Sunita Finds Release In Fantasy

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It was one of those late nights when Karan was into his drinks and his music. He had been drinking long and hard and they had just sat there and listened to music and to each other. The disc ended and Sunita got up to change the disc when he called her to him.

“Hug me!” he said. She moved close to his large armchair and leaned over him. As she did that the neckline of her caftan hung open allowing him to gaze at her succulent breasts. He licked his lips involuntarily and his arms went around her as she hugged him. He put his hands on her hips and caressed her, feeling the outline of her panties. “Why did she wear so much?” he wondered. It would allow him a lot more latitude with her if she wore less when she came to him.

She smiled down at him as she felt his hands search. His face was upturned and she kissed him on his lips. One leg at a time she placed her knee on the arms of the large leather recliner. She was now over him, straddling him. Her entire body was open to his ministrations and she let herself hang there in front of him, her hands on the backrest of the armchair. Karan slid up the caftan and his hands went under. He wasted no time reaching for her bra and undoing the clasp at the back. Then he pulled the caftan over her head and threw the garment to some corner of the room, as he felt his pulse racing.

He reached up and kissed her again, this time with his lips apart and tongue flicking at her lips. She slid her hand down the front of his t-shirt and stroked his nipple. He gasped. This was a new move by her, and after all these years their lovemaking had fallen to a pattern. Anything new was rare, but so welcome. He squirmed as she played and toyed with his chest, time and again her fingernails coming back to the nipples and arousing him.

Suddenly she moved her head lower and kissed him on his chin. She had him lean forward. When he did that his face was against her chest. His lips reached for her breasts, trying to push aside the straps of her bra with his face. She helped him get his t-shirt off. Then she slid down, now kneeling back on the floor and her lips kissed the hollow of his neck and down his chest. She hovered over the nipple sucking it in. she kneaded his chest as if to milk him and sucked in as much of his flesh as she could. His hand held her head guiding her on to suck him more and more into her mouth.

Sunita’s mind went to the manner in which Shyam sucked her breasts and she did all the things Shyam did to her in sucking and laving his nipples with her tongue. And how Shyam’s toes would have by this time been playing with the insides of her thigh trying to find her sweet spot. Shyam, she thought and sighed. He never let the caressing and the foreplay become a one-way street.

She kissed Karan’s tummy; tonight she was going to treat him to a rare touch from her. The touch of her warm wet mouth on his cock, only Karan didn’t know it just yet. She undid the top button of his shorts and the zip slid open as she opened up the shorts wide. He lifted his hips and soon the shorts were at his ankles. His cock reared up and she watched as it jerked and danced about near her face. Slender, slim but hard, that was him.

Her lips closed around the head and she quickly slid in and out of her mouth. Karan gasped and his hips flew as if to fuck her mouth. She had her hand on his tummy restraining him back as her head bobbed up and down. Karan could feel his cum boiling up and he tried to stop her. Yes, he had had a few drinks and he would last longer than his usual fifteen minutes but not with this. This was way too much for him, as he watched his wife’s head bobbing up and down between his legs. Her breasts were on his knees and he watched Bostancı Escort the bare expanse of her back.

Sunita knew that he would cum if she didn’t stop and she needed him inside her, tonight more than most nights. She too, had had a few drinks and her insides were burning for release. She had been on the phone with Shyam just before she got home. Shyam had been talking about how he wanted to fuck her and all that talk from him had got her juices moving. She needed Karan inside her, before he lost it. She moved back up and kneeled once again on the arms of the chair. Karan looked down at his cock, glistening with her saliva and at his wife’s face and noted how her lips were slick with his precum.

His hands reached between her legs and he felt the heat emanate from her pussy. He quickly pulled down the panties and Sunita soon had it out of the way. She descended on his cock taking it in. She sighed with pleasure. It was not Shyam’s fulfilling thickness and she smiled as she thought of how science would never understand the difference between it made. Yes, a pussy did take a large as well as a small cock with the same measure of comfort, but science could not know anything about the fullness, the stretching, and the completeness that a large cock brought. It was okay when she knew nothing but Karan; but after Shyam, Karan was a compromise. The size, the intensity, the heat and the extent to which Shyam could fuck her without cumming till he was sure she was completely satiated.

Those thoughts of Shyam brought a flood of fluid down upon Karan. Karan thrust upward and his hands went to his wife’s breasts, holding her up with the breasts, his thumbs flicking the nipples. Sunita looked down at the sight with lust crazed eyes imagining Shyam squeezing orgasms out of those very nipples. She fucked down hard. She pumped Karan mercilessly. He howled and heaved back at her, best as he could from the deep cushioning of the sofa.

Sunita held his head and pumped his cock fast and rapidly, her hips alone moving at a furious pace. Karan started to cum. Desperately he pushed Sunita up and off him; he was not supposed to cum in her. Sunita reached between them and caught the flailing cock in her hand and squeezed to give him the comfort of feeling a sheath around his cock. She leaned against him hard feeling her own cunt pulsate from the sudden vacant-ness. She gasped as her hand flooded with his seed. She had been too aggressive with him, she regretted. That response from her had turned him on to a point beyond his control and he had cum even before her first surge of fluids had left her cunt.

She bit her lower lip as she felt the yawning emptiness within her and the unfulfilled need for a body wracking orgasm. Karan spewed and slowed as his head lolled about. His saliva smeared on her chest as the intensity of his orgasm lost him all control of his senses. He thrashed and bucked and came to a stand still. His night of drinking and the fucking from his wife drained him totally and he slumped back on the chair.

Sunita still held the messy jut of flesh in her fist as she felt her husband come to a complete standstill below her. She lifted one leg off, then another and as she came off, she could see her husband’s eyes droop as sleep overcame him. She wiped the fluids on her hand on his shorts and got off. She did not bother to snap back her bra or wear her panties. She found her caftan, and wore it and left the room to head to her own room.

Her legs were trembling as she felt unbridled passion and unmet needs. She bit her lip as she entered her room. She stood with her back to the bed, facing her dressing table. Slowly she lifted the caftan off and threw Kadıköy Escort it aside. Her open bra was partly covering her and she had no panties on. she took in the sight and slowly removed her bra, now completely nude. She watched the marks of wetness on her body and the slight glistening of her pubic hair. Her breasts were flushed with the efforts of Karan but nowhere near rested.

She wondered about what Shyam had told her about playing with herself the way he played with himself. She had hotly denied any such needs but she couldn’t visualize going to bed in this state tonight. She thought of her friend in Mumbai who had a stud boy in the neighborhood eating out of her hand and readily accessible to her. She wondered why she had no such toy-boy.

Shyam talked of dildos, phallic objects used by women to pleasure themselves. Sunita had stared in wonderment at him when he talked of such things. They seemed unreal and she had always felt that a woman wouldn’t have such blatantly sexual needs. At least in her mind, at least in the past. But Shyam had awakened her body to expectations which Karan could not match. Even on nights like this, when she allowed herself to let go, Karan couldn’t consummate the union in the fashion Shyam had got her used to.

Her hands idly twirled the hair at the junction of her legs and she allowed her fingers to stroke her lips. It felt wonderful but she felt odd doing it. She had her Shyam to do that for her and touching her own self there like that felt very dirty.

But the need was strong and she let her fingers separate her pussy lips. She sat on the bed, her legs spread wide, lewdly as she watched herself in the mirror. These were the thighs Shyam kissed as tenderly as he made his way to her cunt, she thought as she stroked her thighs. She shivered. She ran her long finger along the ridge at the top of her cunt, feeling out her clit. And then she rapidly stroked that sensitive flesh. One hand went to her breast as she felt the heat rising rapidly. Suddenly her fingers became rough as she pinched her nipples. Her body arched; that felt so much like Shyam!

Maybe there was more to this than she had previously thought. She let two fingers up her pussy and raked her cunt. It felt so good. Sunita’s lips parted as she gasped. She needed that fuck. Her eyes wandered to her dressing table where she saw her array of perfume bottles and cosmetics. One perfume bottle was sufficiently phallic in its shape and her eyes fixed on it. She stroked her pussy a few more times and soon she knew the vacuum inside her needed filling. Damn Karan for being the kind of guy he was! And damn Shyam for not being where he was needed.

She reached across to the dresser and lifted the long tapering perfume bottle. The cap was a screw on cap and seemed to be tight enough to take some pounding. She kneeled in front of the mirror on one knee the other leg held wide agape. She watched her own eyes in the mirror as she used the rounded knob of the cap on her cuntlips. She rotated it so that it nosed her open. She shuddered as she felt the spasms and the wetness on the knob of the bottle cap made sure that it was now lubricated for further action. She ran it up and down the entire length of her slit the way she massaged herself with Shyam’s cock.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she sighed. It felt wonderful. She gripped the body of the bottle as she thrust it deeper up into her cunt. It entered her easily, and she turned the bottle now. The ribbing on the glass surface raked the inside walls of her pussy and she gasped with pleasure. A smile creased her face as she remembered Shyam’s words to take his advice seriously if desire became unbearable. “I have never Göztepe Escort felt that kind of desire” had been her response then. But then, she had never felt the Shyam kind of pleasure ever!

She wanted to fuck. She wanted to go back to that moment on the armchair when she had Karan up inside her. When she was in command of the pleasure she was seeking. She kneeled with both knees on the bed now. She grabbed a pillow and placed it under the bottle. She carefully held the bottle in her hand and lifted and dropped her hips onto the bottle. The knob spread apart her lips. The ribs on the glass surface of the bottle raked her flesh. She felt pleasure spreading through her body. One hand massaged her breast. She fucked up and down.

Shyam. She needed Shyam. His hands caressing her ass, his lips on her nipples and his cock ramming up into her; sometimes with a fast in-and-out sawing; sometimes with a deep thrusting fuck, holding her ass tight and down.

With those thoughts she fucked the bottle in her hand. She felt juices pool and flow over the fist that held the bottle as the pleasuring resulted in flow. She stared at the vision in the mirror; the restrained and comfortable Sunita fucking a bottle in desperation thinking of the way her lover plundering her.

She left the bottle there stuck half way. She twirled it in her cunt as it juiced her, like a fruit juicer squeezing an orange. Her hand found her throbbing clit. She stroked the clit furiously. She closed her eyes. She imagined Shyam’s head between her legs. That vision caused a surge in her feelings. She felt her hips move more violently as she felt her orgasm welling up.

She saw her stomach flutter. She screwed the bottle around more number of turns in her cunt. Her fingers focused hard. Her face screwed up. Her lips were parted. She was clenching her muscles in her pelvis and for the first time in her life, she saw parts of her going taut and relaxing in a rhythm. It was the orchestration of her body to her orgasm.

She lost control of her head and her body as the orgasm ripped out of her. Her eyes tried to stay focused on the flailing figure in the mirror.

“Oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Shyamlllllllllllllllllllllll!” she went as the cunt thrashed and jerked, taking her body with it. She rammed down and gasped as she felt the bottle go too far. She pulled back and let it in again. Fucking herself. Her hips rose and fell as she imagined the body of her man prone below her and she taking the flesh for her own satisfaction.

She stroked her stomach, her thighs, and her breasts as she shuddered and came. A small quantity of her juices flowed down the surface of the bottle wetting her hand.

She jerked, once, twice, thrice. Then she paused as she felt various parts of herself shudder. Then she thrust down once more. And warmth spread over her, including her nipples and her face as they flushed red.

She dropped her ass back to the bed, legs spread wide. She watched herself spread out with her improvised dildo stuck in her. She must tell Shyam of this she thought to herself. Slowly she lay back, allowing the bottle to slip out of her and lie there between her legs.

Now she wanted Shyam holding her, caressing her as her body came down from the highs. She stifled the sob that came up in her at the feelings over his absence. She hadn’t heard Karan come to the room of the door from where he had watched her masturbate herself to an orgasm.

As Sunita curled up to sleep, she felt his warmth encompass her as he spooned himself to her back. She felt the body, warm. She felt him rub himself against her, the limp cock against her asscheek. Hands came around and cupped and held her breasts as he pulled them close together.

In the sleep induced haze of her mind the satisfaction of cuddling with Shyam was met, but somewhere she knew it was not him. She smiled as she rubbed her thighs together and allowed herself to let go and sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32