Surreal Moment

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Here we are. In a moment cut from a million dreams. Surreal in the sunlight. Too bright to fancy an illusion. I see your laughter, warm on your face. I watch your eyes taking notes on my details. I feel the mingled sweat of our palms, pressed together. Wind dishevels our hair. My words jostle up against yours, clumsy in eager conversation. Blushing over my little errors. I would rather falter this way with you than have poise with anyone else.

Sitting on a bench while the clock tower chimes us into the afternoon. This lingering in innocence teases us both. The wait has been a long time in ending. I lean against you and hear your murmured thoughts. Your touch is sweet over my cheek and my smile spreads easily. A pure calm settles in my bones. The world is incidental now. We are close. There is nowhere else I belong.

And then here we are. My sparse, dusty bedroom. You have me alone. I have you. Surreal in the sunlight. Melting together with our arms and hips… and lips. Kisses so long overdue that I ache with them. Şerifali Escort My eyes close against the day. Your mouth draws mine into a waltz of passion. Pulled flush to your body, my sigh presses together our chests, our hearts. I hum my desire into our kiss.

We fall into bed, into a giddy game of shedding clothes. I tug your shirt over your shoulders. You ease my jeans down my thighs. Silly grins in the quiet while items are tossed aside. Here are all my freckles and flaws… your skin and scars. Soft fingertips sliding along details with soothing compassion. Honest desire for everything we see. Need for this moment so strong that I forget to be afraid.

Naked bodies and intentions. A meandering exploration of skin with hands and mouths. Lingering on discoveries of sensitive nerves. Warmth glowing in intimate flesh. You take the lead and my mind is drugged with the feel of you. Your tongue spreads tingles on my thigh. You suck against my sex, heating it with arousal. My voice names my pleasure in wordless Üsküdar Escort sounds.

Tension of the sweetest kind rising between us. You crawl up my body for another cherished kiss. I arch against you to press our hips together. Shivers of lust in my limbs. You settle back on your knees and I spread my legs. The gaze of our eyes linked over this simmering moment. Surreal in the sunlight. A shift of hips and thighs as you lean in and join our bodies. We share our primal passion and languid moans.

Clumsy, perfect rhythm as we move against one another. Pressing, writhing, savouring. Your strokes deep within me. My clenches tight around you. Joy so simple, precious and shared. Kisses and hums from our mouths. My thoughts of what I want to give and take. Everything. Without words, I beckon. You follow me down into abandon.

Straining in a building frenzy. Our deep groans and desperate gasps are out of sync. My trembling legs spreading by reflex. You embrace me and I respond with swift rapture. Speeding together Ümraniye Escort towards the ecstatic edge. You have me. I have you. The wait of such a long time, is ending. My heart full and my mind submerged in this final need.

Time tips and stumbles to a standstill. My body surges with climax and the current sweeps you along with me. Breath and words catch in the urgent throes. Our bodies defy control and we are carried on the hazy wave of release. Losing strength and collapsing into a dizzy satisfaction. Your body and mine still joined. We are flush and sweaty and whole.

I smile in the quiet of our aftermath. You sigh and refuse to let me go. Sharing grins, little thoughts and relaxed laughter. Where was I before your arms? I have no care to know. The glow is sweet and dearly shared. Our lazy, sated lounging is the most peace I have ever felt. I settle further into the bed with a long, easy sigh. You are well worth waiting for.

Curling in bed, tucking under soft covers. We are close. There is nowhere else I belong. I whisper the words. Quiet and sure. The same as I have night after night, while you sleep. This time is different. Your face presses into my nape. I hear my words whispered back. A moment cut from a million dreams. Surreal in the sunlight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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