StepDaughter’s Plan Pt. 03

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StepDaughter’s Plan Pt3

Maddy asked, “So, how do we tell Mom? I don’t mean just about us eating each other out, but that we can’t keep our legs together around you, John?”

Both girls looked at me.

“What? Tell your mom, are you crazy?” I said.

“John, you don’t expect to sneak around behind her back all the time, do you? That’s crazy; she would eventually find out anyway.” Meg said.

Maddy said, “Don’t forget Meg, you are not allowed to spread those luscious creamy thighs of yours and show John your sweet little pink cunt unless I say you can, got it bitch?”

“Yes, Maddy, I will make it up to you for being such a bitch to you and Tasha, I promise,” Meg said shyly.

Listening to the girls discuss how to tell their mom, my wife Amy, that I was screwing them or more, they were fucking me silly, the reality of what had gone on the past few days came crashing down on me. What was I thinking? That’s just it; I wasn’t thinking; my cock was doing all the thinking. Christ, I was in some deep shit here.

Amy and I had been in the lifestyle for a few years, and one of our rules was we were never to sneak around behind each other’s backs; not only was I doing that, but I was doing it with her two daughters and at the same time no less.

“John? John, are you listening?” Maddy said.

That snapped me out of my thoughts, and I tried to refocus on the issue at hand. Damn it, why are these girls so damn beautiful, especially sitting here completely naked?

“John, I think we should be upfront and tell Mom that we love you and are sexually attracted to you just like Mom is; she can’t get mad about that,” Maddy said.

Meg chimed in sarcastically, “What do you think, John? I think Mom will blow a fuse. Wonder if she will be madder at you, John, for sticking your big cock in her sweet innocent daughters (“making air quotes with her fingers when she said innocent) or at us for not being able to keep our legs together around you.”

I said, “Oh, she is going to be extremely mad at me; one of our rules, when we started swinging, was, NO playing without both of us being there.”

As the words came out of my mouth, I knew I was divulging too much, but I couldn’t stop my mouth.

Meg stood up and slapped the table, which caused her big full titties to jiggle, and then said, “I knew it. I knew you and Mom fucked around with others. Jane has hinted to me that I would be surprised how open-minded my mom is sexually.”

Maddy looked at me with a slight scowl on her face.

“You and Mom fuck other people? Is Mom bisexual? I mean, it would explain why Meg and I love eating pussy.” Maddy asked.

Maddy was standing now, and her sweet little pink snatch was at eye level; my cock did not let it go without reacting. Between realizing I was in a world of hurt with Amy and looking at my two gorgeous young naked stepdaughters, I was tongue-tied.

I started wondering what Amy was going to be most upset about, fucking behind her back, fucking her daughters behind her back, or that I had told her daughters that she was bisexual and that we explored the swinger lifestyle.

“John, are you going to answer?” Maddy said, very forcefully.

“Listen, girls, oh what the hell. Yes, your mom is bisexual, and yes, we are open to sharing each other with the right couples, OK?” I said.

Maddy laughed and said, “Wow, you go, mom.”

“Meg, mom, is such a horny badass,” Maddy said to her sister Meg.

Meg was still processing this new info when she asked, “So have you two fucked Jane? Brent too?”

I just looked at Meg and smiled.

Meg said, “fuck I knew it. She knows way too much about Mom’s body AND yours, for that matter. Jane would say things to me like, I am sure he has a nice fat cock. She knows you have a fat cock first hand. She always asked me if I was attracted to you, and if I wasn’t, I should be. That sneaky bitch.”

Since I was sure Amy was going to be castrating me when she got home and found out about the girls and me, I spilled all the beans.

“Meg, Brent doesn’t know that Jane spends nights with us when he is out of town, and you two are at your dad’s house, so you need to keep that a secret,” I said.

Meg, laughing, said, “Shit, I should have been able to figure that out. Every time Brent went out of town, you and Mom made Maddy and me stay at Dad’s. I would ask Jane if I could stay with her instead, and she always had some excuse as to why I couldn’t. She was here getting fucked by you and eating out my mom. That horny bitch.”

Maddy honestly looked stunned with the information she was finding out about her mom. I couldn’t tell if she was impressed with her mom or if she thought less of her mom now.

“Maddy, are you OK, sweetheart?”I asked.

“I don’t know what to think of all of this, to be honest. I think all of this was a huge mistake, and my horny pussy and desire to give you my virginity may have ruined our family.” Maddy said.

Maddy’s eyes were filling with tears, and she escort bayan gaziantep yavuzeli was starting to shake as she stood in front of me naked. Her perfect perky tits were jiggling as she stood there, trying to make heads or tails of our situation.

Meg moved over to her and hugged her. Watching Meg with her spectacular naked body cuddling her tall, lean naked sister, my cock immediately jumped to attention. Fuck, what is wrong with me, I thought.

Meg said, “Maddy, I will take care of all of this, OK? Don’t you worry? I know exactly what to do; I will tell Mom it is all my fault.”

Maddy, still trembling, said, “How do you see that happening, Meg?”

Meg said, “I will tell mom that I know about her and Jane, and I made John fuck you. I was sick of hearing about you being a virgin, and I fucked John because I am a slut. John didn’t want to, but I told him if he didn’t, I would tell Brent, John has been fucking his wife, and so has our mom.”

I looked at Meg in a different light all of a sudden. Maybe there really was a sweet girl inside the fantastic body of hers.

Maddy laughed through her tears and said, “mom will see right through that, Meg. Mom knows about my crush on John. Hell, she has walked in on me fucking myself with little John. And trust me, she knew right away what it was I had buriend in my spread open legs.”

Now my head was spinning. Amy knew Maddy was fucking herself with a copy of my cock, and she didn’t stop her or bother to tell me? Well, not telling me was probably for the best, come to think of it, I thought, which caused me to chuckle a bit too loud.

“What’s so funny, John,” Maddy said.

“Well, your mom has been telling me for several years that you had a crush on me. I told her she was silly; you were just a sweet young girl that liked to flirt. Your mom clearly knew more than she was letting on. Especially if she had seen you masturbating one time with the copy of my cock.” I said.

Maddy’s face perked up, and she said, “Oh, it wasn’t just one time she caught me. I wanted her to see me fucking myself with your cock, and moaning out your name. I made sure she walked in on me.”

Meg was still holding Maddy loosely in her arms. Then she pointed at my cock and said, “Maddy, look, no sense in stopping now, right? Mom will be upset whether we let John fuck us one more time or thirty more times.”

Maddy looked down at my cock, which had grown to its full length as I listened to Maddy tell Meg about wanting her mom to see her masturbating with the copy of my cock.

Maddy smiling now, said, “Sister, I like your thinking; we can deal with the mom issue in four days when she comes home. Until then, I plan on getting fucked until I can’t walk.”

Maddy walked over to me and straddled me. Looking down at me, she said, “What do you think, Daddy, do you want some more of my tight young cunt? It is hot and wet for your big fat cock.”

She reached down and aimed my cock at her opening, and just as she started to lower herself, Meg said, “Hey, what about me? Let’s take this party up to bed. Maddy, you can ride that big cock, and John can eat my cunt at the same time, hopefully making me squirt again while seeing stars.”

Maddy jumped off of me, and I watched my two naked stepdaughters as they headed for the stairs, holding hands and giggling as they went. When they got to the stairs, they both turned and looked at me and said in unison, “you coming, your daughters need some loving from their daddy.”

My cock was in control now; if it weren’t, I would have stopped myself, but like Meg said, Amy was going to be madder than a wet hen whether the girls and I fucked one more time or thirty more times.

The girls continued upstairs, and I took a few minutes to clean up the kitchen. Putting the food away and then heading up to have some fun with my two horny stepdaughters. When I got to the stairs, my phone rang, and it was Amy.

“Hello babe, is everything OK?” I asked.

“John, you know how we have that rule of only playing with others when we are both together?” Amy said.

My first thought was, Oh shit, she knows about the girls and me, but odd, she is asking about our only playing together rule.

“Yeah,” I said.

“Well, Jill has implied she would like to explore further than what we did back in college. Would it bother you if she and I played around this week? If you say no, I will wait until the three of us can play together,” Amy said.

Amy was in Tahoe with her three closest friends from school; all of them were cheerleaders together back in the day. Sarah, Clare, and Jill, Jill being one of Amy’s closest friends. They both went to the same college and explored their bisexuality with each other back in the day. Amy said it never progressed past much more than kissing, caressing, and some sucking of each other’s tits. But now, it sounded like Jill was open to exploring further. I am sure Amy was hot to trot, as Jill was escort gaziantep yeni bayan precisely the type of female Amy lusted after, sexy petite brunette with big breasts and curves in all the right places.

Jill is a knockout; she could be Selma Hayek’s twin sister. She is a real Latina hottie. Jill has never married; she enjoys her independence is all I could figure. Over the years, she has spent a lot of time with Meg and Maddy, and they refer to her as Aunt Jill.

“Sure, babe, it is fine with me, but you know I am going to want to hear all about it when you get home. Photos too if you have them,” I said with a laugh.

“You horny bastard, and of course, I will tell you all the details. Oh, I already have some yummy photos of Jill, but you will have to wait to see those; I don’t want you hurting yourself while I am away,” Amy said, laughing.

Then she said, “Need to go; Jill just walked out to the hot tub naked. Babe, her figure is even more beautiful now than when she was nineteen. Got to go, oh, you have fun too and don’t feel guilty, it’s all good, enjoy yourself.” Click the phone line went dead.

I was standing outside the master bedroom door when Amy hung up on me. What the hell did she mean by “don’t feel guilty”?

I entered the bedroom to see both my gorgeous stepdaughter’s lying on the bed with their legs open. Meg had one end of Amy’s doubled headed dildo already inside her pussy, and Maddy was in the process of getting in position to insert the other end in her swollen pussy.

When I walked in, Maddy said, “John, what’s wrong? You look like you saw a ghost?”

“That was your mom; she wanted to ask me if it was OK if she and Aunt Jill fooled around,” I said.

Meg said, “Aunt Jill is a total hotty; I would do her in a heartbeat if she wanted.”

Maddy said, “Hell yeah. Way to go, mom. I would eat Aunt Jill’s hot latin taco, given the chance.”

My head was still spinning with Amy’s last comment.

Maddy asked, “Does it bother you mom and Aunt Jill will be fooling around? Or that you aren’t there to watch and join in?”

“Oh no, I am fine with them playing around together; it’s not like it is the first time. But your mom said for me not to feel guilty and to enjoy myself. What the hell did that mean?” I said.

Maddy looked at me with a smirk on her face and said, “Gosh, what could she be referring to, I wonder.”

The entire time, Maddy was slowly working the one end of the double-headed dildo in and out of Meg’s spread open pussy.

“Come on, Daddy, come and put this end in my cunt,” Maddy said as she spread her legs and held up the other end of the double-headed dildo.

Seeing Maddy’s swollen pink slit snapped me out of my bewilderment about Amy’s comment. I got up on the bed and pushed the fat dildo head into Maddy’s swollen pussy.

She let out a long deep moan as I pushed the fat dildo head into her pussy, causing her tight pink lips to spread open and suck it up.

Maddy was now on top of Meg. She had her legs spread, allowing her to grind her pussy down into Meg’s swollen pussy.

Both girls were already on fire. Maddy had been slowly working the dildo in and out of her sister’s pussy the entire time.

Now that each had one end of the dildo buried inside their vaginas, they started working their hips into each other in an attempt to push more of the dildo into the other one while at the same time forcing more into their own cunnies.

It took a little bit, but they soon were grinding into each other in unison.

Both girls were moaning and grunting as their pace quickened. They were violently fucking each other now; It looked like each of them was trying to make the other one cum first. Sibling rivalry at its best.

Maddy grunted out, “Cum, you bitch, cum for me.”

Meg screamed, “I am close, cum with me, baby sis.”

I saw Maddy’s toes curl up, and I knew she had either started to cum or was going to at any moment.

Then Maddy’s head snapped back, her entire body tensed up and jerked a few times, and I knew she was cumming. Meg didn’t stop; she continued grinding her hips up into Maddy, working the double-headed dildo in and out of her cunt and Maddy’s.

Maddy rolled off Meg, panting and laughing, “Oh my God, you bitch, you made me cum.”

Then she rolled back onto Meg and planted a long deep open-mouth kiss on her older sister. Meg, hungrily accepting Maddy’s mouth and tongue into her own mouth.

For the first time today, it felt like the girls didn’t care that I was there.

Maddy rolled off of Meg and grabbed the slippery end of the dildo that had just been inside her young pussy and began to work the other end it in and out of Meg slowly.

“Come on, John, I want to see you make my nasty sister squirt,” Maddy said as she pulled the fat dildo out of Meg’s vagina. Leaving her fuck hole open.

Meg moaned out in displeasure, left with an empty pussy and her legs splayed escort gaziantep zayıf bayan open and her pussy on fire.

Not wanting Meg to be frustrated, I quickly got between her legs and pushed two fingers inside her hole.

Meg’s moan changed from displeasure to one of pleasure as I pushed my fingers deep into her swollen wet fuck hole. She instantly bucked her hips up into my fingers, attempting to get my fingers in deeper.

Maddy said, “Eat that cunt Daddy, it’s nice and juicy for you. Look what a slut my older sister is? She can’t spread her legs wide enough. What a whore.”

Maddy’s voice and demeanor had changed; she now was in her Dom/control persona. I was finding how much it turned me on when she took control like she was now.

As soon as my tongue touched Meg’s clit she screamed out, “Fuck yeah, eat that cunt, daddy.”

I sucked her clit into my mouth and pushed my tongue against it as hard as I could, which cause Meg to scream again. Then I began rolling her clit around with my tongue. Meg was going wild now, and I was having a hard time sucking her clit; she was bucking her hips so frantically into my face.

Maddy said, “I think this whore needs to eat some cunt.” With that, Maddy moved up to Meg’s face and spread her legs over her face.

Maddy started to grind her pussy down into Meg’s face, but Meg was too wrapped up in enjoying the tongue lashing I was giving her pussy to be able to focus on Maddy’s pink slit hovering over her face.

I continued attacking Meg’s fat clit with my tongue, amazed at how big it would get when I sucked on it. I felt her cunt walls start to tighten up on my fingers, and I prepared myself for a drenching any second.

Then Meg went rigid as if she got struck by lightning. Her cunt clamped down on my fingers, and I could feel her vaginal walls spasm deep inside. Meg erupted with a gusher into my mouth and all over the bed.

Maddy had moved off of Meg’s face. When I looked up at her, her eyes were wide and full of fire. She was rubbing her clit and had one finger buried inside her tight little pink hole.

“Fuck, I want you to eat me like that, Daddy, make me squirt like that,” Maddy said in her husky horny voice.

Meg slowly came back to earth and sat up, her legs still spread, exposing her swollen pussy. She looked down at the bed and said, “Oh my God, that was more intense than the last time. My orgasms are getting stronger. Fuck I swear I left my body that time.”

Meg looking at Maddy and then to me and said, “No, no, John, show me how to make Maddy squirt. I want to make my baby sister squirt and climax like the horny little whore she is.”

Maddy barked out in her horny deep husky voice, “Fuck her in the ass, Daddy, while she eats my cunt.”

Meg said, “Maddy, let me eat you until you squirt, then John can put it in my ass. I want to concentrate on your tight cunnie first before John fucks my ass.”

Maddy already had her legs spread open and pulled up to her chest. She locked her legs behind her arms as Meg dove into her little sister’s pussy. Meg’s sweet round ass was up in the air with her legs spread, and her puffy cunt lips were begging to be fucked. It took all my self-control not to shove my cock into her right then.

Maddy started moaning and squirming around as soon as Meg took Maddy’s clit in her mouth.

Meg looked up at me and asked, “how do I do it, John? I want to make my whore of a sister squirt.”

It was the first time I heard Meg talk down to Maddy since we started down this taboo path.

I showed her how to curl her fingers up and rub that little spongey spot inside Maddy’s pussy.

Meg fumbled around with her fingers inside of Maddy’s pussy, until Maddy screamed out, “Oh, fuck yeah, you whore, eat that cunt.”

Meg looked up at me with a shiny cunt covered face and giggled, “found it.”

Meg continued to attack Maddy’s pussy. I could tell from the way Maddy was grunting and quivering; it wasn’t going to be long before she climaxed; whether she squirted was a different story.

Sure enough, Maddy tensed up and released her legs from behind her arms. She started convulsing on the bed as she bucked her pussy into Meg’s mouth harder.

Just as I was thinking she wasn’t going to be able to release, she gushed out all over Meg’s face and mouth. Meg never stopped sucking on Maddy’s clit. Meg just kept sucking and licking Maddy’s pussy as she licked up Maddy’s juice.

Meg grunted through Maddy’s pussy, “Now John, fuck me like the dirty slut of a stepdaughter I am. Use me, punish my holes for being such a naughty stepdaughter whore.”

She didn’t have to ask me twice. I rammed my cock into her pussy. I swear it felt like she was having an orgasm already. Her pussy was convulsing around my shaft as I slide in and out of her.

“Oh, Fuck yeah, pound that cunt John,” Meg mumbled out, not speaking all that lucidly.

Maddy was slowly coming back to earth as she rolled away from Meg’s mouth.

Maddy sat up and moved around behind me as I fucked Meg. Maddy reached between my legs and squeezed my balls as I continue my assault on Meg’s pussy

Then Maddy said, “Put it in her ass now, Daddy. Watch and see what a total whore my sister can be.”

I pulled out of Meg’s pussy and started looking around for lube, and Maddy said, “What are you waiting for, daddy? Ram, that big cock into her tight asshole.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32