Sweet Revenge Ch. 3

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Big Dicks

First, I apologize for the delay of the third installment. Thank you all for you patience and encouraging email. This is my first erotic story. I’d suggest reading part 1 and 2 first for this to make more sense of course. Any comments and criticisms are encouraged so I can improve the writing. Please do email me if you have any feedback. That said, read away…

* * * * *

Brandi’s legs buckled slightly as she stepped out of her black Porsche. The heat coming off the hood of the car shimmered dimly in the late afternoon air. She hadn’t slept at all the previous night and the long drive up the mountain road had been tiring and emotionally draining as she envisioned the horrific fate of her friend. Steadying herself, she straightened her rumpled clothes and walked towards the humble cabin she had parked in front of, not more than two or three hundred yards down the road from the accident scene. “Everyone’s gone already,” she muttered to herself, noting the absence of the police and emergency vehicles. “I hope someone’s home. Maybe they know what happened…,” she wondered out loud, reflecting on the events that had led to her arrival in this backwoods location.


The meetings had gone on all day long and it was clear that nothing was being accomplished. Brandi made eye contact with Karen across the expensive oak table and nodded towards the white-haired banker sitting at the head of the table. Karen nodded in understanding and cleared her throat noisily. The hum of conversation died down slowly. “It’s obvious that this deal was a lot more complicated than anyone expected so I suggest we table the issues in question and break for the weekend. Hopefully everyone can get a bit of rest over the weekend and come in Monday ready to settle on an arrangement that is satisfactory to both parties.” She looked back at Brandi. “And maybe I can call home and get someone to help me out of this mess that I’ve made,” she said under her breath. She watched as Brandi smiled and then turned her attention to the attractive and well built young man who had been serving them coffee since after lunch.

As the room emptied out, Brandi brushed up behind the man. “Hi there, I’m Brandi.”

A few minutes later, Karen slumped back in her car with a bottle of vodka swiped from the meeting room bar. “That conniving bitch…” she growled quietly as she watched Brandi giggling in the arms of the young waiter as they made their way to her parked Porsche. “She’s going to leave me to sort out this mess.”

Karen’s silver Mercedes tore out of the parking lot shortly with tires squealing in protest. Oblivious to this little tantrum, Brandi stayed locked in a long kiss with her night’s entertainment. Anticipation in the air, they walked over to her car and pulled out of the lot heading towards the Hilton a few blocks down the street.

Brandi picked up her keys at the front desk, holding on to the young waiter’s belt buckle. She could tell that he was enjoying her sensuous control. As soon as they got into the elevator they locked in each other arms in a passionate fevered kiss. She could feel his throbbing manhood through his black pants. “Not too big,” she thought to herself, “but he’s enthusiastic enough to make it worth my time –I hope.” This last she added to herself knowing her own voracious sexual appetite. The elevator doors opened on the 41st floor and they moved over to the penthouse main doorway still locked in each other’s arms. Fumbling with the keys and their clothes at the same time, they fell into the large well-appointed suite. Not bothering to shut the door, Brandi unhooked the man’s belt and pulled out his cock. Then, cock in hand she led him to her bedchambers.

She knelt in front off him and kissed his glistening cock. It was only a bit over 3 inches long fully erect and not very thick so she was able to swallow it with ease. Without warning she took the entire length into her mouth and began sucking in earnest. He arched his back and began groaning in pleasure. Knowing exactly what she was doing, she began bobbing her head faster and faster over his cock taking it all in and then almost all the way out while twirling her tongue. Heartbeats later he reached out and held her head. “Slow down, I’m going to lose it…” he began to protest. Flicking his hand away, she held his buttocks in her hands and sucked his entire shaft into her mouth in one quick motion. Then she deviously tickled his balls with her tongue and was rewarded with warms streams of cum hitting the back of her throat as the waiter came. Quietly, she swallowed his cum and then looked up at him in disappointment as his now limp cock slipped out of her mouth. His eyes were glazed over with pleasure which quickly turned to a near panic look as he realized that it had only been a minute since they had arrived in the room and the sex starved woman kneeling in front of him was about to throw him out and start prowling for a partner with more staying power.

“Well, what Bostancı Escort are we going to do now Speedy?” Brandi said quietly, driving the guilt home. Now the poor man would be totally in her power, to use and abuse and eventually lose as was her all too familiar pattern. It was a ploy she used often, to play on a man’s insecurities to encourage them to want to please her, to somehow make up for their perceived shortcomings, to live up to her expectations. Little did they know that she would milk them for what they were worth and then discard them like a used tissue when the next potential interest crossed her path.

“I – I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it,” he stammered obviously a bit flustered, just the way she liked her men.

“Well, I’m going to let you try to make up for it. I’m more than a bit disappointed,” Brandi replied. Thus spoken, she dropped her skirt and lay back on the bed revealing that she wore no panties and her bald pussy was already dripping in anticipation. “Lick me,” she said with authority, while drawing his head between her legs. Eager to please, the waiter began to whirl his tongue over her wet pussy-lips drinking down her juices. Eyes half closed in pleasure and smiling smugly, Brandi settled her body for a long gratifying ride.

The waiter was eager but inept. After nearly two hours of licking at her pussy and clumsily nibbling on her throbbing clitoris he had only managed to give her two or three small orgasms and Brandi began to drift off in a lazy sleepy haze. It seemed that every time her body began to build up for a real orgasm he would do something that broke the rhythm and suddenly she found herself sputtering in frustration. The young man stopped his ministrations and looked up at her expectantly, three-inch cock in hand, hard and rearing for another shot at her sweet wet shaved pussy. The words to throw him out were on her lips when the irritating ring of the phone on the nightstand jolted them both out of the semi-sexual mood. Thankful for an easy excuse to break off the disappointing tryst she pushed her ham-fisted lover to the floor and flopped over the bed to pick up the phone.

“Hello?” Brandi answered.

“Hello is this room 798? Ms. Brandi Marshall?” a hotel operator asked.

“This is she,” she replied coolly.

“Please hold.” There was a pause and a click as the call transferred. “Ms. Marshall?”


“Ma’am I’m afraid I have some bad news for you.” The caller proceeded to explain that he was a police officer at the scene of an automobile accident and that the plates of the car were registered to a charter luxury sports car rented in her name.


Brandi knocked on the door of the small cabin. She was cold and tired and very frustrated. She had spent the last few hours driving this lonely mountain road in the middle of nowhere trying to find the accident scene that the police officer had called her from with no success. Well, she would have been here sooner had it not been for the fact that she had gotten miserably lost in her frantic rush in the first place. Now she shivered in the cold mountain air and wondered what had become of her young and troubled colleague, Karen. She knocked again, louder this time.

There were some slow footsteps and then the door opened a crack. A rugged looking man stepped into view slowly, his well-muscled arms barred her way though she sensed nervousness but there was no malice in his silent gaze.

“Hi, my name is Brandi. There was an accident last night up the road and I was wondering if you knew anything about what happened. The driver was a friend of mine…they think…they think she’s dead,” Brandi nearly broke down crying right there in front of the stranger.

He glanced over at her car and then at her. A soft smile played over his sun beaten features. “Come in,” he said in a deep tone. The door swung open.

Brandi stepped in and the man closed the door behind her. She looked around and took in the sparse yet well kept cabin. A shadow in the kitchen area caught her eye. Curious she moved closer to get a better look. The light from the kitchen window played over the shadow revealing a very tired looking and very naked Karen. Relief flooded Brandi as she rushed over and embraced her friend apparently back from the dead. “Karen!” her voice breaking under the strain of emotions and confusion she was feeling. “But they told me no one could have survived that accident. And then I couldn’t find the place and I got lost…” her voice trailed off as she looked her friend over again, this time she was a bit more observant.

Karen’s eyes were red like she had been crying and yet she didn’t look unhappy. Here she was in a cabin in the middle of nowhere with a total stranger standing not ten feet away and stark naked in his kitchen and it didn’t seem out of place for some reason. Karen’s full breasts heaved with each breath, dark brown nipples erect in the cool dim light. Her well toned supple body was Erenköy Escort hunched over a bit as though fatigued and yet she had a satisfied afterglow like that of a cat that had just swallowed a plump mouse and curled up for a well deserved nap. Her luxuriously blonde hair was disheveled and between her strong thighs there were trails of dried…

“Cum!!” Brandi said loudly. Karen jumped at the sudden outburst and then swiftly attempted to cover herself up as if abruptly realizing her nudity. Brandi whirled around and faced the strange man who had until now been standing silently in the living room watching the two women’s strange reunion. “What the hell is going on here?” She asked in a demanding voice. Her heart began to beat faster and she flushed realizing that the sight of Karen live and unhurt was overwhelmingly relieving but there seemed to be something more. The sexual frustrations of the night before coupled with the stress of the emotional roller coaster she had been riding all day was mixing with the charged atmosphere of the cabin. The room began to wobble and Brandi gulped air like a fish out of water. She reached out for the couch and heard Karen cry out as if from a distance as her legs collapsed from underneath and the floor suddenly came rushing up at her.


Faces blurred into view slowly. Brandi gradually felt the feeling return to the arms and legs. She looked up into the deep brown eyes of a stranger. “Ahh!!” she exclaimed and started in surprise. This sudden movement crunched her forehead squarely into the strangers face and he yelped in pain crashing backwards into the coffee table beside the couch she had been lying on.

“Brandi!!” A familiar voice shrieked in alarm. Brandi turned and saw Karen, now dressed in an overlarge terry bathrobe, racing from the bathroom towards her. The strange man groaned and rolled over in the shattered pieces of the coffee table. “Brandi, it’s okay. It’s okay,” Karen said as she took her in a relieved hug. “You were out for some time. We were worried.” After settling her in the couch, Karen helped the man back to his feet and brushed off pieces of glass from his clothing. “This is John.”

Brandi and Karen sat on the couch and a sheepish John pulled up a chair opposite the two young women. “Listen, I know this is getting weird but I’m not going to hurt either of you.” He said in a level voice. “While you were passed out,” he began, looking at Brandi, “Karen and I had a talk about things.”

Karen held Brandi’s hands. “He saved me from the wreck. He brought me here and…” her voice trailed off for a moment, “and at first I thought he was going to take advantage of me. But I realized that I wanted him as much as he wanted me. Neither of us realized what was happening, like we were in a weird and wonderful lusty dream.” Karen’s eyes moved to Johns and locked. An outside observer may have thought that there was love and affection in that look at first but upon closer inspection would only see the unbridled lust of two intense lovers brought together by chance and bonded by desire. Brandi saw that look. The little flame that had been burning inside her for days now flamed forth into a raging burning ripple of lust that brought goose bumps to her skin and a flush to her face. She suddenly became intensely aware of Karen’s proximity and the sexual energy that pervaded the quiet cabin.

Throwing caution to the wind, Brandi stood up suddenly and walked over to where John was sitting. “Well, John, I suppose I should thank you for saving my best friend’s life. Though from what I gather, it seems you did much more than that.” She looked back at Karen and saw a twinkle in her eyes that she had never noticed before. A moment passed in silence between the two. John gulped audibly. And then it was over. Something had been decided, and now things where moving forward.

Brandi began to turn slowly. With each revolution she seemed to pick up an unheard beat that she began to dance to. Slowly she continued to turn until she locked eyes with John again. This time, there was no alarm, no confusion. There was a clear and very deliberate intent burning in her eyes. John sat back in wonder. This whole situation was most definitely taking on a life of its own. Never one to argue to with fate or luck, he settled himself and watched Brandi as she began to strip bits of clothing from her lithe supple body.

Karen began to squirm. Brandi’s little show was turning her on and she realized that all this time she had hated her colleague’s sexual antics was really a result of her wishes to be as expressive and explorative of her own sexuality. And now more than ever, she was acutely aware of that blossoming desire within herself. The two women were strikingly different though. Karen was a natural blonde with white gold locks of thick luxurious hair that fell past her shoulders. She was built on a tall strong frame with large breasts, a trim torso and muscular shapely legs. Brandi was Göztepe Escort more petite. Thin and slender, her body was that of an athlete. Brandi’s breasts were smaller but because of her lean build looked generous. Her stomach rippled with muscles as she gyrated hypnotically in front of John. She had long coltish legs that moved gracefully with her slow teasing dance.

John flushed and felt his penis begin to grow into an uncomfortable bulge in his pants. Brandi noticed too. He looked over at Karen who seemed to be enjoying the show as much as he was. This was exciting beyond anything he had ever experienced before. Still in a dreamy dance, Brandi reached down and took hold of his belt buckle, undoing it leisurely. She unbuttoned his thick flannel work shirt and caressed his chest and shoulders as she eased it off him. Then she stepped back and unclasped her bra letting it fall to the side. Her breasts heaved with each breath and the cool air puckered her pinkish nipples. Clad only in a white bikini panty she drew John to her and kissed him passionately. He was a bit surprised at her fervor but kissed back with growing need and desire. She broke the kiss and began kissing and nipping at his neck and shoulders.

Brandi reached down between John’s legs and cupped his growing manhood. Her eyes opened in surprise when she realized that the shaft was already longer than her palm. A twinkle in her eye and a smirk was her only other reaction. She looked back at Karen to okay the next stage of her “thanks”. Karen smiled back at her lustily and shrugged out of her oversized terry robe, slowly spreading her legs and touching herself. She settled in to watch this erotic dance play out as Brandi slopped John’s belt through the loops on his work pants. She unbuttoned and unzipped it then let it fall to the floor. John watched quietly, obviously enjoying the role of seductee that he was playing. Brandi pulled down his boxers and sat back on her legs to marvel at the sight before her.

Already glistening with precum, John’s large cock stood at half salute already nearly 8 inches long. Its thick veined shaft began to harden in anticipation. Brandi barely held herself in check, wanting to jump on this strange man and satiate her starving pussy in wanton abandon. But Brandi was no amateur, a shrewd businesswoman by trade and an exhibitionistic sexual predator by night, she felt up to the challenge. In her years, she had many men. Though none had been so blessed by such an endowment she figured that all the same tricks applied, simply on a larger scale. This being decided in a few heartbeats, she took the growing cock in hand and began hungrily sucking at its mushroom head. John leaned back and grunted in pleasure.

Brandi licked at lapped at John’s cock, slathering it with saliva and tasting his salty sweet juices on her tongue. She relished each ridge and vein as much as the sound of his guttural sounds of pleasure. Unconsciously falling back to old habits, Brandi began to pick up the pace taking more and more of his throbbing cock in her mouth. Being no stranger to this particular art of love, she arched her head just right and allowed the turgid flesh filling her cheeks to pass gently into her throat. Her breathing automatically began in a rhythmic pattern to coincide with the thrusts of cockmeat in and out of her throat.

John and Karen both watched in admiration and wonder as more and more of his large shaft disappeared into Brandi’s mouth. John had never experienced a sensation like this. His rod was sinking in to a warm wet mouth and there was a tickling sensation on the underside of his cock as it slid back and forth over Brandi’s wet tongue.

Brandi reached into the tiny patch of fabric that covered her dripping pussy and began to stroke herself, heightening her own desire. Karen was barely able to watch the show as her eyelids drooped as waves of pleasure washed over her in masturbatory bliss. John savored the unique feeling of this woman’s throat and felt himself building to a climax. Sensing this, Brandi abruptly pulled her head back until just the tip of his dick rested in her mouth and sucked hard for a second. John’s legs tensed at the sudden change in rhythm and he was barely able to check his balance before Brandi, to his and Karen’s amazement, dropped her head completely over his entire rigid cock. Like a magicians disappearing act, the shaft vanished into her hungry mouth and her tongue tickled at his tight ball-sack. John exclaimed something incomprehensible in surprise and sudden overpowering pleasure as he came spurting jet after jet of cum deep in Brandi’s throat. She reached back and held unto his buttocks and sucked for all she was worth. The suction pulled at the entire length of his buried shaft and John experienced an unexpected elevation in his orgasm. After what normally was the point where his climactic feelings began to ebb he felt himself cross a threshold of pleasure as he began to cum again even harder.

Brandi’s lungs burned for air and John’s legs buckled under him. He fell backward into the chair his saliva coated cock wildly streaming cum in the air. Brandi gasped for air as gobs of jism splattered on her astonished face and heaving breasts.

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