STRIP Ch. 14

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Chapter 14 – Kept After School


The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you, or you are offended by subjects of a sexual nature – do not read any further!

This story is for entertainment only. It contains adult oriented material. This is a work of fiction. The acts and characters contained within are figments of my imagination and have no basis in fact. I do not practice, advocate, condone or encourage acts portrayed here. The characters in the story are entirely fictional. You need to believe that all of the characters are over the age of eighteen.

* * * * * * * * * *

This is Chapter Fourteen of a multi-part Naked In School story. The characters:

Father: Dick Treyshun

Mother: Cassi Fallopia

(Second marriage for each.)

Son (his): Rod Treyshun

Daughter (hers): Penny Fallopia

Bethany Chaudri: Penny’s best friend and sometimes Rod’s girlfriend

Venka Chaudri: Bethany’s father

Indira Chaudri: Bethany’s mother

In Chapter Thirteen, Dick and Rula, Gwen the consultant’s daughter, finish up with a bang. The next day, Cassi tells Dick another one of her extramarital encounter stories, this one about a mathematician who plays the odd and has his way with her. While Dick runs an errand, Bethany shows up distraught that Rod dumped her for his STRIP partner, Quinn, after Rod and Quinn had vigorous and noisy sex in the middle of a STRIP lesson. And when Bethany went to her father for advice and support, he practically raped her. Cassi believes that Bethany is essentially a virgin and offers her the chance to have loving sex with Dick. She has no idea they’ve had sex before. While they demonstrate their willingness, Cassi visits Mr. Chaudri to give him a piece of her mind. Instead, she ends up giving him a piece, with the promise of more lessons to cum. When he asks how they’ll be able to meet without his wife suspecting, Cassi tells him that her husband will keep Mrs. Chaudri occupied.

* * * * * * * * * *

Dick swung his legs off the bed and stumbled to the closet. Suddenly, his nakedness with Bethany was awkward, despite having one of the most energetic fucking sessions he’d ever had. As he closed the robe around his body and tied the belt, he gazed at the voluptuous beauty sprawled on his bed. Her chest was heaving from their last coupling, her legs spread wide. His cum leaked from her pussy, leaving a sticky wet spot on the bed. “More laundry,” Dick mused. “Get up, sweetheart.”

Bethany sat up and stretched, her breasts pointing straight out. “You are amazing, Mr. T. Really! And to think, Mrs. T practically pushed us into bed together.”

“I’ll never figure out women.”

“But you’ve figured out how to make me very happy.” Bethany bolted from the bed to Dick’s side, giving him a big sexy kiss.

His cock didn’t react. “Go on home. And keep away from your father.”

“Absolutely!” She bent to gather her clothes. With her legs slightly spread, smooth thighs framed her thick labia, red and slick. And still his cock just hung there. God, he was exhausted.

Dick followed her downstairs. She hugged him one last time before opening the door. “If we’re lucky, Mrs. T. will let us do this again.” There was a sex bounce in her step as she walked to her car.

Dick couldn’t imagine having another sexual marathon with Bethany. It would kill me, he thought. He barely had time to pour himself a glass of apple juice when the doorbell rang. Had Bethany forgotten something? Her panties? Not another roll in the sack!

It wasn’t Bethany. It was her mother.

“Mr. Treyshun, so good to see you again.” She waltzed in as if she’d been invited. “Your dear wife sent me.”

Had she or Bethany left something behind, besides a spent lover? “For what?”

Indira took him in her arms and pressed her open mouth against his. One hand snaked into his robe and fondled his cock. “For this, you dear man. She is giving my husband lessons and told me in no uncertain terms that you should have sexual intercourse with me, as compensation. I could not refuse, could I?”

Indira and Dick had done it twice that Cassie wasn’t aware of. And it must have been good for Indira, given her level of enthusiasm. “I’d love to. Really. But my penis is pooped.”

She groped around, squeezing it, stroking it, but his cock was unresponsive.

“What is wrong? Is it broken?”

“I just finished an exhausting tumble in bed.”

“But your wife is with my husband. Who received the benefit of your expertise?”

Dick felt my face getting hot.

Indira was not a stupid woman. “Not Bethany!” She tugged hard at his limp dick. “Oh my! I am so jealous.”

Rod came through the door, interrupting Indira’s groping. She pulled her hand from his robe, but not quick enough. Rod was young but not at all naive.

“You know Ms. Chaudri?” Dick asked.

“Sure. Hi.” He slung his backpack off kırklareli escort his shoulder and looked back and forth at the two of them, standing very close together. “I’m going to get something to eat.”

“Where’s your sister?” Rod had taken her to an away game. Her arrival would make things even more complicated. Hell, she might want a threesome with Bethany’s mother.

“I dropped her at school with the other cheerleaders. They had some kind of meeting.” He opened the fridge and stuck his head inside.

Rod was only three steps away when Dick had a brilliant idea. “Say, as long as you’re here, could you do something for us?”

He pulled his head back and peeked over the fridge door. “Sure, Dad. What?”

“Would you please have sex with Indira? Ms. Chaudri?”

“What?” His eyes practically jumped out of their sockets. “You want me to what?”

“Brilliant!” Indira strutted over and closed the fridge door. She was hungry for a viable alternative to Dick, not a snack. “Dear boy, your father is in no shape to satisfy me. And so it falls to you. It is your responsibility. Besides, there is cosmic parity for us to be together. Your father has been with my daughter, and your mother is, at this moment, coupled with my husband.”

Rod had a pleading expression, as if he wanted Dick to object, but a bulge in his pants gave his enthusiasm away. His body was ready even if his mind needed to catch up. “Dad?” He looked at Indira, who was practically rubbing herself against him. “This is really awkward.”

“Go on.” Dick waved them off. “You’ll both enjoy it.”

Indira took Rod’s hand. “Show me your bedroom.”

“But Bethany and I never-“

“Then it’s time I made it up to you.” As they walked from the kitchen, Indira’s ass shook. Her engine was already revving, her hand slipping from his waist to his ass. Rod glanced back at Dick several times as the couple climbed the stairs. Dick gave him a silent thumbs up, the only thing he could get up at that moment.

Dick trudged to the family room, hopefully far away from the action. The phone rang. Was Cassi finished with Mr. Chaudri? Hell, Dick didn’t even know his first name, and he was fucking his wife. Or maybe Penny wanted a ride home. She certainly would be willing for a ride in the sack. Too bad Dick’s pecker was pooped. “Hello?”

“Mr. Treyshun, this is Dr. Heyson. Lynnruth? You need to get over here, to the school, as quick as possible. Your wife is, well, I can’t control her.”

“I’ll be right there.” Dick glanced up at the second floor. Muffled moans and groans wafted down. Rod was doing precisely what Dick needed. Actually, more like what Indira needed.

Dick drove like crazy to the school and ran into the building. As he headed down the hallway towards the STRIP office and turned the corner, dozens of bare legs and t-shirted breasts bounced towards him. Penny had to be in the crowd of sexy young cheerleaders. The group parted and there she was, sexy as ever.

“Daddy!” Penny enveloped Dick in a tight embrace punctuated by a full lips-on-lips kiss.

“Please, dear.” Dick didn’t want any of the other young women to see anything sexual between them.

“You know I’d do anything to please you. What are you doing here? Want to watch our routines?” Penny gyrated her hips side to side as she pushed her chest forward. Dick was still too sexually exhausted to respond. “I’d love to -” I looked at all of the curvy and ripe young women, still my cock lung limp “- but the STRIP coordinators called.”

“Oh, them.” Penny wasn’t the only one to frown at the word ‘STRIP.’ “Okay, well, maybe when we get home-” Dick got another passionate kiss. “Later, Pops.”

The crowd who’d watched my daughter and me perform giggled as one as they walked on. I turned around to get a last glimpse. All of the cheerleaders had turned too, many of them smiling and winking. Shit!

The door to the STRIP office squeaked, just like last time. Maybe the participants were lubricated but the hinges weren’t.

Dr. Lynnruth Heyson was pacing. At the sight of Dick, she ran over and grabbed his arm. “Thank God you’re here. Your wife is unstoppable.”

“Why, what is it?”

“I called her cell phone to talk about Rod and Quinn, and the impact of what they did on the STRIP program.”

Dick was tiring at having to pull the information out of her. “Which was?”

“We’ve been shut down, pending a full investigation. Which we’ll never survive, I’m afraid.”

Dick had always expected STRIP was a bit too “in your face” for his community, even though most of the kids enjoyed it. “What did Cassi do? Is she still here?”

“Oh yes, she’s here all right. She took over the conversation, asking all kinds of questions about STRIP and the simulations and positions and lessons. Dr. Breedmore could barely keep up. She accused us of incompetence. Can you believe that? And then – oh God – she demanded – she demanded to be shown what we taught the STRIP students. And what happened between afyon escort Rod and Quinn.”

Dick felt a penile tickle at the mention of Quinn’s name. “Where is she now?”

“In the STRIP lab with Rupert. Dr. Breedmore. I’ll show you.”

Dick followed Dr. Heyson, her ass bobbling just like Indira’s, just more compact. The next room, very large and dimly lit perhaps for mood, contained rows of padded tables. These were the STRIP tables on which students practiced their sexual exercises. And occasionally fucked. And on one of the furthest tables laid Cassi, nude form the waist down, her legs spread. And Rupert, Dr. Breedmore, kneeling between her spread thighs, his pants and underwear missing, his penis erect and hanging.

Cassi called out, “Oh good, you’re here. I wanted you to be present for Dr. Breedmore’s demonstrations. Thank you for calling him, Dr. Heyson.”

Lynnruth’s face was red. Rupert was her man, and it sure looked like Rupert was about to have sex with another woman – Dick’s wife. Dick was none too pleased either. That would add one to Cassi’s total and make it that much more difficult to catch up.

“Dick, darling, Dr. Breedmore has been very cooperative. He’s about to demonstrate the camel toe slide, which led to Rod’s incident. Have you ever heard of such a thing?”

Dick had not only heard of it. He’d done it, once with Bethany and once with Penny. And both times it led to fucking. With Cassi and Rupert both naked from the waist down, Lynnruth and Dick both knew what would happen. “That’s an advanced skill, honey. Maybe something easier? Like giving a blow job?”

“Don’t be silly. I’m not some inexperienced high schooler. I’m up to advanced sexual techniques, wouldn’t you agree? Now, Dr. Breedmore, we’ve interrupted you. Go ahead, show me.”

Maybe it was Dick’s imagination, but Lynnruth’s hips seemed to be shifting back and forth in an intentionally provocative way. Not that it affected him any. But still, he couldn’t help but notice.

Dr. Breedmore cleared his throat. “Uh, perhaps we should change positions. You on top.”

“Sure.” Cassi let the doctor lay down. In a flash, She straddled a prone Dr. Breedmore. “Now what?”

“Slide your vaginal lips up and down along my penis. But no penetration.”

Cassi scowled. “If you say so.” Her hips lowered, pressing her pussy against Dr. Breedmore’s erect cock. “Say, this is really sexy. I’m getting wetter.”

“So I can feel,” said Rupert. “Rod and Quinn were performing the camel toe slide just as we instructed and just like they’d done many times before, with precision I might add. I didn’t notice the change of position, but I did see a clandestine conversation. Tell me, is this merely intellectual curiosity?”

“Why, yes.” Cassi’s hips were dipping lower as she rubbed herself against Rupert’s cock. “So I know what Rod will be doing in his lessons.”

Lynnruth chimed in. “There won’t be any more lessons. They’ve shut us down, pending an investigation.”

Cassi’s attitude changed even though her movement remained constant. “See, there’s proof of your ineffective program.” Cassi slid her hips forward, her labia rutting the poor doctor’s prick. “I did more to teach Rod about sex than you ever did.”

“You didn’t!” said Lynnruth.

Dick knew from their previous conversation that Lynnruth had coveted Rod’s penis but felt compelled to keep her professional and academic distance. With his son, but not Dick. Except they’d been interrupted.

“Oh yes, Rod and I have tried various techniques and positions. I even got a book out of the library and we’ve been following along with the illustrations.”

“But we don’t teach the kids how to have good sex,” said Dr. Breedmore.

“That’s right,” said Lynnruth. “We teach them how to control their sexual feelings.”

“By letting them have intercourse during school hours? I know you’ve let others go all the way without so much as a peep. But when Rod and Quinn did it, wham -” Cassi rose up, Rupert’s cock hard and vertical, and dropped down on it, taking it all at once. “Oh yes!”

Rupert moaned. “You shouldn’t have done that.”

“That is not a camel toe slide,” hollered Lynnruth. “That’s penetration!”

Cassi ignored Lynnruth’s outburst. “Oh Doctor, you’re not very long but you feel really good. Maybe it’s the shape, or the texture.” She humped back and forth. I never expected to see Cassi fucking someone else, despite all of her stories on the subject. Since I’d started with Lynnruth, maybe this was parity.

“That is not how it happened,” said Lynnruth. “I’ll show you.” She rubbed the front of Dick’s trousers.

Dick’s cock was still dragging from his marathon with Bethany. “I don’t think I’ll be able to get it up. For this demonstration, anyway.”

“The hell you won’t!” Lynnruth ripped Dick’s slacks and jockeys to his ankles and put his cock to her lips. She didn’t just lick or suck. She hummed. When she stick an unanticipated finger into his asshole, blood pumped to just amasya escort the right organ. Dick’s cock was rising. She pulled her face back. “See, I’m a professional.”

Cassi was still humping Dr. Breedmore, slowly.

“I can’t believe how long I’ve been erect,” Rupert moaned.

“And I’m not ready to climax yet. Not until my husband does. To maintain balance.”

“She keeps track,” Dick whispered to Lynnruth.

Lynnruth unbuttoned her blouse. With a flick, her bra popped off. Those medium sized breasts were familiar and inviting. “So your wife has sexual encounters with other men and expects you to do the same? Is that normal, for highly-sexed couples?”

Dick took up the invitation and kissed them, nibbling her nipples. “It’s become our normal, and I’m behind at the moment.”

“I can fix that.” She looked over at Rupert and Cassi, still slowly humping. “See, it happened like this. Rod and Quinn were in the camel toe slide position, just like every other student in the class. They were whispering to each other.”

“That’s what I said,” said Rupert.

“Shut up and hold my ass,” said Cassi.

Lynnruth stripped off her pants and underwear, naked before him. With a full body hug, their groins were in contact. “Get up on the table.”

Dick complied. Lynnruth took the superior position, her labia directly in front of Dick’s full erection. “By the time I checked back with them, this-” she impaled her pussy on Dick’s prick. “Had already occurred. And they didn’t stop. It was if they were under someone’s spell.”

“Like she couldn’t help herself?” Cassi picked up the pace of her humping. Yep, she was fucking Dr. Breedmore all right.

“Or like he couldn’t.” Lynnruth said.

I took Lynnruth’s suggestion and began to hump her, long and with gusto.

“Actually, Quinn was on the bottom.” Lynnruth brushed her blonde bangs from her face.

“Who cares?” said Dick. The friction of his cock against the lining of Lynnruth’s pussy was exquisite. Dick drove his cock all the way into Lynnruth. She moaned and lifted her head back. Despite Cassi as an observer, Dick was not going to be denied a complete fuck with Lynnruth. He withdrew and humped.

Lynnruth struggled for air, gasping with the penetration. “Oh god, its just as I imagined. Magnificent!” She moaned as Dick pounded her pussy.

“Dear,” said Rupert. “Should we be doing this? Having sex with a student’s parents?”

“Oh yes we can. We’re both connecting adults, I’m horny as hell-“

Dick was going at Lynnruth good, their heads in proximity.

‘I want to do it standing up,” she whispered. “Like we did the last time.”

Lynnruth climbed off and offered her hand.

“Done so soon?” asked Cassi. “Dr. Breedmore seems to be holding out on me.”

“The hell I am!” He shoved his hands up Cassi’s blouse.

‘”No, not my breasts! My nipples are too sensitive. You’ll make me-“

“Damn right I’m going to make you.” Rupert’s voice got deeper. “Make you cum. Make you mine!”

Cassi arched her back at the first touch of fingers to nipples.

Dick positioned himself in front of Lynnruth, against the wall. “Like this, right?”

“Yes. Now, do it. Fuck me. Make us even!”

Dick stuck his cock back into Lynnruth and jerked his hips up, over and over.

“Oh God. Yes. That’s it.” She clawed at his back, which made him pound at her even harder. His cock was barely sensitive.

Dick leaned forward to suck her small nipples. In that position, his cock slipped from her channel.

“Nooo, put it back.” She groped for his erection.

Dick spun Lynnruth around to face the wall. He mounted her from behind, his hands cupping her modest tits. Every lurch of his hips lifted Lynnruth off the ground. He would have been fucking her out of her shoes, if she’d still been wearing any.

The sound of Cassi cuming from Dr. Breedmore’s manipulation of her nipples spurred Dick to finish. He made deep thrusts and then shifted to shallow ones, teasing her pussy.

“No, I want it all! Your whole cock!”

Dick returned to full-length penetration, which Lynnruth welcomed with moans of pleasure and mutters about orgasms. When Dick felt that he was getting close to shooting. he shifted back to shallow fucking. Lynnruth’s labia exciting his glans, making his cock tingle. His balls were already up. It wouldn’t take much more. Cassi’s screams of “Yes! Yes! Oh yes!” was the last straw. Dick’s hips went into overdrive, as he pictured Lynnruth’s frothy pussy caressing the tip of his cock. And as he felt the surge of fluid boil up, she slammed his cock home, and he shouted something unintelligible, a cross between a growl and a howl. God, he’d never cum that hard before. When Dick looked over, Cassi and Dr. Breedmore were sitting on the padded table, watching their performance.

“At least you didn’t fall further behind,” said Cassi.

Dick looked down at the puddle of pussy juice and semen on the tile floor. “Yeah, and we won’t have to do a load of laundry either.”

Cassi chuckled. Light burst into the dimly lit practice room. Quinn, Rod’s sexual partner, stood in the doorway, her mouth open. “Oh my goodness!”

Dick’s cock, softening from his vigorous attention to Lynnruth, twitched.

“Wait in the office, dear,” said Lynnruth, using her arms to cover her breasts and vagina.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32