Spa Playtime

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I’m standing next to you in the backyard awaiting your friends arrival. Wearing my typical tank and jeans with a green suit underneath.

I see the first friend walk in and as normal I typically greet him with a simple hug. “Come in Sir, please relax. May I get you a drink?”

He replies with a wink and replies “yes, beer. And when you get back lose the shirt.” I replied with a basic smile, “yes Sir.”

As I walk in to retrieve the beer your other friend arrives. Leaning around the corner I quickly greet him, “Please join them in the yard. I’m getting drinks, do you want one, Sir?”

He replies with a nod and smirk, “yeah beer and be quick.”

I reply with a nod, “Yes Sir.”

Removing my shirt quickly, I grab three beers from the fridge and hold them in my arms against my chest as I walk out.

Once outside I hand out the freezing beers. The first gentleman takes his and purposely brushes his hand against my hard nipple. My cheeks instantly turn a crimson color. Then I hand the second gentleman his beer and I turn to you and bring you your beer.

You thank me and then give me the all knowing look that I have done something wrong.

You lean into me “why are you wearing jeans?” I shrug and look at you again. “Sir let me remove them and I will be right back to join you.”

You reply angrily, “yes and you better hurry!”

I run inside and toss my pants off and join you within minutes. My head slightly lowered in shame.

You look at me again and shake your bottle, “We are going to need three more of these.”

“Yes Sir I will be right back.” I get to it with a quick bounce in my step to retrieve the beers.

You holler in my direction, “get three towels and lose everything you have on.”

I bite my lower lip and then as I walk inside I take off my suit and grab three more freezing beers. Turning to get the towels, fumbling to find them, but then once in my hand I sigh and walk out a bit slower with my head down.

My nipples are growing harder with every step as they are pushed up against the frigid bottles. A slight shy smile appears when I get out there knowing I can’t hide behind the bottles much longer.

When I get to you, you grab one beer and then gently push me to the other men. evi olan gaziantep escort The first guy takes my ass in his hand and squeezes it. His other hand grabs a tit and then moves to grasp his beer.

The second guy looks me over and has an indifferent look upon his face. When I walk to him, he whispers to me, “I want you on my cock.” Then his hand tweaks a nipple as the other hand takes a beer.

I quickly get the empty bottles, they had previously left me, put them into the kitchen, then grabbed three more beers and head back out. Once I get out there I see the three of you have made it into the hot tub.

I come up to you and set the beers down on the table next to the tub. You look at me with a smile then a snap of your fingers while saying, “get in here.”

“Yes Sir.” I get up on the edge and then begin to lower myself into the hot bubbly water.

I take the forth corner as I listen to you men talk about random stuff, from baseball to cars then ending with computers.

As the second beer is being finished by the first man I glide slowly under the bubbling waters to retrieve the empty bottle from him.

When I make it to him he hands me the bottle and then grabs my wrist.

You take the bottle from me and takes my other wrist behind my back.

Then the second guy hands you his second bottle and you set them both on the table. Once you get his bottle on the table I feel my legs being grabbed and lifted to the surface.

The first guy wraps something around my wrists. He holds them together under the water with one hand, he keeps my head barelt above water as he tells me to rest it on his chest and doing so, he begins tweaking and fondling my tits with his free hand.

The second guy has his hands on my bare thighs and I can feel the head of his cock up against my wet, plump lips. Not quite entering just resting there, as I try to see what you are doing.

You move closer to me with something dark in your hand. Then you cover my eyes with whatever it is. As you do so, I can feel ur cock at my side. I smile to myself knowing I am making you happy.

Then a gag of some sort is put into my mouth making every touch that much more sensitive.

My gaziantep evi olan escort hands find the first guy’s cock and do my best to move up and down on it, as best I can.

The second guy is now inside my pussy, pushing me against the first guy with every thrust.

Large hands exploring my body in every which direction. Tweaking nipples, squeezing tits, and roaming covering every inch of my nakedness. My ears under the water only hearing the mumbling of you guys moaning and feeling the splash of the water with each thrust and movement.

The first guy was already hard as a rock before my hands even touched him, so I knew it wouldn’t take long to get him going. As he neared cuming he grabbed my tits and squeezed them so hard it felt as if he was leaving bruises on each. Once he finished cumming, he kind of slumped back a bit but continued to support my upper body for the second guy.

The second guy’s thrusting became faster and harder as he kept filling me with his cock. The water splashing higher with his quickened thrusting. I feel his hands grabbing my hips for one last forceful thrust as he filled me with his cum.

Once the second guy is spent he moves to the corner. Then I feel your hands on my side. Gliding your hands down to my silky lips my skin feels extra sensitive as I know how your hands feel against my body. I open my legs inviting you into me. Feeling you close to me I then slowly wrap my legs around you pulling you closer into me. Your fingers finding my clit and gently rubbing.

The first guy is now getting his second wind and begins to fondle my tits again. He slides my head to the edge so that it is completely out of the water.

In doing so I feel you backing away from me allowing my legs to drop to the bottom. I can now hear what you are saying and you tell me in a stern voice, “Turn over and show me your ass.”

I follow obediently to what you say and quickly roll over mumbling into the gag, “Yes, Sir.” My arms up against my back and my chin now digging into the side of the tub. My legs dropping down to the floor and raising my ass to you.

I feel one of your hands on my ass with a swift smack. Water splashes gaziantep evi olan escort bayan up and then another’s hand smacks me. The second harder and more fierce. I bend at my knees attempting to hide my ass under the water anticipating another smack.

You yank my hair up and speak directly into my ear with a low very angry tone, “You better lift that ass or you WILL have consequences.” I quickly bring my ass back up and out of the water for him. As soon as it is out of the water I get a swift smack, one in which brings tears to my eyes. Then another and another, I counted seven before I stopped counting as tears were dampening the blindfold. Once the smacking stopped I feel your hand tracing one of the multiple welts left behind. As you touch another welt a hand grabs a tit and begins rubbing it on a cock.

Your hands then move up my ass to my hips. With one forceful thrust and loud groan your rock hard cock is inside me. I let out a loud moan almost a scream around the gag.

My moaning getting louder as a feel the gag loosen and then removed. “Thank you Sir” in barely a whisper releases from my lips.

An over bearing voice says, “Don’t thank me yet, sweetheart.” The gag is quickly replaced by the first gentleman’s cock.

You push me against him with a hard thrust as he forcefully fills my mouth with his cock.

The water splashing up against the side walls of the tub and creating higher waves as you thrust harder against me. Taking his cock in my mouth and sucking as best I can with you pushing me into him. My moans filling the air as I get closer to cumming myself.

You know my sounds and with a swat on my ass I know you aren’t allowing me to cum yet.

You continue to thrust into me faster and harder as you come closer yourself. Your moans filling my ears as

you are the only thing I hear.

Sucking harder on the gentleman harder feeling his cock becoming engorged itself. The gentleman lifts my head and spews cum all over my face.

As my head lifts and he covers me in his cum, he pushes me against you as you fill me with your cum. As you cum you tell me, “You may cum sweetie.” I cum against you covering your cock with a moan of relief.

I fall back into you as the water settles and I am spent as well as the three of you are. Smiling up to you exhausted, softly saying, “Thank you, Sir!” As you untie my wrists and remove the blindfold. Reaching up, smiling and kissing you softly, whispers in your ear, “Thank you, Sir.”

Feeling the water in the tub moving once again as the other two gentleman get out. They dress and then depart. Both turning back with a wave and a thank you nod.

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