Straight Top to Gay Bottom Toy Ch. 03

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Closed Eyes

My name is Candy, I am a 42-year-old corporate attorney, happily married for 20 years and the mother of a bright young man in his second year of college. I lay hear dumbfounded, naked in the arms of my lifelong friend Tina. How this happened, I have no idea… There was no alcohol or drugs involved, but my world turned upside down last night.

Tina and I have been best friends forever, literally. We grew up neighbors in Del City (OKC). We were born in OKC during the oil boom in 1976. Our fathers worked as machinists making drilling equipment. At that time, they had all the work they could ever want. They provided a comfortable living for our families in a modest neighborhood.

I was the oldest of 4 kids, 3 younger brothers and Tina was the youngest of 3, two older brothers. Her brothers were 7 and 5 years older and my parents were like clockwork, having a child every 2 years, all within the same 4-month window. They seemed to enjoy the Oklahoma winters as we were all born in the August through November window.

By the time we were 10years old the bottom had fallen out of the oil economy and times got hard. Our fathers did anything they could to bring home a pay check, including spending nearly 2 years in Saudi Arabia as Drillers and tool pushers as the Saudi’s were short experienced workers. They were good friends despite a 10-year age difference and made the decision that the pay was so lucrative they could not pass it up.

When they left, her father was working in a Safeway grocery store, before they became Homeland and my dad was driving a truck to make ends meet. They had the opportunity to make more in a year than they could in 5 years and took the trip together.

During that time Tina and I were inseparable and formed a bond that will never be broken. We were together constantly. Our moms were incredibly strong and worked together to keep all the kids’ lives as normal as possible.

Tina and I played soccer whenever possible and still to this day play in an adult coed rec league. It keeps us in shape and thanks to only having brothers, we can mix it up with the men without hesitation. My husband Andy (We get lots of Candy and Andy remarks) and Tina’s husband Don, do not like soccer so Tina and I have a little fun bumping up against the men during the game. It gives us an advantage as we can use our feminine, charms to distract them or get them to take it easy on us and blow by and score.

She met her husband in High School. He played football and came from a well to do family. That was a deadly combination and she fell early and hard for him. Unfortunately, he did not share his parents drive and ambition. So, he is a 42-year-old auto mechanic whose goal in life is to work as little as possible, watch sports, drink beer and go to the gym.

That last ambition has paid off. He is nice to look at, with great abs a firm ass and apparently, he has other physical attributes that she really enjoys!

He and my husband are opposites but tolerate one another for our sake. My husband is driven, ambitious, and like me, worked himself through college and has become V.P. of Operation for a large manufacturing company. My Andy, and Don get together a couple times a month and watch sports together, but beyond that, they are not very close.

Tina and I are very different, but it works for our friendship. Our financial struggles growing up affected us very differently. I was driven to get up and get out of the old neighborhood and make sure my family never had to worry. She wanted to stay involved and help those in the struggle.

It probably did not hurt that I loved learning and did exceptionally well in school. I graduated high school early and finished undergrad in 3 years, law school in 3 more. (Despite having a child my 3rd year of law school. Luckily, he was born in July!) Both Degrees from OU. I went on to make full partner in my law firm by the age of 33.

Tina did OK in high school and went on to OCCC to study sociology for and associate degree and works for The Department of Human Services. She makes little money but likes making a difference for those in need. About 10 years ago, she became licensed in massage therapy and put a little massage room in an empty bedroom of their house. She has a steady schedule evenings and Saturdays.

The funny thing is, though we have referred several friends and colleagues to her Andy and I have never had a massage from her. She would not accept money and we never wanted to take advantage of the limited, time she had to earn extra money outside her full-time job.

Because of our differences, we rarely do things together as couples. We tried a joint vacation 19 years ago when I graduated law school. It was a disaster and ever since Tina and I have a taken a “Lady’s Week” vacation every year. It really has been a great help in our marriages. We have a week to shop, beach, or whatever we want. No husbands, no work and, in my case, no kid. We come back refreshed and destressed and to our husbands’ Büyükesat Escort pleasure, ready for a stiff cock.

Because of Tina’s financial situation, I usually planned and paid for our excursions, giving her a great vacation experience and me the pleasure of giving back to such a dear friend. She was never comfortable planning for the vacation, because she felt like she would be taking advantage of me. With my planning it, she could be at ease, knowing I was aware and approved of the price tag associated with our activities. In the end, she truly understood, it was a gift to me to be able to help.

Her hubby on the other hand would never allow us to pay for anything. His pride would not permit it. Andy and I joked, if Don’s drive was as big as his pride, he and Tina would be much better off.

This year seemed particularly stressful for me. The firm has been struggling a bit for billings and there was pressure to not take vacations. I told Tina I thought we would need to take a rain check this year due to my issues at work, and that I could not afford the time with all that was going on.

“I can pay for myself this year C!” she said emphatically.

“No, it’s not that at all. It’s the time away from work. They really want all of us to stay focused on increasing billings. We need all hands-on deck…”

“You know how we both return from this week, revitalized and refreshed. Sometimes you need to take a deep cleansing breath and relax before attacking a problem. The vacation will do more to increase your productivity than continuing to over stress yourself.

I will plan everything from start to finish. You just show up and let me take charge. I promise you, you will return a new person, ready to kick ass at the firm,” she said more excited than I had seen her in some time.

She gave me the push I needed. “OK, I like what you’re saying. I show up, no need to think or stress, just follow instructions and relax.”

“Great!” She said, jumping up and down. “This will be the best vacation yet!”

“OK, but I pay!” I said reaching out to shake on it.

“Deal!” She said shaking my hand emphatically.

We still had a couple months until the vacation at that point. If things got worse, I could always back out. It did give me an energy boost, knowing I did not have to spend mental energy preparing, and still would get a break from the firm. I managed to land two new clients that gave the firm some financial relief. I’m not sure it really helped with the stress, since I felt like I should stay, and hand hold them. I remembered Tina’s advice, that sometimes a deep breath and a refresh is the best way to be productive.

So, I really was flying blind for the vacation. All I had was a plane ticket to San Diego. I had no idea what the plan was.

Tina took care of everything. We arrived at our destination late Friday about 10 PM, San Diego time. In the airport we saw a shop with beach gear and decided to go a little crazy with matching yellow string bikinis. We both looked great from playing soccer and hitting the gym. We decided to flaunt it this week. The cab dropped us at the resort Hotel on the beach. We checked in, ordered Margaritas at the bar and took a walk on the beach, in the moonlight.

The stress was slowly moving on, as the cool breeze, the smell of the salt water and the crash of the waves, pushed it further away.

We usually shared rooms on our vacations to save money and give us some quality time to bitch about husbands and how much crap we had to put up with. It was all part of our ritual. By the end of our vacation week, we vented and talked like teenagers, and returned to the real world ready for action.

We got back to the room and the cold Ocean Breeze chilled me to the bone, So I jumped in a hot shower. After about 15 minutes my core temp was warmed up. I decided to try the bikini on to make sure I was OK with it, before going out in public. My 34C’s were still perky for 42. I think I looked better than at 32. (Thanks to the gym and soccer.)

The top covered enough but exposed a little more than I would normally like, but we were here for fun! Turning a few heads would certainly do wonders for the ego. The bottoms were cut in and high, but it looked like no major trimming needed done. I would see about a waxing tomorrow. Tina did tell me we were spa-ing it early.

I turned to see my ass and it looked good, I thought. Pale but good. A little beach time would fix that. I walked out into the room and Tina was sitting on her bed watching the Hallmark channel. (Another ritual…chick TV.) Her eyes popped as I bounced and spun.

“What do you think,” I asked grinning and feeling good about myself.

“You are gonna knock ’em dead, or should I say make ’em hard lady!” she said standing up and looking me up and down. “You look good C! It’s like you’re still in college. I don’t wanna have to follow that but let me get warmed up in the shower and Elvankent Escort try mine on.”

She had the heat on in the room, so I felt comfortable in the teeny-weeny bikini and, frankly wanted to admire myself in it some more. I parked in front of the mirror and optimized the strap positions and waist line to make it look good. Andy would love this little number. I couldn’t wait to show it off to him. It would have to be the right night, because he would want to take it off quickly.

Tina came out in hers and bam! She looked good. I was always a little jealous of her perfect little belly button. It was and innie, perfectly round and small, it highlighted her gently arching tummy just perfectly. Mine was bigger and a tweenie, in line with my belly. She had the waist band pulled way high like a stripper leaving just a little camel toe. Her abs were well defined with a slightly curved belly.

Her long dark hair was about mid back length, but she had it pony tailed and it flopped around giving her the teenager look. Here cheek bones were high, and her eyes were big and bright brown. She was a classic beauty. I often wondered what made here marry Don, when she could have had her pick. But she was always the rebel and liked that bad boy appeal. Not to mention he is easy on the eyes when he’s cleaned up.

She did the runway model walk across the suite. Her ass fit in the bathing suit like and overstuffed balloon. As she walked each cheek bounced in unison but did not really jiggle. That baby was firm. Her breasts were slightly smaller, but her nipples were jumbo, and they were at attention.

“Damn, girl, you are smokin’,” I said emphatically. Can’t wait to see the eyeballs pop on the beach tomorrow. We done good lady. It’s gonna be fun. I feel 16 again…well OK maybe not 16, but to quote Taylor. “I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 22.””

“Really gonna go Taylor Swift on me?” she laughed.

“Yep, I love Taylor,” I giggled, but it was true.

She shook her head and jumped on her bed.

“I would love to see the boy’s reaction to us in these,” I said smiling.

“Hey, no husband talk! They don’t deserve us sweetie!” she said jiggling her tits.

“Sorry, forgot. Damn, I can already feel the tension in my neck coming back,” I said rubbing it. “Any chance you can work your magic?”

“Love to, but I need to warn you. Tomorrow will be a terrible disappointment after this,” she confidently. “First let’s set the tone.”

She went into her suitcase and pulled out a candle and matches. She lit the candle and the smell of Cinnabon filled the air.

“Mmmmm, that’s a good start,” I giggled.

Next, she pulled out an MP3 and put on some Ocean sound with classical music behind it. Then she handed me a silk sleep mask.

“Put that on and lay face down on the bed, focus on the smell and the sounds, and clear your mind.” She said softly.

“You really think…”

“Ah ah ah, show up, let me take charge and relax. That’s the deal. Face down and relax!” She barked.

I did as commanded and laid on the bed. She was right on target. The visual deprivation along with the scent and soothing sounds was incredibly relaxing already. Suddenly she gently gripped my right foot, raised it up and began to work the bottom of my feet with her thumbs. (Feet rubs were not something Andy would ever willingly do.)

“Oh yes, that is incredible,” I sighed.

“Shhhhh,” she replied.

After both feet, she gripped my ankle pulling my foot to her side and worked my Right calf with her hands. Her skin was warm against my ankle, pinned between her hip and elbow. She applied a small amount of lotion and rubbed it in completely.

“You are loosening up nicely C,” she said moving to the left leg.

She laid my feet back down spread apart and toes over the edge of the bed.

Next her hands worked past my knees to the back of my legs. As, she reached mid-thigh, I felt her climb onto her knees on the bed, putting more weight onto my hamstrings, working them deeper.

“Wow, Tina you have magic hands. How did I not get you to do this sooner?” I said exhaling slowly.

“Sshhhh,” she replied.

The tension was leaving my body with each stroke. When she reached the base of my ass, she worked my legs and moved up to my lower back. I was a little relieved she did not make it awkward by massaging my ass. As good as her hands felt on my legs, I think I would have enjoyed it too much.

As she spread the lotion over my lower back, her knees pressed my thighs apart, my labia separated slightly as they were getting wet and had been clinging together. I was embarrassed by the effect she was having on me.

It brought back memories of a time when our dads were in Saudi Arabia. One sleep over when we were 12, we explored each other’s bodies. We used a bottle of secret roll on and played an exploratory game of doctor. We did not know anything at that time, so no orgasms Beşevler Escort were reached, and no penetration actually occurred, but it was the first time I really noticed getting wet due to external stimulation. We never repeated the encounter and never really talked about it again.

We had a second encounter in high school after Jr. Prom and some pot. We had a long night and fought with our boyfriends. We ended up sleeping over and had an I’ll rub yours if you rub mine moment. We did both cum, but it was awkward afterward and we did not really talk for a few weeks. We eventually talked about it and agreed it was a mistake. Somehow we blurred the lines of our love for one another as best friends. We agreed never again and kept our promise.

She worked up my back and her knees moved further up pressing higher on my thighs.

“Your skin is incredible C,” she said. “So silky smooth and just flawless. We get you tanned up and the men will lose their minds with you in this bikini. Right now, I need to get this out of the way.”

She pulled the string and untied the back strap, sliding her fingers across my back as she tossed the strings aside. She followed with the neck string brushing my hair off my shoulders. When she rubbed my shoulders, she brought her left knee over my thigh straddling my leg and her right knee dangerously close to my crotch. Her foot caressed my left calf as she worked my shoulders. The cinnamon, and the waves and the warmth of her hands pulled all the tension out of my body. Her knee shifted higher, brushing my bikini covered crotch ever so slightly.

“I can tell you really trust me C,” she said leaning down toward me. “So many customers tense up and make my job so much harder. You just relax and go with it. Keep focused on the sounds and smells. I think I’ve found the tight spot. Keep relaxed and we will work your tension out,” she whispered.

She pressed her hand firmly into my left shoulder as her knee pressed against my tingling pussy. I gasped and tensed.

“Ssshhh. Relax C, I almost got it. Can you smell the Cinnabon?” She said inhaling slow and deep. Let your tension flow out and into me.”

I breathed in and thought I could smell my own scent mixed with the Cinnabon. I knew she had to feel my wetness and heat against her knee. I did not want her to stop, as I took in the smells and the ocean sounds, feeling her touch in the darkness of the mask. Somehow the mask was a layer of protection that put me at ease and allowed me to enjoy the moment.

She moved to my right shoulder forcing her to stretch and press more firmly with her knee. She flexed her leg and I could not help but press myself more firmly against her.

“Oh yeah C, that feels like the spot, shall we work that?” she whispered very close to my ear, leaning in on my shoulder.

I nodded slightly and sighed my approval.

“Ok honey, just lay still, I have just the thing. Don’t move I will be right back,” she said sliding herself down my left leg, letting her damp bikini rub against me. Then she jumped up and walked in the direction of her suitcase.

I found myself pressing my pelvis slowly down against the bed, hoping she would come back and touch me again. I heard her rustling behind me as excitement and fear flowed through me. I felt her climb onto the bed between my legs. She laid down between my legs with her armpit on my left thigh, leaning on her elbow. As she spoke I could feel her warm breath on my ass cheek.

“I have definitely found the source of your tension,” she said shifting her weight onto my leg.

I felt a slight pressure from something large and round pressing gently against my crotch. It was about the size of a grapefruit and warm. I raised my ass very subtly pushing against it. The safety of the mask made it less disturbing that my life long best friend was touching my pussy and I liked it.

“Your gonna feel a…”

“AH!” I gasped as the grapefruit began to vibrate and gyrate in a slow circle.

…slight tingle,” she said softly. “Oh, yeah that’s the spot!”

I whimpered and pushed my wet pussy against the massager head. It felt crazy good, the heat and the gyrating head combined with vibration sent tingles through my whole lower body.

“Just let all that tension flow on out honey. OK, OK these are getting in the way don’t you think?” she said pulling it away.

She set it down and I panicked thinking she would stop. But then, I felt her warm breath on my ass causing me to moan softly again. Next, her fingers gripped my waist band and slid them down over my hips. I raised my ass up happily letting her take them. She backed up letting me close my legs as she pulled them all the way off. She assumed the position laying over my left thigh again as I spread my legs allowing full access.

The magic ball returned against my soaked pussy when suddenly it kicked into a higher gear sending a wave of energy through my clit. A layer of black foam rubber covered the end of the massager. I swore I could feel the pores in the rubber rubbing my clit as she pressed it hard against me. I buried my face into the bed and screamed in ecstasy.

I have 2 vibrators of my own, but something about her controlling it made this so much better. I continued to moan and scream into the comforter as I raised my ass giving the massager access to my clit.

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