Stainless Steel Dream

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She lived in a stainless steel house in the desert. Stainless steel walls, stainless steel ceiling and floors, shiny steel furniture… Only the glass windows, big and wide and full of sunshine, were not steel. Despite the coldness of the metal, the house was warm, but very lonely. For years, she lived with her houseplants. Her sleep was filled with eyes she longed to gaze into, lips she wished she could touch.

One morning, as the sun polished her kitchen floor, the doorbell rang. The low bell reverberated through the house, and through her heart. That bell had been silent for nearly 5 years. The girl knew instinctively, and her heart leapt.

She opened the door to his silhouette, dark at first against the brightness of the desert floor and the near-white dusty sky. He was young. He carried an old red gascan. At first, she thought she might be mistaken, but then the light shifted and her pale eyes met his.

“I’m sorry to bug you, ma’am, but my car broke down. I was wondering if you had any gas, or if you might be able to give me a ride to a gas station.”

“Yes, sure. Come in.” She led him inside. “I don’t have any gasoline, but I could take you,” she gestured out the kitchen window.

“Sounds great,” he replied, his eyes roaming the shiny interior. “Crazy house you have here.”

She shuffled through the top drawer of her bureau, then the next, a frown creasing her forehead. “Blast it! Where are those keys?” She turned to him, apologetically. “I’m sorry. Nothing’s ever where it should be.”

“Here, let me help-“

“No, no! Really-“

“Come on, it’s no trouble-” He gripped the drawer, but she pulled it hard away from him. WHACK! The deep drawer flew from their hands and crashed onto the floor, spilling its contents across the hallway.

Moments crept by silently as they both stared at the mess, not sure what to say next. She felt like an ass for pulling it like that. What was she thinking? She opened her mouth to apologize, turned towards him. His eyes met hers, and she knew she couldn’t speak. Impulsively, she took his face in her hands and brought her lips to his.

The feel of his mouth against hers artvin escort sent an electric shock through her core. His eyes widened, surprised, but then his lips responded to hers. A low moan escaped her as she lightly sucked his top lip, the stubble rough and lovely against her tongue, then the bottom lip. He parted his mouth and their tongues briefly touched. She pulled away slightly, then kissed him deeper. His hands found the waist of the low-cut sweat pants she wore, gripped the curve of her hips.

He stopped. She looked deep into his eyes, fearful of her own lust. She bit her bottom lip. “C’mon,” she whispered huskily, and took him by the hand to the living room. She sat him on the sofa, then straddled his lap. She pushed her swollen, aching sex against the swell in his jeans.

“Oh,” he moaned as she wrapped her arms around him and kiss-licked his sweet neck. Her tongue swirled around his earlobe. He slid his hands beneath her sweats to clutch her pert ass. His fingers roamed her stomach, pulling her t-shirt up above her tiny pink-tipped breasts. He palmed them, rubbing the nipples with his thumbs. She moaned into his throat. She watched as he bent down and tongued one hard nipple, then the other.

She pushed him back against the couch, then slid down his body until she faced his blue-jeaned hardness. She bit it lightly through his pants, then undid the top button with shaking fingers. She gripped the zipper pull between her teeth and yanked it down. His cotton-cocooned erection was readily accessible through the zipper opening. The swollen purplish head popped out the top of his undies. She swirled her tongue over it feverishly. He gasped at he hot breath against his cock.

Impatient, she pulled the cotton aside to expose him totally. He watched lustily as she cat-licked his shaft from its base to the tip. He moved his fingertips through her soft, fine hair until he found the clip that held it bound. In a movement, her hair was free and pooled its silky length across his stomach. He buried his fingers in it, guiding her as she took his twitching hardness deep into her hot mouth.

Groaning, aydın escort he laid down on the couch and moved her until her legs straddled his face. In a quick motion, her sweats pooled around her ankles and her slick shaven pinkness lay inches from his eager mouth. He pulled a finger over her arousal-slicked lips, ran it over her clitoral hood. She moaned through a mouthful of him. He lightly tongued her opening and found it delectably sweet, warm, and fragrant.

She moaned loudly as he worked his tongue quickly all over her aching slit, her pale ass cheeks in his hands. She licked his sac, then took it in her mouth. His groans vibrated deep inside her. “No, stop, or I’ll…” he whispered.

She nodded, and turned over to meet his flushed, moist face. She licked her juices off his lips and chin while rubbing her swollen wetness over his hard cock. She kissed him deeply. They tasted each other and themselves. She reached down and took him in her hand, stroking him slowly. She guided his cockhead till it was nestled against her silky opening. She then thrust her pelvis backwards, taking all of him in at once.

“Oh!” she screamed. He gasped as her velvet-soft pussy clutched him. He pushed forward as she rocked back and forth, massage his swollen cock. Her lovely breasts bounced, her eyes rolled back in pleasure-pain as his size invaded her. She looked down at him and found that she was watching her. A warm tingle shot through her. She bit her lip, feeling the approach of her orgasm.

“I’m going to come,” she whispered. “I’m going to… I’m going to.. Ooh! I’m COMING!” She threw her head back, her back arched, and slammed herself up and down his length.

“Mmm… was that good?” he asked as she slumped down across her chest.

She smiled, then – without pulling him out of her soaking wetness – spun around until she faced his feet. She looked over her shoulder, then began to move. “Oh, yes…” he sighed, watching himself disappear between her swollen pink lips. She slipped a hand between her legs and alternately stroked her clit and his sac. Her squeezed her asscheeks as she slid balıkesir escort up and down on his purple-pink shaft.

The sight of his shaft sliding inside her shaven heaven was too much. He knew he couldn’t last much longer. He pushed forward in time with her, pounding deeper and deeper. Her moans mingled with his as their rhythm increased to a frenzy. He came, slamming deeper into her than anyone had ever been. The pressure on her clit set off her second orgasm. Her screams of pleasure echoed through the house.

They lay for many minutes, spent. Then, she stood up. She pulled on her pants. “You have to leave now,” she told him.

“Huh? Now?”

“Yes. There’s a market about a mile north. They have a gas station there.”

“You’re not going to give me a ride?” He stood up and followed her, tucking his spent member into his pants. “I don’t understand…”

She opened the door and handed him his red gascan.

“Can I see you again? After I get gas, I mean.”

She smiled a sad smile, and gazed deep into his beautiful eyes. She cupped his cheek in her hand. A tear formed in her eye. She looked down at the floor before the tear could break free. “Maybe. Who knows?”

He nodded, confused but heartened that she hadn’t said no. “Okay, you put on a pretty dress. I’ll get my car gassed up and I’ll come right back and take you out to lunch. You hear me?”

She nodded, but didn’t look up.

“All right,” he said. “I’ll be right back.”

She was right. In no time, he was filling up his can at Al’s Market. An old man, presumably Al, watched him suspiciously.

“That’s some girl back there! Crazy house. What’s her story?” he asked Al.


“The girl! The girl in the shiny house over there!”

Al’s face scrunched up. He spat in the dirt, then turned and went back into the market.

The man shrugged, assuming he’d hit on a taboo subject. Damn Midwesterners.

When he walked back to see if she was dressed, he got a shock that caused him to drop his gascan. Where the crazy silver house had been was nothing but Joshua Trees and barrel cactus and dust. He walked the desert for a solid hour and found nothing before giving up. Back in his car, he began to wonder if it was all a dream. He reached into he pocket for his car keys. He pulled out an odd shaped key he’d never seen before. A shiny silver key. As he it turned it over in his fingers, the wind carried to his ears the sound of a woman crying.

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