Sweet Dreams in Cleveland

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My story happened several years ago. Dad had just had a heart attack and they found several blockages. At this time, open heart surgery was fairly new and only a few hospitals performed the surgery. Dad had a friend that was on the staff at Cleveland Clinic and he arranged for the surgery to be handled there. My sister and I decided to travel to Cleveland to give mom some support.

My sister was in her late 20’s and I was in my early 30’s at this time. We were normal siblings that pretty much had little to do with each other as kids, but the older we got the more we did things together. Mandy had turned into a pretty good looker. Nice ass and great tits and she dressed to show them. She was living with a guy that we all liked and I had been divorced for about 15 months.

The trip started out fairly mundane. We talked about dad and memories of our teen years. We talked about people we dated in our teens and wondered what they were doing these days. I told my sister that I would like to look up the girl I dated in high school to see what she was doing. I confessed we were each other’s “first” and was had sex as often as possible. Mandy informed me that she knew we were having sex and she had a place in the basement that she would hide and watch us. Needless to say, my face got red and all I could say was “I hope you enjoyed the show”.

I changed the subject to her and her live in boyfriend. gaziantep escort bayan Damn that was the wrong subject. Mandy started to cry and said that they haven’t had sex in months and she was so horny that she could fuck a door knob. Again, she made me blush.

We got to the hotel we were staying at by dinner. Our plan was to share a room with two double beds. It was no big deal we figured, since we wandered around the house as teens in our undies or with just a towel wrapped around us. I paid for the room and we went to put our luggage away before dinner. I opened the door and it was a room with a king size bed, not two queen beds. I went back to the desk and asked for another room and was informed that the only rooms left were king rooms. Mandy and I discussed this and figured that we could share the king bed. It would be no big deal.

After seeing dad and mom at the hospital, we headed back to the hotel. We were both ready for a cold beer, so we stopped and got a 12 pack. We got to the room and proceeded to get comfortable. I changed into my boxers and a tee shirt. Mandy changed into a shorts and a thin tank top. She still had some pretty firm tits and the shorts revealed her ass. My dick started to move, but I put that thought away real fast.

We watched TV and killed the 12 pack. Much to my surprise, the hotel had adult stations that give you a gaziantep cimcif escort 3 minute preview. We both laughed and said we don’t need to watch something that neither of us had had for awhile. So after watching all the previews, we got went to bed.

I went out like a light. Being a snorer, I awoke to a poke in the ribs and was asked to sleep on my side, which I did. I woke up again to find Mandy had moved over and we were now spooning in our sleep. My arm was around her and I was touching her tit with my hand. My cock started to get hard and pressed against her ass. I felt Mandy push her ass against my hard on and I pushed back. She let out a moan when I squeezed her nipple. She pushed her ass against me even harder.

I was wondering if she was still sleeping or not. I decided to roll over onto my back and see what would happen. My cock was still hard and was sticking out of my boxers. I was lying on my back pretending I was asleep and sure enough, Mandy rolled over and put her hand on my stomach. Slowly her hand moved down and touched the tip on my hard cock. I was still pretending to sleep as she put her hand around my cock and slowly stroked it. It didn’t take long for me to cum on her hand and my stomach.

She got up, went into the bathroom to take a piss. She came out and got back into bed. She had her back to cinsel bilgiler me again and I turned towards her. My dick was still sticking out of my boxers and when I looked at Mandy, she had taken her shorts off and only had the tank top and her thong on. I waited a few minutes and snuggled close to her. I could feel the warmth of her bare ass and my cock started to get hard again. This time I reached over and slid my hand up her tank top to feel those firm tits. I was rubbing her nipple and my cock was sticking between her legs. She moved her hand down to her thong and pulled it aside. Then she took her hand and guided my cock into her wet pussy.

I started pumping her pussy and she played with her clit. Both of us were awake, but pretending to be asleep. I could feel another orgasm coming and Mandy was making noises like she was cumming with me. I started cumming and groaned. She rubbed her hand against her clit and moaned with me. I pulled my cock out of her and shot my load between her legs. Cum was all over my boxers. We rolled away from each other and fell asleep.

I awoke in the morning first. I woke up Mandy and she looked at me and smiled. She told me about the wonderful dream she had last night and I told her I had one also. She said she dreamed her boyfriend fucked her from behind in her sleep. I told her my dream was getting jacked off in the basement of our old home by my girl friend. She looked at the front of my boxers, smiled and said it must have been pretty realistic because there’s a mess all over the front of me. I looked at all the dried cum. For the third time I blushed. Mandy said we needed to get another 12 pack for tonight and maybe the dreams would reappear.

I think there’s a part two to this story.

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