Stepdaddy Issues Ch. 01

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The dinner went quiet – like it usually did.

Two men were sitting at the table, with barely a word exchanged between them the entire time. Things were like that very often between Stavros and his nineteen-year-old stepson, Barry. Just the clinking of silverware and an awkward cough here and there. The situation wasn’t tense – just colder and more impersonal than it needed to be.

The two of them were an unlikely family. For most of his childhood and teenage years, Barry grew up with his mother and biological father. The marriage of his parents was not a good one, and the divorce came way longer than it should have, at least in Barry’s opinion. Shortly after the divorce, Barry’s mother started dating again and found a man named Stavros. Barry didn’t show it, but he was glad that she found him. Stavros was the exact opposite of his father – caring, sensitive and friendly. It was just what Barry and his mother needed.

That was why it came as a big surprise to everybody when Barry’s mother just vanished without a trace one day. A couple days before Barry’s birthday, she packed up her clothes, jewelry, and all of her important personal items and left the house in the early morning. No note, no explanation, nothing. Stavros and Barry were shocked, to say the least. They called all the hospitals and police departments in the area, but all signs pointed to the fact that Barry’s mother left willingly. It was eventually confirmed by a short note that she sent from somewhere in the Mediterranean. A short explanation with a half-assed apology and a note that she couldn’t take her life anymore and she wouldn’t be coming back.

Aside from it being crushing news, this put Stavros in an awkward situation. Over the years, he’d come to love Barry as his own. But he wasn’t fully prepared to take on the full role of parenting. Stavros was concerned about Barry. The kid had a rough childhood already, with his piece-of-shit father and the bullying he endured at school, and now Stavros was the only one who he had left. So, he moved into Barry’s house and they both started their new life. There was no time to think about whether it was strange or not, it was just what the circumstances demanded.

Stavros insisted that Barry would see a therapist to deal with his mother’s departure, and even though his stepson did undergo all of his sessions and seemed to deal rather well with it, Stavros could sense that something was wrong. Since his mother left, Barry started becoming isolated and silent, barely even speaking to Stavros. Seeing his stepson like this broke Stavros’s heart. He tried his best to get the boy to open up and lift his mood, but he never got too far.

Time came and went. Barry was now nineteen years old, just about to pick a college to study. Barry was incredibly talented in his studies and the teachers said they loved him. His schoolwork was exemplary – but his loner persona didn’t change, he only grew more and more distant. Stavros knew that he had to try harder with him – he didn’t know whether Barry was planning to move away for college or not. And if he was, he didn’t want to leave him alone with all these issues unresolved.

And also, after what they went through together, he didn’t want to lose the boy.

“Sorry,” he smiled warmly at his stepson, “I put a little too much salt in it.”

“It’s okay,” Barry shrugged, his eyes focused on his plate. That didn’t work as a conversation starter, so Stavros decided to try something else.

“I heard Saturday is supposed to be sunny,” he suggested, “How about the two of us go on a trip? Or go out and watch the game together? What do you say?”

Barry lifted his perpetually sulky eyes to look up at Stavros.

“Um…” he grunted hesitantly, “I think I’m busy this weekend.”

“Busy doing what?” Stavros asked, his smile fading.

“Studying. A lot is going on at school… I dunno,” Barry said, burying his eyes back into his plate, “Sorry, Stavros. I’m just not in a very outgoing mood. Don’t take it personally.”

Barry called his stepfather by his first name – it’s what he always did. Not out of spite or anything, it’s just what he was accustomed to. He used to call him like that with his mom around too. There was no ill intent behind it, and Stavros didn’t mind. He wasn’t there to replace anybody in Barry’s life. But he couldn’t help but wish Barry called him something else – something a little more endearing. He would never push his stepson into that position though.

Stavros grunted and put down his fork. He gave his stepson a look.

“Listen, Barry,” he spoke to him, “You know that if something is going on, anything, you can just talk to me, right? I’m here to help.”

Barry looked up and stared into his eyes for a second. Then he nodded and responded in a way that didn’t really do a good job convincing Stavros about what he was saying.

“Sure, I know that. Thanks, Stavros. Don’t worry – it’s just stress from school, that’s all.”

Barry decided that he was about to end this conversation, so he got Erenköy escort bayan up and started cleaning up the table.

“Don’t worry about it,” Stavros said, defeated, “I’ll clean up. It’s my turn anyway.”

Stavros got up and started cleaning up the table. Barry stopped in his tracks.

“Okay…” Barry mumbled, “Hey… Maybe we can do something. Next week. Or sometime. Okay?”

Stavros looked at him and gave him a smile, even though he knew nothing would come out of it.

“I’d love that,” he nodded, “Now go get some sleep. You must be tired.”

“I am,” Barry said, and stretched his arms, pretending to yawn, “Good night, Stavros.”

“Good night, kid,” Stavros answered, as he started doing the dishes. He sighed as he heard his stepson leave the room. If only he could read minds. If only he could know what was going inside his head.


Many things had been going on in Barry’s head. The nineteen-year-old headed straight to his room and immediately locked the door behind him. He turned on the light and caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. He wasn’t bad-looking at all – short, unruly black hair, deep blue eyes, and a fairly nice figure, even though he didn’t work out that much. Not a bad dresser, either. He would probably be surrounded by girls if that was what he wanted.

You see, Stavros wasn’t the only one who Barry was isolated from. Roughly around the time his mother left, he discovered something about himself. Girls didn’t interest him at all. Come to think of it, neither did boys his age. He liked men – much older men. Barry was gay, and he had major daddy issues.

He didn’t come to that realization overnight. He spent the better part of the last two years trying to make peace both with his mother’s disappearance, as well as his sexuality. It was tough, especially because he decided he would not be sharing this information with anybody. Not even Stavros.

It wasn’t because of the lack of trust, or anything like that. Barry cared deeply for Stavros – he didn’t want to risk driving him away and losing the last piece of family that he had. That was why he was so distant from his stepfather – the secret he was keeping from him kept Barry from becoming too close. The boy regretted it, but he didn’t feel that he could do anything about it.

And that wasn’t all… Stavros played a big part in the fantasies that made Barry realize that he was gay.

Stavros was exactly Barry’s type. In his early fifties, but with not a single gray hair in sight. He grew up in America, but his parents were Greek, which explained his unusual name – as well as his other features. Olive skin, short dark curly hair and beard, and dark eyes that were like something out of a painting. Ten years ago, as Barry found out from some online snooping, Stavros resembled a Greek god. Ever since he’s let himself go if only a little and grew a bit of a beer belly, but his strong shoulders and arms still carried the memories of his fit past. That, alongside the copious body hair that seemed to cover his entire body, pretty much checked all of Barry’s boxes.

Barry knew that Stavros could never know about any of this. It was a secret he was going to take to his grave.

But the boy didn’t want to think about his troubles today. The whole day, his cock didn’t allow him a single minute of rest. Barry groaned while his hand reached down to fondle his growing bulge. He needed to bust a nut. But he didn’t want to do it alone…

Unfortunately, options were limited in his small town, so as usual, Barry had to turn to his best friend – the internet. He turned the lights off to give his stepdad the illusion of having gone to sleep early and opened his laptop. Once everything was loaded, Barry wasted no time opening one of the cleverly hidden bookmarks on his computer. A seedy, old-timey, anonymous chatroom. No login info, no personal information, not even a profile pic was necessary – only a nickname, age, and an approximate location was necessary to chat up any other horny single. A perfect environment for closeted Barry to get his rocks off.

He licked his lips and rubbed his bulge impatiently while logging up:

hornyboi123 – age 19 – North Dakota

That was all the info Barry was willing to provide to the horny public – he knew the dangers of the internet and he always made sure to protect himself and remain anonymous. He wasn’t even sure if he should enter his actual state, but he didn’t let the nerves get to him this time though – the need was just too strong. He hovered his mouse over the “Log in” button and clicked.

The screen filled up with a bunch of horny posts from about a hundred people in the chatroom. The differently colored usernames seemed to be in a competition of who could write the horniest and raunchiest lines into the main chat. Barry took a while to entertain himself with these nasty messages, but then ultimately headed to where he was always headed – the member list of the people in the chat. Flaunting his lust in front of others Escort içerenköy was exciting in a different way, but today he wanted some one-on-one action.


Stavros was tired. The increasingly concerning behavior of his stepson wasn’t the only thing troubling his life. His dating life was another ongoing disaster. Even though a lot would find his looks attractive, his small town provided few options for landing a girlfriend. The ones that were interested were already married, taken, or too old for Stavros’ taste.

At the beginning of his newly found dating stage, Stavros was hopeful. He went out to singles meetings, and blind dates and even tried one of those dating apps that were such a buzz nowadays. Nothing really worked. Over the years, he had his fair share of getting stood up, ghosted, stalked, harassed, and generally getting disappointed. His expectations got weaker and weaker and so did his effort.

The proof of that was the chatroom on the computer screen he was staring into right now. In the beginning, Stavros was hoping to find something deep and meaningful. Over time, Stavros decided he would settle even for something less meaningful. Then he decided that maybe even a good hookup would be good enough for him. And finally, after so much exhaustion, he settled for getting his rocks off with some other lonely anonymous soul over the internet. Life was tough enough already – why stress so much over the fact that he couldn’t get a stable girlfriend? As long as he could keep his cock in line, he knew he could function just fine.

The little attention he was getting from the women in his area contrasted greatly with the attention he was getting online. His profile only contained some generic information – his height, age, build, and the fact that he was more on the hairier side. Apparently, that was enough to make him the star of the chatroom.

The only thing was – for the most part, it wasn’t women that were interested in him.

The chatroom was an old and not very well-maintained website. There was no option of having separate rooms for people seeking different things. So it was sort of a mix of everybody seeking everybody. And since it was a chatroom on the internet, no wonder most of the people there were guys – lots of which were lusting after Stavros. Or SingleDad51, as they knew him.

At first, Stavros was patient and ignored all the lustful messages he was getting from the male nicknames. But over time, he started appreciating them. He didn’t engage in the conversation, but he took the compliments and moved on, feeling a bit better about himself. It wasn’t exactly the attention he was looking for, but with the way things were going in his life, he appreciated the boost in confidence.

The computer let out a jingle, signalizing an incoming private message. Stavros lazily looked at the inbox panel and saw another male nickname lusting over him. He hovered the mouse and clicked on it promptly.

hornyboi123: ur profile makes you sound really hot!!! ;)) wanna chat?

Stavros usually shut down the conversations with other guys rather quickly. He felt confident in being straight and had little interest in experimenting. But that night was different. Maybe it was the loneliness he was feeling or the desperation. Maybe it was the awkward way the anonymous user paid him a compliment, which almost made Stavros chuckle. Either way, he decided to reply.

SingleDad51: Shouldn’t you be chatting up guys your age, instead of old goats like me?

Barry was pleasantly surprised to see a response. Usually, his overly thirsty messages didn’t bring a lot of responses. The fact that this guy replied made his cock jump impatiently. Whoever SingleDad51 was, his brief profile ticked a lot of his boxes.

hornyboi123: i prefer guys with experience. and i gotta feeling that you have a lot :ppp

Stavros smiled to himself as he ran his fingers through his hair. He was straight, and sure about it, but he didn’t always like that. Over the years, he noticed that even when women like you, they barely ever give you a compliment. Gay guys were very refreshing in that regard.

But he also knew he was chatting up a nineteen-year-old. He knew he needed to nip this in the bud before he started feeling like a perv.

SingleDad51: Thanks. You sound like a very nice young man. But unfortunately, men are not what I’m looking for here. 🙂

Stavros didn’t like using emoticons, he thought they were too childish. But he wanted to let the guy know that he really appreciated the compliment and he meant no harm.

Barry saw that message and felt a nip of disappointment. Nevertheless, he didn’t want to say “bye” just yet. Usually, the straight guys there weren’t so nice to him when he made his advances. This guy sounded nice, and that was enough for Barry for a moment – even if there wasn’t anything sexual about to happen.

hornyboi123: no worries. out of curiosity what r u looking 4 in a woman?

Stavros paused at that message for a minute. Tuzla escort Then he checked his inbox. No messages or replies from women, as usual. No other messages from men that night either. He sighed. Sure, what was the harm of chatting up this guy for a minute? It’s not like a casual, friendly conversation was so easy to come by for him lately.

SingleDad51: When you reach my age, you try not to dwell too hard on requirements, haha.

Barry could sense the insecurity coming from this guy. He didn’t know him but somehow felt connected to him. With the unresolved issues he had with this sexuality, he knew a little too well how easy it was to get too hard on yourself. His fingers started tapping on the keyboard yet again.

hornyboi123: i think thats dumb

Stavros frowned. What was this guy after?

SingleDad51: Excuse me?

Barry was quick to explain.

Hornyboi123: well, i dont know u, but based of what i c, ure manly, well spoken and nice enough not 2 call me a faggot from the get go xD sounds like you should keep your standards pretty high

Stavros started into that message and read it about three times. With the little affection he was getting from his stepson and the women he tried to date, this might have been the nicest thing he had heard in weeks. From a stranger in a sex chatroom. Sad, maybe, but still nice.

SingleDad51: That actually means a lot. I’ll think about that. Thank you.

It didn’t feel like enough. Stavros didn’t want to be evasive with this stranger. He wanted to have an actual conversation, so he kept typing.

SingleDad51: What about you? What is it like looking for guys here?

Barry felt weirdly ecstatic about talking to this stranger. He couldn’t be himself, neither at school nor with his friends. He never talked about what he liked in guys. With this guy, he could show that side. Not only could he talk about him being gay, he knew he would stay completely safe and anonymous.

hornyboi123: cant say 4 most haha!!! for me its not the rainbow gay paradise u c at the pride shows in the big cities. im actually not out to anybody.

Stavros tried to imagine for a second what that could feel like – not having anyone to hear about your struggles with relationships – and felt bad for the young man. He saw from the corner of his eye that other messages were pending for him in the inbox, but he just closed them all with a couple of clicks. This guy seemed fun enough to talk to for now.

SingleDad51: Anybody? Not even your friends, or family?

Barry noticed the flow of the conversation has taken a more personal level. But he wasn’t feeling uncomfortable. Not with this stranger from who knows where.

hornyboi123: friends dont kno. with mom its complicated and with my stepdad ……… thats even more complicated haha

Stavros was intrigued. Perhaps the outlook of this young man would help him understand his stepson a little bit more. He replied almost instantaneously.

SingleDad51: Stepdad problems, huh? I hope he’s not treating you badly.

Barry smirked at that message. A random stranger on the internet, concerned about how others are treating him? Tomorrow, this guy probably won’t even remember him… but it was fun to play along for now.

hornyboi123: no hes gr8 honestly. best stepdad i coulda asked for. i just dont kno if he d understand … its kinda weird u kno?

Stavros remembered his teenage years, his rebellious phase, thinking that no one else in the world could understand what he was going through. Even though the conversation was brief, he saw a lot of himself in this random boy he was talking to. He decided to give him some solid advice.

SingleDad51: Well, you should do what you think is best. But if he really loves you, he will accept you for who you are. You sound like a sweet, young man any parent should be proud of.

Too personal? Stavros thought that maybe he was getting a little ahead of himself. He quickly added another message to lighten the mood.

SingleDad51: As long as you keep working on your grammar, that is 😉

Barry was staring at the screen, eating the conversation up, word by word. He chuckled loudly at that last message and quickly silenced himself. He didn’t want to wake up Stavros, who was surely fast asleep at that point.

He rarely ran into guys as nice as this one was in the chatroom. Plus, the ‘caring’ way he was talking to Barry, was weirdly turning him on.

“I really have issues, don’t I…” Barry whispered to himself, as he sent another message to the mysterious stranger.

hornyboi123: if you wasnt str8 i’d tell you that you better teach me a lesson or two about grammar ;pp

Stavros noticed that he started the chat in a slumped position on his bed, but now he was sitting upright, eagerly waiting for every message. This guy was fun to talk to. Sure, the boy might have the hots for him, but that wasn’t so bad. It was nice to be desired and to have a nice conversation with somebody.

Plus, Stavros couldn’t help but feel curious about this young man’s life. He never really thought much about homosexuality, he always supported the “live and let live” mentality. This was the first time he felt like he would like to hear something about it. Perhaps he was just getting more progressive with age?

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