Surreptitious Love Ch. 19

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Chapter 19 — Going with the Flow

Reading Nguyet’s diary had left quite an impression on me. I also loved how relaxed, joyful, and easygoing those hours had been. The time we spent together with Thuy had been marvelous, too. Now, however, I was eagerly awaiting Tuyet’s return, who texted me on the last Monday in June right after she got back from Hue, saying we’d meet with all the others from our Tuesday lunch group the next day. I would have preferred to just see Tuyet by herself, but everything seemed already set. I was pretty certain though that we would go to a hotel afterwards and celebrate our reunion in sensual ways.

The following day at the restaurant, there were about ten young people, among them several of my former students. I asked them to tell me about their first year at university. One of them caught my eye in particular, even though she wasn’t saying much. Phuong had always been a quiet but keen. When she was taking classes with me, I had sometimes ogled her stunning body. Now, she looked slightly more womanly. Her face was still a little dull and nondescript but, at least, she wore her hair in bangs and a ponytail. Opportunely, she was sporting a miniskirt today.

A young man who was also present, Vu, had studied with me for more than two years, too. I liked the sharp features of his face and his really dark skin. He was from the sticks and, as a result, modest and well-mannered. He was a proud young man without a trace of submissiveness. Vu was a hobby musician, who played the keyboard and drums. He had always struck me as exceptionally fit, physically, perhaps because he rode his bicycle everywhere he went. I knew he had wanted to attend college overseas but was studying at a reputable place in Saigon, instead. Nonetheless, he seemed relaxed and content, so I guessed things had worked out, even though he had been unable to go abroad.

Since no one knew that Tuyet and I were having an affair, I treated her the same as the others. By now, they were all 18 or more likely even 19, but sexual relationships between teenagers and middle-aged men were rare in our provincial town, to say the least. Of course, I wanted us to stay under everyone’s proverbial radar, so we just ate and chatted. As it was hot, we ended up talking about swimming. Everyone studying in Saigon was envious that they couldn’t just go to the beach to relax like we could here.

Phuong seemed slightly nervous, like she had something on her mind. Eventually, she gathered the courage to ask me if I could teach her how to swim. I was a little taken aback by the question, and when I didn’t answer right away, she reminded me that I had taught her English. Just when I wanted to tell her that those two things weren’t exactly the same, Tuyet piped up excitedly, saying: “Yeah, tomorrow morning we’ll all go the beach.”

Tuyet perhaps remembered that I had Wednesdays off, and her energy was contagious. I couldn’t resist, nor did I want to. However, I suspected that, subconsciously, this was about more than swimming, which Tuyet may have instinctively understood right away. If not, touching a young woman’s body was a sensual adventure in its own right, so either way it would be worth it. And Tuyet and I would fuck at a hotel close to the beach in the afternoon.

We met in town at around 9:30 the next morning. I took Vu on my motorcycle, while Tuyet had Phuong on the back of hers. I didn’t want to go too early, as the restaurants at the beach only opened after ten o’clock. As Anh Khoa beach was more of a sunrise or sunset thing, at least during the week, there wouldn’t be too many people around lunchtime. It would certainly be hot—actually a little uncomfortable—but I couldn’t turn down such an enticing project.

When we arrived, we sat down at one of those small restaurants and ordered drinks. When I looked around, I wondered who would teach what to whom today. The atmosphere was somewhat tense, as we didn’t know each other well and, more importantly, none of us could be sure what this was all about. I suspected that Vu wanted to fuck Tuyet, but I was hoping Tuyet would hint to him that she had other commitments. She sat down next to me, while Vu was sitting across from her, next to Phuong.

Phuong had absolutely gorgeous thighs. Not as slim as Tuyet’s, they were soft yet firm, while being perfectly shaped and sized. Her skin was super smooth. I actually would have sacrificed one afternoon with Tuyet for Phuong—had Tuyet told me that she was desperate to fuck Vu. I was also considering doing Tuyet and Phuong together, without Vu. But I liked him, so I would be fine with him being in. The only thing I didn’t really want to happen was that I had to watch him do Tuyet.

Let’s assume that Phuong wanted sex. She may have had Vu in mind, as he was young and handsome, but there was no real indication for that. And she had asked me to teach her how to swim, not him. Tuyet and I wanted to have sex this afternoon, as our last time Ataşehir Escort had been in Hue in March. Vu probably wanted to do Tuyet, but what would she say to that? I didn’t know and I didn’t want to ask her directly. I’d have to wait and see.

Anyway, Phuong was wearing the same tiered skirt as the day before and a white T-shirt, under which I could see a lacy bra. She was a fine young woman. Sure, she was no sex fiend (yet), but she was smart and kind. The way she was sitting straight across from me I would be able to glance at her panties sooner or later, I was sure. Right now, she was still holding her bag on her lap, however.

When the drinks arrived, we finally started chatting, and the atmosphere became more relaxed. Phuong put her bag down next to her chair and turned a little towards Vu, exposing her complete outer thigh. As the two of them were taken care of, I could talk to Tuyet, who immediately told me about an affair gone wrong in Hue. The guy had turned out to be quite a jerk, not only in bed. Good for her that she didn’t take that lightly. All in all, that fling had only lasted five or six weeks. Next, Tuyet asked about Nguyet, and I filled her in with some details about the good times we had. Of course, I mentioned the diaries.

I looked over at Phuong from time to time to see if I could catch a glimpse of her panties. I was sure that, eventually, out in the water I would see everything but I had nothing else to do right now anyway. As I didn’t have any luck with the panties yet, I just looked at her chest and envisioned how I would deflower her. When Vu got up to pee, Phuong finally turned towards me and, sure enough, for half-a-second Tuyet and I saw her white panties. I could sense puffy lips and a decent amount of pubic hair underneath. I was sure everything would smell good, too. Tuyet also had noticed it, and we shot glances at each other.

When Vu was back, he continued talking to Phuong for a little bit, and Tuyet asked when Nguyet would draw her naked. Since Nguyet was five months pregnant now, we had to hurry, as I knew she didn’t just want to draw Tuyet but also have a lewd threesome one more time before it would become too cumbersome.

Finally, it was time to get into the water. Tuyet had told me that she knew how to swim, and I had no doubts about Vu. Feeling generous, I asked him if he wanted to take care of Phuong, but he declined, most likely because he wanted to chase Tuyet. Well, Phuong had asked me anyway. Perhaps there was a reason for that. However, I didn’t really understand Vu’s reaction since teaching someone how to swim was a pretty sensual task and—at least to my mind—the perfect overture to sex.

We crossed the street to where we had parked our motorcycles and went into those dingy changing rooms made of corrugated tin sheets. The women here at the restaurant would watch our stuff and when we were back, we’d eat lunch here. I changed, while Vu was just waiting outside. Either he was too shy to change in a room with me, or he was wearing his speedos under his shorts already. The two young women came out five minutes later. Phuong was wearing a light summer dress over a blue bikini, while Tuyet had changed into denim shorts and a T-shirt, as was customary in Vietnam. Even in 2019, girls or women didn’t wear bikinis nor one-piece bathing suits.

Tuyet came over, and we walked towards the water together, holding hands. Phuong and Vu were behind us but they didn’t seem to click. I wondered if they even liked each other. But maybe the moment was just too somber for Phuong, as she was getting deflowered today if we all played our cards right. Tuyet looked mesmerizing, as always, and I was exceedingly happy that I would get to see her naked later that afternoon. I was also looking forward to all those adventures that we were going to have over the next two months, before she had to go back to Hue again.

I knew there was a sandbank about 150 yards out and suggested meeting the other two there. In order not to lose Phuong and to loosen her up, I reached for her hand. The pleasures were about to begin. There were only very few people at the beach, and no one gave a rat’s ass what we were doing. It was hot, but when Vu and Tuyet started running, jealousy hit me briefly. But, then, I was holding another young woman’s hand, which my dick liked already, and Tuyet had watched me peek under Phuong’s skirt. In all likelihood, Tuyet had to cope with similar moments of jealousy—we just had to live with them.

Vu’s role in the grand scheme of things still wasn’t clear. Curiously enough, he didn’t have a girlfriend, even though he was handsome and healthy. I figured he must have a decent sexual appetite. We probably should count him in this afternoon, I reckoned, as I didn’t know how he would get home without me anyway. As nervous as Phuong was, the way she had dressed, and as adamant as she had been yesterday about me teaching her to swim, she truly seemed to want to finally garner Anadolu Yakası Escort her first sexual experiences.

Vu and Tuyet were pretty far away already, but Phuong couldn’t not stand up anymore here where we were in the water, as short as she was. I asked her if she could swim at least a little, which she confirmed shyly. I got in a floating position to show her what she needed to do. She didn’t seem completely helpless when she tried a few times, but, in the end, I told her to just hold on to my shoulders for now, and so we swam towards the sandbank together. For the most part, I still was able to walk in the water, and another fifty yards further out, the ground was closer to the surface, so even Phuong with her five-foot-two could stand up again.

The water had smacked Phuong’s hair on to her forehead, which I thought looked utterly cute. She was huffing and puffing and I caressed her cheeks briefly with my thumbs like I often do with my son. I put my hands on her hips to calm her down, and she looked at me with her big hazel eyes like she was waiting for me to make the next move. As I was waiting for her breathing to slow down, I felt a nice erection coming and christened her forehead with a kiss.

“Tuyet and Vu are over here,” she reminded me, pointing at them with her chin.

“That’s alright. Tuyet knows we’re gonna kiss today,” I said and smiled.

Phuong swallowed with her mouth closed and kept looking at me expectantly.

“Have you ever kissed anyone?” I asked her.

She just shook her head and looked down.

“Phuong, look at me. Do you know you have an incredibly attractive body? Your hips, butt and thighs are perfect and extremely sexy,” I told her sincerely.

“Really?” she asked incredulously and lightened up a bit. “Nobody has ever told me that.”

“No kidding,” I insisted. “You’re a very attractive young woman.”

Saying those words while holding Phuong made my dick stiffer and, I presumed, aroused her too. I let my hands travel very gently over her midsection under the water; I pressed her butt subtly and reached briefly between her legs in the front and from behind. She didn’t object, but maybe only because no one could see it. I still couldn’t be sure how much she actually liked it.

“Ok, we’ll swim a little,” I suggested to not overdo it right away.

I showed her again how to float on water. I told her to try to remain stiff like a board, keep her legs together somewhat, and press her hips upwards, while pushing downward with her lower arms and hands at the same time. And to keep some air in her lungs. The thing was, as so often, I knew how to do it but could only partially explain it. I reminded her again to be like a board and supported her upper body with my arms under her back.

She didn’t have the courage or strength to press her hips up in the middle. Perhaps because that would have exposed her crotch too close to the water surface. So, I soon ended up holding her like a groom carries his bride over the threshold. I reminded Phuong to stretch and to keep air in her lungs, but somehow this was too much for her. She had been all right for a minute but now she collapsed again, slid off my arms, and ended up standing in front of me. Ok, I would show her one more time.

I hadn’t heard them approaching but, all of a sudden, Tuyet and Vu were behind me. They were giddily watching us and laughing. Hoping that they might be able to help, I asked them if they remembered how they had learned how to swim but they didn’t. Tuyet had practiced with her dad, while Vu had taught himself. Watching the two of them frolicking, I briefly thought they would actually make a cute couple—hadn’t I loved Tuyet so much.

As Tuyet and Vu wanted to swim some more, they said we’d meet at the restaurant in about 20 minutes for lunch and left. When we were alone again, Phuong lied down on my arms close to the water surface but, perhaps since she knew that this was her last chance for now, she pulled her dress up to her bellybutton with one hand, exposing her bikini bottoms. It looked inadvertent and innocent, almost, but I was pretty sure it wasn’t. It was beautiful, though. And clever.

Now I could sense her pubic mound and her nether lips through her bikini bottoms. Her bush seemed somewhat round; I massaged her pussy through the fabric, while I was holding her with my left arm. She swallowed some water again, spit it back out, and clung to my shoulder. She wasn’t floating but it didn’t matter, as she was reaching for my cock in my swimming trunks now.

I put her on the ground and, as truly no one could see it, I pulled down my speedos and let her touch my half-erect dick. We kissed profusely, and she was eager and hungry for sensual touches. Out of breath, she pulled my foreskin back, which wasn’t ideal here in the lukewarm ocean water, but it was also something you don’t get to experience every day. I knew we would definitely have to get a hotel Kartal Escort after lunch. I was getting seriously horny and, the way she was panting, she seemed ready, too.

I kissed her some more, while she kept pressing and massaging my dick, which was probably her first. She must have been relieved that, finally, a man let her hold his cock and do something with it. And as this was all under water, she could also be certain that no one would notice. I didn’t see any reason to hold back and pulled down her panties. I massaged her lips outside and then went for her clitoris next. I even pressed the top-inch of my middle finger inside her, but she was tight like a nutcracker. She moaned in cute little cascades and cadences, while she was looking down, and I kissed her hair.

“Phuong?” She looked at me. “We’re gonna get a hotel room after lunch. I think we need to do it today. You want it, don’t you?”

Looking down, she nodded vehemently, while I was massaging her breasts.

“You’re probably still a virgin, huh?” I asked and bent a little so my dick could touch her pussy. I pushed my glans between her legs but she didn’t flinch.

She nodded to answer my question. As she seemed to never even have talked about sex, I surmised she hadn’t taken part in those little handjob parties that Tuyet and Ngoc had told me about.

“At high school or college, no one asked you out or asked you to have sex?”

She only shook her head.

“I’m sure your pussy is really beautiful. Show it to me briefly before we swim back!” I asked her quietly.

She got on her back and all of a sudden floated kinda nicely, holding on to me with one arm. I was going to see her everything better at the hotel after lunch, but this here was already pretty good. Her pubic mound was curiously round, yes, and her pubic hair was floating in the water. Her nether lips were full and puffy, like small bananas. I caressed her whole midsection again and put my finger between her lips one more time. Then she stood up again, and I reached into her bikini top. As her nipples were getting hard, I smiled and invited her to hold my dick again.

“See. This feels good, doesn’t it?” I wanted her to be at ease and, ideally, talk about what she liked.

She nodded again and said, “Yes.” Finally.

“You haven’t seen a man naked, have you?” I asked her.

“No, only in photos,” she admitted with pursed lips.

“Do you want to go to a hotel after lunch? Tuyet and Vu are gonna come too, I think. Don’t worry. We’ll keep it secret.”

She nodded once more, but this time more forcefully, almost with determination, and I thought I saw a faint trace of a smile on her face.

We swam back and met the others, who had already ordered fish and some crabs. I changed and joined them. Phuong came back five minutes later and sat down with us. In the changing rooms, she must have had an existential moment, thinking about the pivotal proposal to lose her virginity today and decide if she was truly ready for it.

For some reason, Vu and Phuong had traded places and were sitting further away now. So, Tuyet and I could forge plans. She knew what was on my mind and asked immediately if Vu could be in.

“Well, he doesn’t have a motorcycle; I wouldn’t know how he gets home anyway,” I pondered. “And he doesn’t have a girlfriend. He must be horny. Did he flirt with you?”

“Oh, yes, he did. Pretty hard. But maybe we can get him to fuck Phuong. He can show her how awesome sex can be,” Tuyet said excitedly. “And then they could bang each other over the rest of the summer. I like Vu, but I can’t wait for our own summer exercise program,” she laughed.

“Yep. We haven’t fucked for so long. Our last time was in Hue in March. And, frankly, I don’t wanna watch Vu fuck you.”

“I understand. March. That’s ages ago,” Tuyet said absentmindedly, as she was wrapping her finger around a strand of hair.

She still hadn’t said if and how much she wanted Vu.

“I have to admit that I’m desperate to see and smell Phuong’s ass as she kneels on a bed,” I admitted. “And, yes, then I want to shove my dick slowly into her for a little bit. Maybe you and Vu can fuck a little and then he takes Phuong on after half-time. I think that would be best,” I summarized how I saw things. “When do you have your period, again?”

“Next week. So today is no problem,” Tuyet said nonchalantly.

“Can you ask Phuong, too? Maybe when she’s on the back of your motorcycle,” I requested. “Let’s see what Vu’s up to this afternoon.”

As expected, he was keen on joining us at a hotel after lunch. What I liked about this situation was that he couldn’t be certain what it was all about. We hadn’t mentioned sex to him, so the hour at the hotel might still have sounded like naptime to him.

We paid up, hit the road and drove north along the shore. After a while, we turned inland for one block, into the small town that stretched along the beach. We stopped at a motel, where we were the only customers. Tuyet did the talking at the reception, and we got a somewhat austere room with two single beds on either side. At least, it was clean and had a bathroom.

“Shall we take two rooms, perhaps?” I threw out, unable to hide my jealousy.

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