Tammi’s Big Day Ch. 02

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Her hands slowly sliding up his legs, stopping at his upper thighs. His fingers went to his belt, and zipper. Quickly he undid them, and she moved her hands up the waist and pulled them down stopping when his cock pop out and slap her in the face. She gasp at the size of his cock. A long 10 inches, and very thick, but what hit her the most was the size of his cock head. It was the thickest part of his cock. She slowly moves her mouth over his balls, licking them, and sucking them into her mouth.

“Mmmm, that feels so good baby.” he groaned, pressing his balls against her mouth.

Her mouth moved to the base of his cock. Licking it slowly, slowly her tongue ran up the underside to the huge purplish head. Her tongue ran over and over the head as he watched. She smiled, and closed her mouth over the head and slowly she took his length down her throat. Her hands went to his hips to show him what she wanted. Slowly he starts to fuck her mouth.

“Oh god yes!, suck me baby. Take me I’m yours.” he groaned.

Closing his eyes he holds her face between his hands, as he watches his cock disappears in her mouth.

“Ohhhhh!! I’m going to cum baby, aaaaaaaggghhhh, god her it cums” he grunts.

She felt the first blast, working over time to swallow all his cum. As she pulled her mouth away she saw that he was still hard. Helping her to her feet, gaziantep escort bayan he pulled her to him. Gripping her ass in his hands he pulled her tightly against his throbbing cock. Lifting her up, and easing her back down onto his waiting cock.

“OH God!, Your so fucking big Uncle Tommy.” she cried out.

He was having trouble getting the huge head inside her. He knew he would have to lay her down for this. As careful as he could he eased her down on the blanket on her back. Lifting her legs, he moved his knee’s against her ass. Moving forward a little, he pressed the head against her open pussy. Using his thumb he rubbed her clit until she yelled she was cumming, then a quick hard thrust and his cock head was inside. Waiting for her pussy to adjust to him, then slowly he began to move.

With his hands holding her hips in a tight grip he slammed his cock into her again, and again. She screamed in pleasure. Resting his elbows on the ground he licked her lips.

“Oh baby you feel so fucking tight! And so fucking good at the same time. Come home with me tonight.” he groaned.

He licked, and tugged on each nipple with his teeth. He started moving faster, and faster.


He held her tight and pounded his cock gaziantep escort ilanları hard into her, seconds later He was cumming with her.


He moved them both to their sides till his cock went soft, and slowly slip out her pussy. They laid there till the warm sun disappeared behind the trees. Sitting up, and helping her to her feet He watched as she dressed.

“Tammi, Your not sorry, are you Honey?” he asked her.

“No Uncle Tommy not a one. In fact, Can I come home with you for a few days.” she asked.

He told her sure, he had a spare bedroom she could use while she was there. She smiled up at him and told him that she didn’t want to sleep any where but in his bed.

“You sure baby?” he asked.

At her nod yes he smiled, and help her dress. Then he said he would meet her at her house so she could get some clothes for a few days.

Tommy stood in the empty living room when he heard his brother’s car pulling in. They chatted while he waited for Tammi to get done. When she came down she asked where her mother was at.

“At the motel for the night. So you don’t have to leave if you don’t want to.” her dad told her.

She moved over to the couch, and sat down next to her dad. Put her hand on his thigh, rubbing it.

“Tell gaziantep escort numaraları me daddy. How would you feel if I got down on my hands and knees and took out your cock and took it in my mouth right now.” she asked him.

He looked at his daughter, then at his brother, then back at her again.

“I would tell you to go for it, but then you would have to take Tommy’s too.” he told his daughter.

She laughed and told her daddy that she already had Uncle Tommy’s cock in her mouth and her pussy. Now she wanted them both. Tommy undressed and laid down on the floor while she went and double lock the front door. Her dad was naked and stroking his cock when she came back. she walked over and eased down onto Uncle Tommy’s cock. Daddy step over his brothers body and touch his cock to his daughter’s lips.

She wrapped her hand around daddy’s cock, and ran her tongue up and down the length before taking it into her mouth. She worked his cock hard, had him cumming many times before stopping it. When she was done she looked up at him and smiled.

“Mmm, Daddy why don’t you come around and fuck my ass.” she told him.

He moved in behind his baby girl, and worked his fingers up her ass hole. Making sure she was ready for his large cock. He wasn’t as big as his brother but he was very thick. Slowly he pushed, and pushed his cock deeper and deeper into her ass.

After about 15 minutes he was buried deep up her ass. Slowly he moved in and out of her ass. Reaching down he cup his brothers balls.

“Oh god baby, Daddy’s going to cum. AAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!” her dad cried out.

Seconds later she heard Uncle Tommy grunting and his cum shooting deep inside her pussy.

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