Swingville USA – A Midwest Fuckfest Ch. 01

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Heather Donovan stood in her new living room with realtor, Tracy Nelson, watching the moving truck back in the driveway. Tracy handed the keys to her and gave her hug, congratulating her on owning her new home.

“Thanks, Tracy. I’m looking forward to it. I think this is the first time I’ve lived alone since college days.”

“Well, you might live here alone, but you’ll have lots of friends to keep you company.”

“You know, when I left Ohio, I left everything but my furniture there, including friends. This time I’m starting off from scratch again. New home, new city, new state and I guess, now I have to make new friends too. Oh, might as well add I’m hoping to get a new job too. It’s going to be a killer to commute to Youngstown and back every day.”

Tracy listened to Heather’s plight and held her hand. She could see that fore lorn look of more on her plate than she could handle. The sale might be over and she’d get her commission, but there was more to Heather that needed attending to. She felt she had to do something more to help a new arrival in her town, so she took her hand and walked her inside, as the movers got ready to unload.

Heather directed the men where to put the boxes and furniture, while Tracy started asking questions.

“What kind of work are you looking for? I know quite a few people who have businesses and some who have some pull to hire.”

“Oh Tracy, really? I couldn’t impose on you like that.”

“Heather, sweetie, it’s no imposition, honestly. These are all good friends of mine and my husband’s and we get together often and talk. I’ll just mention that I have a friend in need and see who can help out.”

“You’d do that for me? Oh Tracy, I don’t know how I could ever repay you.”

“Sweetie, I just made a few thousand from your sale, I think dropping a few words in my friends ears is worth it.”

“That’s still such a huge thing for you to do for me. When are you seeing them next?”

Heather kept pointing out directions as the movers came in with things, listening to Tracy’s offer. The day didn’t seem so bad now for her, the prospect of going through everything and spending her first day alone, now changed to thoughts of a new job and a better future. She looked at Tracy and thought she’d found a blessing in her, all her help in getting this house and getting her mortgage approved and now, offering to help her get a new job.

“We’re getting together this Friday. You know, you should come and join us. Get out and meet people and have some fun. When was the last time you went out and had some?”

Heather blushed at the thought of telling Tracy she hadn’t gone out in years. Between her kids educations and saving up for this house, she hadn’t had any more fun than reading and watching television. The best she could come up with for fun, was reading fantasy stories by ShaeLee Tanner and masturbating with her toys, but that wasn’t something she could tell Tracy.

“Oh Tracy, it sounds great, but I haven’t unpacked yet and have so much to do.”

“Unpacking doesn’t take long. Look, tell you what. Let me go home and get changed real quick and I’ll come back and we can put a dent in this and give you a place to start.”

“Seriously? You’d do that?”

“Of course. You’re a new member of the community and I like to make sure new members know what a great place it is that they moved to. You’ll see how friendly it is here. Trust me, it won’t take long to get to know people and make new friends, so come this weekend and meet some great people and hopefully we’ll get you lined up with a new job.”

“Tracy, you are just awesome, you really are.”

“I believe I heard my husband say that last night too.”

Heather didn’t catch on at first, until Tracy motioned with her hand that she was sucking a cock. Heather understood and blushed a deep red, knowing what she meant about being awesome. Tracy laughed and gave her a quick hug and kiss on the cheek.

“You are too precious for words. Sit tight and I’ll be back in a flash, then we’ll get this organized and looking more like a home than a storage facility.”

“Thank you so much, Tracy.”

Tracy left Heather and returned in twenty minutes, dressed in a sweat shirt and sweat pants, her hair bunched up on her head and a bottle of wine in her hand.

“Once we find some glasses, we can open this and have a glass or two.”

“Sounds great.”

After two hours of unpacking boxes, the pair found some glasses and opened the wine and sat on the couch together taking a break.

“Looks a lot better, I must say. Mostly my stuff to unpack and put away now.”

“Then we’ll get to that after another glass and at least get you a bedroom to sleep in tonight. Hopefully we’ll see something to wear to dinner on Friday.”

“How dress up is this dinner?”

“Oh, guess I should explain what we do. We like to have a real fancy dinner and dress to the nines. I mean, how often do you really get a chance to dress up and go to dinner and do it up for a night? Not that often right? So, a couple bursa escort bayan we know, Bill and Glo they’ll be there by the way, they own a lovely restaurant in town, the Moon Glow and they cook up this great dinner for us, while the rest of us dress up the place nice and make it look first class. We all dig out our dressiest stuff and doll ourselves up. Trust me, nothing feels better than looking your absolute best and doing it up right.”

“It sounds like a blast. So what about after dinner? Do you dance and stuff?”

“Oh yes. My hubby Freddie plays DJ and we all have fun after, dancing and joking. Oh, Keenan does a great stand up act, you’ll love it. Just say you’ll come and have some fun and meet them. We girls have fun while the guys play poker later too. We go for a sauna and hot tub, then shower off and use the nicest body lotions after. Trust me, it’s heaven you’ll love it.”

“You make it sound like that. You know, yeah, I’ll come. As long as you don’t mind an odd number.”

“Sweetie, it isn’t a couple/partner thing. Once the guys go do their thing, it’s just us girls, so no worries about coming with someone.”

Heather felt better about it the more Tracy explained and soon headed into her bedroom to sort out her clothes. They each grabbed a box and began opening them, Heather directing where things needed to go. Tracy grabbed a handful of panties and casually looked at them, seeing what kinds Heather liked.

“Oh, these are pretty. You have some beautiful panties, Heather.”

Heather blushed and dashed over to take them from her.

“I like nice ones, thanks.”

“Me too. Do you have matching bras to go with them?”

“Not really. I only have a couple of sets.”

“I love sets. I won’t wear them unless they’re a set.”


“Nope. Check it out.”

Tracy raised her shirt above her breasts, exposing her black, lace bra. She let Heather get a good look at it and then lowered her top and dropped her pants to her thighs and turned around slowly. Heather stared at her body, the soft curves of her ass accentuating the material.

“Those are really pretty. So all your things are sets?”

“Yes. I figure my boobs and pussy were worth the price of them. Freddie likes them, that’s for sure.”

“Freddie doesn’t mind? They get pretty pricey, at least what I’ve looked at.”

“Sweetie if I buy a new set, he’s the first one wanting me to show it off.”

Heather caught the response and wondered.

“The first one?”

“Oh, the girls would kill me if I didn’t show them. They all love the sets I buy and have to show them off.”

“You take off your clothes in front of them?”

“Just down to my bra and panties, nothing wrong with that. Just like having a bathing suit on.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Speaking of which, do you have one?”

“A bathing suit? Yeah, I have a couple in here somewhere, just have to find them, why?”

“We do a sauna and hot tub after dinner and dancing. I love both, so I had Freddie get them installed. Julia has them too, that’s where we are this time, Scott and Julia Henderson.”

“What does Freddie do? He must make some good money to get that stuff.”

“He owns Nelson Property Management and has lots of contracts. Say, exactly what kind of work are you looking for?”

“Oh, I’m an office manager at the place I’m at now, but I have accounting and bookkeeping as my real go to job.”

Tracy pondered that and thought about what she knew the town needed.

“You know, I bet we could get you started up with some bookkeeping and accounting jobs. Do you do taxes?”

“Oh yes. I’m certified to do them and all up to date on stuff.”

“Even better. I know Freddie is looking to get a better accountant for the business and some of the others might be as well. I know I need an accountant to do my taxes and find some ways to write more stuff off.”

“Like what kind of stuff?”

“Like my bras and panties and some of our dinners, if I can that is. I know there’s some loopholes, or some kind of clause that let’s me.”

“I can look into that for you, if you want. I’m thinking the clothes are part of your job and are required, so that’s an expense you can declare now. Your bras and panties could be considered a part of that, as they are part of the whole package. I wouldn’t try declaring thousands in bras and panty sets, but you could safely get away with a few hundred, say five or six hundred.”

“Girl, I’m really liking you a lot. You get me that much and I’ll buy you a set for yourself.”

Heather laughed at the offer but Tracy remained steadfast in being truthful in her statement.

“Sweetie, I’m serious. I’ll take you with me to my favorite store and let you pick out the set of your choice.”

“You don’t have to do that for me, Tracy.”

“I know I don’t, I want to. Baby, I just went through a bunch of your panties and honestly, some would have been rags long ago. Not saying they’re in bad shape, just that I know you’ve worn the shit out of them and bursa anal yapan escort they’ve seen better days. You deserve some nice things against your skin.”

“Yeah, I would like to see something different when I open my drawers to dress. I’ve just had to do without for so long, you know, making sure the kids were set and I finally had my life back. This place has left me pretty slim on reserves, so bras and panties are way down the list on things I have to get.”

“Yeah, that’s got to be tough, but hey, you did it, they’re set, you have your house and your life and enough money or not, you should be damn proud of yourself, girl.”

Heather took the compliment and smiled.

“Yeah, I do feel good about all that. I am proud of myself for making that happen. I’m feeling happier than I have in a long time.”

“You know, I’m proud of you too. I know we just met and everything, but just from what I know already, I admire you a lot. I know it’s taken a ton of determination and willpower to do it, I see couples doing it all the time, trying to get the down and afford the monthlies. You’re doing it on your own and that’s not easy, so yeah, you go girl. You got my vote.”

“Thank you Tracy, that really means a lot to me. You’re such a great person, you really are. I hope we do become good friends, Lord knows I need some good ones. Funny how shallow people get when you ask for help. When you don’t need the help it’s offered all the time. Then when you do need it and ask, it seems everyone has one excuse or another that they can’t help.”

“Yep, know those people only too well. Believe me, any of the people I call friends, would give me the shirt off their backs. I’d give them mine and they know it.”

“I believe you would, Tracy. You seem like that kind of person.”

“I am. You need me for anything, you just call me, I’ll be here.”

“Oh Tracy, thank you so much.”

Heather felt the joyful tears start and Tracy saw them. She caressed Heather’s cheeks and wiped the tears away carefully. She gave Heather a soft kiss on the cheek and hugged her, Heather enjoying the moment and hugged her back. It was a turning point for Heather and she knew it. The cards were dealt and she was coming up with a winning hand, at least until the last card was turned over and she knew for sure if she was a winner. For now it felt like a sure thing.

Tracy let her go and smiled big to her.

“Now, I say we finish putting all this stuff in drawers and break down some boxes and call it a day. I’ll order us some good food from the Glow and get us another bottle of wine. I say we make your first night a fun one at least.”

Heather smiled bigger as well and enjoyed the idea. They went back to work loading the drawers with all of Heather’s clothes and then Tracy found the box that Heather was wanting to do herself. Before she could say anything, Tracy opened it and began taking things out and saw she was holding Heather’s sex toys.

“What have we got here? These look like fun.”

“Put those back in please. I’m so embarrassed. I wanted to do that box later, as you can see why.”

“Awww, Heather, don’t be embarrassed Sweetie. There’s nothing wrong with having toys. Shit, I have a drawer full of them myself and I know most of the other women do too. Hell, Wicked Wanda’s has been in business for over fifteen years, so someone is buying a lot of sex toys to keep her open, right?”

“Yeah, it’s just that these are, you know, personal ones.”

“Yeah, the ones you use. Only the three?”

“Uhm, yeah. Please Tracy, just put them back.”

“Okay, but I think I need to take you and introduce you to Wanda. I do believe you need an upgrade in your toys.”

Heather was as flustered as she could get, her sexual preferences being exposed so blatantly. She went to take them away from Tracy, but Tracy avoided the grasp and looked at them more. She held one up and discussed it.

“Do you even feel this thing? It’s so small and it doesn’t even vibrate. This one is a bit better for size, but it feels no more powerful than my toothbrush. In fact, I think my toothbrush is stronger. And this one is just sad to look at. I think I had one like it twenty years ago. You really are in denial, aren’t you?”

“Give them to me, please. So maybe they’re not the best ones, but they do what I need them to do, so could you please stop and just give them back.”

Tracy could see Heather was more than embarrassed by it and held them to her to take.

“Sorry, Heather. I’m just not used to sex toys being so secretive. The girls and I have talked about them so openly, it’s just like any other thing to talk about.”

“Well, none of my old friends talked about them at all and neither did I.”

“And we know what kind of friends those were, don’t we?”

Heather knew Tracy was right about her friends, but she was still very shy about opening up about her sexual preferences with anyone.

“Maybe, but I’m not that open about that sort of thing.”

“That bursa rus escort sort of thing? What sort of thing is that?”

“You know, talking about sex toys and sex and stuff.”

“You’ve never sat and talked about sexual stuff with any of your girlfriends? Ever?”

Heather was feeling cornered and no way out of Tracy’s questions.

“No, we didn’t, not that stuff anyway.”

“What kind of stuff did you talk about then?”

“Do we have to talk about sex, Tracy? I’m not all that comfortable talking about it and rather we changed the subject.”

“Sure, okay. So what would you like to talk about then?”

“I don’t care. Anything, just not sex and toys, okay?”

Tracy chuckled, seeing the deep red glowing on Heather’s pale skin.

“Okay no sex and no sex toys. So, how about those Colts? Think they might go to the Bowl this year?”

Heather just looked at her confused, having no idea what she was talking about. Tracy laughed and held her hand.

“Heather, guys talk sports, girls talk sex. Gotta get with it Sweetie, you really do. You only get one chance to go around on this ride and I want to enjoy all the fun things available while I can. I don’t want to be old and gray and look back and wish I had of tried things.”

Heather heard her and had to think of what that meant to her own life and the lack of fun that she had in it. Most of it was spent taking care of responsibilities and doing things for everyone but her. Now it was her time and she was still denying herself out of habit. She knew at some point she had to break out of those habits and grow into new ones.

“I agree, it’s just, I never talked about sex so openly, not even with Ben. I never even had toys until after he left. It took me ages to get up enough nerve to order them on line and hoped no one knew what was inside the package.”

“I know. It’s like you imagine the box coming with bright colorful letters screaming, ‘Your new sex toy is here.’ and a gazillion people are curious to know what you want to play with.”

“Exactly. Of course it wasn’t like that, but it went through my head that it did and didn’t even open the box until two days later. Not like anyone would think much of my taste, apparently I’m not that good at picking out sex toys, just like I am with husbands.”

Tracy saw her debasing herself from what she said and feelings she was still harboring since her breakup. Her face spoke volumes of doubt and disbelief in herself, as she looked at Tracy, letting out some of her past.

“Hey, hey, come on, don’t be like that. Who the fuck said you were superwoman? You’re getting damn close though. I’m so sorry I said that about your toys, that was wrong of me and I apologize. As for your ex, fuck him, he didn’t know he had a good thing when he had it. If he did, he’d know the relationship was worth working on, right?”

Heather felt the squeezing of her hand, coaxing her to recant her feelings and accept the apology. She looked at the warmth of feeling in Tracy’s hazel eyes and saw the green glimmer in them. She could see the sincerity in them and didn’t want to have bad feelings between them already.

“I guess so.”

“What do you mean, ‘I guess so’? You’re a good woman, Heather Donovan. Great looks, still have a fine looking body and carry yourself well. We just went through how tough you are and how dedicated you are. You have a great heart in you Sweetheart, you really do. Not too many like you out there, so I bet it won’t be long before someone has his eye on you. There’s some very nice, eligible men in town, so don’t be shy about getting out and meeting them.”

“Tracy let’s just take things one step at a time, okay? I like that you want to help and everything, I really do, but I still have a ton of stuff to do and get settled. Then after finding a new job and making sure that’ll work out, I have to toss out a drawer of panties and get new ones and of course that’ll mean new bras, because they have to match. Then after that, I’ll have to get a whole new bunch of toys, just in case mine disappoint me, or him or something.”

Tracy could see that she had pushed a bunch of buttons in Heather and hit some raw nerves. She felt a sense of guilt, knowing she had been a bit too pushy and forward with her.

“I guess I deserve that. I have been a bit too forward and said some things I shouldn’t have. I didn’t mean to upset you Heather, I was just trying to be friendly and I should have stuck to more tamer subjects to discuss. I’m sorry Sweetie, I am. Maybe I should just leave you now and let you finish up yourself, we’ll do that dinner and wine another time, okay?”

Heather felt bad instantly, knowing she had made Tracy feel bad for just wanting to be friendly with her. It tore at her that she was so uptight at times and didn’t let other people into her life so easily. She felt Tracy’s hand let hers go and pat it before she rose and looked at her. She gave Heather a weak smile and began walking away. Before she took a second step, Heather took her hand and held it to stop her.

“Don’t go, Tracy, please. I’m sorry I’m such a bitch at times. I know you’re only trying to make friends with me and get to know me. You’ve said so many wonderful things about me already and I do like you, I really do. Please don’t go. I’d like to have that dinner and some more wine, I really would.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32