Stormy Weather

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Ben Roberts leaned into the howling wind as he walked down the windswept beach. First day of holidays and a hurricane is approaching! Not that he minded, he quite liked the wild weather and at 18 years he was the only teen in a three family holiday. Although it was the middle of the afternoon it was almost dark, the angry clouds black, heavy and threatening as they folded on each other.

He was about to return home when he saw a shape break from the groin ahead and move. Even at a distance he could appreciate the young, shapely female body when suddenly her beach hat flew from her head and was carried off in the wind. He watched her frustrated lunge and the sag of her body as she realised it was gone forever.

The hat hit the sand and started cartwheeling its way towards him. He quickly ran to try and intercept the hat, sprinting across its path before diving full length to grasp it. Wiping the sand from his body and with the trophy in hand he walked towards the girl. As he got closer he realised she was older than he first thought. Mid 20’s perhaps, very pretty face with long brown hair that hung to her shoulder blades although at that moment simply a tangle being whipped by the wind; she had a teen’s slim body and full breasts covered by a thin T shirt.

“Thank you,” she said smiling at him and turned as he pointed over her shoulder.

“Christ, we’re going to get drenched,” he said looking past her at the sudden torrential rain burst bearing down on them.

“Oh god,” she said as she turned to look. “Quickly, this is my place,” she said indicating the house in the sand-hills further up the beach and they started to run. But they were only half way there when a torrent of rain fell on them. They were absolutely soaked, the rain so heavy they could only see 10 yards in front of them.

Suddenly Ben burst out laughing. He reached out and took her hand slowing to a walk.

“Hahaha” he laughed uncontrollably. “We’re absolutely drenched, we can’t get any wetter so what are we running for?” he cackled.

His laughter was infectious and Deb found herself laughing with him. It was the first time she had laughed in a long time.

He was still laughing as they climbed the steps to her veranda.

“Bloody hell, I’ve never been so wet,” he laughed. “It’s like being in a wet T shirt contest,” he laughed looking at Deb then quickly cringed as he realised his gaff.

Deb stiffened momentarily. “Oh my god,’ she muttered as she looked down at herself; her T shirt virtually transparent and clinging to her full breasts and body left virtually nothing to the imagination. Her eyes were drawn to the dark colour of her areolas, visible through the wet cloth and her nipples showing as tight and prominent little buds.

“My god,” she muttered again trying to loosen the cloth but only succeeded in highlighting the shape of her breasts.

She gave a shrug. “Well, the audience would probably boo me off the stage anyway,” she said with a resigned smile. “Anyway, when I woke up this morning I didn’t expect to be standing here discussing the merits of my boobs with a complete stranger,” she said looking at him.

His embarrassment was obvious as he shuffled his feet and stuttered. “I’m sorry … I didn’t mean … I mean, I think you look beautiful. Oh god, I mean …”

Deb smiled, she was touched by his shyness and at his obvious embarrassment. She stopped him as she put a hand on his arm.

She gave a small laugh. “Enough, we need to change out of these wet clothes before we catch a chill. Come inside and I’ll give you a pair of my husband’s shorts and a shirt to wear. He was a bit bigger than you but it will just be a loose fit.”

They introduced themselves and 10 minutes later they had both changed into dry clothes. The rain had ceased temporarily but the wind had increased dramatically, Ben was alarmed at the sound of banging outside the house.

“Pardon me for asking,” he said with a note of concern in his voice. “But have you and your husband made any preparations for the hurricane that’s coming?”

“Hurricane? I didn’t know, I don’t listen to the news much since Mickey…” she paused and took a deep breath before continuing in a subdued voice, “my husband, since Mickey passed away. Is it serious?”

“Yes it is, very serious. Look… ah… my family are holidaying in a house just up the beach. If you want I can check outside and look at what needs to be done in the house for you or I can get out of your way and leave you to it. I’m cool either way but someone has to batten down now,” he said with a sense of urgency.

Deb was a bit uncertain but as the house rattled to a gust of wind she thought it best to take him up on the offer. Ben called his mother and advised her of his whereablouts.

There was a lot to do: shutters, some loose, pots, loose material, it was dark when Ben was satisfied. Then he went indoors looking for emergency equipment.

“What’s that?” he inquired as they went into the garage pointing gaziantep escort at a car under a tarpaulin.

“Oh Micky’s pride and joy. He was restoring an old 50’s Cadillac. But…” she said with a resigned shrug of her shoulders.

They didn’t have time to continue. He found the generator, started it up to make sure it was in working order. Found a chain saw, torch and other equipment she might need then laid it all out so they could find it in an emergency.

Suddenly the lights flickered and the house rattled as it was battered by a heavy wind gust. “Bloody hell,” he muttered as he looked at Deb. She couldn’t hide the worried look on her face. He was uncertain what to do.

“Mrs Regan, look I’m concerned for your safety. Whilst I’ve secured most things I can’t just walk away and leave you here alone. This is a real hurricane, anything could happen. I can’t just leave you here alone, is there someone else?”

“No. I’m not leaving my home, I will be alright,” she said uncertainly.

Ben was worried. “I can’t just leave. What to do? Look, I know you don’t know me but I’m a responsible guy. I wouldn’t do anything, wouldn’t do you any harm. It’s up to you but I think it would be best if I stay here tonight just in case something happens. You can set me up where ever you wish, lock your door, whatever but I can’t just leave you here alone,” he said and as if by design a violent gust of wind battered the house, rattling doors and windows.

“Look I’ll ring my mom and you can speak with her,” he said pulling out his cell phone.

Ben rang his mother and explained the situation before handing the phone to Deb.

“Hi Deb,” his mother said. “Look, you are welcome to stay with us. We have room and I know how frightening it can be.”

“Thanks but I can’t leave my house. I have to stay,” Deb responded.

“I understand, I probably would make the same call,” Ben’s mother said. “Look, he’s a good kid, respectful and his offer to help is entirely consistent with his normal behaviour. If you want him to stay I don’t mind and you wouldn’t have to worry about him. I’d kill him if he did anything wrong,” she laughed.

Weighing up the worst of two options she somewhat nervously accepted Ben’s offer. Deb busied herself making dinner for them as Ben went through the house making preparations. It had been almost a year since her husband had been killed on duty in Afghanistan. She had withdrawn from living since that time. She found Ben’s presence both disturbing but also reassuring. Without a man in her life for the past year she found it a little disconcerting that Ben was able to make her laugh and set her at ease. Whilst she was nervous with him she also felt safe, comfortable with his presence. With the hurricane battering her house she was pleased just to have someone around.

The wind and rain intensified. Deb had been stalling for time, they both knew it, but going to her bed seemed to have an element of threat but it was getting late. Ben looked at his watch.

“Look, there’s no point in staying up listening to the wind, it just makes you nervous. We might as well try to get some sleep, or at least some rest – just in case something happens,” he said.

By now the house was taking a constant battering. They had rooms at each end of the house. As Ben headed to his room he stopped as he heard her call.

“Ben,” she said uncertainly.

He stopped and turned. She stood in the corridor, hands clasping together, a picture of uncertainty. He felt a flush of arousal as he looked at her body outlined against the backlight from her bedroom. He could sense her uncertainty. He took one step towards her, stopped, then slowly walked back down the corridor to her.

“I’m frightened,” she said, her voice quivering and he could see the fear in her eyes.

Gently he reached for her and wrapped her in his arms. As he did she felt a surreal sense of warmth, serenity and security. The demons she had carried with her for the last year slowly disappeared and she was surprised to find feelings that she hadn’t had for a long time washing through her body and mind.

“I won’t let anything happen to you. That’s a promise,” he said softly but with assurance.

She stood for a few moments trying to make up her mind then spoke in a small voice. “Ben, I’m so scared … I feel so stupid, I really didn’t know this was coming and now I’m afraid, I’m really afraid to be alone.” she said quietly, a sense of pleading in her voice.

“It’ll be alright,” he said more confidently than he felt as the house rattled to another gust of wind. “I… I suppose I can sleep on the floor in your room if you want. I won’t, you know, I ah, won’t do anything,” he responded. And as he said the words he was conscious of her softness and warmth as he held her.

Her fear outweighed her natural caution. Ben picked up his bedding and spread it out on the floor near her bed. No sooner had they settled when there was an almighty crack followed by banging on the roof. Ben jumped up and raced through the house. A branch had broken from a tree and was rolling on the patio roof.

“It’s got to come off or it will tear the roof apart,” he yelled to her as the wind howled around him.

He raced inside for the chainsaw and ladder. As he climbed on the roof he struggled to maintain his balance as he was buffeted by the wind. “What the fuck am I doing here?” he said to himself as the branch twisted, crashing painfully into his ribs. The branch twisted dangerously and his ribs hurt but he made the necessary cuts making the site safe and was relieved to get out of the wind.

When he returned Deb was almost in tears. “You’re hurt,” she said looking at his side where traces of blood showed through the T shirt. Sit down and I will look at it,” she instructed. “Now,” she said sternly as Ben started to protest. “I’m a nurse so just do as you are told,” she said with authority and he raised his hands in mock surrender, a wry smile on his face.

Her training took over and she was all professional. Initially she checked his ribs to make sure nothing was broken and they were both relieved as she told him that his ribs were not broken but they would be sore for a while. Then she moved on to his cuts. Ben could feel his heart rate rise as he responded to the soft touch of her hands on his side. As much as he tried to control his emotions he was embarrassingly conscious of the blood flowing to his penis as it slowly began to stiffen. His mind screamed at her to finish tending to his cuts and scratches but she methodically inspected his side, carefully removing a couple of splinters and ensuring that there were none left.

Ultimately his erection was such that neither could avoid the obvious.

Deb chuckled, “well, it’s nice to see that your mind has its own pain control method.” Instantly the mood relaxed as they laughed together.

“I’m sorry, I never meant…”

“Don’t, as a nurse you would be surprised at how many times I’ve seen that happen. At times you guys seem to be able to forget about pain. I’m used to it,” she laughed as she swabbed his side with antiseptic. But she was very aware of her own response of arousal which she had lost control of.

Her heart was in her mouth when they returned to the bedroom. She stood uncertainly near the side of the bed. In truth she was uncertain of her own motivations as she said “I can’t leave you on the floor, it’s too hard for your side. You will be in pain. Look, I trust you. If you promise not to do anything you can sleep in my bed if you like.”

They were both wide awake as they pulled the covers over themselves. Whilst they started apart with every gust of wind that rattled the house she subconsciously edged closer to him.

Suddenly she sat bolt upright and gave a small cry of despair as something banged loudly into her house. They listened as it scraped and rolled along her veranda.

“Oh my god,” she said in alarm. “What’s that? What are we going to do?” almost in tears.

“Well, it’s pissing with rain so I suppose we could both go outside and have a look. That way we will both get wet and we can have another wet T shirt competition,” he said with mock sincerity.

“Huh?” she muttered uncertainly, then started to giggle. Still giggling she gave him a playful punch to his arm.

“You’re just trying to make me laugh aren’t you?” she said, and he could hear the relief in her voice. “Wet T shirt indeed, is that all you guys think about?” she said laughing then leaned across him. “Thank you,” she said sincerely “for everything,” and gave him a quick kiss.

Ben sat beside her and placed a comforting arm around her shoulders. She sagged to him and made no attempt to move away as he continued to hold her as they lay back on the bed.

He turned to her. She was quiet, warm; there! She snuggled closer.

His hand slid up her back sending shivers of desire through her. Her body craving a touch that she hadn’t felt for so long. Ben instinctively knew to progress slowly. He made no move sexually, content to rub her back spending an inordinate amount of time gently scratching the small of her back until her felt her relax into him. Only then did he move to her and she was ready for his kiss. Then he moved lower.

He kissed her breasts. Cupping one with one hand he took full advantage, suckling one nipple as his fingers toyed with the other. She sighed with the almost forgotten pleasure. Then her heart beat faster as he settled between her legs, moving her thighs apart he kissed his way down her body. Her heart beat wildly as she felt his progress as he slid down her body and kissed her navel, poking his tongue in her cavern. Then her muscles tightened as he slid lower and kissed her where she had never been kissed before.

Her gasp of surprise was carried away in the whistling of the wind battering her house as she tried to manage the hurricane of pleasure whipping through her body.

Her legs opened further of their own volition to give him full access to her charms. Her hands clutched at the edges of her pillow and she moaned uncontrollably as he licked the length of her slit and teased her clit. The fury of the wind outside matched by the intensity of the pleasure his tongue was forcing on her sensitive bud.

He was in no hurry and she didn’t want him to stop as his lips and tongue made love to her. She could feel her sex opening to him like the petals of a flower as he teased her.

“Oh god,” she cried as she arched her back as he brought her to the edge of screaming. Yet he wasn’t ready to give her the relief she so desperately wanted.

Leaving her frustrated he moved back up her body. He kissed her eyes, her nose then a smouldering kiss that parted her lips and lit an explosion of emotions deep inside her.

She slipped her free hand around the back of his neck and pulled him closer. She could feel his weight upon her. She was wet for him as he moved over her.

He placed the tip of his cock so it barely touched the swollen lips of her sex, rubbing the head along the length of her slit. “Oh god, do it, put it in… please,” she pleaded. Then moaned in pleasure as he thrust his hips forward sheathing himself completely within her warmth.

“Oooooooooh, that’s nice,” she groaned quietly in his ear as he sank into her and he could feel her hips rising to meet him as they developed their own rhythm.

He felt a surge of passion as her hands dropped to cup the cheeks of his ass, pulling gently at him as she urged him to fill her. Her moans were becoming more frequent and he knew he had to make it last for her. Then he felt the clutching of her muscles, the tensing of her body before she cried out in passion. He could feel the rhythmic clutching of her body as his own mating urges drove him to completion. His back arched as he thrust deep within her responsive body, the pleasure growing before he erupted, shooting his young sperm into her with a power that he didn’t know he had. Again and again until he lay on her, spent.

He was amazed by the intensity of the feelings of passion she had aroused in him. She was not the first woman he had been with but none had touched him like she did. He dropped his head and tenderly kissed her neck and nibbled at her ear lobes. He had no desire to move from her any more than she had for him to move from her.

Gradually they both became aware of the storm raging outside. She shivered and held him tight.

They made love again before they both fell into a shallow sleep.

She awoke to the sounds of the storm outside and his hand gently fondling her breast. She had a moment of panic at his presence then her memories flooded her mind and she happily surrendered to his gentle touch, spreading herself willingly for him.

Later as Deb made breakfast Ben went to the garage. Uncovering the Cadillac he was impressed at what he saw. The vehicle was being restored and everything arranged in an orderly manner.

He hurried back to Deb excited. “The Caddy, he enthused. I can fix it, I know what to do. I’m a car buff and I’m studying mechanical engineering, I know all about these things. Everything is there. I’ll have it done before I go,” he said enthusiastically.

Deb quaked. The car was Mickey’s pride and joy. The thought of letting someone else work on it unsettled her. She was in two minds but his enthusiasm was overwhelming and she knew that she couldn’t leave it forever. Somewhat reluctantly she agreed. And she smiled to herself at the childlike glint in his eye when talking about the car: just like Micky used to. For the next few days he spent his time alternating between working on the car and making love to her. Although she occasionally felt remorse believing she was unfaithful to Mickey when Ben was inside her he owned her as she gave herself totally to him.

His second last day, he proudly declared that the car was finished. He made arrangements for the wheels to be aligned. They drove into town and dropped the car at the garage. They were having a coffee and sharing a piece of cake. They were talking quietly, he had one hand gently rubbing the inside of her thighs when their intimacy was interrupted.

“Deb, my god, it’s so good to see you, I saw the Caddy as I walked past the garage. I didn’t know what to think, surely it couldn’t be yours but how many pink Caddies are there?” her friend Alicia Mallory said eyeing off Deb and Ben as they sat close together.

“Alicia,” she responded happily. “Come, sit down and join us, we’re just having a coffee,” she said patting the seat next to her. “This is Ben. He’s, ah, staying with me for a while,” she said opening her eyes wide and giving Alicia a cheeky smile.

“Ben’s been working on it all week,” she said not taking her eyes off Alicia. “He’s been amazing.”

Alicia didn’t know what to make of the signals she was receiving from Deb. For the last year Deb had refused all her attempts to help her move on from her grief and here she was smiling, happy and sitting intimately close to a young guy who she had never seen before.

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