Spanks for the Memories Ch. 03

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I awoke the next morning before Mistress Elizabeth and managed to quietly slip out of bed without waking her. After using the toilet I padded down the passage on bare feet to the end door. I opened it slowly to hopefully avoid any squeaks, switched on the lights and gazed in awe at the dungeon and its equipment.

I remembered the gynecologist’s examination chair from my first visit and moved over to it, running my fingers over the soft leather, smiling to myself at the memories it evoked. Slowly I moved around the dungeon, touching and feeling the array of whips, ropes, leg spreaders and canes all hung neatly around the walls. A recent arrival was a custom-made massage table that had three separate sections that looked to be pneumatically controlled. The sides of the table were equipped with assorted straps and clips. The metal cage complete with a pet’s feeding bowl took my eye and I stood running my hands over the cold metal bars wondering how a person could possibly fit in the confined area.

I decided that it was time to show some of my cooking skills to Mistress Elizabeth and I moved to the kitchen to prepare a surprise breakfast for her. The refrigerator contained bacon and eggs and it wasn’t long before their aroma, along with that of toast and freshly ground coffee filled the neat kitchen.

“Mmmmm that smells good Maria,”

Mistress Elizabeth’s voice made me jump as she entered the room, tying a toweling robe around herself and sitting at the table.

“I hope so Mistress Elizabeth,” I smiled at her, aware of my nudity and not in least embarrassed, “I hope you slept well Mistress Elizabeth.”

“Yes I did thank you Maria, and yourself?”

“I must admit that some of the things you said last night made it difficult for me to get to sleep Mistress Elizabeth, were you serious?” I replied, as I dished out the bacon and eggs on two plates and sat down opposite my handsome Mistress.

Mistress Elizabeth half smiled to herself as I set the plates on the table. “Oh yes Maria I am deadly serious, you have a lot to learn but I’m sure you would be an excellent pupil. Eat now and we will discuss the situation fully after breakfast.”

That statement seemed to end the conversation at that point and the rest of the meal was completed in silence. I kept my eyes down most of the time trying to work out what was going on, occasionally glancing up to find Elizabeth’s eyes looking straight at me as she ate. When we had finished eating Mistress Elizabeth left me to tidy up and wash the dishes while I struggled with my increasingly confused thoughts. Elizabeth had been polite to me this morning but the lack of dialogue left me wondering, surely the breakfast I had prepared had pleased her? Unsure of what I should do next I sat down at the table and awaited Mistress Elizabeth’s return.

“Maria come into the lounge room,” Mistress Elizabeth’s voice woke me from my reverie and I quickly obeyed her instruction.

My Mistress, still dressed in her robe, was standing in front on the television, inserting a tape into the VCR.

“Come here Maria and kneel down in front of the television.”

Mistress Elizabeth’s voice was firm and I quickly obeyed her instructions.

“Hands on your head, keep your back straight and watch the screen,” Elizabeth ordered.

“Yes Mistress.”

I watched the screen flicker to life and my heart sank as I saw the picture on the screen. It was myself in the dungeon earlier this morning and the camera followed me around the room as I made my tour of inspection.

“Did I give you permission to go into the dungeon Maria?” Mistress Elizabeth demanded.

“N’no Mistress, you were asleep and I didn’t want to wake you, I just….”

“Maria the only thing you do in this home without my permission is breath, absolutely nothing else, do you understand me?”

“Y’yes Mistress Elizabeth I’m so sorry,” I stuttered in reply, cursing to myself as I should have known better after all the reading I had done over the previous few weeks.

“Sorry is not a word that is used to me Maria, you will learn and learn the hard way that obedience is absolute. Follow me, on your hands and knees.”

Mistress Elizabeth led me back through her bedroom and into the large tiled bathroom. A lovely two-person spa bath was the feature of the room that also featured a large glass shower recess. My Mistress dropped her robe to the floor, grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me into the shower. I winced as the pressure on my hair dragged me to the kneeling position with my eyed looking up at my beautiful Mistress.

“Don’t move from that position.”

The tone of Mistress Elizabeth’s instruction sent a shiver through my body as she stood over me with her legs spread wide apart. My eyes took in the serious expression on her face; the large firm breasts with their hard brown nipples and the wonderful shaven pussy lips. The bathroom was completely silent and many thoughts ran through my brain as to what Mistress Elizabeth had planned for Çankaya Escort me.

‘Oh my god.’ I thought to myself, ‘Surely it couldn’t be…….?’

Mistress Elizabeth answered my unspoken question as a stream of yellow urine suddenly splashed against my breasts. Somehow I resisted the overwhelming urge to move away as the warm piss ran down my tummy onto my pussy and thighs. I had never considered golden showers as being part of Mistress Elizabeth’s training but my initial revulsion gave way to the thrill of the acceptance of my Mistress’ power over me. I actually felt a little disappointment as I watched the spurting yellow stream slowly ease to a trickle and then stop.

“Stand Maria and wash me very thoroughly.”

I scrambled to my feet as Mistress Elizabeth turned on the dual showers and adjusted the temperature of the water. She handed me a cake of lavender scented soap and raised her arms above her head. As the water splashed down Mistress Elizabeth’s lovely body I wet the soap and started to lather the smooth skin of her neck and shoulders.

“Mmmm that feels good Maria, make sure you don’t miss a square inch as you will be taught full body worship later today.”

“Yes Mistress Elizabeth.” Another shiver of excitement ran through my body at her words.

Carefully and thoroughly I soaped and washed the front of my Mistress’ sexy body. She coughed when I spent too much time caressing the lovely mountains of her breasts so I quickly fell to my knees again and washed her tummy and the full length of both legs. I stopped with my hands on my Mistress’ upper thighs and looked up for permission to touch her pussy.

“Good girl Maria, you have permission to wash my cunt.”

I was thrilled at the words of praise and at the same time surprised at her use of the c word. I heard a moan of pleasure from Mistress Elizabeth as my fingers carefully and thoroughly soaped her shaven labial lips. I longed to push my fingers deep into her vagina but I resisted the temptation and concentrated on obeying the current instructions. Mistress Elizabeth suddenly turned around and bent at the waist to present her lovely arse for washing. I carefully soaped the lovely moons of her wonderful buttocks and swooned as I recalled her words of requiring ‘full body worship’. ‘Would she? Could I?’ Confusion reigned in my brain as my fingertips soaped my Mistress’ arse crack and down over her rosebud.

“Yes Maria, you will! Wash my anus very thoroughly!”

“Oh my god, you read my mind!” I blurted out, shocked at my Mistress’ words.

“I control your mind as well as your body Maria, I know what you want and what you need.” Mistress Elizabeth said confidently. “Now keep washing, get a move on.”

Mistress Elizabeth lifted a leg enabling me to thoroughly wash her foot and toes. After I finished both feet and the backs of both shapely legs Mistress Elizabeth knelt and I completed washing her back, shoulders and neck. She passed me a bottle of shampoo and my fingertips massaged the special soap through her long flowing hair. I stood back in the large shower as Mistress Elizabeth rose to her feet and rinsed all the soap from her sexy body.

“Very good Maria.” Mistress Elizabeth said as she turned off the taps and stepped out of the shower. “Now dry me and use the electric dryer on my hair.”

I carefully dried my Mistress with a couple of large soft towels and she sat on a stool as I used the dryer and finally the hairbrush on her hair.

“Very good Maria, you did well.” Mistress Elizabeth said as she stood and gave me a quick kiss. “Now sit up next to the basin and spread your legs wide apart.”

“Yes Mistress, and thank you, I loved pampering you.” I replied as I followed the order.

Mistress Elizabeth opened a drawer and picked out a small pair of scissors, a shaving brush, a tube of shaving cream and a safety razor. She ran some hot water into the basin then sat on the stool on front of me and trimmed my pubic hair with the scissors. I shivered as my Mistress placed soap on the brush and rubbed it thoroughly over the remaining pubic hair.

“Hold still Maria.”

I find it hard to describe the thrill of sitting there with my legs wide apart and my Mistress shaving off all my pubic hair. Never before in my life had I had felt so controlled and loved as Mistress Elizabeth scraped the razor over my tender skin.

“Maria, you will stay shaved as long as we stay together.” Mistress Elizabeth instructed as she worked carefully away. “It may feel strange for a while but I guarantee you will come to love the sensations.”

“Thank you Mistress Elizabeth, I’m sure I will.” I shivered as my Mistress wiped the excess soap off with a wet face washer.

“Mmmmm that looks lovely,” Mistress said as her fingers stroked my labia. “Now Maria, stand and bend over.”

“Yes Mistress.” I said as I hastened to obey her order.

I laid myself over the bench, spread my legs wide apart and jumped Keçiören Escort as Mistress Elizabeth rubbed the shaving brush up and down my crack. I shivered as she shaved a few hairs from around my arse and then wiped off the excess soap.

“Ohhhhhh god.” I moaned as two of my Mistress’ fingers pushed deep into my pussy.

“Don’t you dare cum.” Mistress Elizabeth ordered as her fingers thrust in and out. “You must learn to obey Maria.”

I sighed with a mixture of relief and frustration as the exploring fingers were withdrawn but stayed held in position by a firm hand in the middle of my back.

“This is for your time in the dungeon this morning.” Mistress Elizabeth exclaimed.

“Ouch!” I jumped as the hairbrush landed forcefully and unexpectedly on my bum.

“Spank, spank, spank!”

The hairbrush stung like hell on my tender buttocks as Mistress Elizabeth painfully taught me a lesson I would never forget. I was close to sobbing when my punishment suddenly ceased and Mistress’ strong hands guided me up and turned me around. I blinked back tears as her stern expression turned to a smile and I was kissed full on the lips.

“Now Maria, quickly shower then return to the dungeon. Knock on the door then get down on your hands and knees and wait for permission to enter.” Mistress Elizabeth moved to the bathroom door. “Oh, and don’t you dare cum in the shower, I will know if you do.”

Suddenly I was alone, as horny as hell and under orders not to touch myself! As I quickly washed myself in the shower I realized that the mental control Mistress Elizabeth was exerting over me was as exciting as the physical contact. My pussy felt so wonderfully smooth as I soaped between my legs and I ached for my Mistress to touch me there again. I quickly dried myself, brushed my hair and almost ran down the passage to the dungeon. I knocked and dropped to my hands and knees as I awaited permission to enter. It must have been around fifteen minutes before the door opened and the next stage of my training began. I kept my head down and gazed at my Mistress’ shining black leather boots as she stood looking down at me.

“Follow me Maria.”

I crawled into the dungeon and followed Mistress Elizabeth to the steel cage, where she held up the front flap.

“Seeing as you were so interested in this earlier you can see what it’s like from the inside Maria. Crawl backwards into it, hurry up now!”

I hastened to obey Mistress Elizabeth’s instruction and crawled carefully backwards into the cage, It was only just over the width of my hips and the lack of depth made stretching out impossible. I was still on my hands and knees as Mistress placed a dish of water in front of my face together with a few cracker biscuits. I jumped as the steel bars of the door clanged shut and were secured with a padlock. My Mistress then strode from the room and the dungeon door slammed shut behind her.

My initial reaction was one of panic, what the hell had I got myself into? What if there was a fire? What if Elizabeth fell and knocked herself out? What if she had a heart attack? I could die in here from starvation, locked in this cage, all alone! Then reason took over and I took some deep breaths to calm myself. I could not raise my head enough to see the cameras but I reasoned that Elizabeth would be watching me all the time. My sexy Domme had shown on my first visit and also last night that she was not the sort of person to take unnecessary risks, the use of the safe word and safety was paramount. This thought had the required effect and I settled as comfortably as possible into my little cage. Punishments of this sort had not done anything for me when I was looking at photos on the Internet but right now I found myself getting wet and excited. This showed me that I must keep an open mind and let my Mistress lead me on my exciting journey.

How long I stayed there in my cramped cage I did not know. I could feel my muscles getting tighter as time went by and I was hoping I would not cramp. The breakfast bacon had made me thirsty and after a while I had to partake of some water from the dog’s bowl. This too was arousing as my tongue lapped at the water, what an exciting time of discovery this was for me! I tried to move a little to ease my tight muscles but to little avail and I started to wish that Mistress Elizabeth would come and rescue me. There was no sound from the rest of the house, I found out later that the dungeon and schoolroom were both sound proof. My mind drifted to the other items in the room and how some of them could be used for my training. I was soon to find out as I jumped when suddenly the door opened as my Mistress returned.

“Getting a little cramped Maria?”

“Yes Mistress Elizabeth, I must admit that my muscles are a bit tight,” I replied, keeping my eyes lowered.

“Just on an hour is enough for you first time in the cage, next time I will double that, and the next time double again, so be careful Etimesgut Escort Maria,” my Mistress said. “Were you worried about being stuck in there if something happened to me?”

“Yes Mistress Elizabeth, that thought did pass through my mind.”

“Well push firmly on the front of the cage Maria and see what happens.”

I pushed as instructed and the front of the cage and the entrance flap fell down onto the floor with the padlock still in place. I stayed still, waiting to be instructed to exit.

“It is a safe hatch Maria, I designed it so that you can get out at any time. It looks like it has been padlocked when actually it is just clipped. But use it unnecessarily and you will feel my wrath, understand? Alright, come out of the cage now and stand.”

“Yes Mistress Elizabeth, I understand, thank you Mistress Elizabeth,” I said as I wriggled from the cage and struggled to my feet, my stiff muscles making standing straight difficult.

“Right go and do some stretching exercises and make me a cup of coffee, report back here in fifteen minutes,” Mistress Elizabeth instructed.

“Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress, I promise I will not explore by myself again.” I said as I moved off to the kitchen. Some stretching soon eased the stiffness in my muscles and as I prepared the coffee I reflected what a thoughtful Mistress I had found, very firm but kind and considerate too.

I hurried back to the dungeon with the coffee within the allotted time, wondering what was to happen next with Mistress Elizabeth. My beautiful Domme was sitting on the massage table and she motioned to me to come and kneel in front of her feet. With lowered eyes I passed over the coffee and knelt as instructed as a shiver of excitement ran through my body.

“Your training is to continue Maria, you will not speak unless spoken to, raise your arms above your head.”

I took a deep breath and obeyed, shivering again as I felt leather cuffs being attached to each of my wrists and a clip soon joined them together. Mistress Elizabeth hauled me to my feet and guided me into the center of the dungeon; my hands still above my head. I heard the metal clank of chains being attached to the cuffs and then a winch pulled my arms straight above me. Never before in my life had I felt so vulnerable, and never before so stimulated and aroused. My Mistress moved to a wall and took down a leg spreader that she attached to my now wide spread legs

Mistress Elizabeth walked slowly around inspecting me, feeling and slapping my tight arse cheeks and bringing backing memories of yesterday’s orgasms. She stopped directly in front of me and seemingly from nowhere produced an ice cube. My body jerked as my Mistress teased the left nipple with the frozen water. The nipple hardened immediately and seemed to grow larger as my Mistress continued to rub the ice. My breasts were heaving as she transferred her attention to the right nipple that reacted the same way. Suddenly Mistress held up a set of nipple clamps for me to view, a chain joined them and I braced myself for the expected pain.

“Ohhhh God!” I exclaimed as the first clamp was attached to the hard nipple and a jolt of pain shot through me.

Mistress placed a hand over my mouth as she attached the next clamp so my exclamation of pain was muffled.

“Remember, no talking!” Mistress Elizabeth reminded me in a firm voice, “Or two hours in the cage.”

The pain from the nipple clamps was intense and I had to bite my lip not to cry out or use the safe word. My breasts were heaving and tears were forming in my eyes, but I managed to hold on and I slowly became accustomed to the throbbing sensations. Mistress went behind me for a short time and returned with a tray of various items. Firstly she took a plastic beaker which had a chain and small hook attached. The hook was placed over the chain joining the nipple clamps and so the beaker hung down in front of my pussy, adding slightly more weight to my blazing nipples. Next she took a length of thin, clear plastic tubing and pushed one end into my mouth and the other end into the plastic beaker. Mistress then took a one-pint jug of iced water and proceeded to slowly pour the water into the beaker. This of course added more weight to my nipples and I screamed silently as the pain increased once again.

“If you want to lessen the pain, you had better start sucking the water Maria.”

It took me less than a second to start sucking the iced water up through the tube and into my mouth. As I sucked and swallowed the amount of water in the beaker decreased, as did the pain of my nipples. Of course this did not last long as Mistress once again poured more water into the beaker and I was forced to suck hurriedly on the tube. Judging by the smile on her face Mistress was enjoying the game and she continued to pour until the jug was empty. Finally I sucked the last of the water from the beaker, praying to myself that Mistress Elizabeth would not refill the jug. Fortunately she removed the hook from the nipple chain and then I felt the blessed relief of the clamps being taken from my red, aching teats.

Although my nipples still hurt like hell I was suddenly aware of a completely different sensation – my bladder was full and I desperately needed to pee. I looked Mistress with pleading eyes, silently begging to be allowed to speak.

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