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It was a balmy Spring evening and I decided I’d go for a stroll. I was going to get myself some fresh air and some (not too strenuous) exercise and enjoy the clement weather. It was twilight and would remain so for another hour or so. Ample time for an evening constitutional.

Strolling through the park. Birds were retiring to their favourite trees for the night with a lot of twittering as they sought their favourite spots. Some bats were out; I’d noticed a couple swooping through the air as they pursued their dinner. Insects have a hard life. As soon as the birds go, the bats appear, and vice versa. Always something hunting them.

What there wasn’t, was a lot of people about. Lazy lot, people. Instead of being put here enjoying nature and observing the flora and fauna they were all inside, squatted on couches, watching television shows that numbed the brain.

I wasn’t quite alone in the park. I had noticed a charming young thing on a converging path. We’d probably meet in a short while. I adjusted my pace slightly to ensure that we dd. I had no objection passing some time with a sweet young thing.

As we came closer together it dawned on me that I knew this particular sweet young thing. It was Stella. How do I describe Stella? Hot, is the first word that comes to mind.

Stella used to work in the same office as me. We are both programmers and had worked together on a couple of projects. She’d got married a few months back and left work, and this was the first I’d seen of her since.

Ask for two words that come to mind when asked what Stella looked like and I’d say hair and boobs. I’d say hair because she has a glorious mane of strawberry blonde hair. I’d never seen a girl with so much hair. It was buoyant and bouncy, seeming to have a life of its own. I have no doubt that if she untied it, it would have been long enough for her to sit on.

I would add boobs because she has a magnificent rack. If I had to guess I’d say she was a 36C, all the more wonderful as she was quite a petite young woman. I was also quite sure that her attributes were endowed by Mother Nature, no helping hand required.

She was young enough that the evils of gravity didn’t seem to have had a detrimental effect on her figure. Slender in all the right places and generously padded in the right places. A very shapely bottom that showed a wonderful wiggle when she walked, emphasised by her habit of wearing tight dresses.

Some people are attractive until you hear them speak and you find they have a voice that rasps across your nerves like a file. Not Stella. She had a voice that could be used as a musical instrument. Sweet and low, with an unconscious come-hither appeal, all the more enticing for being so natural.

Oddly enough, despite her wonderful attributes and tight clothes, she was a very modest young lady. I suspected she had no idea what she did to any man who caught sight of her. Presumably getting married would have wised her up a little.

“Stella,” I called, raising a hand in greeting as we neared each other. “A while since I’ve seen you.”

I was looking her over as I spoke, trying not to make it too obvious. She was wearing tights that showed off a pair of long shapely legs and a white chiffon blouse that buttoned up the front. I was prepared to bet that with a stronger light the blouse would prove to be semi-transparent, because I was sure I could see the shadow of her bra under it.

“Michael,” she said with a smile.

She gaziantep escort stopped and we started talking. Not saying anything in particular, just chatting as two old friends. I’d temporarily forgotten one odd trait that Stella had, but the memory of it came back fast. She seemed to have no concept of personal space and if she was talking to you while standing she would stand very close. Quite often her hand would touch you. Not grabbing you or anything like that, but her fingertips would just very lightly brush against you. It was possibly a little intrusive but I’d never seen anyone object.

We were busy talking about nothing, all froth and bubbles, you might say, when she suddenly stopped in the middle of a sentence.

“Um, what are you doing?” she asked.

“Mm? Oh, just undoing your buttons,” I told her, moving on to the next button.

“Well, yes, I can see that, but why are you undoing them?”

Surprisingly enough she wasn’t stopping me or trying to do them up again. She was just curious as to why I was undoing them. I explained.

“You have very beautiful breasts,” I told her. “It was always a source of disappointment to me that I couldn’t take a proper look at them when we were at work. Not at all the sort of thing a work colleague should do. Now that we don’t work together and I’ve run into you it occurred to me that this may be the last chance I ever get to see them properly. Hence the buttons.”

“But you shouldn’t be doing that,” she protested.

I didn’t mind her protesting. Her blouse was now gaping wide, showing all.

“I know,” I said, trying to show remorse, “but I just couldn’t help it. You really do have the most wonderful curves and your skin is like silk.”

I had a finger tracing those curves along the edge of her bra. If the bra was supposed to cover her breasts it was failing in its job.

“How fortunate,” I said softly. “A front opening bra.”

“Hey, you can’t undo that,” she said quickly, following it up with and exasperated, “Michael!”

The clip to her bra had yielded to the slightest touch, the cups falling away and leaving her breasts exposed.

“Sorry,” I said with great insincerity, and then changed what I was saying. “No. Strike that. I’m not sorry at all. Your breasts are every bit as beautiful as I thought they’d be. They feel wonderful.”

My hands had replaced her bra as a support service, one hand under each breast, bouncing them gently.

“Alright, you’ve seen them. Now release them so I can tidy my clothes.”

“OK. Just a moment, though.”

I bent down and my mouth closed over one breast, sucking lightly. Stella’s hand clutched my hair, pulling at me. Fortunately she didn’t pull very hard. I let her pull my head up slightly and then I lowered it to capture her other breast.

“Stop that,” she gasped and I obediently lifted my head away from her.

“Just what do you think you’re doing?” she demanded. “You know perfectly well you can’t do that sort of thing. And in public?” She half screamed that bit.

“It’s not really in public just because we’re in the park,” I pointed out. “Look around. The twilight shortens the distance at which anything can be clearly seen and there doesn’t seem to be anyone within viewing range.”

Somehow or other my hands had reclaimed her breasts, gently rubbing them, teasing her nipples which were nicely erect.

“That’s irrelevant,” Stella stated, sounding slightly frustrated. “You shouldn’t be doing it anyway. I’m now a married woman.”

“Yes, I know,” I told her. “I actually sent you a wedding present.”

“Then you know what you’re doing is highly inappropriate.”

“Nonsense,” I told her. “It’s enabling me to fulfil a long held ambition and helping you to learn a little.”

“Well, I’ll skip the lesson if you don’t mind. Shift your hands.”

My hands moved downwards, sliding off her breasts and moving down to her hips. It was unfortunate that her tights came up to her waist. When my hands went down to her hips they slid under her tights, taking them with me as I continued down. With my hand on her hips her tights had rolled down as far as her hips, not quite exposing her mons and points south.

She blushed fiercely, clutching at the front of her tights, making sure the tights didn’t go down any further.

“Don’t you dare,” she said, sounding rather nervous.

“I want to see you properly,” I said softly. “Why worry? No one will notice. I’ll just be looking, and making a treasured memory. Just let go. You’ll find they come back up as easily as I take them down.”

“You’re laughing at me,” she protested.

“No,” I denied. “I’m laughing at myself. Come on, Stella, let go.”

Stella was blushing but she slowly let go, lifting her hands away. I continued sliding her tights and panties down, pushing them right down to her ankles. Standing up I reached for her hands and lifted them up and to the sides, leaving her on full display.

I looked her over, relishing the sight. Damn, but she was lovely. I moved her hands down and back, moving them behind her, taking hold of both of them in one hand. My free hand traced her body from her breasts down to her mons, stopping once I reached her mons, pausing for just a moment before sliding my hands between her legs, closing over her mound. I started gently massaging her.

“You said you’d just be looking,” Stella said, her voice sounding rather husky.

“I know and I am certainly looking. I was just unable to help touching a little.”

I let go her hands, my hand resting on the small of her back, helping hold her in place. Bending over I kissed her breasts again. Her hands were touching me but only just, not trying to stop me doing anything.

I went down on one knee. She made a very strange sound when my mouth closed on her pussy, tongue probing inside her. She was hot and wet and so very sweet. I teased and tantalised, building on her arousal. She was flushed and hot of face when I finally stood back up.

“You had no right to do that,” she protested, not quite looking at me.

“I know, and I should be ashamed, but I’m not. I’ve also no right to do this, either.”

“Do what?” she asked, startled.

I just gestured downwards and her eyes went wide when she saw that my fly was gaping wide and my erection was on display.

“What are you going to do with that?” she demanded.

“You’re a married woman,” I gently reminded her. “What do you think I’m going to do with it?”

“But, but, . .” She didn’t appear to know what to say.

“See that tree,” I murmured, indicating a tree next to the path. “I want you to lean forward against it.”

“And if I don’t?” she demanded, speaking rather belligerently.

“Then you don’t and I’m going to be very disappointed,” I told her. “On the other hand, if you do, be fully aware of what is going to happen.”

My hand slid down and closed lightly over her mound again.

She gasped and pulled away. She looked at me and then looked at the tree, just a pace or two away. She looked back at me, her eyes dropping down to my erection. Blushing fiercely she backed towards the tree, finally coming to a halt against it, her hands behind her back and pressing against the tree.

Now there was a dilemma for me. She was leaning back against the tree rather than facing the tree and leaning forward against it. Did that mean she was saying yes or no? Only way to find out, I guess, was to ask.

“Does this mean you want to watch what I do?” I asked softly and she didn’t say anything but her blush deepened.

I moved closer, placing my hands either side of her, leaning even closer.

“Lift your leg,” I whispered and slowly, hesitantly, she did so. I reached down, catching her leg behind the knee, lifting it higher, leaving her exposed to me. A simple adjustment and I was positioned to move into her. I pressed forward, hearing her gasp as my cock first pressed against her and then started entering. I leaned the upper half of my body back a little, letting her look down and watch as I continued to press forward.

I slid in smoothly, gently, feeling her yield willingly to my driving need. She gasped again as my groin ground firmly against her, my cock fully embedded in her hot flesh.

I stayed like that for a few moments, sensing her breathing getting harsher as she waited for me to continue. I could feel her tensing up, anticipating what was about to occur. I pulled slowly back, feeling myself dragging against her passage. Just before I would have broken free from her grasp I stopped and started a slow return, now feeling her pushing to meet me. Not urgently, but softly and gently, with a touch of eagerness there.

That set the mood for us. Gently, almost tenderly, I moved inside her, feeling her respond. We just kept us the same slow rhythm while the twilight slowly darkened. I had no idea how long we went on this way, just enjoying the moment, the feel of her wrapped around me.

Even though we were taking it easy passion and excitement were slowly mounting. Eventually I was wanting more. Stella had been making pleasurable little sighs, apparently content for the moment, but I could sense a slight restlessness in her.

“Turn around and lean against the tree,” I urged her, helping her turn by moving her leg around. I released her leg and then she was facing the tree, bent over and resting on her hands. My arms went around her and closed over her breasts, massaging them with more firmness than I’d been showing. At the same time I increased the pace of our movements.

She made a small groaning sound and started pushing to take me with a lot more verve. I was now surrendering to the passion, letting my arousal take control, urging her to higher levels of excitement, both cock and hands working hard.

Now we were really getting with the action. I was driving in hard, my groin really smacking against her, the slap of flesh hitting flesh getting louder as we neared the finish line. She made a choking sound, one hand pressed against her mouth to stop herself screaming as I pushed that little bit harder and she climaxed. The way she shuddered and clamped herself around my cock was all it took for me to also fall across the line, jerking frenetically as I spilled my seed inside her.

Afterwards Stella hastily tidied herself up and left, walking fast. She didn’t say anything but she did stop and give me a quick kiss before she left. I couldn’t help wondering if she often took walks in the park. I knew that I’d be taking a few more.

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