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Big Dicks

What I am about to share with you is one of the most significant events in my life. So I think I should tell you a little about myself.

I am one of the youngest students in my year and my 18 th birthday was only a few months ago. I am considered bright and introverted, however, I am not in the least shy about my body, and my family is Naturist by inclination, and we spend as much time as possible naked.

By the way, my name is Jamie.

I did well in my exams and to reward me, they decided to take me on my first Naturist holiday.

My parents have always loved the Languedoc region of France so naturally they typed ” Naturist Resorts in Languedoc ” into goggle and they up with a resort called ” Domaine St. Laurent” it seemed ideal and was described as follows

“Caravans to let, a swimming pool, woodland walks and a traditional converted barn in which wonderful barn dances, French-style are held.”

The holiday was booked, and we made the journey to the resort, and the last thing, I need to say before telling you what happened on this holiday, is that I was desperate to lose my virginity.

The story below is about how it happened and to be honest it came as a complete surprise.

It was on the third day of the holiday, and I was enjoying the felling of the warm air on my naked body. We were meeting some folks that my parents’ had made friends with on the first day, and it turned out that they had their two daughters with them, they were stunning, one was the same age as me, and the other a year older. Had they been fully clothed it would have been instant hard on, Anadolu Yakası Escort seeing them naked with their legs wide apart resulted in my cock pointing vertically upwards.

My dad whispered in my ear

“Jamie, you might want to lose that.”

I looked horrified

“Not here you dope, take a walk and find a secluded spot.”

I made my apologies and did just that.

Finding a spot where I thought I would not be disturbed, I lay on the grass and started to wank myself, the girls staring in my fantasy. I had been masturbating for about five minutes when I heard a giggle. I stopped and looked around, but I could not see anyone, thinking it was my imagination I carried on with renewed vigour. Then I heard two girls giggling; it was not my imagination it was the two girls that I was fantasying about.

“Jamie can we watch?”

“Yes, I suppose.”

I was trying to sound as chilled as possible.

So I continued, and they watched intently.

“Jamie, can we join in?”

“Yes, please!”

Well they did Sophie engaged me in a deep French kiss, while Izzy began to suck my cock, the way her tongue flicked its sensitive tip drove me wild. I came in no time.

“Thank you!” I spurted out

“Still it was a shame that I could not have cum inside one of you.”

“Jamie, no problem, we will make sure that you make us both cum.”

They then worked my cock in tandem first hands then mouths; all the while they were massaging their clits. I was soon harder than I had ever been.

It was then that Izzy said,

“Jamie, Bostancı Escort I would like to cum in your mouth, please oblige?”

Oblige I did and I probed deep inside her pussy before sucking hard on her clit. While, I did this Sophie straddled me taking my cock deep inside me and started to bounce up and down. I my body had never felt so alive every nerve in it tingling. Just when I though it could go on forever, I mean hoped it could go on forever, Izzy came her juices flowing down my throat, then Sophie’s pussy started to contract, and we both came.

“Wow!” was the only thing, I could think of saying.

Sophie replied

“Jamie, please lick me out?”

As I did so Izzy worked full throttle on my cock; I was soon hard again, and when she was satisfied with the length see glided it into her very wet pussy, and she proceeded to give me one hell of a deep, hard fuck. When I came she milked me dry, that is when Sophie, spray cum all over my face.

They then decided that they needed to clean the sex off me; they did so with their tongues. They then kissed me goodbye. I slowly made way back and arrived sporting a hard on. My dad said?

“I take it that you could not find a spot secluded enough?”

“No dad.” was my reply.

It was three days, before I meet Sophie and Izzy again. It was at a dance not a barn dance but a disco for the teenagers staying at the resort a strictly 18-21 affair. I will confess now that while I fancied both of the sisters it was Sophie who turned me on maybe because she was a year older than me.

The disco was clothing optional Ümraniye Escort and the choices of the teenagers present ranged from fully dress to naked, and I had decided on being naked. I scanned the crowd and could not see either of the sisters. I was relieved when they arrived 10 minutes latter both were wearing bras and thongs.

They joined up with me, and they explained that, during the earlier part of the evening, the dances were fairly energetic. They did not want their tits to be bouncing around.

I asked Sophie for a dance and was gutted when she refused me. She then smiled and said that we would dance when it got up close and personal. In the interim, Sophie danced with other boys, and I dance with other girls. I was not a good dance partner; all I could think about was Sophie.

Then came the time I was waiting for, the lights dimmed, and the tempo of the music slowed. Sophie made her way over to me; by this time she had removed her bra and thongs.

“Jamie, would you like that dance now?”


Was all I could say, I had all but lost the ability to speak.

We danced, and it was up close and personal, our naked bodies moving slowly against each other. After a few dances, I was very hard, and Sophie was very wet between her legs.

The lights dimmed further, and as they did so Sophie slipped my cock into her Pussy, and we both started to thrust slowly. We were having sex on a crowed dance floor; we could not tell if anyone noticed, and even if they did we did not care. We came at the same time and then just held each closely until the dance finished.

This was the last time that I met either Izzy or Sophie. We headed back home the next day.

Of all the memory that I have of the holiday the one that sticks in my mind more than other is a smell. The smell of fresh grass mixed with the smell of sweet and sex.

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