Susan’s Affair

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Susan again wondered to herself just what the hell she was doing. She was a 32 year old mother of two and for 12 years had been a devoted wife to her husband, but Bob wasn’t nearly as devoted to her lately. He had risen through the ranks of his company quickly at first, only to become stagnate at middle management for the last 7 years. Bob had been young, ambitious, dependable, and brilliant. He had also been very conscious of his health and had anticipated all of Susan’s needs, but lately he had taken to drinking a lot and he barely seemed to notice her or consider her needs. He never helped with housework or the kids anymore and he was always too tired to do anything with the family on the weekends. Susan couldn’t even get him off the couch to do the many home repairs that needed to be done. Susan felt like she and the kids didn’t matter to him any more, maybe she could have done better. Susan knew she was still slim and attractive, she’d even noticed other men paying more attention to her lately.

With this last thought she looked at herself in the mirror one more time, adjusting her cleavage she opened the bathroom door and entered Douglas’ Bostancı Escort suite. He was sitting on the beautifully appointed king sized bed waiting for her and his eyes grew wide with admiration as she entered the room. Susan knew what was going to happen; they had plotted it all in stolen whispers while they were at the company party downstairs. Bob was already passed out and no one had noticed Douglas and Susan slip out of the party.

Douglas was a Jr. Vice President and Bob’s boss but he’d already made an appearance and no one would wonder why he wasn’t still rubbing elbows with the employees. Douglas was strong and handsome, though a little older than Bob. Susan knew he had been very successful with the company rising to Jr. Management in less than 3 years.

Susan sauntered over to Douglas and he grasped her waist, pulling her to him. He buried his face into her neck kissing and sucking all the way down to her cleavage. His hands slipped up the back of her skirt and grasped her firm ass. Then Douglas pulled her down next to him and they kissed passionately. The next few minutes were a flurry of passionate kissing and Erenköy Escort sucking as clothes went flying through the room.

When she was able to catch her breath again, Susan again wondered if this was the right thing to do. She wondered if Douglas would want to pursue anything further with her, she did have two kids after all. Would he tell anyone?

She realized that Douglas’ lips were on her nipples and she decided she didn’t care. Susan gave in and enjoyed the worshipful way Douglas appreciated every inch of her body. He kissed and flicked each nipple with vigor and paid attention to every reaction. Susan remembered when Bob used to do it like that.

Douglas moved lower down her body nibbling at her navel on the way. She felt the heat rise up between her legs as his hand brushed her pussy. He was already a little swollen and wet with anticipation. His fingers slid along her lips as his mouth found her clit and began to flick it gently, then with more force. Susan gasped as she felt Douglas slip a finger inside of her and he slowly began to finger her. Susan was suddenly aware that she was probably near ovulation and Göztepe Escort wondered if she should ask Douglas if he had protection. Susan gasped as Douglas’ efforts increased; she decided to not worry about the condom after all it would probably spoil the moment to ask.

Finally Susan could take it no longer; she pulled Douglas up next to her and grasped his erect dick. Working his shaft, she guided him to her and then into her dripping pussy. He slowly thrust in and out of her and only the sounds of sighing and moaning could be heard as they fucked. He leaned down as the pace quickened and kissed her briefly. He moved his mouth over to nibble her neck and whispered into her ear “your husband is a fool; you were the most desirable woman at that party tonight.” Susan threw her arms around him, pulling him closer. She wrapped her legs around his waist, urging him to fuck her with more vigor. He thrust even faster. Susan began to feel the warmth build up in her as her orgasm rushed through her body. Douglas buried himself as deeply as he could and came hard, shooting a stream of hot cum into her. Susan shook uncontrollably in the throws of the most intense orgasm she’d had in years.

As they lay together entangled on the bed Susan thought to herself, “so what if Douglas doesn’t want to pursue anything serious, at least I know I’m desirable and I’m not letting Bob hold me back anymore.”

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