Taming Sayali Ch. 08

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Synopsis: Sayali, a beautiful but undisciplined young woman, encounters a personal tutor who is interested in taming her spirit for his own purposes, rather than to please her mother, who also has designs on him.

Taming Sayali – Chapter 8

While the women prepared supper I visited my charge to be sure that she had weathered the rigors of her day with the two. I could not resist running my hands over her breasts, squeezing them gently to assess any damage – at least that was what I told myself I was doing. Sayali knew better. For the first time she spoke to me. “This is not fair; I am your student, not hers. She is jealous and wants to do harm to me. My mother has changed as well, you are my only hope.”

This nineteen year-old’s words made me feel almost light-headed; there was hope that I might yet possess her spirit as well as her body. What a delightful prospect before me! My fingers toyed with her hardening nipples as she pressed her naked body against me. “I have never been with a man, only girls. Perhaps you will be my first, but only if I am free of this hole in the ground you put me into every night.”

My fingers had now made their way to her swollen pubes. She gasped in pain, her body stiffening as I probed the lips of her cunt. Her little gasps soon changed to low moans as I entered her, pushing first one and then two fingers into her surprisingly moist channel. I was amused at what she was saying with her body; it did not entirely match with her words. This one was going to be a challenge for quite some time. Perhaps it might be wise to let Kanan have her way with the girl for a time, it might make her promises more honest and meaningful. I could not resist tasting the juices that were coating my fingers. I raised them to my lips as she watched, her eyes veiled, breasts rising and falling, more to entice me than to gain an extra amount of the hot, almost aromatic air. She tasted of the ocean; salty, more tart than sweet, still to become smooth, perhaps even refined.

I moved my fingers gently over her full cunt lips and then pressed into the crevice between them. I laughed as I probed her soaking wet entryway. “Oh Sayali, what a slut you truly are. You are utterly, sopping wet and I haven’t even started! What am I to do with such a creature as you?” My erection was almost painful, and it took every ounce of will to prevent myself from taking this dusky temptress where she hung, naked and so very available. My retreat to the safety of the house was done in haste once I had lowered her into the pit for her evening’s rest.

Neleema and Kanan were still chattering and occasionally laughing as they worked, so I took the opportunity to sit in the parlor and mull over what was happening. There were now three women, or was it two women and an imp, to contend with. Each in her own way possessed characteristics that strongly attracted me.

Neleema was mature, had this wonderful home, and was all I could ask for in the bedroom. She held me in respect and with her I knew I would have a comfortable life unfettered by the challenges associated with raising a family. I quickly corrected that last thought. How could that be true? I had to face up to things; she did have a family I would have to inherit. It was Sayali, the very creature that had created this conundrum I was now wrestling with. Mentally masturbasyon porno I berated myself for allowing this falsehood to muddy the waters, so to speak.

Kanan was a new variable in this very complicated equation. She was mysterious, exotic, intelligent, wise beyond her years and yet still dealing with the traumas of her past, and unwilling to let them go so she could begin living her own life. There was also the issue of her agenda. Was she attracted to me as much as I thought I was to her? Was our potential relationship just a ploy on her part to gain better access to her ultimate objective, Sayali? How could I devise a test to answer that key question in an unambiguous fashion? For the moment I was at a loss when it came to these issues.

Finally there was Sayali, the root cause of my uncertainty. There was no doubt that I was tremendously attracted by her physical attributes. The thought of her breasts, that plump pubic mound, her haunches, the way she moved, her scent, all combined to turn me into something less than a rational member of the species. She was responsible for the primitive feelings that now roamed freely through my psyche, disconcerting me no end.

However, there was more to her than that. She was youth, something I might be able to recapture if I possessed her completely. There was this aura of energy that surrounded her; she so reminded me of a force of nature at times. Then there was her view of things that intrigued me. Just what was going through that inquiring and at times devious mind? Finally I had to admit that there was that terrible temptation to make her the canvas upon which I would create my own masterpiece from those parts of her that I needed, leaving the rest to wither. How terribly selfish of me to dare envision such a prospect? Yet I did dare to confront that self-serving option.

This was but the first level of a complex puzzle. Now there were the issues created by the potential interactions that could develop between the four of us. I thought back to the days at the university when I wrestled with the mysteries of probability theory. The puzzle I was facing encompassed all four of us in various configurations, two at a time, three at a time, and even four at a time, the only one that had but a single, unique result and perhaps might be the only one worth pursuing. I heard Neleema calling to me that it was time for supper, and so I began preparing myself for what was to be more than just a meal.

The meal was exceptional and it took some time before I could broach the matter that we all knew must be discussed. They both looked up from their food when I cleared my throat. I complimented them on the meal that had been prepared and then launched into a discussion of how to handle the taming of Sayali, only I used the word “education” in lieu of the more blunt term. I had the feeling that using polite words was perhaps not the best way to gain their confidence. I took the position that Sayali was young and impressionable. Kanan immediately supported this view, and Neleema chose not to argue the matter.

When I stated that the girl needed discipline, both women smiled, and I noticed Kanan’s facial expression becoming almost feral as she nodded. I went on to suggest that we draw up a list of regulations and appropriate punishments mature porno for any infractions she might commit, as well as rewards we might offer for her cooperation and progress. I asked if either of them wanted to take charge of making one of the lists.

Kanan quickly volunteered to come up with a list of punishments that Sayali would receive for various types of infractions. I suggested that before this could be done, someone had to come up with the rules and regulations the girl was to follow as she was educated. Neleema gave me that knowing grin I was beginning to dread and said she would take charge of the rules and regulations.

Kanan recovered nicely by offering to become Neleema’s partner in this endeavor. I in turn volunteered to assist Kanan in developing the punishment list. This still left the matter of rewards to be addressed, and I quickly filled that void and waited for either woman to offer assistance. I was a bit surprised when neither volunteered. There were games being played and prudence dictated not bringing the matter into the open until I knew the reason for their silence. I determined to worm the information from Neleema by whatever means was necessary once we retired to the bedroom.

Neleema took her time coming to bed. I could hear her talking with Kanan, and the sound of laughter on more than one occasion. Finally she arrived and took off her robe; she was naked beneath it. I had been planning to seduce her if necessary, but she had beaten me to the punch. I welcomed her with a lengthy kiss, probing her warm wet mouth as my hands roamed her curves and crannies. She moaned loudly and I wondered if that was genuine or for Kanan’s benefit. My lover did have a wicked sense of humor at times. What happened next was obviously for my benefit as her hand wrapped around my rapidly growing cock and stroked it with practiced skill until I was fully erect, a matter of perhaps a minute or so.

We had been together long enough that we knew each other’s signals. The one I received was loud and clear, she wanted me inside of her. To my surprise she was quite moist and I slid easily into her, eliciting another long drawn out moan. We arranged our bodies so that I could begin to penetrate her fully, using long, slow thrusts that made her velvet-like channel clutch my hard shaft as it moved over her wet flesh. We went at it for a very long time; every time I picked up the pace, a prelude to an ejaculation, she would clamp herself tightly around my thrusting cock until my long, slow movements resumed. I was too caught up in my own passions to question her commands, I just obeyed.

Neleema surprised me when she signaled that she wanted to assume the superior position, an even better way of controlling me. I was under her spell and complied immediately. Now she was the aggressor, working her cunt muscles such that every time she rose and fell my entire length of rock-hard flesh received a delightful sensation of gentle friction and warmth. My thrusts began to match her motions and soon we were moving as one, our bodies meshing perfectly as we headed for perhaps a simultaneous orgasm, a rarity, despite the folk tales that surrounded such a phenomenon.

I really do not know who came first, or if it was a tie. All I could remember was this tremendous feeling of relief milf porno and pleasure as our loins fused. This had been a very extraordinary event considering what had transpired today. In a sense we were affirming our relationship and that made me quite happy, and proud that I still was able to evoke a response like that from her despite all that was occurring. Afterward we talked about the only subjects worth discussing, Sayali and Kanan. I teased her about how quickly she seemed to warm to the intense school teacher. She was silent for a few moments, her hand idly playing with my depleted shaft.

“There is a strength in that stick figure of a woman that I am forced to admire. I was unaware of those things that happened to her while she was at home and during her time at the university. She has seen much for one so young. I cannot say that I am completely comfortable with her, for it is obvious that she has designs on Sayali as well as you.”

I chuckled and received a playful swat from Neleema. Now it was my turn to speak. Neleema listened, but her hand started to stroke her wet vulva, teasing the rubbery flesh and causing me to wonder if perhaps I would be expected to provide an encore before we settled down for a night’s sleep. I provided my view of this exotic female.

“I’d be less than honest if I said I was not attracted to Kanan. She has a certain intensity, even an aura about her that tempts and at the same time cautions me about making any advances. I think that she has yet to recover from what occurred to her both at home and at the university. I’m not sure I want to be the one to force her to accept her past, and try to go beyond it. Going a step further I also think that Sayali may play a role in solving this problem Kanan is wrestling with.”

At this point my bedmate snorted and grasped my cock, which had yet to reawaken. Then she spoke in a tone that told me I was treading upon dangerous ground. “How can that be! It’s obvious that Kanan is insanely jealous of Sayali for her youth, beauty and innocence. My daughter is everything that she cannot ever be. I believe that Kanan’s plan for Sayali has nothing good about it. She wants to suck the life from my daughter and make her as miserable as she is!” As she spoke she squeezed my cock even more powerfully.

Despite my discomfort I focused on her words. ‘Innocence’ – now that would not be an attribute I would assign to the young beauty, but in truth Sayali was innocent to the ways of men. Perhaps she was just beginning to realize the power she possessed and was testing her strength on me. What a suggestion; it was well worth considering. Neleema broke my concentration when she kissed the head of my wounded organ as her way of apologizing. It triggered the normal response such an act would induce, I began to harden. Neleema enveloped my cock in her mouth and began to get serious about arousing me. The second time we went at it was almost as intense and passionate as the first time. It was marvelous and I slept the sleep of the fully satiated that evening.

Kanan had to leave early the next morning, for she had to go home to prepare herself before beginning to teach her classes at school. She promised to return this evening and planned to stay with us over the weekend. I could hardly believe that only a week had passed since this situation with Sayali had at last come to a head. I wondered what the weekend would bring, then had to dismiss it from my mind when Neleema enticed me to return to bed and make love to her once more. In the meantime, Sayali languished longingly in the pit, waiting for one of her jailors to release her into the sun.

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