Spring Break at the Cabin Ch. 06

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The girls were seated at a table on the sidewalk outside of a cute French bistro. They’d just left the sportswear store where Danielle had sucked the owner’s dick for a discount, and now they were replaying the day’s transgressions over Salade Nicoise.

“Fuck,” Danielle said, still tasting the cum on her tongue. “I’ve never needed a lemonade more!” She slurped rabidly at her straw, causing Marci and Andrea to laugh.

“I have to say,” said Andrea, “I never thought that you’d be the one taking the most loads on this trip, Danielle. I mean, shit…two guys in less than an hour?”

“Two guys you just met, you slut,” Marci added, whose tone suggested it was a compliment.

Danielle’s cheeks reddened as she sloshed the lemonade around her palate, trying rinse away any lingering ejaculate.

“I was just doing the math,” she replied, “And I’m pretty sure that I’ve been cum on eleven different times since we got here. Up until this week I’d only had ten total sexual experiences, and they were all really tame. I would have been happy with just one great romp with any of the guys, but now I don’t know how I’ll live without constant stimulation.”

Marci beamed with pride. “Attagirl,” she said, resting her hand on Danielle’s bare knee. “I’m so happy you’re enjoying yourself. We all came here with the hopes of breaking you out of your shell. You always ended up with those nerdy guys. And not to be mean, but we had a feeling you’d never had a true and proper fucking.”

“I guess we all wanted the same thing. I’m glad it’s working out,” Danielle said.

As Danielle enjoyed her frisée and tuna, she couldn’t help but appreciate how liberated she felt tat this moment. She was wearing a yellow sundress, a pair of sandals, and nothing else. Every gentle breeze caressed her inner thighs like a lover, and she felt tingles all over. Becoming more aware of her sexuality somehow made her feel more in tune with the environment. The sunshine was more palpable on her skin. The sky was bluer. Everything about her life just felt better. She was so glad she’d come.

Or, it could have been the three glasses of Champagne she’d consumed at Andre’s parlor.

When the check arrived, Marci threw her credit card on the table and insisted she pay. “Trust me, my dad won’t even notice,” she said.

“Thanks, babe,” said Andrea.

“Please. You’re welcome, but please. He’s so loaded he has someone just to pay the bills. I could probably buy a car and he wouldn’t know.”

“Is he still a big part of your life?” Danielle asked, before realizing that she might have crossed a line.

“What do you mean?” Marci asked.

“Sorry. I…the way you were talking, it was like he’s sort of distant…not really involved. I’m sorry, it was a horrible question to ask.”

Marci smiled. “No! Girl, it’s OK. We’re tight now. The question just caught me off guard.” Danielle breathed easier. “But no, I guess you wouldn’t describe us as close. He was always at work, making tons of money, letting the maids raise me while my mom lounged by the pool.”

“Well, if I can keep prying…” Danielle continued, “Is that maybe how you became so free? Sexually, I mean? My dad was the opposite: Overbearing. Strict. Demanding. Thought I’d be better off listening than offering my opinion. And this week has shown me how sheltered I’ve been. Your dad might not have been around much, but at least you’re in touch with who you are.”

Danielle let the thought sink in before adding, “And having access to a black card isn’t too bad.”

Marci and Andrea laughed again. Marci squeezed Danielle’s knee. “Thanks, girl. I’m sure there’s pros and cons to both. You’re a fuck of a lot smarter than I am…I sometimes wish my dad was around to keep me on the straight path.”

“I have a feeling you’ll figure it out as you go,” said Andrea. “People are drawn to you, and that’s a power not many people have. Speaking of which…”

Andrea tilted her head in the direction of the busboy. He was making his way to their table with Marci’s card and receipt in hand.

“Your server just went on break and asked me to deliver this,” he said nervously in the presence of the three sirens. He instantly struck Danielle as the kind of guy she used to hook up with. Shy, super respectful, bordering-on-timid, he would rather say nothing than risk saying the wrong thing.

Marci instantly got an idea.

“Thank you, hon,” she said. “Wait, before you go, could you please take a picture of us?”

“Uh, sure, yeah,” he said, taking the phone from Marci’s extended hand.

Marci shifted around so that she was sitting between Danielle and Andrea, with Danielle closest to the guy. Danielle and Andrea each draped an arm around her, their faces morphing into their most photogenic smiles. Marci slipped one arm around Andrea, but let her right arm rest on Danielle’s thigh.

“OK, ready?” the busboy asked.

As he lined up the shot, Marci gingerly pulled the hem of Danielle’s skirt up her thigh. Danielle, in shifting her body against Mari to her left, was unable taksim escort to cross her legs, and a small gap was on display just below her dress. She was oblivious to Marci’s actions, but the boy noticed right away. He snapped a picture and inspected it.

“Uh, maybe a couple more? One of you blinked,” he said.

“Come on ladies, eyes open wide!” Marci spirited on.

The busboy returned his gaze to the phone, and saw Marci slide the skirt up a little further. He snapped a few pics as Marci continued to expose Danielle.

“Do you have it yet?” asked Andrea, unaware of Marci’s game.

“Just a couple more so you can have a bunch to choose from,” he said.

“Uh huh,” Andrea said, questioning the guy’s intentions but not really caring either way.

He still couldn’t see Danielle’s pussy, but it was close. Unfortunately for him, as Marci pulled the hem of her skirt the last few inches, it pulled the bottom of her dress with it a bit, and Danielle felt more of the iron chair against her leg. Looking down, she realized Marci had completely exposed her to the young man, and she shrieked.

“Marci!” she shouted.

She pushed her skirt back down, blocking the guy’s view of her womanhood.

“Shit, I missed it!” he said, scrolling back through the pictures. He caught Danielle’s startled reaction, and the majority of her inner thigh, but there were no clear shots of what he was hoping to see.

“I mean, I’m sorry,” he said. “I thought you knew she was doing it.”

Danielle’s jaw hung down in astonishment, admonishing Marci for exposing her like that in public. Marci stood, giving her a peck on the cheek and whispering “love ya, babe,’ as she retrieved her phone. She swiped through the images and found that the guy was right. None of them had exposed her properly.

“I was trying to do you a favor, doll,” she said to him.

“I know,” he said in an Eeyore-esque tone. “I’m not used to getting opportunities like that.”

Marci took pity on him.

“Tell you what, why don’t I give you my number. You text me something sweet, and I’ll repay the kindness.”

“Gee, thanks,” he said, not believing his luck.

Danielle and Andrea had risen and were ready to stroll back to the Escalade before Danielle realized what was happening. The number Marci was reciting wasn’t her own, but Danielle’s.

“Give us until tonight, OK? We have to get home now, but we’ll have some free time later.”

The guy’s face brightened as they started to walk away. “OK, I’ll text you later!” he called after them. He couldn’t help but admire Danielle’s swaying hips as she walked away, and scolded himself that he hadn’t captured the photo at just the right time. Maybe he’d still get to see it after all.


“So should I just assume that any time we’re in public together, you’re going to try to expose me or blow random dudes?” Danielle asked with faux incredulity.

“I’ll stop when you stop enjoying yourself so much,” Marci answered. The three girls were back in the Escalade, high off their risqué shenanigans, and were approaching the cabin again.

“God,” Marci continued. “Watching you blow that shop owner, and almost getting you to flash your pussy to that busboy, it’s got me so fucking horny!” Marci said as they drove up the driveway.

“I thought you were just 100% horny all the time?” Danielle joked.

“Very funny. But not that far from the truth. Let’s make a deal: when we get back to the cabin, if all the guys are down at the lake or otherwise engaged, we all go to your room and just devour each other.”

Danielle’s legs squeezed together as she felt her pussy start to juice. “And if they’re all in the cabin?” she asked.

Marci considered for a moment. “If they’re all in the cabin, then we devour each other on the couch instead. They can watch, but they can’t join. Sorry, babe, but Andre just worked us back in to peak shape. I want to get to your pussy before Jeremy makes it look like a punched lasagna with his jackhammer of a cock.”

Danielle furrowed her brow at the reference. “God, Marci! What the fuck!?”

Andrea was erupting with laughter in the back seat, repeating Marci’s ribald commentary with a yawp. “A punched lasagna!”

“Hey, I’m just saying – and you’ll understand after you’ve had a bit more experience with it – but it’s much more enjoyable delving into a taut, juicy cunt than a sloppy, recently-fucked one.”

“Well, if you’re going down on Danielle, Danielle can go down on me,” Andrea chimed in from the backseat. “After all, you said you owed me a thank you for preparing you for Kevin last night.”

Danielle shrugged her shoulders. “What’s fair is fair.”

Last week, she would have scoffed at the idea of eating pussy, but now that she’d done it, she didn’t consider it a big deal. If anything, she was only nervous about doing it well. She was still new to it, whereas Andrea and Marci both seemed so experienced and talented.

She was also incredibly horny. Lost in all of the sexual exploits of that afternoon was the fact mecidiyeköy escort that none of the girls had cum themselves. The three of them had worked as a team to get Andre off, and Marci basically used Danielle’s head to get the store owner off, but none of them had climaxed. Danielle sensed that when they did, it would be monumental.

Making their way into the main room of the cabin, Danielle felt deflated at the fact that none of the guys were around. Through the window to the back porch, they could hear them in the distance, shouting and flopping around in the water. Danielle realized in that moment that she was actually hoping to show herself off to the guys, even if they might judge her cunnilingus technique. In just three days, she’d gone from wearing unnecessary layers of clothing to wanting to wear nothing at all…and to be seen like that.

“Eh, their loss,” Marci said, grabbing Danielle’s hand and practically sprinting to her room.

Marci pushed Danielle into her room with Andrea close behind. Before Danielle could even turn around to face them, they’d grabbed the hem of her dress and were pulling it up over her waist. Danielle felt a gentle breeze through the open window as it meandered around her newly-exposed thighs and tickled her pussy. She wiggled her hips as her friends finished pulling the dress over her head.

With her breasts freed, Danielle instantly sensed her stiff nipples pointing straight at her friends. Marci and Andrea wasted no time, each grabbing one of her breasts with both hands and latching onto her nipples like they hadn’t eaten in weeks.

“Ooh,” Danielle cooed as she grabbed each of them by the back of their heads, pulling them in tighter.

Though they showed the same level of enthusiasm, there was a drastic difference in how they treated her nipples. On her right, Andrea enveloped it between her lips and tickled it with her tongue, stopping only to get a bigger mouthful and withdrawing to the same position. On her left, Marci had snared her nipple between her teeth. She was steadily increasing the pressure, wanting to see how much she could get away with. Danielle wanted to wait until she absolutely couldn’t bear it anymore.

She gritted her teeth as Marci bit harder. Then, inspired by Andrea’s treatment, she released the nipple and attempted to fit as much of Danielle’s breast into her mouth. Stuffed full, she still only had about half of Danielle’s breast in her mouth, but it wasn’t too much that she couldn’t clamp down with her teeth.

Danielle hissed inwardly through gritted teeth as Marci engulfed her, then exhaled with a slow “fuuuuuuuck,” adding extra emphasis to the ‘ck.’ Marci released her, stared deep into her eyes, and smiled.

“I never would have thought that I’d be able to get away with something like that. I’m so happy you’re a naughty little pain slut.”

Danielle had never even heard the phrase before, but when Marci grabbed her lubricated left nipple and pinched hard, Danielle knew exactly what it meant. She was gushing, ready for more, and eager to reciprocate.

As if aware of her needs, Andrea slipped her hand between Danielle’s legs and started rubbing cautiously. Danielle appreciated that Andrea was always there to temper whatever aggression Marci put into these sessions. Danielle turned to her and planted her lips right on Andrea’s, thanking her for the tender touch with a passionate kiss. Her body roiled as Andrea sweetly caressed her and Marci pinched and attacked her breasts with her teeth.

“Here you go, baby. You earned this today,” Marci said as she laid herself back on the bed. “Climb up here.”

Marci was positioned with her butt on the corner of the bed, her legs splayed out to either side for balance. Danielle leapt to the bed, straddling Marci’s chest before scooching forward. She allowed Marci to guide her, and then obeyed Marci’s command to lower her hips.

“Make it so I don’t need to raise my head, baby. Just plant your lips on mine and let me go to town.”

Danielle hadn’t received oral too often, and before this week all of the experiences had been subpar. Only with Marci in the shower on day two did she learn how great pussy eating could be. But still, she felt a little self-conscious as she lowered herself down. Marci didn’t give her time to think about it.

“I think I’ll cash in on that owe-you-one,” Andrea said as she sat in front of Danielle. She was just above Marci’s head with her back against the headboard. She propped herself up with pillows and opened herself wide for Danielle. “Come on, sweetie. I’ll help you.”

Danielle’s breath was already ragged from the tonguing Marci was administering. She almost couldn’t concentrate on what Andrea was saying, but she understood what she wanted. She lowered her torso until she was resting on her elbows, her mouth mere inches from Andrea’s pristine pussy. A glint of sunlight reflected in the lubrication that had glazed her lips, and Danielle decided to let that be her first target.

Timidly extending her tongue, avcılar escort she lapped a tiny droplet of Andrea’s juices from her outer lips. She was pleased to find that her nectar was surprisingly sweet, balanced with a bit of musk, but altogether something she could enjoy. She plunged deeper.

Below her, Marci was giving a much more enthusiastic performance. She had sealed her lips to Danielle’s and was gripping Danielle’s ass with both hands. Her performance was not limited to her physical actions, either, as she repeatedly made yummy sounds as if she were enjoying a Michelin star meal. It only encouraged Danielle to lower her hips further.

Andrea, maintaining her gentler demeaner, began to shift her hips up and down, trying to stimulate herself with Danielle’s tongue, rather than forcing Danielle’s face in tighter. Danielle, however, sensed that she wasn’t performing as well on Andrea as Marci was on her, so she redoubled her efforts. She pushed forward, allowing her nose to come to rest just above Andrea’s hood, nestled in a coarse patch of pubic hair. Andrea didn’t have much of it, but the landing strip tickled Danielle’s nose. Danielle planted her mouth within Andrea’s outer walls, feeling her juices coat her lips as she delved deeper.

Seeing this, Andrea sat back and let Danielle do her thing. “That’s it, don’t stop!” she gasped as Danielle’s septum brushed against her clit.

Encouraged by Andrea’s positivity, Danielle upped the speed. She gently jostled her head side to side, stroking over nose over Andrea’s clit repeatedly, but not with so much movement that she detached from her lips. The smell emanating from Andrea’s pussy was intoxicating. It was tempting and taboo.

For half a second, the thought of her father finding out she was eating pussy crept into her mind, but she shoved it deep. She was convinced that she wasn’t doing anything wrong. She was enjoying herself and giving joy to others in a safe environment. Sure, it was a bit outside societal norms, so long as she wasn’t hurting anyone, what was the problem with that?

She startled back to the present when Marci slid her middle finger against her anus.

“Whoa!” Danielle said, muffled as she was by Andrea’s pussy.

Marci pushed her finger in to the first knuckle, causing Danielle to tense a bit. Andre’s balm had clearly worked. She felt like she’d never had anything in her ass before.

“Go slow,” she insisted, though she knew Marci wouldn’t push her further than she was comfortable.

Marci slowly, agonizingly, pushed the finger in to the second knuckle. Danielle clenched her ass closed around her hand, which also pushed her pussy harder against Marci’s mouth.

“Mmmm, that’s it,” Marci garbled. Her tongue extended as deep as it could inside Danielle, whose breath became haggard and rapid as her orgasm approached.

“Fuck!” Danielle spewed into Andrea’s pussy.

Andrea, for her part, was also very close. She grabbed her own breasts and tweaked her nipples as the nascent pussy eater gave her best effort.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum!” she said.

“Me thooo,” Danielle slurred.

Knowing she was on the edge, Marci pushed her middle finger into the base, finding Danielle’s g-spot. Danielle’s eyes went wide as she exploded in orgasm, her juices pouring out of her and coating Marci’s face. Seeing this was all the stimulation Andrea needed. She pulled Danielle in tight and came all over her face as well.

As Danielle slowed her breath, she involuntarily took several deep inhales of Andrea’s scent. It was the perfect background for her to come down from her own orgasm, reveling in the sensations of Andrea’s. She dipped her head, raised her hips, and crawled up the bed to collapse on the pillows next to her friend. Marci joined her at her other side.

The girls remained like this, arms and legs entwined, heads tilted against each other, as they came down from their orgasms. It was a wondrous sensation touching each other’s bare skin. Danielle couldn’t believe how happy she was.

As they lingered, Danielle’s phone pinged. She retrieved it from the nightstand and found a text waiting for her.

*Hey, it’s Tim from the bistro. Just wanted to say thanks for the fun this afternoon.*

Marci read the text on Danielle’s phone. “Tell him you’ve been thinking about him,” she said.

“Marci, I don’t want to string this guy along. That’s not nice.”

“Nice? Dani, we’re going to treat this guy right. You saw him. You think he sexts with a lot of ladies?”

“But what if he expects more than sexting…I don’t plan on fucking that guy. He looked younger than us!”

“You don’t have to fuck him to have fun. Here,” she said, pulling the phone away from Danielle.

*Hey stud. I was just thinking about you.*

“Don’t worry, all he has is this phone number. Doesn’t know your name, where you go to school, where you’re from, your email. It’s basically anonymous.”

*Gee, you were?*

“Oh my god, this guy is so helpless it’s almost adorable,” Marci said. “Here, let’s give him a show. Turn over onto your stomachs.”

All three girls followed Marci’s instructions, with Andrea and Marci wedging Danielle’s cute butt between their own. Marci opened the camera and took a selfie over her shoulder, perfectly framing each magnificent rear end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32