Spiraling In

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Author’s note: I would like to thanks Voyer for his editing help as well as his suggestions for this story.


My sister Jessica had been acting weird. Two years my senior (and a senior at Fairmont, our college) she was the classic example of beauty and brains, her long blonde hair framing her angelic face, her full pouty lips, and equally full breasts, which (I imagine) featured in the dreams of many guys at Fairmont. They were always asking her out only to be shot down. Her intelligence was impressive, being the top five of her class ever since she started college. Respected by friends and teachers alike, she was the student council president. Moreover, she had also received various offers from reputed universities to continue her postgraduate studies with them though she hadn’t decided on it yet.

I’m Samantha. Of course, being the younger sister, I grew up in the shadow of all this, always being compared to her by relatives and friends. This had caused me to have an inferiority complex when I was younger but I had since outgrown it. Pretty much. Unlike Jessica, I kept my not-quite-as-blonde hair long but tied it into a ponytail. Being siblings, we share a lot of traits and I considered myself to be almost-as-beautiful, and I was well aware we were referred to as the “Fairmont Beauties”. The one area where I truly beat Jessica was in my breasts, wearing a 38D size bra. I’m sure most guys in college also fantasize about my breasts, after all my past boyfriends had requested a tittie fuck from me the moment we got past first base. Urrgh, speaking of guys, it seems like not a week would pass before I receive another confession of love from them, with motives ranging from using me as a springboard to get closer to my sister or adding me as another girl they dated. Such shallow and immature thoughts they had and coupled with my disappointment from my past relationships, I decided to focus on my studies for now and let love find its way to me when the time was right.

We came from a single parent family, dad dying from cancer a few years back, giving as good a fight as he could. It really tore at us, our mom, Yvonne was especially hit hard. Our sorrows had scabbed over as the years passed, but I would sometimes find mom lingering over dad’s photo in an album. As a result of his death, mom started working again and we moved into a smaller house with Jessica and me sharing a room. I guess our family situation does play a part in our dating life with both Jessica and me focusing on our education so we can lighten mom’s load once we started working. At least with scholarships, and living at home, we had enough money to attend Fairmont, which was right here in our hometown.

But anyway. Something was definitely wrong with Jessica. She had been coming home late, saying that she was busy with student council work. She seemed to be hiding something and she looked distracted. I wondered if anything was worrying her. Well, I would have to find out myself since she was being unusually resistant towards my attempts to pry the answers from her.

I was doing some work on the computer when Jessica called me out to help her with moving a piece of furniture. It was kinda weird as she could have easily moved the thing on her own. I wondered why she even asked me for help and to make it worse, she kept fiddling with the positioning of the stupid thing.

By the time I got back to the computer, the screensaver had come on. It was something new; when had we installed that? Instead of the usual “Mystify”, the one I was seeing now was a gently-twirling spiral. I could feel myself being drawn into the center of the screen. Every time I reached the center, the spiral would change color, and I would repeat the whole process again, getting drawn further into it. It felt so good, so relaxing, so comfortable. All my focus was on the spiral as I sat in front of the computer, letting myself fall deeper into it. I lost all sense of time as well as my surrounding. Somehow, I remember vaguely a female voice speaking to me, telling me… things? Afterwards, no matter how much I tried to recall, nothing solid came to my mind.

The next thing I really remember, I was looking at my work on the computer screen again, alone in my room. Glancing at the clock on the wall, I was surprised that two hours had passed. What had happened? I didn’t have time to think about it as I needed to complete the work, so I shelved the subject.

I spent the next few days gathering information regarding Jessica amid another confession of “love” from another boy. The rumor mill finally reported that she had been spotted with Ben Rearden after school. A junior and the official School Geek, he was a loner, always keeping to himself. He gave off a weird vibe, making it hard for people to get close to him and he didn’t seem like to have any friends. I had seen him eating all alone in the cafeteria countless of times. Dressed in his usual unfashionable T-shirt and pants with his uncombed hair, he would slowly escort gaziantep suriyeli bayan eat his meals while observing his surrounding from behind his geeky glasses, spooking others with his gaze. It was also common to find other students keeping their distance from him wherever he went, as though a radius of ten-feet “no-go” zone existed around him. I also heard that he was the only remaining member of the computer club, other members either graduated or slowly dropped out, possibly due to his presence. Well, now I had no choice but to stalk Jessica after school.

Thus, I stayed after, skulking along after Jessica. Everything seemed normal, she was attending to tasks as the student council president. Just when I thought I had wasted the whole afternoon, she started packing up her stuff, preparing to leave. Yet, instead of leaving campus when she was done, she went off to the Belfield Building. I followed her and she went to the computer lab. Trying to contain the excitement I felt, I lurked in the entrance to a chemistry classroom, a couple of doors down. She knocked on the door and after a moment Ben opened it and welcomed her in. Once the door was closed, I went closer, trying to find out what was happening inside but no luck. The door was locked and I couldn’t hear anything. I almost knocked, but then decided to go home and confront Jessica when she got back.

When I reached home, mom was already home and she was staring at the computer screen. She didn’t reply to my greeting, and, curious at what she was looking at, I stepped behind her and peeked over her shoulder. On the computer screen was the screensaver I saw a few days ago. I could feel myself being drawn into the spiral, like my whole conscious was being pulled into the monitor. It felt so good and relaxing and I wanted to keep looking at it forever. I lost track of time and my surroundings, letting myself immersed into the spinning spiral.

The next thing I knew, I was lying on my bed and it was night time. I could hear Jessica panting heavily on her bed but I didn’t pay much attention to her as I went to the toilet. When I returned to our room, I could hear her moaning in pleasure. Taking a closer look, I found her naked on her bed, fondling herself, two of her fingers invading her secret place, teasing and pleasuring her. Light from the street streamed into our room, illumining her clothes stewed all over the floor, her body perspiring from her exertions, her face lost in the pleasure she was experiencing. She still hadn’t noticed me.

This was my first time seeing her like that, her whole body giving a sensual seductive feel, totally different from the usual Jessica. I found myself stepping closer to her, wanting to hear what she was murmuring.

“… Obey… Master… ohhh… ohhh.. Obey Master…”, Jessica chanted, her fingers moving faster, wet dirty sounds coming from her groin.

Hearing her words, I experienced an odd sense of déjà vu. She looked so enchanting and sexy, her body looked so beautiful. I had to shake my head to push those thoughts away. I’m not a lesbian and she was my sister,for God’s sake. I could feel my throat getting dry looking at her playing with herself. I moved even closer to her and she finally realized I was there.

“Sam!! Sam… Help me… I don’t want to…”, her words lost in a moan of pleasure.

“Ohhh… Feels so good… Ahh.. I can feel it… Ahhh… Ahhh…” Jessica seemed to be excited beyond measure as she started murmuring nonsense, her body arched tightly as she approached her orgasm. She kept begging me to help her, save her, saying that she didn’t want to, yet her fingers moved even faster and harder inside her vagina and the inevitable end was.. well.. coming.

“Oh my God!! Sam!! Nooooo… No… I’m cumming!!! Ohhhh… Ohhh… Obey… Master… Ohhhh…”, she reached her climax, moaning out her obedience to her unknown master throughout her orgasm before she finally, suddenly, fainted.

I didn’t know she had such kinky fantasies.

I wondered what should I do. I decided that I couldn’t leave her as it is, so I got a warm damp cloth and starting wiping her clean.


Even when she was unconscious, she was moaning out. -Really, what a kinky sister I have- I thought as I continued my wiping. Her body still so sensitive after her orgasm, and my wiping eliciting more moans of pleasure from her. It felt weird, wiping her naked body after she had had her orgasm.

“I must obey… Obey… Obey…”, she kept repeating such words, making it difficult for me. Her words ignited an even weirder feeling of excitement in me and I could feel myself getting wet. After some time, I managed to clean her up and exhausted from my exertion, I collapsed onto my bed, letting sleep claim me.

The next two weeks passed by in a flash. Despite my best efforts, I still couldn’t find out what Jessica was doing with Ben inside the computer lab. I wanted to escort gaziantep türbanlı bayan directly confront Jessica about these meetings, but somehow or other, I never got the chance. Instead, whenever I was at home, I seemed to be drawn toward our computer.

The screensaver. Sometimes I would watch with mom, other time I would watch alone. The screensaver was so enchanting and I was sorta becoming addicted to watching it. It would always bring me to this wonderful and relaxing place, where I could leave the real world behind. A place where my mind was fully at ease, fully open. Such a wonderful feeling and I wanted to keep experiencing it forever.

And the dreams.. Almost every night, dreams of submitting to a guy, being his slave. These dreams aroused me and I often woke up with my panties soaked with my juice, feeling frisky. As a result, I had been masturbating quite a lot. It felt so weird as I never had such fantasies before. Had seeing my sister masturbating while moaning her fantasy affected me?

After so many days following Jessica, I finally struck the jackpot; I followed her to a new location, the old music room in the Cassidy Building. She went in but this time, she didn’t lock the door nor closed it. I guess she and whoever she was meeting were confident that they won’t be disturbed, which was understandable, as the Cassidy Building was at the far end of campus, almost in the woods, and the administration didn’t encourage people to poke around in a department that had been wiped out by ongoing budget cuts.

Sneaking my way to the classroom, I almost gasped in shock at the scene I saw but luckily I managed to control myself without the occupants realizing I was there. What I saw.. Sitting on a table was Ben with his pants down while my sister Jessica was giving him a blowjob, her shirt unbuttoned, exposing her bra-covered breasts to him. The scene was unbelievable, my sister, the college idol, was blowing the geek Ben and she looked like she was enjoying it, judging from her moans of pleasure filling the classroom. Ben was patting Jessica, playing with her hair while his other hand was squeezing and fondling her breasts.

My mind was lost in a swirl of confusion. Why would Jessica be doing that? What was she thinking? Given her status in college, I’m sure she could have found better guys than Ben. Why? It felt so ridiculous, looking at it.

I wanted to walk in and confront them but somehow I didn’t. Instead, I just continued observing them, a voyeur. Ben’s dick looked rather big and my eyes were drawn to it. It was big, pulsating and shiny, being coated with Jessica’s saliva. I could feel my pussy getting wet. In one corner of my mind, I knew I should be disgusted. Instead, I was getting excited at the wrongness of situation. Here I was, looking at my elder sister blowing some geek and getting aroused by it. My hands wandered down to my breasts and started squeezing them, causing waves of pleasure to course through my body. Lost in this haze, thoughts of submitting to a guy flickered through my mind, exciting me further. I had to bite my lips to stop myself from moaning aloud. I could see the face of my fantasy master getting clearer as my pleasure increased. In fact, judging from the moans in the classroom, they were getting close to their release too. I could see Ben’s hands grabbing Jessica’s head, controlling her pace, like she was some fuckdoll for him. With a hiss of pleasure, Ben unloaded his cum into her mouth, holding her stationary as he came. This was too much for me and I quickly left for the nearest bathroom, moving into an empty stall

Undressing myself. Jamming my fingers into my cunt.

They slid in without much difficulty as I was already soaking wet. Paying close attention to my clit, I brought myself to orgasm, feeling my cunt walls pulsating and clenching onto my fingers, trying to hold them in. Something disturbed me as I was cumming. In the midst of my climax, I could see in my mind, I was kneeing before.. Ben? Yes. Submitting to him as my orgasm crashed into me. It was only a flicker but it was clear enough to disturb me. Why should I submit to him?

Over the next few days, it had become a routine for Jessica to meet Ben in some quiet corner and give him a blowjob. I would be nearby, spying on them. It felt so wrong yet arousing, watching my sister blowing him, and I would usually escape to a bathroom to bring myself off too.

My days were spent between spying on my sister, college work, keeping those pestering boys away and using the computer at home, letting the screensaver pull me in, making me feel so wonderful and relaxed. Thoughts of submitting to Ben kept straying into my mind at odd moments. Initially, it repulsed me but then one day, sitting on that toilets in Cassidy, I realized that it actually heightened my pleasure when I thought about it.

It was just a fantasy. I should just let myself be immersed in the escort gaziantep ücreti elden alan bayan pleasure and enjoy it.

Jennifer and Ben’s latest meeting. This time, she met him at the entrance of a male toilet in the Harrison Auditorium. They went in and I followed them shortly. Nobody else was there except us and both of them were inside one of the stalls and I quickly hid myself in the adjacent stall.

“So are you ready to give yourself to me, Jessica?”, I could hear the excited breathing of Ben as he spoke.

“Oh yes master. I have been looking forward to this day ever since I realized I’m yours. Please, fuck your loving slave.”, My eyes widened in shock. She, the college idol with her beauty and intelligence, willingly gave up her freedom to be a slave to Ben. I didn’t know that she would take this kinky fantasy so far and why choose Ben? Why him? So many questions…

I had to admit, it somehow excited me to know that my elder sister was a slave.

“Well, why don’t you start by undressing yourself?”, Ben ordered.

“Gladly, master.” Sounds of clothing being taken off. I imagined Jessica stripping herself naked, letting Ben see her body in its glory. I didn’t realize it at once but my hands started mimicking her imagined actions. By the time I noticed, I was already topless yet instead of dressing myself back, I proceeded to strip naked too, Ben’s words resonating in my mind. Peeling off my panties, I found them soaked.

“Excellent, you truly have a stunning body. How many guys have dreamed of seeing you naked and here I have you willingly stripped naked for me.” He laughed, a simultaneously grating and enchanting sound.

“Master, this body belongs to you only. No other man shall enjoy the pleasure it gives. Nobody but you deserve it.” Jessica replied in a lusty and seductive voice.

“Very good, you know your role very well. Now give me a kiss.”

From the partition, I could hear heavy breathing from both of them as they kissed, moans of pleasure coming from Jessica as I imagined Ben fondling her, touching the curves of her body, caressing her secret place. I was fingering myself to the groans of pleasure coming from the next stall. Somehow I was imaging myself there with Ben, letting him touch me and pleasuring me. My excitement grew and I tried to control myself from moaning too loud.

Wouldn’t want them to find me.

“Master, please fuck your loving slave. Ram your cock into my slave pussy. Please…”, Jessica was moaning with desire.

“Such a horny little slave. Fine, I shall give you what you want but you have to do it yourself. Lower your pussy onto my cock. Welcome it into you on your own.”

Jessica only groaned in pleasure and I could imagine Ben sitting on the toilet bowl, his cock hard and erect, pointing up while Jessica stood over him, slowly lowering herself onto him, welcoming his cock into her body. It felt so hot and wicked, being next to them as they engaged in such carnal act. Jessica must be wet with arousal as I could hear wet slapping sounds as she started to hump Ben.

“Oh my God. I finally did it. I enslaved the student council president and I’m fucking her right now. My first pussy and it belongs to the number one beauty ofFairmont. God, your cunt feels so hot and good. I could ever get enough of you, slave.” Ben groaned with pleasure as Jessica continued to hump him.

Enslaved her? Wasn’t it just Jessica acting out her fantasy? What did he meant by that? Questions flooded into my mind once again but were quickly swept away as my fingers pumped into my cunt faster, raising my pleasure. I didn’t know why but I kept imagining that Ben was fucking me instead of my sister, my fingers being his cock as I humped him, bringing myself nearer and nearer to climax.

“I’m cumming!!! Master, I’m cumming!!! Ohhhhh… I can feel your hot cum filling me up… Give me more master!!!”, words I never would expect to hear from Jessica filled the toilet and instead of repulsing me, it aroused me further and I reached my climax, feeling my cunt muscles contract around my fingers, squeezing them. I again had to bite my lips to prevent myself from moaning out loud.

They remained inside the stall for quite some time, their heavy breathing together with Jessica’s moans filled the toilet. I could imagine how Ben was touching her body, eliciting more pleasure in her. Her moans only served to arouse me again, making me crave Ben’s touch too. It felt so wrong yet right at the same time, making me even more confused but there was no denying the pleasure I felt.

“All right slave, clean me up with your mouth.”, their playtime finally over as slurping sounds drifted over to my side as Jessica cleaned his cock, followed by the sounds of them dressing before they left the toilet. I waited a while, making sure no one was present before I sneaked out too.

I was the first one to come home, weird given that mom was usually home by then. Now that I thought about it, she seemed to be quite busy these days, often coming home late, I wondered why. I sat myself in front of the computer, waiting for the screensaver to come on, to pull me into that wonderful place. My hands twitched to life, started playing with my sensitive body, raising my arousal level and when the screensaver finally came on, I was lost in it, my surroundings warped away and the only thing I could see was the spinning spiral in the monitor.

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