Straight Guy’s Curiosity – The Shower

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I opened my eyes, blinking, taking in my surroundings. It was Thanksgiving break and I was in my long-time girlfriend Loren’s plush queen bed, having gotten into Los Angeles late last night. Loren rolled over and slapped her phone, shutting off her alarm with a little groan before curling back up. I assumed big spoon position, wrapping my arms around her. Loren was wearing an extra-small “Snoopy” t-shirt and a dark blue lace thong. She was shorter than my 5’11” by about 6 inches. Fair skinned, she was thin and fit from a deep-love for yoga with small but perky breasts. Her brown pixie-cut, which I loved, and her general enthusiasm for life gave her the aura of a sprite or a nymph.

God, I loved her, I thought.

And suddenly a pang of guilt stabbed at my chest. I loved this woman like hell, and yet just a week ago, I was on my knees in my grad school’s science center, with someone’s cock filling my mouth from the adjacent stall. Fuck, what was I thinking?? Was I really going to risk my relationship with my best friend and one of the sexiest creatures I have ever known because some ads on craigslist caused me to raise an eyebrow?

At the same time, I thought, was it really that bad? Was it even cheating? I had no attachment to the guy. Hell, all I saw of him was his stomach, cock, and legs. I couldn’t pick him out of a line up if I wanted to. I wasn’t attracted to him. Honestly, I hadn’t even really considered whether he was attractive or not. The thing about it was, it wasn’t about the guy at all. It was about his hard cock. That’s what I was interested in. I just wanted to play with, and please, hard, pulsing cocks. Make them shoot their white, thick cum over and over. I mean, I already did that with mine, what was the difference if it was someone else’s if that’s all the interest there was? I still wanted to come home every night to this woman lying next to me. I still loved nothing more than to fuck her and please her.

I just also happened to want to please a hard cock.

And had done so for the first time just last week. I’d started just stroking him. That’s all I’d planned on doing. But then he told me, ordered me, to suck him. And I couldn’t resist. I took his large cock in my mouth. I’d tried to take as much of it in my mouth and down my throat as I could. I let him fuck my face from the other side of the stall.

As I relived my first time, I felt myself growing harder in my black checkered trunks. As my cock grew, it pushed into Loren’s thong covered ass. I found everything about Loren sexy. Her tight fit stomach, the small, round nipples on her breasts (who’s size she was unnecessarily insecure about), the light freckles on her nose. But if I had to pick a winner above all else, it was her ass. Loren had a butt that seemed to be taken from another woman. Despite her otherwise thin and petite frame, her ass was big! And in the sexiest fucking way possible. Also strong from yoga, it was round and firm and stood out, like two perfect melons pressed together on her backside. I often wondered if there was some voluptuous woman out there with giant tits, an hour glass figure, and a tiny ass that had been meant for Loren but got switched in production. However it happened to land on the woman in bed next to me, I loved it.

Given the snuggling position we were in, there was no hiding my growing morning wood. I heard a small moan next to me, and even though her eyes remained shut, I felt her gorgeous ass start to push back against me. I pushed my hips forward, feeling the outline of my cock in my trunks slide in between her cheeks. She flexed and I could feel her ass cheeks squeeze as she started to grind against me.

She reached a slender arm back and ran her fingers through my hair before I felt her grip and pull it. I propped myself up on my arm and brought my mouth to hers. She met me with enthusiasm, her tongue pushed into my mouth and began to explore it. We moaned simultaneously, our attraction echoing into each other’s mouths. She turned to face me and I wrapped my arms tightly around her small waist, pulling her in close, feeling our bodies against each other. Our mouths continued to explore the other’s as our hips grinded against each other.

Finally, I pulled off her mouth and began sliding down her body. Stopping to kiss and suck on her neck, before moving further down. I took her hard nipple now poking out underneath her tshirt and bit it lightly, just until I heard her gasp. I made it to her exposed stomach, kissing on each side of her navel. I kissed her hip bones and her inner thighs. Making a conscious effort to avoid the heat radiating between her legs, until finally I heard,


There was no more invitation needed. I pulled her thong down and off of her, and it was everything I could do to keep myself from plunging at her gorgeous pussy. Loren had shaved her pussy as long as we had been dating. I kissed down her smooth lips before running my tongue back up her slit. I loved the way she tasted. Finally, Betturkey my tongue hit her clit and her hips bucked. I lowered my mouth onto it and began to slowly roll my tongue around her clit, letting the flat of my tongue just lightly work its top. Loren’s fingers found their way into my hair again, running her nails over my scalp as I flicked and rolled and sucked her little clit with my mouth. I felt her grab my hair again, tight, as she pressed my face hard into her pussy. I took a deep breath and began running my tongue around her faster and harder. I could feel her getting hotter and wetter on my chin.

“Baby,” she purred, “Make me cum! It’s been so long.”

If Loren’s ass was the sexiest thing about her, the close runner-up was the fact that she came. And she came a lot. She grabbed my hair even tighter causing me to grunt in pain — though it also felt so damn good — and mashed my face harder into her pussy. I could feel her juices coating my mouth and nose and chin. I brought my hand up, knowing what she was asking, and slid two fingers into her hot, wet pussy. They slid in easy, a testament to how wet she was, as her hot, velvety walls squeezed tightly against my fingers.

“Fuck, it’s about time,” Loren moaned as she released my hair and instead ran her hails down my back.

My face left the sweet taste of her pussy and I slid up her torso, taking her small, at-attention nipple into my mouth as my two fingers pushed deeper inside of her. As I sucked on her nipple, occasionally swirling it with my tongue, my fingers pressed against the wall of her pussy, looking for the spot that made her cum.

I knew I found it when she groaned and bucked her hips. Using my wrist and forearm, I began pulsing my fingers against the smooth, silky wall of her pussy, as she arched her back and thrust her hips: at first matching my rhythm, then encouraging me to go harder and faster by moving her own hips harder and faster.

I could feel and hear her orgasm building as she got wetter and wetter all around my fingers, till they actually made a Sloshing sound. Her finger nails dug into my back.

“Keep going, please keep going!”

She began to buck and thrash her hips urgently. She brought her hand down on mine to push my fingers deeper inside her, making sure I hit her spot just right.

Suddenly, like a dam breaking, I felt her pussy tense and tighten around my hand, before a hot rush of cum squirted down my arm, soaking the bed.

“OHHHHHH FUCK!” Loren screamed.

She shook her hips, trying to force out every drop of cum, then shoved me off of her and onto my back, ripping my underwear off. She stood over me, knees bent, almost squatting above my hard cock, her hand on the wall above the headboard.

“Do it again!” She commanded.

Looking up at her, I could see she was still glistening and dripping. I reached up and slid two fingers back inside of her. I hardly had to move as she rode my hand while standing above me, rocking her pussy against my hand. It took no time before a gush of hot cum sprayed out of her, all over my cock and splashing up my chest. There was hardly any feeling in the world I loved more. As soon as she finished cumming, I went right back to fingering her, wanting every drop she would give me. Again I could feel and hear another squirt of cum building inside of her pussy. Right as I felt her tense again, she reached down and shoved my fingers out of her. She dropped to her knees and right as her orgasm began, sat her pussy on my face. I couldn’t breath as her hot sex covered my mouth and nose. Instead of oxygen, a rush of her cum exploded into my mouth, down my throat, even up my nose. All I could do was try to swallow and gulp it down. Her cum seemed to hit every taste bud: salty, sweet, bitter, sour all at once. She grinded and smashed her pussy into my face, making sure that every last drop either ended up in my mouth or on my face.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck. Oh fuck! What time is it??”

Suddenly, Loren was leaping off my face and grabbing her phone.

“Did my alarm not go off?” She scrambled around, looking for clothes.

“No, it did, you shut it off! I thought you just wanted to go back to sleep!” I said, a little bewildered by the change in atmosphere.

“No! I have a shoot today!” Loren was a photographer. She began zipping around the room, cleaning up our strewn underwear. “Fuck! They’re gonna be here in 20 minutes! You’ve got to go!”

“Got to go?” I said, fully aware that I was naked with a very hard dick. “I’ll just hang out in here.”

“No,” Loren said, “I’m setting up the backdrops in the studio, but they’re gonna have to use here as a changing room. I’m so sorry. It’s this local artist, but she’s gonna have a whole entourage with her. I know she’s going to bring way more stuff than I asked.”

“Ummmm…” I looked around.

“I’m so sorry!” Loren apologized again, “But I really have to hurry.”

I could see how frazzled she was. “It’s fine, Betturkey Giriş babe, honestly, it’s fine. I’ll, ummm…I’ll just go work out.” I unzipped my bag and grabbed out a pair of gym shorts and a shirt, dressing quickly.

She settled for a second. “I’m really sorry, this is not how I wanted that to end.”

I walked over and kissed her on the forehead, then on the lips. “It’s completely okay. We’ll pick up right where we left off.” I smiled. “Just text me whenever you’re finished. I’m going to get out of your hair.”

“Thank you,” she sighed, “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

I slid on my shoes quickly and hurried out the door.

The gym was only a couple blocks away, so I jogged over. Entering the crowded lobby, I scanned my card. I only used the membership when I was back visiting Loren on holidays or in the summer, but it was only $15 bucks a month, so I figured it was worth it.

I walked upstairs to the weight-room and scanned for available equipment. The gym was about half full, but shockingly, there was a bench press open. I walked over and loaded a couple 25 plates to do a few warm-up sets, then replaced them with a 45 on each side. I laid back on the bench and prepared for my first real work set, balancing the bar in the center of my hands and feeling the weight stack on to my shoulders. I guided the bar slowly to my chest and with an exhale, pushed it back up. The exertion felt good and took my mind off the morning’s sudden interruption. It was a relief to only focus on the current rep. At 10, I set the bar back on the bench, and sat up: my elbows on my knees, leaning over, breathing hard and still sweating from the morning.

As I bent over, catching my breath, I looked down at my shorts and realized several things all at once: 1. in my hurry to leave the house, I hadn’t put on the compression shorts I normally wear to the gym. In fact, I hadn’t put on any sort of underwear. 2. The Under Armour gym shorts I had slid on were made of a very light thin material. 3. Whether from the taste of Loren’s pussy still lingering, the rubbing of the soft shorts with no underwear, or the exertion of the bench, whatever it was, my cock was almost completely hard, its outline standing out obviously between my thigh and the thin shorts. “Fuck!” I thought. I tried to adjust things, but that only succeeded in pulling the soft shorts even tighter against my already sensitive cock, sending a jolt through me. I tried to take a deep breath, focus on something else, but it wasn’t going anywhere.

“Oh well,” I said to myself. How obvious could it be? I’m not big, no one will notice. I laid back down for my second set, but tilted my neck up to look down my torso, only to see the clear outline of my 5-inch cock, pointed straight at the ceiling, making a tent. I popped back up. Nope! Not gonna work!

I looked around, embarrassed, to see if anyone had noticed, but no one seemed to have seen. “Okay, moving on.” I shoved my hand in my pockets, grabbing my hardon through the fabric of my shorts pockets to try and hide my erection. As I began to walk around the gym trying to find a potentially less obvious piece of equipment, the idea that maybe someone had seen me began to bounce around my head like a ping pong ball. I looked around the gym. This was LA, so the vast majority of people doing various exercises were both incredibly fit, and incredibly attractive, and in some form of undress.

Suddenly the image of the strong muscular torso and legs of whoever I had taken in my mouth understall at school rocketed through my brain, front and center. The way his stomach muscles made a strong, elevated “V” pointing to his long, hard cock. Guaranteed he spent a lot of time at a gym just like this.

I felt myself throbbing in my hands still shoved into my pockets. Okay, this was not helping! I sat down at a row machine, thinking maybe the sitting posture would help. I grabbed the handles and began to pull, squeezing my shoulder blades together.

What if I’m not the only one here in this condition?

I started looking around me. A woman, older than me, maybe mid to late 30s was on the row machine next to me. A guy was on the pulldown machine next to her. He was jacked and handsome in a very definitive “wanna-be actor” way. I found myself letting my gaze drift down to his grey joggers, wondering if there was an outline to be seen. He finished his set and looked over at me. I looked away quickly! Unable to tell what “condition” he might be in.

I realized I was still holding the handles of the row machine and had now done all of one half of a rep. This was ridiculous. I was clearly not going to get anything done. Thankfully, the shock of almost getting caught staring at ‘faux-Hemsworth’s’ sweats had taken my cock down a bit and I stood up, and walked back down the stairs. Between this morning and the erection I just experienced, I suddenly realized I had to pee, and badly! I kept going down the stairs, past the lobby to the basement floor below which housed the group exercise classes and the locker rooms.

I entered the Men’s locker room and beelined it for the urinals. The urinals stood next to a row of three stalls. I waited to relieve myself, trying to overcome that brutal pause that comes between having a hard dick and needing to pee. Looking over at the stalls, I couldn’t help but notice they were same dull silver material that the last time I saw, I was reaching out to touch, and then stroke, and then suck, and then finally make cum my first cock. “Cocksucker.” His words echoed in my head. I could almost feel how his thick shaft stretched my mouth and before I knew it, I was standing at the urinal, the last drops of pee dripping off my once again rock-hard dick.

Jesus, what is wrong with me! Get it together!

I clearly needed a moment before I ventured back out into the world. I tried my best to shake my cock, which sort of bounced like a short diving board in front of me. Pulling up my pants, I walked into the locker room. The locker room was three alcoves surrounded by wooden lockers on all sides, and wide benches in the middle of each of the alcoves for people to set their gym bags down. I took a seat on the bench, trying to think of anything that might turn me off enough to get home. I was failing. I kept going back and forth from Loren grabbing my hair and smashing my face into her pussy as she came, the taste of her squirting into my mouth and down my chin to how both soft and hard all at once that cock was underneath the stall, how hot his cum was when it splashed its first rope on my arm and how it kept shooting, erupting like a volcano.

Ohhhh my God, this is not helping at all! Come on, make a grocery list, do a math problem, something.

As I sat there, struggling, a large shape squeezed between me and the lockers. I looked up to see what had to have been a serious powerlifter. He was massive, and wrapped in a towel. His black skin glistened and dripped from the shower he must have just gotten out of. He had to have been 6’4 with a huge beard and a shaved head. His arms looked as big as my thighs and his legs seemed to ripple with muscles. He had the protruding gut of someone who clearly wasn’t here for aesthetics. I couldn’t help but stare. I would have stared at this hulk of a man if I’d seen him on the street, but here, in only a towel… even just reaching up to open his locker looked like an Olympic athletic feat.

He pulled out a bag and dropped it about 1 foot away from me on the bench. If he caught me staring, he didn’t show it. Then to my complete and utter shock, he dropped his towel to the floor and stood there. Naked.

His cock was massive.

It hung all the way down a pair of heavy thick balls. I knew it was an exaggeration but at that moment, I could have sworn it was as thick as my forearm. Even soft, his skin seemed to be pulled taught around his heavy member and was somehow even darker than he was, almost a deep ebony, which then lightened up to a round but proportional mushroom tip. I was flabbergasted. If I had been having trouble with being turned on before, now it was hopeless. I felt my cock jump and strain at my shorts, I could almost feel the blood pumping into my shaft, I suddenly was so hard, it hurt. I could only imagine he would look like in the same state.

Despite the fact that I hadn’t looked away since he dropped his towel, the tower of muscle and cock still paid me no mind. He definitely didn’t seem to be in any hurry to get dressed. He put the knee farthest away from me up on the bench as he looked through his gym bag. Suddenly the word “Hung” took on a whole new meaning for me as I watched his girthy cock literally swing between his legs. I had never seen anything like this before. Maybe in porn once or twice, but I had always been convinced that was from the camera angle or the way they picked tiny girls to fuck big dudes. You could almost hear it “THWAP” against his thigh as he turned towards me to grab his shoes. He still seemed oblivious to my presence, but at the same time, it would have been easier to have turned away from me to grab his things. It was all I could do not to start stroking my own cock at this point in time. I felt like a deer in the headlights, I didn’t want to move in case he really hadn’t noticed me there, and would have suddenly covered up if he did.

I also heard the words “Cocksucker” echoing in my head again. I wondered what it would be like to touch it. How heavy would it be? Could I even fit it in my mouth?

The man pulled out a pair of navy-blue track pants and again, turning just a bit towards me, stepped into them. As he pulled them up, his giant cock fell to the outside of the waist band. I almost moaned. Did I moan? I couldn’t tell if that had been in my head or out loud. I could swear that he left it hanging over the band so it jutted out, invitingly, just a little longer than was necessary. Then still without ever acknowledging that I was there, he pulled his pants all the way on, squeezed into a white tshirt, grabbed his bag and his shoes and headed towards the door. Once again, he squeezed past me and the lockers, the undeniable bulge in his pants only inches from my face. My breath caught. But I was frozen again and he walked out the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32