Summer Blackout

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I was watching tv, basking in the air conditioning and the lazy thrill of a murder-mystery, when the power shut off. The screen went blank with a faint “zap”, the blades of the ceiling fan slowed from a frenzied whirl to an ominous stop. Fuck. I extricated my long limbs from the sofa, my slender body clothed only in soccer shorts and a sports bra. The air in the apartment had already gone still and stale, and with a quick glance around, I could tell that it wasn’t just one blown fuse.

On bare feet, I walked outside to the front porch, my neighbors up and down the block doing the same. Some just shouted out from their doorways, while others gathered to talk on the sidewalk, but it was clear from the chatter that the whole street had lost electricity. I sighed and leaned over the railing, listening to snatches of conversations nearby, but not joining in. I heard someone say something about a “city-wide blackout”, another claimed that they heard on the radio it could be days long. Meanwhile, I was already sweating, rivulets running down the backs of my thighs and between my breasts. I wondered, how long until it will feel cooler outside than in?

My neighbors started to drift away, some to the corner store for ice, others to tune their battery operated radios. I knew I should have been doing something- there are things you’re supposed to prepare for when the power goes out, right? Gather flashlights, candles, cold water and ice, cook off the meat, eat all the ice cream before it melts… but the heat bore down on me so heavily that all of that just seemed exhausting and pointless, and… such a bore. I slid into the one lounge chair that I had adorning my porch, and watched some boys from my college start a game of pickup basketball across the street.

They started off playing shirts vs skins, but it wasn’t long before they were all shirtless and glistening under the late summer sun. I found myself fixating on a guy I recognized from my sociology class- Alex, I think. Alex was tall and lean-muscled, his arms flexing expertly Şerifali Escort with each shot at the basket. He smiled at his friends from under a scruffy mop of dark brown hair, his dark eyes sparkling. He moved around the street on the balls of his feet, confident and athletic. I lazily ran my tongue along my lips, feeling my chest tighten ever so slightly. In an uncharacteristic burst of spontaneity, I leapt up from my chair, and shouted across the way at the boys, “Hey! You need a sixth?”

The guys looked at each other- but after a beat, one shouted back, “Yeah, sure!” I jogged down off my porch and onto the street. Good thing I still had my shoes on. The guys looked at me, skeptical but smiling.

“I’m Kayla, by the way,” I said. Alex stepped towards me, and I nearly got a head-rush from the scent of sweat and exertion wafting off of him, his t-shirt wet.

“You can be on skins,” he said, eyeing my chest rising and falling, clad only in a scanty sports bra. I flushed, but tried to shake it off. Alex threw the ball to me, and the six of us started a new game.

I hadn’t played basketball in a long time, but the flow of the game soon came back to me, and I had no trouble side-stepping the boys and scoring some layups. Thirty minutes in, we were all soaked in sweat and exhausted from the heat. The guys were ready to call it a day and try to cool off indoors, and I sensed my chance about to leave me. As his roommates headed inside, I pulled Alex aside. “Hey, you think you could give me some pointers? You seem like you know what you’re doing,” I said, trying to look cute as I wiped the sweat from my face with the back of my hand.

Alex smiled, “You’re asking me for pointers? I should be asking you. You’re a beast out there, Kayla”. He took a swig from his water bottle. “Smart AND athletic… what else are you good at?”

I was taken aback by his comment. “Oh geez, I didn’t think you remembered me from class,” I confessed.

Alex took a step closer. “You’re hard to miss”. I smiled, and instinctively Ümraniye Escort reached out towards him, and his tanned, toned arms quickly circled around me, his lips meeting mine. It was a salty, hungry kiss, our tongues quickly coming into play, circling and probing. I ran my fingers through his damp hair, pulling him closer to me. His hands roamed. One cupped my face, his calloused, strong hands tender but firm against me. The other slowly traveled down my back, eventually coming to rest on my ass. I could feel the blood rushing through me, my body coming alive again, not from competitive adrenaline, but lust. I broke off the kiss, pulling away.

“Shit, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have-” Alex began, looking apologetic, but I interrupted.

“Don’t you wanna take this inside?” I said. I looked down, where Alex’s cock very obviously strained against his thin basketball shorts. It didn’t take anything more than that- Alex grinned and I led the way back to my apartment.

As soon as we got inside, Alex shutting the door behind us, he was on me, and we kissed more fiercely this time, feral. He bit my lip, bringing on an exquisite pain, and I moved my hand down to stroke his cock through his shorts. It was long, thick, and practically pulsing. We broke apart long enough for him to tear off his shirt, and for me to take off my bra. He was back on me immediately, cupping and kneading my flesh, rubbing his thumbs over the buttons of my pink, erect nipples. My breasts fit perfectly into his palms, two perfect handfuls- as if they had been created especially for his hands. I moaned in pleasure, as he pressed his cock up against me.

He whispered into my ear, “Do you want me?”

“Yes,” I panted out, desperate for release, “Fuck me with your big cock”. Alex moaned, and pushed me onto the couch, where I sat with my legs open, looking up at him.

“Take off your shorts,” he said in a low growl, and I quickly obeyed, removing my socks and shoes, then shorts and underwear in one swift motion, as he did the same. His cock Üsküdar Escort was even bigger than I had thought. I took a deep breath, readying myself for the pounding of my life.

Alex knelt down in front of me, using his hands to spread my legs so that I was totally exposed to him. He leaned in to kiss me again, his tongue stiff and authoritative. I surrendered to him then, as he began to play with my nipples, rolling and pinching my erect nubs. I became acutely aware of the ache in my pussy, begging to be touched. He slid his hard cock slowly along me, up and down across my folds.

One hand gripping my hair, he slid the other down to my pussy, teasing my hole. He slid two fingers inside of me, pistoning them in and out as I moaned. As easily as he had slid inside, he slid his fingers back out, now soaked with my juices. He rubbed my clit in small circles, practically bringing me to the edge. Just as I thought I couldn’t take anymore, he entered me with his long, throbbing cock. Gasping, I didn’t need to encourage him. He thrusted in and out, his entire length filling me completely. Almost unable to control himself, he moaned, “Fuck, you feel so good,” and in response, I craned my neck upwards to meet him, biting and sucking on his earlobe. But soon, I began to lose control too, and moaned into his ear. My pussy felt stretched to the maximum, as his cock plunged into me again and again, stroking my inner walls. I reached my hand down and played with my clit as he pounded me, rubbing my nub furiously.

We were both reaching climax when Alex, without breaking contact, suddenly wrapped his strong arms under my ass, lifting me from the couch. My legs wrapped around him, Alex stood, holding me up. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he now thrusted into me with abandon. I buried my face into the crook of his shoulder and neck, my mouth open in ecstasy, teeth grazing his skin. As Alex came, his hands squeezed my ass cheeks hard, and I screamed in delight as his cock convulsed inside of me. My orgasm quickly followed, as his hot cum roped into me.

Completely spent, we collapsed on the couch. I rested against Alex’s broad chest, feeling the rise and fall of his panting breath. Looking down at me, Alex smiled and said, “I think we found the third thing you’re good at”.

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