Surprise at The Spa

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“Surprise at The Spa” is a fantasy experience between the same two characters that are in my “Letters to my Virtual Lover” series. These characters are my virtual lover that I affectionately call my Naked Norwegian, and myself. I am pulling the stories out of the “First time” category because they are no longer first time, but instead they are progressively more erotic. My stories all stands alone and there is no real link between the stories except that they are all fantasy experiences with the same two people. That being said, it would help you understand the relationship between the two if you read Part 1 before moving on to the next. I hope you enjoy our fantasy excursion as much as we did.


It has been a rough few weeks. Work has been draining. You tell me I deserve a break, so you have booked me in for some spa treatment this afternoon. How incredibly sweet!

I walk into the spa and am greeted by very welcoming staff. They have me down for a manicure, pedicure, facial and finally a massage. But first, I am to change into a robe and sit in the lounging area. I do so, and am giving a glass of Sangria to enjoy while I wait. It is quite tasty. There is soft music playing in the background and there is a relaxing scent in the air. I do love how these places use their essential oils. Just being here is relaxing.

The manicure and pedicure go very well. My digits look lovely and are now nice and soft to the touch. I rarely wear nail polish, but oh, how that stuff makes my fingers look delightful. The facial was exquisite. Warm cloths around my face, gentle massaging of face and neck, all of it making me want to just fall asleep right there. I really need to get pampered like this more often.

Between the treatments, more Sangria flows. It is very nice. I don’t drink much, but I have to admit that this stuff is very easy to swallow. Plus, it really does help me relax.

Time for the massage. I proceed to the massage room. I disrobe, as instructed, and I lay face down on the massage table. I have a nice, warm blanket over me and my ankles are propped up with a round pillow. My face is in the face cradle. Life is good.

The door opens and I hear someone come in. No words are spoken. Not a talker! That is ok by me…more relaxing that way. The blanket gets lowered to my butt, exposing my back. I hear the squirt of a bottle followed by the rubbing of hands. I don’t even know if I have a male or female masseuse at this point, and I don’t even care. The hands come to touch my lower back. Male, definitely male…or a woman with big hands. Either way, the pressure applied to my back is perfect. And the oils smell of cinnamon, one of my favorites. The oil feels lightly warm and I suspect the cinnamon oil itself gives out a certain heat. I like heat.

The massaging feels sooo good. The moves are smooth, yet firm. I am putty in his hands. It is almost a sensual experience. His attention to my upper body is thorough. He gets incredibly close to my breasts as he massages along my rib cage. I find myself wishing you were there. I am getting very curious about this guy.

From the face cradle, I am limited as to what I can see. As he moves to the area of my head to massage my shoulders, I see his feet. He is barefoot. I suppose that helps keep Bostancı Escort down the noise as he walks around the table. I am a little groggy from all this relaxing, but my focus clears up a bit when I stare at the feet again. Those feet look very familiar. He has a bruise on his left big toe, just like you do from when you stubbed your toe on the bed frame 3 days ago. I look at the rest of the legs. Oh my, it is actually you! How in the world did you manage this? I smile and think about how I will deal with this.

I decide it is time to start talking. I compliment “him” on his technique and tell him I wish my man could do work like that. You say nothing, but you increase the pressure slightly on your moves. I like that. Work my muscles.

You raise the blanket back up to my shoulders and leave the upper body. You uncover my legs. You start easy enough, massaging my feet and calves. You spend a lot of time on my feet. If I hadn’t figured it out before, I am pretty sure I would now because I know how much you like my feet. Each toe gets its own little bit of attention. Your moves glide so very well with the oil. You circle each toe with your fingers and slide it through your grip in a way that makes it feel like you are having intercourse with my toes. Then you sensually rub the whole foot, followed by the calve. Then you move on to the other foot and do the same. Knowing how you feel about my feet, and feeling what you are doing to them makes me feel more than a little wet right now. Again, I compliment your technique and tell you it feels oh so good. Again, you say nothing.

Moving on the upper legs… more oil is applied. That cinnamon really makes my skin tingle. You massage my inner and outer thighs at the same time with each hand covering a separate area simultaneously, up and down my thighs. You are getting incredibly close to my nether regions. If you were anyone else, I might have to file a complaint. Instead, I just squirm a little bit and let out a slight moan.

I hear the squirt of more oil. The blanket has just gone up over my butt and you proceed to start massaging my derriere. You offer nice firm strokes, separating my cheeks a few times. At this point, I am wondering if you realize that I know it is you, because otherwise, you may be feeling very disappointed in me right now. Instead of offering resistance to this “masseuse”, I just squirm and tilt my pelvis, tightening my butt cheeks, and then relaxing. I even spread my legs a little, just to show that I am accepting the invitation.

But before you have a chance to do anything else, I mention that I really need work done on my shoulders. You stop what you are doing. The blanket goes down on my legs again. I hear you sliding an office chair over to the head of the table and adjusting the height of the seat. You sit on the chair and then slide the chair under the face cradle. I smile when I see you are naked and your penis is now lined up with my face.

You start to massage my shoulder and pull at my neck ever so slightly. My hands have been resting on the arm support below the table, but they come up to meet your penis. Hello my little friend. I wasn’t expecting to see you here today. I start to rub your knob. Then I think of how well you worked on my toes and bring one Kadıköy Escort hand up above the table and say “Oil please!” You give me a squirt. I return my oiled hand to your penis. He takes very little time to get hard. My hands are having a great time, moving up, down, sideways, cradling the testicles and even rubbing your inner thighs. Every once in a while, you seem to lose your rhythm as far as the work you are still trying to go to my shoulders, but I am otherwise very impressed with how you are handling all this.

After a few minutes, I ask if it is possible for you to adjust the chair a little higher. You oblige to my request. Your erection is now within reach. With one hand at the base of your penis and the other cradling your testicles, I go ahead and suck you into my mouth. I am limited as to how much movement I can accomplish in this position, but somehow I manage to get a little bit of up and down motion by pushing up from the base of your penis with my hand and reaching down with my mouth as much as my face cradle will allow. The oil on your penis is giving me a tingle on my lips. This is feeling hot. Your hands aren’t moving much anymore. You have one on each shoulder, just beside my neck and you seem to coordinate the squeezes of my muscles with the rhythm of my bobbing.

I hear you take a deep breath and your hands have made their way to my breasts. They are squeezed between me and the table, but somehow, you manage to stimulate them anyway. My pelvic muscles just want to tighten up and squirm around. I am however focusing on the task at hand. I am taking in your tip and sucking in as much of your length as I can, but it is not ideal.

I tell you the jig is up and I know it is you. You hesitate a little bit. I call you by name and tell you to turn me over. You stand up from the chair and tell me not yet. You move my hair away and you kiss my neck. Then you go to the side of the table and you proceed to remove the blanket entirely so I am stark naked on the table. You kiss my lower back and move your way to my bottom. Your hands are massaging my butt while your lips are kissing it. Your right hand has ventured to my lady bits. The massage oil on your fingers has now been transferred to my sensitive inner tissues. It causes a slight burn, but also a tingle. My knees come together as I try to produce a move that will rub all my tender parts. I am really squirming now.

You finally help me turn around. You kiss my lips. There is that tingle again. Your oiled hands find their way to my breasts. The nipples are already very erect. The tingling from the oil is welcomed there. I breathe in deep and moan a little bit. Your hands move in toward my belly, the belly button and then between my legs. I move my upper body closer to the edge of the table and tell you to come back to my head. You obey. I turn my head toward you and you know what to do. You stroke your penis a couple of times and then slowly put it in my mouth. I won’t be able to do as much with my head tilted sideways on a table, so you will have to do most of the work. I will just try to steady myself. My lips circle the head of your penis and I apply a fair amount of pressure. You start to tilt your pelvis and thrust forward. My head is sent back a bit by the move. It is really Göztepe Escort not easy staying still with my head turned sideways. I let you out of my mouth for a second and tell you to hold my head.

You give another tug on your rod and you put it back in my mouth. This time, your hands go to my head to steady it. You thrust forward again. Bingo! I think we are in business. I adjust pressure on my lips and on my tongue with every thrust you make. Every once in a while, I need to swallow my own saliva so that action causes extra pressure on your penis. Your shaft is hard, very hard. But as much as I enjoy giving you pleasure, this is not the best position. I shake my head to indicate for you to stop. I tell you that you will need to finish down there.

You slide me down further on the table so that my butt is hanging on the edge and my legs are up on your shoulders. You tug at your penis a couple of times again and you position yourself for entry. Before going in, you find my clit and you rub it several seconds. I feel myself squirting down there. You stop rubbing and thrust your rod inside me. It is a tight squeeze, but it feels so good. You start thrusting in and out. I take my right hand and move it to my clitoris. I use my middle finger to rub it. I go further sometimes and come in contact with your penis. I don’t want to get in the way, so I concentrate on my clit, and I rub and I rub some more. God this feels good.

I bring my legs down so that I am straddling your waist instead of hanging off your shoulders. I like this position better. I can now push you in further by squatting at the knees. And now that my legs are not in the way, you can lean forward a bit. With your hands firmly planted on my pelvic bone, you thrust harder, deeper. Your pace has increased. My vaginal wall is tightening up. I am still tingling all over. Breathing seems like such a chore. I hold my breath every once in a while as I take in the sensations going on below. Then I try to inhale, but that seems to be done with several small spurts of air coming in to culminate into one breath. I look down and can see my abdomen move as your shaft pushes my lady parts around. I feel as though you will pop out of my belly button. And let’s not forget the slapping sound I hear at the end of each thrust as your sac hits my butt. Everything put together makes for one amazing experience.

As I feel you tightening up, I reach up over my head and grab the sides of the massage table. I hold on tight and I arch my back, my chest rising up just before the curtain call. Your pace has slowed and your face shows that you are about to blow. You hold your breath and give one last big thrust forward. As I feel the pulsation happening in my vagina, I push you deeper in with my legs and my body starts to convulse. I am holding my breath, my chest is still puffed in the air and my legs are holding on to you for dear life. My vagina contracts, over and over again. I can feel your warm fluids dripping out of me. After several seconds, I feel it is safe to exhale, and I slowly let my chest relax. You lean forward and are now lying on my belly, while your penis is still in me. We both lie there, catching our breaths.

After several minutes, you lift your head and look at me, smiling. I smile back and tell you you’re getting a massage table for your birthday. You say that is great, because next time, you want to the one on the table. I think we can make that happen. We both put our heads down for a few more minutes as we bask in the joy of a really good day.

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