Special Gift for Dominick

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Dominick was finally going to be able to take those technical courses he had wanted to take for a couple of years. His real surprise though was when he went to register for the classes and found so many beautiful ladies taking courses there. One in particular, was a young nursing student by the name of Jackie. She was a cute 23 year old brunette with a knockout figure, who had only started her course two weeks prior to his registration.

Last night, she had agreed to go on her first date with him. She looked lovely in her halter top and tight shorts. Throughout dinner and the first half of the movie at the local theater it looked as though it would only be a platonic date.

Things changed though when about half way through the show, he grabbed her hand and held it until the end of the show. He loved playing with her fingers because they felt so soft. At times, he lost track of the show just focusing in on what he was doing with her hand. He wondered if his actions were having the same effect on her but every time he looked up into her face he found her staring at the screen. But if you had asked either one how the show ended it is likely that neither Dominick nor Jackie would really be able to say.

After watching the movie, they just looked at their joined hands for a couple of minutes while everyone else left the theater. On the way back to the car, Dominick made his first real move on her. Though surprised, she had been waiting for this gesture throughout the entire evening. He first stopped in the middle of the parking lot to kiss the fingers and palm on the hand he had been holding for the last half-hour or so. It was a quick gesture but pronounced enough to have her watching Dominick rather than the way back to the car.

You could hear her eyes lamenting, “Oh, Dominick.”

Once they got back to the car, Dominick took her other hand also and kissed the wrist and her arm all the way to inside of her shoulder as he watched her dreamy looking sultry eyes. She could only sigh and beg him to continue. So he did, until he reached one of his favorite parts, her armpits, which he licked.

“Mmmm,” he verbalized. Even they tasted delicious.

Then he stopped to look into her captivating eyes, which seemed to beg for more. He longed to caress them too but her lips were the most inviting. They were full and moist when he touched them with his fingertips. And as he did, she sucked his finger into her mouth. Dominick imagined her lips felt like a freshly peeled plum. Juicy, firm and tasty. So he tried them out. He was right. She loved every bit of affection she was receiving but was a bit shy at the aspect of being ogled by other theater patrons returning to their cars while they cuddled outside their own vehicle.

“Dominick, let’s go inside your car. I am feeling cold,” she exaggerated. He hugged her to warm her up and led her into the car. Once inside, she started the kissing back up before he could decide it was time to leave. Not long afterward, a group of guys drove by, stopping long enough to egg them on.

“Yeah, man do it. Go for it, man. Fuck her. Give her pussy a pounding,” they shouted.

“Ignore them,” Dominick told Jackie. Jackie agreed but really did desire to engage in a rip-roaring fuck with Dominick. After a long period of petting, Dominick drove her home but once they arrived in her parking lot it started up all over again. Following several minutes of passionate kissing, she finally needed to know if they were going to do as the guys had suggested earlier at the theater parking Anadolu Yakası Escort lot.

“Dominick, honey, let’s do as those guys at the theater suggested earlier,” Jackie wantonly requested. He was not prepared for things to get this far. He did not have the cash for a hotel room nor for rubbers, so he instead brushed it off as respect to her.

“Jackie, let’s just stick to kissing for now. I don’t want to destroy your reputation.”

“Don’t worry about that. I want to feel you inside me. Please!”

Dominick did not want to come off as being cheap and did not realize that the problems he had in mind were already taken car of in Jackie’s mind and in her apartment.

To avoid his true reasoning he replied, “Let’s just allow our relationship to develop some more to the point that I feel comfortable to do that with you.”

At the same time, he was thinking, “I want to also, but I am going to have to remember to carry some extra money and a supply of condoms.”

With that they continued kissing though the night until they fell asleep in each other’s arms in the parked car. When they finally awoke, Jackie kissed Dominick one more time and they made plans to meet for lunch break at school. Then she went up to her apartment and changed for classes while Dominick rushed home to do the same.

At lunch, something did not seem quite right with the way Dominick approached her.

“What’s the matter, Dominick? Do you feel all-right this morning?” Jackie asked as she greeted him with a hug.

“I was thinking about what you asked last night. I was taken off guard, but I really want to at this point,” he grinned.

“Oh, you naughty hunk,” she whispered in his ear as she brushed her leg against his crotch, “You want to get in my pants, don’t you?”

“Girl, do I ever,” he excitedly replied.

“Then let’s do it,” she giggled, “We can skip the rest of the day.” Looking out into the parking lot and searching around, “Where’s your car? Let’s head to my place. It’s the closest.”

“All right!” Dominick silently cheered so at not to let anyone other than Jackie hear the response.

They rushed to the car where they locked themselves in a long French kiss before Dominick let Jackie into the car. When they got into the car, she placed her hand on the inside of his thigh and began stroking his leg and caressing his crotch as she brushed her hand passed it. As soon as he started the engine, she started pulling his zipper down to get a good hold on his raging boner.

“Slow down, honey, I don’t want a major hardon when I go into the drugstore to pick up some condoms,” Dominick panted.

“Don’t sweat it, sweetheart, I have some at home. Now let’s get going. You drive and I’ll suck this beautiful dick of yours to a nice big, inflamed rod to fuck me with when we get to my place,” beamed the girl.

Dominick put the car into gear and started off as Jackie pulled out his 6″ cock, lowered her face to the shiny knob and flicked her tongue out and against the tiny slit on the end of her indulgence. Then she parted her lips and took in the entire cockhead. He gasped as he peeked down while she started to slide the shaft in and out of her engorged mouth. The combination of seeing his gorgeous friend suck him off and the feeling of her taking his prick deeper and deeper down her throat was too much for him. If he didn’t stop her soon, he would shoot his load down her throat.

“Jackie, honey, if you don’t slow down, I’m going to be at a point where I will Kadıköy Escort not be able to avoid cumming in your mouth,” Dominick shouted.

As the horny cocksucker continued to stroke his dick, she took it out of her mouth only long enough to state in her excited manner, “That’s what I want! It’s soooo delicious! Please cum! I want a nice big mouthful of your delicious cream! Cum, honey, cum! I want you to fill my mouth with your juices!”

“All right then, you beautiful slut, take it all in that gorgeous cocksucking mouth of yours then and prepare for your just dessert,” he spurred on.

With that, she began to lick his balls. She could not remember a time when she experienced such pleasure going down on a guy, and certainly not as much as she was enjoying the lustful act now. She licked her way up the shaft, then around it, continuing back up and finally taking it back in her mouth. She continued to lick the shaft even as it was embedded in her mouth. She coated it with saliva knowing it would soon return the favor with a coating of its own liquid. Even as this occurred, she could feel her cunt start to juice. It would be just a matter of time before her panties would be soaked.

“Mmmm,” she moaned in anticipation and enjoyment.

As she sucked more of his cock, she also began to fondle his balls. With an intensity, she proceeded to slide her soft juicy lips up and down his growing prick, completely filling her mouth until it nudged at the back of her throat. She knew he was about to climax when he started to jump and jerk in her mouth. The thrill was stupendous.

Her swirling tongue lapped with a profound eagerness as her mouth soared up and down the saliva-soaked cock. The feeling in his crotch was ecstatic. Dominick wished he didn’t have to focus so much on his driving. He knew that after they fucked he would have to experience her lovely mouth on him again so he could enjoy the sight as much as he was presently enjoying the feel of her lips sliding up and down on his shaft. As they entered her parking lot his balls began to churn in anticipation.

“Oh, baby, I’m almost there! Keep suckin’, honey! My fuck cream is on the way! Suck my cock, baby, suck!” he gasped.

Just as he parked his car at her apartment, his cock started to explode in torrents of hot juicy cum. Jackie didn’t miss a drop but continued until she had drawn to last tasty drop of jism from his cock. Then she licked him clean.

“Jackie, you sure are one fantastic cocksucker,” Dominick complimented and then warned, “But, baby, you spent me dry. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get it back up.”

“Don’t worry about that. I’ve just started to show you what I can do with hunk like you. You’ll get hard again, real soon, with me in your arms. And I can tell, you will be one of the best fucks I have ever had!” Jackie replied, “Now, honey, I want you to feel what’s in store for you.”

She then put his hand on her tit. Even through her clothes he could tell her nipples were erect. Then she pulled his hand down between her legs. He automatically started to rub his hand against her covered crotch.

“You seem to be damp down there,” he grinned.

“Yeah, the treats and gifts are ready for you to try,” she giggled. She gave him a quick kiss and then begged, “Now let’s go on in and fuck. I need to feel you inside me.”

With that, Dominick got out of the car and went around to let Jackie out. They grabbed each other by the waist, resting their hands on each other’s ass. They enjoyed what they İstanbul Escort felt so much. After getting inside, they got into some heavy petting. With his arms wrapped around Jackie and their tongues in a heated battle, Dominick started to slide his hands down into the seat of her pants. He continued to wiggle his fingers inside of her panties. He then grabbed as much of her butt cheeks as possible and pulled her closer. As he ground their torsos together, his prick started to lurch forward, bringing Jackie to new heights.

“Dominick, I can feel that big, beautiful cock trying to drill through both of our pants to get inside of my pussy. It feels so marvelous. If I wasn’t so horny I’d eat the zipper right off to get that tasty lollipop back in my mouth. But I need to feel you inside of me. Please fuck me now!” she begged, “Let’s take off each other’s clothes and do it right here!”

“Yes, baby, yes,” he comforted, having a hard time taking his hands off her ass long enough to strip her.

Before he had her topless, Jackie had ripped off the last shred of his clothes. She was burning for heavy course of sex. Her tongue was going wild in his mouth, her hands were hot on his ass with one finger already trying to find its way into his asshole and her pussy quivering and wet.

“O Dominick, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” she shouted.

Dominick finally pulled down her pants and found a cunt juice soaked pair of panties.

“Aah, yessss! You found my gifts to you. My panties to keep, my juice to drink and my pussy to sniff, lick and fuck,” Jackie moaned happily.

He took in the aroma and used his teeth to pull off her panties. As he did, he noticed her pussy wrapped inside a cream covered, neatly trimmed, heart-shaped package of pubic hair. He didn’t need any coaxing to taste the cream. Its taste was as sweet as the girl that was offering it. By the time he finished, it was the cleanest dish ever offered to him.

“Jackie, you sure are luscious. Do you have any more left for me? I could lick you for hours,” Dominick pressed on.

“Sure, baby, but I need to feel your big gun up my target. Let’s get to the main course,” she begged.

“All right, my little vixen. Go stand in front of your table there,” he pointed in request, “Now bend over and rest your pretty head on the table.”

With that he walked up behind her and thrust his cock up her cunt to the hilt.

“Uh-h-h,” she gasped then screamed, “Yeah! Fuck me, uh, fuck me, fuck me harder.”

Grabbing on to her 42D tits, he thrust his hard shaft in and out of her. Her squeezing cunt felt great around his pulsating cock.

“Yes, Jackie you feel great. Squeeze that cunt around my dick. Keep talking dirty, my little fuck slut. You’re a great fuck. I want to feel your delicious juice on my cock,” he continued, “Boy, does it feel great doing this with you.”

“Yes, yes! Cum, baby, cum. Shoot it inside me, damn it. I want to feel you send your cream into me.”

“I have an idea. Let’s change positions. I want to see you riding on my fuck stick.”

Dominick then went and sat on the floor pulling Jackie along with him. He then had her straddle his lap facing him. This proved to be his favorite position, because he can kiss her or suck on her tits at the same time or just lay back watch her ride. He was really happy to that they were fucking like this. He knew he would soon cum and he had no intention of pulling out.

It was like a dream. It was truly memorable! It was fantastic!! It was a prize winning fuck!!!

Jackie wanted him to explode up her love canal and she soon got her wish.

“You were great! Do you want to do it again?” he asked.

“Do I? We’ve only just begun!” she exclaimed and with that, she crawled down between his legs to suck him to yet another major hard-on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32