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It was summertime, but the night was cool and crisp. I was 18, at the peak of my early sexual awakening. I went to a concert, a small no name band I don’t even remember, with a bunch of girlfriends. Afterwards, we were hot, sweaty, thirsty, and looking for likeminded company. There was a group of guys from out of town in the smoking area, and we thought they looked promising, so we approached them and started flirting. There was one guy in particular, Adam who I really had my eye on. He was Hispanic, with dark, short hair and warm brown skin. He had dazzling blue eyes, the color of ice. He was wearing loose jeans and a band shirt, I believe it was Korn, but I can’t remember for certain. I never did learn his last name.

We were soon piled into a couple of cars and headed down to a campsite that another friend had for the night, and we started drinking and smoking pot. The pipe was passed around, the liquor was cheap and hot in my throat, and the campfire was hypnotic. Once I was good and loaded, I started flirting and teasing Adam. We laughed and touched, drinking in the sight of each other. I felt like I could take on the world.

I had to go back to my car to fetch another lighter, and he followed me. I sat down in the driver’s seat and he knelt down next to me on the hard and rocky ground. I was wearing a tight denim skirt and a tank top, and I had skimpy light blue thong underwear on underneath, cradling my young pussy and riding all the way up past my tight virginal asshole. As soon as I was sitting down, his hand made its way quickly up my thigh and to my underwear. He didn’t even bother rubbing my slit through gaziantep escort bayan the silk; he moved it swiftly out of the way and slid a finger into my waiting hole. My eyes grew wide as he claimed me without remorse, shocked at his lack of inhibitions, his incontestable assurance of my eagerness to bend to his will.

I was wet instantly, and he smiled up at me as he pumped my hungry cunt with his finger quickly and smoothly. My youthful inhibitions were quickly lost with his confidence, and I leaned my head back against the car seat, spreading my legs wider as he inserted another finger, bicycling them inside of me, reaching the g-spot that had previously been undiscovered. I felt my passion rising as he worked me with his experienced fingers, pulling the lust from me through my eager hole.

Still waiting for a lighter, my friends were calling for us in minutes. He took his hand out from between my legs and led me by the hand back to the campsite. I could feel my juices on his fingers, and it made me blush visibly as I gave the lighter to my friend. He grabbed a bottle of Jose Cuervo, and then he wasted no time in taking my hand again, this time with force. The strength in his hand told me that he fully expected me to come with him, and I was too filled with lust and adrenaline to think of disobeying.

He led me to the next campsite over, which was empty, and lifted me on to the picnic table with one swift motion from his strong arms. He stood between my legs and kissed me deeply, his tongue exploring my mouth, wrestling with my tongue as we tasted each other. His hands groped at my large tits like he was clinging to a life raft, pushing and pulling and hurting in a way that I had never felt before. It was sloppy and dirty and delicious. We were two animals, hungry for each other, our inhibitions gone in a haze of liquor and smoke.

He ripped my shirt off swiftly, tearing it down the center, but I stopped him before he could destroy my favorite bra. I struggled with the straps as he roughly pulled my underwear from my body and threw them into the woods behind him, and he dove his face into my pussy. He licked and sucked and bit at my tender cunt as I writhed in pain and pleasure. It was my first experience in mixing the two, and I was learning quickly how wonderful the combination could be. He went at my pussy like a lion ripping at a deer as I cried out, staring at the stars and trees above me, the hard wooden picnic table leaving scratches and splinters in my back and hips. In quick time, I could no longer keep track of his tongue, his lips, his teeth, and his fingers. It felt like a dozen men were attacking my hungry and inexperienced cunt, and I was crying out like a dying woman. I gripped his hair as I came, I dug my nails into the rough wood as I came again, I pulled at my tits as he pushed me over the edge over and over.

When I thought I would go mad, he stood up and rammed his enormous cock into my ravaged pussy. I had only had sex twice before that, and neither of them was anywhere close to the size and strength of his rod. He held my ass over the edge of the table as he pounded at me for what felt like hours. The sound of our hips slapping together echoed in the trees, sending sleeping birds flying with accusatory backward glances. He showed me positions I didn’t know my body could accomplish. He bent my legs back until my knees were touching my ears. He put one of my feet on the ground as he held the other over his shoulder. He made me bend over with my knees straight as I held my ankles. I lost track of how many orgasms I had in that abandoned camp site, but when he finally came deep inside of me, I fell to the ground and shook with sobs for 20 minutes until I could stand again.

He held me until I could stand again, and helped me fix my skirt, which had stayed around my waist for the entire fuck session. We found my bra. He helped me piece my shirt back into something wearable by tying it into knots, but my panties were lost forever. I still think of who might have finally found them, maybe it was a bored and neglected husband who needed the thrill of imagining our adventure.

We walked back to where our friends were sitting around a campfire and sat together outside the crowd, in the shadows. I was so cum-drunk, I didn’t realize just how visible we still were when he wrapped my legs around his waist and entered my sore pussy again, claiming me as his own with all of my friends pretending not to notice. He was gentle this time, rocking me back and forth on his cock slowly while his hands dug into my hips. I came again as his cock hit my tender and swollen g-spot again and again, fighting the urge to cry out as my tired cunt squeezed out one last milking orgasm. I honestly don’t remember if he came again or not.

He kissed me again, tenderly, before he got up and walked away, my dripping slit still twitching from my last exhausting orgasm. I have no idea where he went, and I never saw him again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32