Sunbathing Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: The Consequences

For several days Nikki thought over what had happened between herself and Aunt Teresa when she had been sunbathing on the lawn, and finally she got up the courage to confess to her husband.

It was not easy to admit to herself, let alone her husband, that she had allowed herself to be seduced by an older woman, and even more difficult to acknowledge that she had enjoyed it so much. But she found she couldn’t bear to keep it from him and one night, lying next to him and staring into the dark, she told him about it.

His reaction was not what she expected; there was no screaming or shouting, and certainly no violence. He just lay silently next to her and let her tell the story with only occasional interruptions, almost as if she were recounting nothing more interesting than a day out to the local art gallery.

At first she spoke hesitantly, but then, emboldened by his apparent acceptance, she gave him the full story, leaving out only her personal feelings and the more intimate of details. It was cathartic to relive the experience as she told him about it, remembering the feel of a woman’s touch, the things that Teresa had done to her and made her do, and the release of urinating in full view at the end. So intense was her memory that she could almost feel her pussy becoming moist again as she related her story to her husband.

Finally, her tale told, she reached out in the dark and took a hold of his hand.

“I’m sorry, Adam, truly I am. Please forgive me.”

She heard him sigh next to her, a deep, heavy sigh as if he had come to a difficult decision, and she lay still, worried what would happen now.

“I will forgive you Nikki, but there will be consequences to our relationship. How could there not be?”

“I’m sorry.” She repeated miserably, wondering just what the consequences would be and fearing the worst.

Adam didn’t reply, instead Nikki felt him grip her hand more tightly and pull it towards him. For a moment she didn’t understand what he was doing, but as her fingers were placed around his rock hard cock she realized his intention.

“Play with me Nikki.” Adam demanded. “If you can play with your aunt, you can play with your husband.”

“I didn’t play with her, Adam. She touched me. And she’s not my real aunt, just a close friend of my mother’s. I just call her ‘Auntie’.”

For some reason it seemed desperately important for him to get things clear.

“Well, wank me anyway.”

Her hand began to travel softly up and down his shaft and he sighed with obvious enjoyment. She was puzzled, unable to understand how he could be so turned on when she’d just admitted being unfaithful to him with another woman. Her own vague arousal she could appreciate, after all it was a very erotic memory, but she couldn’t figure out what had got to him so much. She shrugged mental shoulders and gave thanks for such easy forgiveness.

Nikki kept to the slow, gentle movements of her hand, running her fingers lightly along his length and sometimes running her thumb over the tip, and it wasn’t many minutes before he was groaning quietly and his body began to tense with pleasure. She thought that his intention must be to simply have her make him cum just like Teresa had with her, and she looked forward to hearing him grunt as he climaxed and to feeling his cream spill over her hand as she played with him, but he had other ideas.

His movement was without warning. He pushed her away onto her back and rolled on top of her, levering her legs apart with his knees and holding his cock in his hand to search for her entrance.

“I think I’d like to fuck a slut, alright?”

As he spoke his cock found her tunnel and immediately slid inside, his rock hardness and her moistness allowing instant penetration. He adjusted his position, lying fully on top of her and hooking his hands under her shoulders to hold her immobilized as he thrust to full depth.

“Well, don’t you think you owe me a fuck?”

Nikki was taken aback by both his words and his manner, her usually gentle and sensitive lover had turned into a newly forceful man apparently intent only in his own pleasure, but to her utter amazement, she liked it.

“Yes, Adam. I do owe you a fuck, so bang me hard. Shove it right up me as hard and fast as you can.”

“I don’t think you’re in a position to tell me how to do it, do you? I’ll fuck you however I want to.”

He whispered hoarsely into her ear at the same time as ramming his cock at her and grinding himself into her pubes. Several times he pulled back, moving only an inch or so, and then slammed himself back, almost knocking the wind from her. Nikki lay beneath him in delighted wonder at his unexpectedly violent use of her pussy.

“Now you can tell me all about it. I want to know everything you and that woman did to each other, and how much you liked it. Because you did like it, didn’t you, you cheating bitch?”

Nikki felt herself colour up with the humiliation of his words.

“Yes, I liked it. But I’ve told you that, and türbanlı escort what happened.”

“Tell me more. Tell me everything.”

He rammed himself into her as hard as he could, making both of them gasp at the impact.

“What can I tell you, when I’ve already told you what happened?”

Nikki was becoming a little bit apprehensive now, enjoying his use of her body but not sure about the direction his questions were taking.

“Tell me how you felt; tell me what it’s like to have a woman’s fingers up your cunt.”

His hoarse, urgent whisper was right in her ear, sounding all the more menacing because it came to her out of the darkness. He was both angry and turned on, the one feeding from the other, and he was becoming determined to humiliate her sexually to satisfy both of his emotions. He was not to know that Nikki was herself becoming more aroused by his forcefulness and the shame of having to describe her offence in such detail.

“How many fingers did she use?” He asked her, his voice tight with emotion.

Nikki blushed into the darkness. “Two.”

“Did it feel good?”

“Yes.” Why should she lie? It had been good.

“What did she do? Did she finger you like I do?”

“Yes, but faster. And she wriggled her fingers around inside me as well as just going in and out.”

Nikki gasped as Adam’s cock slammed against her cervix before continuing, encouraged by his arousal.

“It was good, Adam, she got me really going. She made me ever so wet.”

“Did she make you cum?”


“How many times?”

He pushed his cock as far into her as it would go, grinding himself hard against her pussy.


“Four? You horny bitch. You do like having it with women, don’t you?”

He didn’t wait for her reply, but went on.

“How did she make you cum? Was it strumming your clit or fingering your cunt, or what?”

“Twice playing with my clit, once by fingering me, and once by licking me.”

Nikki could feel the first stirrings of an orgasm deep inside her pelvis. Being made to tell Adam about her experience with Auntie Bridget and knowing from the heavy breathing in her ear that he was getting a kick from hearing about it was turning her on, and the feel of his steel hard cock sliding so powerfully in and out of her was dong the rest. She knew that she wouldn’t hold back, she would tell him everything he wanted to know — and enjoy the shame it brought upon her.

“Which way made you cum hardest?”

“When she went down on me.”

“Tell me about that.”

“Well, she did it from above, you know, like half of a sixtynine with her head between my legs, so that when she licked my clit her nose was nearly in my pussy hole. But before she started she pulled me right open and just looked at me. And, oh! Adam, that gave me a hell of a buzz, just lying there while she inspected my pussy, and she didn’t mind that it’s so hairy.” Nikki had Mediterranean ancestry, with its olive complexion and its tendency towards hairiness. Her thick wiry black pubes were something she was always self conscious about, but sheer pigheadedness stopped her from shaving them.

“Did she put her tongue up you?”

Adam was so aroused that his cock began to twitch inside Nikki as he panted the words into her ear, and for a moment she thought he was actually cumming.

“No. She only licked my clitoris, but it was so damn good… ooooh!”

Nikki gasped as Adam rammed into her again.

“She sucked it as well, with her tongue going round and round the tip, and that got me so fucking hot you’ve no idea.”

“Then tell me.”

“Well, I got so fucking randy that I could feel my sap running down and round my arsehole, and my hips started to tremble so that I could hardly keep still for her. It was fantastic Adam, I never wanted it to stop.”

Nikki paused for a moment, trying to muster her thoughts as Adam’s cock plunged repeatedly into her very wet pussy. She was going to cum soon from the memories and from the brutal fucking that she was receiving, but she felt both ashamed and excited at her own arousal. She began whispering her story in her husband’s ear once more, enjoying the buzz of hearing him panting sexily into her neck.

“Then she padded her teeth behind her lips and bit my clit, pulling on it with her teeth at the same time as licking it. That got me going as well. But best of all was when she nibbled me between her bare teeth. She bit my clit hard enough to hurt and then tugged on it until it slipped out of her mouth. I loved that, and she kept on doing it until it made me cum, and it was such a good cum I nearly passed out.”

“What about when you pissed on her?” Asked his voice in her ear.

“I didn’t pee on her, I told you what happened.”

“Tell me again.” He hammered into her as he spoke, his voice thick from his arousal.

“I needed to go and pee, but she wouldn’t let me. She wanted me to stay and watch her play with herself and she told me to wait until after she’d made herself cum.”

“Why didn’t you just leave her to it and go to take a piss?”

“Because she told me not to. I’m sorry Adam, I know it sounds silly, but I just felt I had to do what she asked and stay.”

Nikki groaned as his thrusts began to quicken. She was reaching the point of holding back her orgasm and having to tell Adam about everything was making her so fucking randy that she urgently needed to cum. It felt fantastic to desperately want to cum, but still hold herself back.

“So what happened?”

“I squatted down and watched her, but then at the same time as she got near to cumming I couldn’t hold it anymore and I just had to pee, even though she was there, right in front of me.”

“Could she see your cunt as you pissed?”

“Yes, Adam, she was right in front of me. I watched her cum while she watched me pee, and we could both see everything. That’s what made it so sexy, because we were letting each other see things that we shouldn’t. My God, but it felt so good!”

“Where did your piss land?”

“Only on the grass Adam, I didn’t pee on her at all.” Nikki paused and bit her lip to help hold back her climax. “But it was close enough for her to see me going really clearly, and I liked that a lot.”

“Would you like to have peed on each other?”

Nikki shuddered at the thought, trying anxiously to prevent herself from cumming yet.

“Maybe, I don’t know.” It was an honest answer; she was too damn randy to come up with a logical replay.

“Did you do anything to her?” Adam wanted to know.

“No, I told you that I didn’t touch her.”

“Did you want to? Do you still want to?”


Nikki hid behind her gasp of delight as Adam ground himself against her pubes, to give herself a second or two to compose herself and consider her answer. It wasn’t that she didn’t know the answer, she just wanted to be sure she dare tell her husband.

“Yes. I wanted to, but Auntie Bridget wouldn’t let me. And, yes, I would still like to do it to her.”

Adam slammed his cock hard into her, making her groan as her impending climax threatened to overwhelm her.

“What about a different woman? Would you like to have sex with another woman.”

Nikki hadn’t thought about that, but the sudden leap of her heart gave her the answer.

“Yes, Adam, I think I would. I know it can’t ever happen, but I would like to do it with either Auntie Bridget or with some other woman.”

“Then do it.”

Nikki couldn’t believe what she had heard.

“Do it again, with Bridget, or with someone else. Have sex with anyone you want to. Man or woman, I don’t mind. Just don’t ever do it behind my back. I want to know about before you do it and I want you to tell me about it afterwards. I want you to tell me everything.”

Nikki could sense that Adam was himself tottering on the edge of cumming, giving his wife permission to have sex with other people had got them both right to the brink.

“Would it make you happy if I did?” She asked him, needing confirmation of his permission.

“Yes. The thought really turns me on. It would give me a real thrill to be here and know that you were out fucking someone else and then to hear all about it afterwards. Just don’t cheat on me.”

He panted his lust into her ear, admitting his desire to be cuckolded.

“Then I’ll do it.”

Adam pushed into her, his pending climax finally exploding on him, making him ram right up inside her vagina and send his cum surging into her. She felt the flood gates open and the spurts of his cum striking her cervix and in turn that set off her much delayed orgasm, so that they both lay in each others arms, holding on for all they were worth, calling out obscenities into each others ears and bucking and jerking from the strengths of their climaxes.

Afterwards Nikki lay under her husband limp and spent, but with her mind in turmoil. She had admitted that she’d been masturbated by her ‘aunt’ and that had apparently led to her husband giving her carte blanche to have full sex with anyone she wanted to, so long as she told him about it. It was something that she couldn’t really get her head around. Yes, she’d heard of men who liked the idea of their spouses going with other people, but she’d never thought that Adam might be one of them. What the hell was it all about, and now that she’d climaxed she wasn’t sure if she wanted to have extra-marital sex anyway. Was having sex with other people the consequences of her session with Auntie Bridget that Adam has spoken of earlier?

“Is that what you meant when you said there’d be consequences, Adam?” She asked when she’d finally got her breath back. “That you’d want me to do it again?”

She sensed him smiling wolfishly in the darkness above her. “No, my angel. I haven’t had time to think what they might be yet. But don’t worry; it won’t break us up or anything.”

He rolled off and lay by her side, lifting her limp hand to his mouth and kissing her fingers.

“I want you to go to bed with other people, okay?”

She nodded silently into the darkness, still not sure about it. He went on as if he had heard.

“I really want you to fuck other people, I’ve often wanted that to happen, but never thought it could. But I must be told all about it every time, and I do mean all about it. Sometime perhaps I’ll want to actually see you in bed with a woman, or a man, or even both. I think I’d like to watch you get fucked and hear you yell out when you cum. And I want you to come home sometimes and show me your cunt dripping with another man’s cum, so I can get sloppy seconds. Do you understand?”

She nodded again, and then realizing it was dark she whispered a faint ‘yes’ in his ear. She could feel his cum leaking from her, and the thought that maybe it didn’t have to be just his cum struck a faint chord in her. Maybe she would enjoy having Adam after taking someone else’s load after all.

“Good. But you should know that if you ever go with anyone and don’t tell me about it afterwards, it will be the end for us. You should also know that any time you go to bed with another person without getting my permission first, I will think of some suitable punishment for you. That way I keep my pride, understand?”

“Yes.” Her affirmative was a little stronger this time, the idea of punishment sent an unexpected ripple of pleasure through her. “What sort of punishment?”

“I don’t know yet, but to give you an idea I think playing around with Bridget should get your bottom spanked, don’t you?”

That was just the sort of thing Nikki wanted to hear, she’d never been spanked and had often thought about trying it.

“But it won’t be right now, it’ll be when you least expect it, I promise you that.”

“And I promise you that I won’t cheat Adam. If I ever do have sex with anyone else I’ll tell you everything, I swear.”

“Good. Then perhaps we should get some sleep. We’ll be having a late night tomorrow, don’t forget.”

He was alluding to a barbecue that they had planned for a small group of close friends and as he spoke he raised her hand to his lips again. But this time instead of simply kissing her hand, to her surprise he took each finger into his mouth and sucked it in turn.

“Remember, the next time I do this I want to taste another woman.”

With that he turned on his side and almost immediately fell asleep leaving Nikki wide awake with her brain turning somersaults inside her head as she tried to come to terms with his response to her confession. She really had, it seemed, opened an astonishing can of worms, and she wasn’t at all sure what to do. She had always been faithful to Adam, even though she had often wondered what other men would be like. The idea of experimenting and then having to tell him what she had done appealed no end, just the thought of it sent a delicious shiver through her. It was just that it still went against her principles to have sex outside of her marriage, even at her husband’s instigation. She could let herself do it fully with a woman, she thought, but fucking with another man might be a step too far.

She put her hand between her legs, feeling for Adam’s cum as it trickled from her and pooled on the sheet beneath her. She scooped a little onto two fingers and rubbed them together, luxuriating in the slipperiness of his cream but then wondering how she would feel if it was mixed with another man’s. Another little shudder of suppressed delight answered that for her, fighting against her instinctive objections.

Next to her Adam snored softly and shifted his position. Wondering if he was about to wake again she lay still, her hand resting lightly on her pussy and feeling their combined wetness on her hand. Adam stirred again but didn’t wake and without thinking Nikki began to quietly play with herself, running her fingertip over her clit as she remembered Bridget’s skilful touch. Yes, she would like to experience that again, and return the favour.

She masturbated softly, trying as she did do to make believe that it was another woman’s pussy she was playing with, and that the beautiful sensations in her own were from someone else’s fingers, maybe not even the same someone whose clit she was stroking. The fantasy worked and very soon a new orgasm was building steadily in the background, helped by the fact that she was masturbating next to her sleeping husband, who would doubtless want to know what had stimulated her imagination if he woke up. She didn’t want to explain herself and her breath came in stifled little gasps as she became hotter and as she tried to prevent herself from moaning out loud.

What, she wondered, would it really be like to stroke another woman’s clitoris, to rub on it gently and then not so gently? What would it be like to feel her writhing under her touch, to feel her get wet, and then to push her fingers deep inside her tunnel? Would she enjoy the feel, would she enjoy bringing another female to orgasm, and most of all, would she like to go down on another woman and taste her pussy? She could remember how sexy her Aunt Bridget had looked with Nikki’s own wetness all around her mouth, and suddenly there was no more doubt or vacillation, she knew she was going to do it as soon as the opportunity arose.

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