Stone’s Birthday Bash Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

After I got out of bed I limped down the hall to use my little sister’s toilet, making sure to leave the seat up so that ball busting little bitch knew I was there. When I got back to my room I saw I had received another text, one from Kayla’s mom, saying she wanted me to drop by sometime today to discuss something.

This can’t be good, I thought, and gently put my clothes on since it was almost eleven and mom said she wanted to see me when she went on her lunch break. With all the traffic on the freeway, and the hassle the security guard at the parking garage gate gave me, I managed to make it up to mom’s floor a little after noon.

She sat crossed legged at her desk, her strong sexy legs clad in nylons beneath the hem of the red business dress; she resembled Sarah Palin but if she was built like a wrestler.

“You’re late,” mom said with a sneer as I huffed and puffed, clearly out of breath from running up the stairs to her eighth story office. The elevators were notoriously slow in her building and always packed for the lunch rush so I didn’t even bother waiting after I got inside; just hauled ass up the fire stairway instead.

“Sorry…mom…got here…fast as I could…,” I said between big gulps of air while bent over.

“That’s no excuse young man,” she said sternly with an almost disgusted sneer on her face. “I go to all the trouble of hiring a nice young woman to help you train so you don’t end up like your father and this is how you disrespect her; by showing up late to your first session?”

I was perplexed, what she meant when I saw a fit young blonde woman maybe a couple years older than me emerge from my mother’s private bathroom. The girl looked like a stripper; big oversized balloon breasts along with a mane of bleach blonde hair not to mention a very curvy apple bottom.

“What’s going on, mom?” I asked suddenly feeling my arousal return as the familiar tingle went through my loins.

“Sara here is technically my new personal assistant but I mainly hired her to have spar matches with you every day,” my mother stated as she casually typed on her iPhone. “I need you to get better, sweetie,” she said, suddenly putting the phone down and giving me a concerned look. My attention however was focused on Sara who was cracking her knuckles zenci escort gaziantep bayan before stretching her back, thrusting her big tits out. She was wearing a tiny pink string bikini and I was doing everything possible to not let my jaw hit the floor as she plucked her tiny swimsuit out of the crack of her voluptuous ass.

“So to help kick you out of this losing streak, you’re to report here every day at noon to wrestle with Sara. This is nonnegotiable, honey; if you want to live under my roof I can’t have you being a no good jobber like your father; ruining our family name the way he did.”

That’s when Sara motioned over to the corner of mom’s office that was behind the door; away from her desk. There was a blue gym mat already laid out and I kind of stumbled towards it, lost in a fog like some kind of zombie. Sara smiled sweetly as she set about removing my shirt and jeans. I almost blushed when her hand brushed by my grey boxer briefs and she gave me a wry look that seemed to say, is that from looking at me?

At moms instructions, Sara and I locked up. We didn’t stay vertical long as she used her long, tan leg to trip me by wrapping it behind my ankle. I was caught off guard by her strength as she actually forced my hands to the mat as she seemed to casually take her seat on my chest; my eyes naturally drawn to her cleavage. Sara noticed me staring since her blue eyes were locked on mine and giggled, “You are a horny little troll.” She proceeded to slowly lean down, pressing my nose and mouth between her full breasts; I had actually given up on trying to kick out until it felt like I was going to pass out. Before I could of course mom called a break. Sara stood obediently, backing up to her corner of the mat, with her hands demurely behind her back. I was confused for a moment until I noticed my mom had shed her business suit to reveal a red bikini; though not as skimpy as Sara’s it certainly revealed her curvy form.

She had a no nonsense attitude and told me to get in my start position. I picked myself up off the mat as she walked up and swung a slap I managed to duck just in time. She brought up a knee; I couldn’t tell if it was aimed at my lowered head or towards my balls but I caught it, grabbing escort bayan gaziantep mom by her thick thigh. She wasn’t a big woman at all but her legs were a product of her plump ass but they weren’t soft as the weight of their muscle was quite evident. She hopped on one foot for a moment before grabbing a handful of my hair, getting me in a headlock. After that we tumbled to the mat and rolled around briefly; I ended up getting mom on her stomach with both of her wrists pinned behind her in dual hammerlocks, almost like she was handcuffed.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned as mom started pushing her voluptuous ass against the stiff erection poking through my boxer briefs. I leaned into it, sighing as I found myself almost unconsciously dry humping my mother’s butt. When I thought I was getting close, mom suddenly wrapped her thick legs around my waist, scissoring me as they almost seemed to pop out like coiled springs. I grunted as she squeezed the air completely out of me; I started seeing spots before my eyes when I felt mom’s hand reaching underneath to tease my cock through my underwear with short tugs. I grunted each time she alternated by pumping her thighs or giving my dick a series of fast strokes; after she had gotten me in the body scissors I had released her wrists to try and pry her legs apart.

“Enough,” mom said, clearly frustrated. “Honey, I need you to concentrate; you almost lost two matches because of that thing between your legs.” She stood, rubbing her sore arm where I had her in a double hammerlock, and told Sara it was her turn. I had been slow to rise and was surprised when the blonde grabbed me from behind, locking in a full nelson. I tried to struggle but was still winded from mom’s scissors and had no energy as Sara powered me down onto my knees.

“Now let’s see if we can test your stamina, young man,” mom said as she got on the floor with me, kneeling on the mat and pulling her bikini top off so her heavy breasts fell out–despite her age there was very little sag. She pushed her DD cups together, sandwiching them around my cock; I sighed as their softness enveloped my rod.

“Consider this a test,” mom said very calmly as she fucked my dick with her sweaty tits while staring up at me even though our faces were barely inches apart. “If you can last for a ten second double team, we’ll conclude today’s lesson and Sara will give you a nice birthday blowjob,” mom spoke as her tits jerked me off. I was breathless as I watched her beautiful orbs bounce up and down; her skin was so smooth it felt like she had lotioned up before the match–or maybe while I was being smothered. “But if you shoot your load all over mommy’s breasts, you’re going to really pay.” I felt was involuntarily thrusting my hips and it took me a minute to notice that it was actually Sara controlling me like a puppet but I tensed up, trying my best as mom counted down.

“Five…four…three…tw–,” she was cut off as I exploded like a canon, absolutely soaking her face until the majority dribble down over her bare tits; cascading like a waterfall. She was frozen in fury, mouth open in shock; I watched, a small whine forming in my throat, as her ruby red lips trembled in anger. She was still pancaking my penis between her boobs when mom used one index finger to wipe the jizz from her eyes; it was like someone hit her in the face with a banana cream pie.

“Take him to task, Sara,” she growled and I was launched backwards in the air like I was being shot out of a catapult. It was nearly two o’clock when mom let me stumble out of her office; the pair of them each taking turns slamming, crushing or stretching me almost impossibly painful submission holds. Thankfully my balls never got the level of abuse my little sister had dished out but both Sara and mom were certainly world class cock teasers as they edged me the entire time; getting me just to the brink then stopping while I almost wanted to scream in frustration before they resumed squeezing me until I thought my head or ribs were going to crack under the pressure of their scissors.

I limped to the elevator, avoiding eye contact with everyone else; it’s not like I had bruises all over me but my shame wouldn’t allow me to see their faces. I got back to my car and saw a text from Kayla’s mom asking me to come over as soon as I can; I groaned and replied that I was on my way. Simply turning the key on the ignition felt like torture; as I drove out of the underground parking garage I had hoped the rest of my birthday would end better. I thought about mom’s last words before I left her office that I shouldn’t be home late because she had a special party planned for me later. Judging by the sinister smile I doubt there would be cake and ice cream waiting for me later. “They probably won’t even have that clown I wanted,” I sighed aloud before getting on the freeway.

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