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Female Ejaculation

I had invited Ava to dinner at my house. We’d worked together for about six months and I thought her gorgeous. She had a dirty sense of humor and a wicked body to go with it — long legs, fantastic tits if her low cut tops were any indication, and long, chestnut colored hair. She always wore red lipstick and matching nail polish. We’d been friendly, even sharing a few naughty jokes with the guys at work. I was more than curious about her, which was a new thing for me since I’d always only swung one way — towards men. So, I thought I’d invite her home for dinner since my husband was away on a business trip and see where my curiosity would lead, if anywhere.

We made dinner while enjoying a bottle of wine. The dinner was good; the second bottle of wine after dinner on the sofa was better. I don’t want to blame what happened next on the wine. That would be an excuse and I want no excuses. It may have loosened inhibitions but they were inhibitions that wanted to be released. It turns out that Ava loves women. She loves men too but she really enjoys women. She wasn’t sure if I would reciprocate.

Ava started it. She had taken her finger and was running it around the rim of her wineglass, dipping it in slightly and flicking her tongue across her finger, tasting the wine. I couldn’t help but watch. Who wouldn’t? It was sexy as hell, watching the tip of her finger disappear into her red painted mouth. I think she enjoyed seeing me watch her. When she touched her wine stained finger to my lip, my tongue darted out for a taste. I don’t think I could’ve stopped myself if I had wanted to. She did it again. Again I tasted. When she took her finger and ran it across her lips, I felt an intense rush of heat through my pussy. I bent over to run my tongue across her bottom lip and then suddenly unsure, I pulled back.

She wasn’t suffering from the same insecurity that I was. Ava had been hoping for this. She ran her hands through my hair and pulled me back towards her, brushing her lips across mine. Her lips were soft otele gelen escort and still tasted of wine. When my tongue met hers, I moaned. Her hands were running down my spine and back around to touch my face while she kissed me.

I reached up to touch her long mane of hair and she deepened the kiss, pulling me towards her more by cupping her hands around my ass while laying back, bringing us both together with me on top. I’d never been this close to another woman before. I’d never laid this close to another woman before. Never felt the softness underneath me like this.

I tentatively reached up to feel her breasts. Ava pushed my hand more firmly against her tit, not wanting me to be hesitant. She squeezed my hand around her tit, letting me know this was what she wanted. My shyness disappeared. I wanted Ava. I wanted to feel her nipples in my mouth. I wanted to taste her pussy. I wanted her to taste mine.

I could feel the heat between my legs. It was wet heat.

I changed position slightly so I could straddle a thigh. I wanted to feel pressure on my clit. I rubbed myself up and down her thigh while she pressed her leg up, supplying even more pressure to my swollen clit. I pushed her shirt up and pressed my mouth against her nipple through her black, lacy bra. I teased one nipple through lace before moving to the other nipple until they were both hard. Reaching up, I flipped the clasp on her bra between her breasts so I could free them for me, wanting to see them. She had glorious tits, just like I had thought. My mouth worked one pebble in my mouth, tasting and nibbling, while my other hand worked the other hard nipple. I teased and devoured, thoroughly enjoying my first taste of tits until Ava moved to stand up, pulling me with her.

We went into the bedroom and undressed each other, removing every article of clothing. We didn’t want any barriers between our bodies anymore. After slipping off my pink panties, Ava led me to sit on balgat escort the edge of the bed. She knelt in front of me on the floor, pushing my legs apart to make room for her body to fit. She flicked her tongue against my nipple and I arched towards her. She lightly grazed her teeth against my nipple while her hand pressed between my legs. I don’t know if she was testing my reaction or just taking it slow but when I ground my cunt against her hand, I felt her fingers slipping across my wet pussy lips, exploring me.

After lifting her head away from my tits, she spread my pussy lips with both hands gently and leaned in to take up with her tongue where her fingers had left off. When I felt her tongue flicking across my clit, I knew it wouldn’t take long for me to cum. She flicked her tongue back and forth before leaning in more to suck my little clit into her mouth where the rhythm of her mouth on my clit drove me wild. As she sucked and nibbled on my clit, I felt two slim fingers drive into my dripping pussy hole. She drove them in deep and slowly pulled them almost all the way out before sliding in again. My hips were working her hand, rotating and gyrating, speeding up the finger fucking I was getting. When she pulled her fingers out of my cunt, I reached out to grab her hand to bring it back to me but I shouldn’t have worried. She wasn’t done yet.

She took her hand, wet with my juices, and smacked my pussy a few times before rubbing her hand up and down my cunt lips before coming back to spank my pussy harder. I spread my legs as far apart as I could for her and she dived in, slipping her head between my legs and sliding her tongue into my cunt. I could feel her tongue probing in and out, a hot little tongue fucking I was getting. I reached down and rubbed my clit while she fucked my pussy with her tongue. I felt a finger slide into my pussy, in and out real quick, before feeling Ava’s tongue inside my pussy again and a wet finger sliding into my tight elvankent escort asshole. I came in Ava’s mouth. She kept tongue fucking me while I came, my ass clenching around her finger and my screams loud enough to wake the neighbors. Then her mouth replaced my fingers at my clit and she licked and sucked at my clit until she felt my spasms ending and my screams turn to soft moans.

When my orgasm ended, I reached over to pull a few sex toys out of my nightstand. I took out Big Blue, my double-shafted vibe and my pink, wild ride vibrator and asked Ava to get up on all fours. With her ass and pussy so tantalizing in my face, I ran my fingers across her slit. She was wet and glistened on my hand. I licked my fingers, getting a first taste of pussy. She tasted good. I gently spread her lips to give my tongue access to her inner folds. I slid my tongue across swollen pussy lips and delved into her waiting pussy. She pushed herself back into my face, aching to have my tongue as deep inside her as was possible and I wasn’t going to disappoint her. She tasted too good and I was too turned on. I felt her moving and reaching between her legs to rub her clit.

This was too much. My tongue and fingers worked her good, in and out, slipping one finger in and then a second finger while my tongue flicked at her asshole. Her pussy was so wet and warm. My fingers glided in and out of her, working faster while my other hand reached between my own legs to rub myself. Ava started to rock harder against my fingers, moaning, asking me to fuck her pussy harder. I pounded her wet pussy, giving her all she asked for until I felt her buck back into my fingers and start to moan. I removed my hand and stuck my tongue inside of her, wanting to taste her while she came. I could feel the spasms go through her pussy and taste her juices as she came, catching every bit of her pussy juice as she came in my mouth. She gushed juices until her orgasm ended. I continued to lick and kiss her, touching every part of her cunt and ass with my mouth until I heard her breathing slow to a normal rate.

We lay together after that, softly kissing with lips and tongue. I could taste myself on her lips as I am sure she could taste herself on my lips.

I think next time I will introduce Ava to my husband for some three-way fun. We never did get to those toys I took out of my nightstand…yet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32