Tami And Hannah

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It was dark. Impossibly dark. Dark, that was, except for a single dim lamp that hung from the tall ceiling, swaying lazily in the light breeze that blew through the basement, creaking eerily as it did so. The large, spacious room was empty, devoid of all furniture except a large wooden bench set off to one side. The only sign that it wasn’t completely abandoned was the presence of two figures, both female. However, gender was the only real similarity between the two – their personas were virtual polar opposites.

The first girl was chained, spread-eagled, to one of the bare, cold stone walls, her naked back pressed against the chill surface. Her hands were above her head, crossed over and bound tightly, leaving little room for her to struggle against her bonds. Her legs were forced open and also chained. She had been deprived of her clothing completely in an attempt to make her feel dirty and humiliated, her curvy hourglass figure, large breasts and wide hips on full display to her “captor”. Her fluffy chestnut hair was dishevelled and fell around her face, concealing a lot of it from view. Her eyes, however, shone though. They were an unusual colour, a yellowish-hazel, and right now they showed an odd mixture of fear and anticipation that would have come as a surprise to most who knew her – especially considering her current predicament. Her mascara and eyeliner was smudged across her face, giving the indication that she had been crying, and her beautifully pale skin still bore red marks and bruises from sessions of previous evenings. She shivered, an effect of both the cold air on her skin and because she knew what awaited her without doubt. It had been the same now for days on end. Her posture was that of one who had come to finally accept her fate as nothing more than a vessel for the sexual depravity of the one responsible for her situation – and who actually enjoyed being nothing more than a plaything, a living doll to fulfil the needs of others.

By contrast, the second girl was taller and stood unhindered in front of the first girl with her arms folded, straight, proud and domineering, the stance of one who knew exactly what it was that she wanted and didn’t ask for it, but rather demanded it, sadistic in her need to order and manipulate others like toys. She viewed others as lower than herself, seeing them as barely human, there simply for her amusement, and nobody gave her more of a thrill than the one currently bound to her underground wall.

She was dressed downright provocatively and despite not having as much of a sexualized shape as the first girl, her outfit clung to her so tightly that it almost appeared painted on. A tight-fitting leather corset, black, pushed her breasts up so much that they threatened to escape from the material. From the waist down, she had on a tiny, tight microskirt made from PVC, connected to the corset to form a dress of sorts, and under that lay a semi-transparent lacy red thong, flashes of which were visible as she walked around. Black silk stockings reached to her upper thighs, leaving only a slight gap displaying her lightly tanned flesh. From the knees down she wore long black leather boots, complete with high heels and numerous buckles, straps and zippers. Wavy brown hair tumbled around her shoulders. Her full lips, painted ruby red, were set in a permanent smirk, and her hazel eyes burned with an evil lust.

“Playtime, pet,” she giggled softly and seductively, sauntering over to the bench, where lay her “toys”, a selection of instruments designed specifically for both pleasure and pain. She was in her element here, so skilled in their use, able to draw out both soft moans and loud screams from her “pets” with equal ease. Firstly, she picked up a long handle tipped with a silky black feather.

“I think I’ll tease you first…to get you wet for me…” she smiled darkly. “I love it when your pussy is dripping…means I’m clearly doing my job right…and you’re such a slut that it never takes long…”

The chained girl was unable to prevent a sound of pleasure escaping her lips as the dominant female spoke to her in such a way. It was no secret to the few who knew this girl’s sexual nature that, despite appearances, she actually got off on being talked down to and insulted, something that she had learned to love a long time ago. She readily volunteered to be tied to the basement wall each night, and had started to in fact look forward to it. She felt the area between her legs start to moisten and heat up already, and she blushed slightly. She really was a slut for the other girl – and indeed for anyone who showed her such treatment – an expression of her need to submit to others, to be controlled and used.

A second noise of enjoyment, louder this time, echoed around the basement as the girl in charge lightly stroked the feather down the other girl’s form, tracing it from her cheek down her sensitive neck to her breasts, circling each nipple and then changing direction, running it up her legs and over her thighs, softly brushing the tip of the feather escort bayan against the entrance to her pussy and over her clit.

“There’s a good bitch…” the dominant girl purred, leaning up to softly run her tongue up the other girl’s neck, making her gasp in ecstasy. She wanted that tongue all over her…wanted it inside her…

As if she had read the submissive girl’s mind, the other winked at her, running her tongue slowly and deliberately across her bottom lip as she said “maybe if you’re good for me, I’ll show you what else I can do with my tongue…I’d bet you’d fucking like that wouldn’t you, you dirty little whore?”

The bound girl, a blush reaching her cheeks, whimpered and nodded, struggling in her chains as she tried to thrust her hips in the other girl’s direction, a silent plea to be pleasured by her mistress.

“Ooh…I’m going to have so much fun with you tonight, sweetie…” the dominant girl cooed.

Running the feather high up the other girl’s thighs again, eliciting more moans that were like sweet music to her ears, she turned and replaced the tickler on the bench. She rested a hand on her hip.

“Hmmm…what should I do to you next? I wonder…” She sucked on her thumb softly as she regarded the variety of implements before her. “Any suggestions or preferences, bitch?”

The girl in chains moaned again. Her mistress rarely allowed her to choose the method by which she would be exploited next, but she loved it when she was allowed such a rare reward for her behaviour. She felt the wetness between her legs increase, and a little slid down her thigh. Her blush increased. Even by her standards, it wasn’t too often that she would be dripping so much this early into their sessions. My God…I’m becoming such a whore for her…

“Wax…” she whispered softly. “Burn me…”

The other girl giggled, picking up a large red candle. “Beg for it!” she breathed, fire in her eyes.

“…Please, Tami…” the first girl murmured. “Please…burn me, baby…I beg you…ah…please…”

“Louder! Scream it for me!” the girl called Tami cried, reaching for a lighter with a smirk.

“Tami, please! Drip it over me! Make me feel it! I’m your little bitch, Tami! Please! I’ll do anything! Burn me, Tami! Please!” Fuck…I can’t believe how much I’m getting off on how demanding she is…

“Mmm…that’s much better…” Tami slipped one hand up under her skirt, rubbing her fingers against her pussy through her thong. “Mmm, Hannah…you know I love it when you beg me…ah, yes…”

Hannah moaned again as she watched her mistress touching herself. I wish I could taste her…

Eventually, Tami removed her hand from between her legs and lifted her fingers up to Hannah’s lips. With an exclamation of joy, Hannah eagerly took her fingers into her mouth, sucking and licking keenly, savouring the sweetness of Tami’s flavour, her scent, everything about her – loving it.

“Do you like how I taste, honey?” Tami purred in Hannah’s ear, biting and kissing at it.

“Ah…ah…ah…Tami…you’re delicious…ah…”

“That’s what I like to hear…hold still now…”

Tami lit the candle and, without warning, grabbed a handful of Hannah’s hair and yanked her head sharply to one side, causing her to yelp half because it hurt and half because it got her even wetter. Once the candle had started to burn, Tami tilted it slowly so that it was at an angle, the melted wax all running to one side. Hannah was panting in readiness, and she laughed.

“Tell me how much you want it. Tell me how much you want me.”

“Oh, Tami…I want you…please…give it to me…give me the pain that turns me on…pour it all over me…please, mistress…I’ll be a good girl…I’ll do whatever you say…please let me feel the wax…”

“Well…you are being such an obedient bitch for me tonight…how could I possibly say no?”

Tami tilted the candle a little further, the hot, freshly melted wax starting to drip over the edge. A single drop splashed onto Hannah’s neck and she gasped, loving the sensation of the heat on her bare skin, finding the contrast with the cold basement an incredible turn-on. Her pussy ached now, almost unbearably, with longing for the other girl – the one who owned her, body and soul, fully and completely. The candle continued to tilt, the wax now running in rivulets down Hannah’s neck and over her full breasts, continuing down over her stomach as Tami moved the candle down her body, pouring more wax over her thighs. Hannah writhed in her chains in delight, begging for more, moaning and sighing as the wax stung her skin before it eventually started to cool.

“Ooh, Hannah, you kinky slut!” Tami said with a smile. “Wax really does it for you, huh!”

“Ah…you know it does, mistress…” Hannah replied softly, barely able to catch her breath.

“Maybe I should clean you up before I carry on…that wax is strawberry flavoured, after all…”

“It would be a shame to waste…AH!” Hannah’s sentence was cut off abruptly bursa vip escort as Tami immediately began the process of “cleaning her up”, kissing her all over her naked form, her tongue darting over her skin, lapping the flavoured wax from the other girl like a cat, maintaining eye contact with her. Her hands moved up Hannah’s legs, teasing her, avoiding where she wanted to be touched most, caressing and squeezing the soft skin of her arse, stroking up further over her lower back and then moving her hands around to her front to cup her huge breasts, flicking her tongue between them and running it over her sensitive nipples, now stiff with her excitement. Hannah, meanwhile, could barely think straight; Tami was driving her completely crazy and she could hardly stand it. She made no attempt to hold back from the other girl’s actions, her moans growing louder and louder.

“Uh…Tami…you’re making me…so…fucking…hot…” she somehow managed to pant between moans. “Oh my God…I’m so fucking lucky to belong to you…oooh…Tami, yes…YES!”

Tami straightened up, licking the last of the wax from around her mouth and pinching Hannah’s nipples hard. “You’re pretty fucking loud tonight, aren’t you, sweetie?” she taunted playfully.

“Only for you…Tami…” The ache between Hannah’s legs was now practically a full-on fire.

“I think I’m being a little too soft on you…” was the dominant girl’s reply.

“Are you going to punish me for being so noisy, mistress?” Hannah asked, a little too hopefully.

“I may have to, I’m afraid…” Tami responded, undoing Hannah’s chains and releasing her from the wall. Returning to the bench she picked up a pair of handcuffs. “Arms above your head. Now.”

Without hesitation, Hannah did as she was ordered immediately, allowing Tami to reach up and cuff her wrists together, making sure that she wasn’t able to escape or move her arms much. Satisfied, she smiled at Hannah sweetly. “On your knees, bitch. And make it quick. I don’t like waiting.”

Again, Hannah obeyed without question – she loved it when the older girl bossed her about; being commanded like an animal in such a way gave her a thrill like no other. More of her wetness slid down her thighs as she knelt in front of Tami, looking up at her almost shyly through her fringe.

“It’s good that you know your place…maybe I’ll make the punishment a little lenient tonight…”

“…You don’t have to…” Hannah whispered, sounding slightly disappointed at this.

Tami smiled and, moving around behind Hannah, grabbed a fistful of her hair, pulling her head back sharply and kissing and sucking her neck in a manner that seemed almost violent. Hannah’s screams of pure satisfaction cut through the air, sending shivers through Tami’s entire being. Similarly to how Hannah thoroughly enjoyed being treated roughly, Tami got off equally as much on being the one in charge of such behaviour. Her own wetness drenched her underwear and she moved a hand back beneath her skirt, this time slipping it down the front of her thong and sliding two fingers into her pussy. Her other hand groped hard as Hannah’s breasts, twisting and pulling her nipples while she vigorously fingered herself, screaming the name of her lesbian lover at the top of her lungs. Before she could come, however, she stopped, holding back her orgasm to build its intensity for later. She grabbed hold of Hannah’s hair again and this time pushed her forwards. Hannah cried out as she fell to all fours, her bare curvy arse now pointed upwards towards Tami, unable to right herself owing to being cuffed and not capable of using her hands. Tami giggled her mischievous giggle.

“Shake that arse of yours for me, you whore,” she commanded. Hannah did so as Tami reached for the leather paddle that lay on the bench, her backside swaying sexily for the eyes of her partner. “Ooh yeah, that’s it…” Tami encouraged, then without warning viciously lashed the paddle hard against Hannah’s skin.

“Oh, FUCK!” Hannah yelled, much louder than she had been so far that night. The sudden, sharp, cutting pain was completely out of the blue, and she wouldn’t have had it any other way. “HARDER!”

Tami was only too happy to oblige her slave’s desires for her “punishment”, bringing the paddle down over and over again against Hannah’s pale arse with increasing zeal. The submissive girl’s skin started to redden with each strike, her outbursts becoming more and more frenzied and vocal.

“Punish me, mistress! Spank my fucking arse! YES! I want you to hurt me! Punish me! FUCKING HARDER! Tami, I deserve it! I’ve been sooooo bad! I’m such a naughty little slut! Hurt me! Fucking HURT me, Tami! I deserve to be punished and spanked so fucking much! MORE! MORE! PLEASE!”

Hannah’s almost primal screams nearly pushed Tami over the edge, and she had to make a conscious effort not to come through the effects of her words alone, clenching her legs tight together but still feeling her clit throbbing intensely despite bursa elit escort this. No. No matter how frustrated she was getting, she wouldn’t come yet. Not without this slut’s tongue buried deep in my tight wet cunt.

Deciding to mix things up a little, Tami changed tactics slightly, kneeling down and alternating her hard, aggressive spanking with softer touches and kisses to Hannah’s arse, contrasting her vicious attitude with a soothing one, each action heightened in feeling due to the sensitivity the paddle had caused. Once or twice she ran the tip of her tongue around the entrance to Hannah’s arse, causing the other girl to back up against her insistently, and Tami responded with longer, slower licks while continuing with her use of the paddle, and now it was Hannah’s turn to almost come on the spot. The two of them knew each other so well, always seeking to test each other’s limits, neither of them wanting to give in and come before the other, caught up in the rapture of exploring each other’s bodies to the fullest. After delivering a few more solid spanks, Tami set the paddle aside again and straightened up, stretching her arms above her head and relaxing before fetching a studded collar.

“Stay on your knees!” she scolded, seeing Hannah attempt to stand up. She promptly stopped trying.

Tami leant forwards and fastened the collar around Hannah’s neck tightly, the diamond studs shining softly in the dim glow of the ceiling lamp. The younger girl made a purring noise in her throat as Tami stroked her hair and scratched her behind her ears and under her chin. After this Tami attached a long chain to a hook on the front of the collar, forming a sort of leash around Hannah’s neck by which she could be further manipulated by her “owner”. Hannah’s purrs grew even louder. Tami stood in front of Hannah with her legs slightly apart and hitched up her tiny skirt so that it was around her waist, then slowly and teasingly slid her lacy red thong down her legs, stepping out of it and showing off her beautifully shaven pussy for the other girl’s viewing, stroking her clit in small circles and moaning softly, then she yanked hard on the chain to pull Hannah up between her legs.

“Lick,” she commanded. “Lick my pussy, bitch.”

Hannah didn’t need telling twice and set about putting the use of her long tongue to Tami’s benefit, kissing and licking up her thighs and at the entrance to her pussy, occasionally licking up higher to get at her clit, sucking on it gently while the older girl moaned like a whore, tugging at both the leash and Hannah’s hair, wanting more and more of her tongue in her most intimate area, grinding and thrusting herself towards Hannah’s mouth. Mmm…She’s always been so fucking good at this…

“F…faster…lick my little cunt faster…”

Hannah increased the pace of her licks, running her tongue up and down the length of Tami’s pussy as her mistress pulled harder and harder on her leash. Burying her face in Tami’s pussy, Hannah suddenly thrust her tongue up deep inside of her, causing her to cry out in joy.

“Yes, Hannah! Ah, ah, ah! Fuck me with your tongue! Mmm!”

Once again, Tami felt the heat of her orgasm building up between her legs, threatening to envelop her entire being in a wave of ecstasy. No…not yet…I’m having too much fun…

She let go of the leash and pushed Hannah backwards away from her, the other girl crying out as she fell onto her back on the floor. Smirking, Tami stood over her, then turned so she was facing away from Hannah’s head, the she crouched down so her arse and pussy were above Hannah’s face, and her own face was pointed towards Hannah’s pussy so they could pleasure each other together.

“Lick my cunt again. Make me fucking come this time and maybe I’ll get you off, too…”

Hannah moaned up into Tami’s pussy, placing her still-cuffed hands on Tami’s arse as she started to lap between her legs again, gasping and moaning loudly as she felt Tami doing the same to her, the other girl’s soft warm tongue feeling so good between her thighs. This must be like Heaven…

In between her licking, Tami would sit up and grind her pussy against Hannah’s face, rocking her hips back and forth in a perfectly paced rhythm for maximum contact with her girlfriend’s mouth.

“Oh yes! Deeper!” She moaned, gripping Hannah’s hair and pulling her closer against her pussy while continuing to grind and ride her face, bouncing up and down slightly. “I’m so fucking close!”

Tami leant back forwards to continue reciprocating the amazing oral sex that she was receiving from Hannah, the two girls in the centre of the room in the sixty-nine position, Tami on top with sounds of absolute bliss coming from both of them, caught up in each other completely, going at it as fast and frantically as they both could, each of them trying to hold back and both finding it extremely hard.

“Ooh, Hannah…I…I’m gonna…”


With twin cries of passion the two girls came hard simultaneously, their pussies contracting uncontrollably, each girl’s orgasm exploding around the other’s mouth and tongue. Tami rolled off of Hannah to lie beside her on the basement floor, both of them shaking and panting breathlessly, short and shallow, with the exertion and intensity of the experience.

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