Strange Encounter Ch. 02

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I couldn’t believe it!! His long lost adopted sister. I have known this man for years and didn’t know he was adopted. I have seen this man throw a person over a bar because the guy looked at him at the wrong way. What is he going to do when he finds out I slept with his sister in a bathroom stall? It’s not going to be good.

As I was walking away from the party at the park, all I could envision was his distinguished punching my face, then flashes of her and I in the stalls. Her look, her smell, and all the sounds she made were some of the sexiest sounds I have ever heard. A grin appeared on my face so fast, but what am I thinking? This is my cousin’s long lost sister. Damn family secrets.

As I opened my car door I heard my name being called. I’m sorry I heard behind me. I have never gotten so angry so fast. How does she know my name? I turned and she received a look from hell. So many things ran through my mind, but the only thing that came was… did u plan this?

The woman started to smile. Damn that smile is still so sexy. I maintained my anger in my eyes. She tried to touch me I pushed her arm away from me.

“I heard you were the passionate angry type.” As that dimple glistened in the sun. She steps to me and whispered,

“Do what I tell you and he will bayburt escort never find out.” She had this sneaky appearance to her. Blackmail!! You can’t be serious.

I show up at her hotel. She opens the door with a glass of wine in her hand. As soon as I walked through the door she smiled so hard. She shuts the door, I sit down and she started given me orders: find her a place to stay, and a car.

“You must be crazy.” I stated. She replied, by saying she would tell her brother how I treated her in the stall. I lost it, I snapped.

I stood up and walked over to her with craziness in my eyes. She started to walk away I knocked over the cheap lamp that was in room. Finally, she was trapped. I walked over to her slowly I wrapped one hand around her neck slowly and firmly squeezed. In a calm deep voice,

“Have u lost your damn mind? I don’t take orders from anyone.” I squeezed harder her pupils started to get huge. As she tried to speak I looked down and I could see her juices sliding down her leg. Now I know what she tried to say don’t stop.

I thought she was trying to hit me in my gentiles I was so mad I doubt I would have felt it. When I looked down she tried to unzip my pants. She ripped the zipper and began stroking bartın escort my cock. I was so hard so quick. Anger, confusion, frustration, and passion mixed with her sex appeal equaled my full erection.

I raised my head my hand still around ur neck she winks. I let her go, I assumed she would grasp for air as would walk out the door. But my assumption were all wrong. Before her hands hit the carpet my thick erection was inside mouth. And those beautiful slurped sounds started again.

My hands grasps a handful of hair as she gags, she took my dick so deep in her throat. She pushed me down on the bed. At this time everything moved in slow motion it seemed like a never ending trip to the bed. Before my head landed on the cardboard mattress she had already crawled on top of me. My fully erect penis entered her sweet pussy instantly. Her soft lips kissed mine as her hips rocked back and forth as her eyes rolled back. I finally came back to my senses and I tried to get her off of my me gently but that didn’t work at all. I rolled over I tell her to stop!! She slid of her legs on my shoulder. Don’t stop u know u want it she moaned. Then she slapped me hard across the face.

This woman has made me snap twice in less than ten minutes. ığdır escort I grabbed her again, without my knowledge my dick was deeper than ever. She slammed my hand on her soft voluptuous breasts and squeezed it. I felt warmth slapshes in my leg as her body shook intensely.

Her warm breathe on my face both of us fondling each other’s favorite features. Once again “I was lost in the sauce.” What my friends would say. Her sweet juicy vagina hugged my dick like it missed it inside her. I turn her on her side and kissed her passionately on the neck. Our legs intertwined with one another. Her hips danced smoothly as my dick was deep inside her. Just the tip slid in and out of her soaking wet pussy.

She had all my senses in sync with one another. I heard my dick as it entered her womb. I felt her goose bumps all over her legs as the wrapped around mine. The scent of her hair had me in a daze. I tasted the sweat from her silky, sensual skin. I looked up and saw us in the mirror as one. She grinned showing that beautiful smile again.

She grabbed my hand put it back around her neck I felt her body quivered as I slid deeper inside her. Her orgasm was so strong just her pussy pulse around my dick was enough to make me explode. She felt I was about to climax she grabbed my ass as my seeds entered her body like they were shot from a cannon.

I snapped back to reality I was so mad at myself that I left the room half dressed. Once the cool air hit my sweaty skin, all I heard was,

“I will call u with the details you better answer when I call.” And slammed the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32