Still Awake?

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It’s late … but you’re finally getting home. The adrenaline is wearing off, and you slowly unlock the front door. You’ve had a good night, but now it’s time for sleep. Just as you crack the door open, you hear your phone alert you to another message.

Too tired to worry about where you are, you simply lean against the door frame, pulling the phone out and checking it, assuming that one of your friends that you just left needed to say something. Instead it’s me – and the message is a simple “Still awake?”

You smirk, amused that I would write. And that the message would show up just as you’re getting home. You type back “barely” and hit the send button. You don’t even finish getting completely through the door before another message comes in. “Feel like waking up? ;)”

You roll your eyes, thinking about what to say, still at the door.

You tilt your head, not considering that you could move inside. What to say ..? How to respond …?

And then you hear a voice from outside, behind you. “Feel like waking up?” You can almost hear the smirk before you turn and see me standing out in your yard, smiling – one hand in my pocket, but another out in front, holding my cell phone.

You’re not even sure what to do, how to act. “I can’t believe you showed up here.”

I walk confidently up to the door, putting my phone away and resting my hand on the frame as I step up next to you. “Hi you. How’s your adrenaline?” The grin spreads across my face even as I’m talking.

And it’s contagious … your grin breaks out before you answer. “I _was_ getting tired …”

I take the final step up to you, letting my hand drift down from the door frame to your arm. Resting it gently on your sleeve, I lean in and kiss you. You hesitate for a moment, then relax and reply in kind.

I pull back, just far enough so that you can see the smile break out on my face, then I lean in again, this time kissing a little harder, but also pushing with my hands. You take a few steps backward and then you hear the door shut as I close it with my foot.

You pull back, smirking, but waking up. I see your eyes start to sparkle a little as you begin backing up from me. Kicking off your shoes … dropping the jacket that you were wearing … you keep moving back from me, but your grin keeps getting bigger as I follow.

“Are you trying to run away?” I ask – but you don’t reply. You simply glance behind you, then keep moving. As you cross through a doorway, you bring up one hand, and beckon me forward.

I follow you into your bedroom, keeping eye contact with you as you move farther away from the door. “Thinking of one of those stories that I sent you?” And you still don’t answer.

You stand near the foot of the bed, waiting, watching. Without the reply, I can’t make a smart-ass comment, but I’m quickly losing interest in being a smart-ass. The laughs and the humor all fade away.

I step out of my shoes … let my jacket drop to the floor … and slowly walk around the bed, following you as you keep backing up. I lift an eyebrow slightly as you keep moving away, but the smirk on your face convinces me to keep following.

You stop, as far away from your door as you can get … and I catch up to you. I put my hands on your shoulders and push, hard enough to back you the last few kütahya escort inches against the wall.

My hands stay on your shoulders, but I bend my arms and move up next to you, kissing harder this time … not dangerous, but aggressive. You let the feeling start to build, but suddenly gasp as I use my hand to press against you through your dress.

I pull back, watching. I see you close your eyes, then open them and look directly at me – the smirk gone and a hunger from deep inside taking over. I notice when you glance down, then back up. Your hands are now pressed flat against the wall, starting to clench as the muscles in your body, in your arms tighten up.

I grin, leaning in again. This time the kiss is softer, more gentle – but I don’t stop as I pull away from your lips. I start to kiss the line of your chin, then down your neck. You let your head lean back against the wall and I continue … My tongue flicks out, teasing your skin as my mouth moves farther down your neck. You think I’ve gone as far as I’m going to – for the moment – but then you feel my hands slide between you and the wall … down your body, over your ass …

I squeeze, grinning as you lower your gaze back down to me. I slide my hands out from behind you, then move one up to your neck, resting it behind you, holding you as I lean in again and kiss you.

Finally, I take a small step back from you … and you continue to rest against the wall, your arms flat against it, your palms open and your fingers spread. You watch …

I jerk up on my shirt, pulling it out from my pants, then I lift it up and off me, letting it drop next to the wall. My gaze flickers down to it as it falls, then returns to you. I extend my hand to you, and you take it cautiously. As our grip tightens, I pull back, getting you to step away from the wall. As you finish crossing the small distance between us, I put my hands on your shoulders, turning you around in front of me … then sliding the top of your dress off your shoulders before unzipping the back. It starts to fall and as I slide my hands in between the zipper and around in front of you, it finally drops to the floor.

I am standing right next to you now, and you can feel that I’m excited … ready … but as you try to turn in my arms, I hold onto you and you give up fairly quickly – willing to see what’s next.

I pull my arms back, my fingers dragging over your skin – the friction, the touch increasing what you’re feeling …

I undo your bra, unhooking the back then sliding my fingers up inside the shoulder straps – forcing it to fall off. You think for a moment about crossing your arms and catching it, but the moment passes and you let it drop to the floor.

I kiss the back of your neck, and my hands rub down your body – from your collarbone, down over your shoulder blades, down your back … and you don’t even have to think about it before you know what’s coming next.

My thumbs move inside your panties – not far, just enough to get the hem … and I push them down. Down your legs, past your knees … and then I let go as they drop to the floor. As I stand up, I notice that you shift your feet just enough to let your underwear drop the final few inches to the floor.

My hand moves up to your malatya escort neck, my fingers under your hair, then wrapping around as I begin to kiss the other side, up under your ear …

… and my other hand starts to slide down your ass, moving between your cheeks … sliding between, then down and under … and the sensation causes you to shiver for a moment.

You begin to turn – starting to say something – but I move in front of you, kissing you mid-word. As our lips part, I can see your eyes twinkling again, the smart-ass comment coming, but I head it off by putting my arms around you and pulling, turning you over the bed. You finish the turn and sit, losing the moment to comment.

I step between your legs, leaning in and kissing you again – steady, hard … but not pushing. You move your hands up to my pants and undo the belt … then the jeans. A tug, and another, then they’re loose enough to slide down my legs.

I smirk, looking down, then I catch your eye and you try and give me an innocent look. I grin again, kiss you, then this time, I push you back onto the blanket. As I lift away from you, I put my hands under your thighs, lifting enough, pushing enough that you slide farther back onto the bed. You help a touch, squirming enough to let your legs rest on the bed once I let go of them.

I step out of my pants, and then climb up over you. You don’t know what to expect, being patient, yet excited … and as I start kissing your body, you let your eyes close – enjoying the comfortable feeling. My lips touching your chest … your breasts … my hands brushing down your arms …

I keep kissing … licking … and after what’s probably only a few minutes – but feels much longer, I’m almost to the point where I’ll be doing more teasing than any kind of foreplay … You almost let it start – but you know that if I begin, you won’t want me to finish.

“No. Stop.” The words come as a surprise, but I lift up, looking – my eyes a bit wider, wondering … and you think that you see a flash of worry as you meet my gaze.

“Come here.” You can see my body relax as I smile again, crawling up until I am over you again, stopping and watching. You lift up with one hand, pushing against my chest. “My turn.” And the pressure – combined with a little leverage – and I roll over onto my back, with you on top.

You grind down against me, keeping your eyes focused on mine until I close them, smiling.

You lower yourself to me, kissing my lips, then you begin to work your way down – your hair sometimes falling in the way, sometimes not. Over my chest, down one side … and now it’s my turn to squirm just a touch.

I lift up on my elbows, watching … and by now, you’re on your knees next to the bed, leaning against it, my legs on either side of you. I see an “I told you so” look cross your face before you lower yourself down to me, wrapping your fingers around me … then slowly licking … teasing … And I gasp.

I try to hold your hair up and out of the way, but it doesn’t take long before I need to lean back and rest on my back again. You keep playing, sucking, having fun listening to me moan … and finally, you decide that it’s time for something a bit more …

You lick one more time, then let go and batman escort start crawling back up the bed. It takes me a few seconds before my eyes can focus again. I smile as you stop above me. You lower your lips to mine, your hair falling around our faces as our lips touch, press … and I feel your fingers reach down and hold onto me.

You lift your head up enough so you can watch the look on my face, and – holding onto me – you slowly lower yourself down, letting me fill you up. You can see my body tighten, my smile get wider and you grin, closing your eyes for a moment before looking back down, before putting your hand back up near my shoulder.

You lift up, then lower yourself back down … each movement, slow and deliberate. Again. I put my hands on your legs, sliding them up to your ass, but you shake it a touch – then when you realize that movement won’t be enough for me to pick up on, you sit up. Your hands now free, you push my hands away.

I look up at you, questioning. I see another grin as I hear your comment – “My house, my rules.” And your hands move up to mine, holding them onto the mattress as you begin to move against … over … around me. You begin to lose yourself in the moment …

I let my hands fall to the bed as I watch you. You keep flexing your legs, lifting your body off of me before slowly taking me back into you. Your hands wander over your body for a moment, caressing your skin, your breasts, your neck … before you open your eyes and focus on me. That’s when you reach down with your fingers and dig your nails into my chest with both hands. I clench up as you rake your fingers down my skin — but I tighten up all over and you can feel the reaction even inside you.

You grin, then lower your body to mine. Your hands go to my sides and you start kissing me frantically — your lips touching my lips, then my neck, then all over. You rub your breasts against me. Your hips keep grinding hard against me as you fuck me.

I gasp, not ready for the sudden onslaught. I struggle with my self control, but I leave my hands on the mattress. They’re not alone for long — your hands slide down my arms, your nails pricking my skin here and there before your fingers slide between mine and you clench my hands in yours.

I’ve closed my eyes because I couldn’t see with your hair on my face, but the darkness just heightens my other senses. My touch, my hearing … and I can hear your breath getting more ragged as you gasp and moan into my ears.

You continue to ride me, pushing harder against me, squeezing tighter around me. I push up against you, but you’re the one controlling the action. Each movement comes faster and you lift up again, slowly rising up so that you’re sitting straight again. As you lift up, your pull my hands up with you and you rest my hands on your thighs before letting go of them.

You shake your head, throwing your hair back and you look down at my face, watching as I open my eyes and take you in. I put my hands on your breasts and squeeze, then slide my hands loosely down to your hips.

I let you control the action, but I start pulling down with my hands each time, emphasizing the movement. Harder. Again.

I put my thumbs in front of you, teasing your clit as you keep moving. The extra sensation is too much for you and as you drop down onto me again, you cry out. It’s loud at first, and then you get quiet as you lower your body onto mine.

I wrap my arms around you and hug you against me — but it doesn’t last before you lift up enough to look into my eyes and smile. “And you woke me up. What are we going to do now?”

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