the wave cresting and she moaned. Throwing her head back and biting her bottom lip she bucked on his fingers which kept caressing her inner wall. “Stop. No more. Start jerking again. I want to watch you cum” she ordered.

He lay on his back and took his cock in hand. The time for delicacy had passed. Urgently he moved his hand up and down his shaft, his other hand cupping his sac and teasing his perenium to further stimulate himself. He stopped to rub his pre cum fluid all over his hardness and looked up at her as he licked it off his fingers.

Seeing this made her realize she wanted more. As he sucked his juices from his fingers looking her in the eye, she moved both hands down and started working herself to another orgasm.

She stood over his head. One leg on each side. Gazing up at her open flower he felt the spreading deep warmth that told him he would soon cum. She opened herself wide for him to watch as she urgently bought herself off.

“Oh…Oh… I’m going to cum” he said as he arched his back. He thrust up into his hand as he ejaculated. She counted eight bursts of semen as he pumped himself all over his own stomach. But then she lost track of things as her own climax took over. Closing her eyes, she came again intensely as they shared their moment of release together. Her knees went weak and she stepped from the shower to take a seat in the empty room. He was slowly coaxing the final drops out of his cock. She sat and looked at the spent animal lying at her feet as he continued to caress himself. His eyes were closed and his penis was slowly shrinking as the shower washed her stimulus off his skin.

After all the locker room talk about young Marron her curiosity had gotten the better of her. Even so, she decided that was enough exercise for one day. Winters knew she could have more if she wanted now. She walked off leaving him alone with the running water and his confused thoughts.

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