Spa Day Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: Lara’s Arrival

It had been a hard day at the office, and I thought the week would never end. Meetings on top of special projects on top of more meetings. I was in desperate need of relaxation, and gave myself a mental pat on the back as I navigated through LA traffic on the 101. A new spa had opened in my neighborhood a few weeks back, and I had managed to grab a last minute appointment there this afternoon. I could really use a nice fuck, but being single, I was willing to settle for a long massage. A good, lengthy, full body massage. Maybe I should ask for massage oils during my session; I loved the feel of strong hands rubbing my slick skin, moving up my back, then down, over my ass, and maybe even lower-

The car behind me blasted their horn, and I shook myself a little. I didn’t know who to curse at, the driver behind me for disturbing my daydream, or me, for getting myself all worked up before I could really do anything about it.

I moved forward a car length, then shifted so I could scoot my dress up my thighs. ‘What the hell,’ I thought, driving with my left hand so I could run the fingertips of my right along the crotch of my frilly pink panties. ‘I’ve got at least another half an hour before I make it to Beverly Hills.’

Forty minutes later, I pulled into what looked like a private home’s driveway in a lavish neighborhood, where a large wooden gate blocked the entrance. Checking the directions Candice, the receptionist, had given me against the number, I rolled down my window and pressed the button on the call box.

“The Secret Garden Day Spa, how may I help you?”

“Hi, yes, I’m Lara Whitmore, I have an appointment this afternoon. I spoke with Candice earlier.” I felt a little odd announcing myself, as if I was saying the secret password in a spy movie, but shrugged it off. This was, after all, Los Angeles. Things worked a little differently here, and the owners were obviously hoping to attract privacy-seeking celebrities.

“Yes, Ms. Whitmore, we’ve been expecting you. Please pull into the driveway to the right of the house, and Candice will meet you at the front door.”

As I drove through the gates and down a driveway paved in stone, I was pleasantly surprised. The house, if you could call it that, loomed in front of me, like a grand English castle, with thick trees planted here and there. Little pathways cut through the manicured lawns, and off in the distance, I spied what looked like a lush garden behind the house. None of the noise from the street spilled past the gate and high brick walls, and I felt like I was stepping into another world. Tension was already slipping away.

I took a moment to give myself another rub through my panties and fix my clothes, congratulating myself all over again, as I parked next to a small collection of cars. One last makeup check and I swung out of the car to head up to the house. Candice, a young, petite thing, greeted me at the door with a sunny smile.

“Ms. Whitmore, hello. Welcome escort bayan to The Secret Garden. I’m Candice.”

She was the classic California girl; blonde, blue-eyed, and trim. My eyes drifted down to her breasts, which were full and high on her chest. I allowed myself to stay a brief moment on her nipples, which I could clearly see poking through her white sweater. ‘Yum,’ was all I could think as I licked my lips and returned her smile.

“Why, hello. I’m glad you could squeeze me in today. I definitely need to relax,” I replied. Candice tilted her head to the side, smiling wider at me. ‘Did she notice me checking her out?’ I wondered, feeling my cheeks heat a little.

“Oh, it wasn’t a problem at all,” she said, running a hand over the tips of her hair, which lay just above those gorgeous breasts. What I wouldn’t give to run my hands along her chest and feel her hard nipples against my palms.

“Since it’s your first time here, if you would please follow me and fill out some paperwork,” she turned as she spoke, leading me across a lavish black and white marble foyer to a small antique desk in the center. “At The Secret Garden, we like to make your visits as smooth as possible, so we ask for billing information and preferences first.”

I only half-listened, my eyes taking in every inch of Candice’s body. I was definitely aroused, and struggled to focus on the conversation. Candice continued on, oblivious to the slow ache she started in me, chatting about the facilities as I filled out the necessary paperwork. I was hornier than I thought, and may need a few moments alone before my massage to take the edge off.

“Mischa is still with a client, Ms. Whitmore, so, let me take you to our changing rooms.” I rose as Candice did, following her down a short hallway, content with watching her heart-shaped ass sway under a tight black skirt as she gave me a brief tour.

“Through there is our pool facilities, where we have an indoor and an outdoor pool, several hot tubs and saunas. Outside, we have three garden areas; a Zen garden, a traditional English garden, and a sculpture garden. Our private yoga and meditation sessions take place out there.” Candice paused to smile at me as she held open a door and gestured me inside. “I hope you take advantage of those, as they are quite…refreshing.”

I watched her as she spoke, fascinated by her lips. She wore a shiny pink gloss and I couldn’t help but want to see it smeared all over my breasts, across my nipples, down my belly. I felt myself get wet, and I wanted to see her mouth working along the length of my body. ‘What could I do to get her naked and pressed against me?’ I thought to myself as I brushed by her, slightly self-conscious by my train of thinking. What had gotten into me today?

“We have two larger changing rooms, one on this floor, and another on the second, which are equipped with lockers, private changing areas, showers, tubs, and anything you may need to get dressed; hair dryers, cosmetics, bursa vip escort products. Several smaller changing rooms are scattered throughout the spa. Finally, we have a full salon on the third floor.” Candice followed me into the room, which was a large corner room at the front of the house; it featured huge floor to ceiling windows on the two outer walls and wooden lockers against the inner walls. She opened a locker for me and I slipped my purse and blazer inside.

“Now, through here is the private changing rooms and bath area.” Candice headed through a door to the right. “There’s time for you to freshen up before your session. I can run a bath, if you like.” I blinked, caught off guard.

“That’d be lovely, if you don’t mind,” I replied.

“Not at all. We pride ourselves on giving our guests excellent one-on-one attention at The Secret Garden. I’ll just be one moment.” I sighed softly, then smiled at my reflection in the small mirror on the locker door. If nothing else, the attendants here were definitely eye candy. ‘Do they taste as sweet?’ I wondered, taking this time to remove my shoes and jewelry before stepping into the bath area.

Off to the right, I heard water flowing, and easily located Candice in a private room that housed a generous tub. She had lit the candles that sat on the small table and around the tub, and placed both a towel and a robe on a small ottoman in the corner. She smiled as I entered, and came towards me.

“Would you like help with your dress?”

“Yes, please.” I turned, lifting my long brown hair. Candice’s hands came up, gently rubbing my neck and shoulders, and continued to give me further details about the spa. I wasn’t paying much attention though; Candice had a soft, husky voice, and her hands were sending tingles down my spine as they stroked. As she spoke, I heard, rather than felt, my zipper being undone, and shivered. I was already aroused, and could see my hard nipples poking against the material of my dress. Soon, I would be almost naked and I was sure my arousal would show evidence on my panties. How would Candice respond?

“Your neck is very tight, Ms. Whitmore. Go ahead and relax for me.”

‘Well, if she insisted,’ I thought, leaning back ever so slightly into her hands. I could feel her thumbs slowly rubbing my neck, and was so absorbed in this impromptu massage that I didn’t notice that I wasn’t wearing my dress or my bra until Candice shifted me to sit on the edge of the tub.

‘When did that happen?’ I wondered, but I couldn’t think very quickly. My limbs felt heavy, and I watched Candice check the water in the tub before adding bath salts through half-closed eyes. She returned to kneel in front of me, and removed one high heeled shoe, taking care to rub my heel and instep thoroughly before repeating the process on the other foot. She then worked her way up each leg, kneading the muscles as she went. It wasn’t until she was stroking my inner thighs bursa elit escort that I realized how wet my panties were; she was so close to me, she had to see them, had to smell how aroused I was.

Embarrassed, I started to close my legs, but Candice stopped me by placing her body in between them.

“No, it’s okay,” she whispered, smiling at me, fingers gently running all over my mound. “I’m flattered.”

Candice helped me stand on legs that weren’t all that steady, spreading them apart. I felt her breath on my pussy as she leaned forward, breathing me in, and gasped as the tip of her tongue licked the length of my slit through the material of my panties. She licked along the leg openings, right under the elastic, before pulling the material tight and sucking gently on the wet spot.

I moaned, rocking my hips back and forth, my hands playing with my breasts. Tiny shocks shot deep into me, and watched as she pressed her face to my mound, desperate to taste each drop she was eliciting from me. I couldn’t take much more of this teasing, and it seemed, neither could Candice, as she suddenly yanked my panties down and off completely. I settled on the edge of the tub, and she eagerly opened my legs once more, this time as wide as possible. She sat for a minute, just staring at my bare pussy, stroking it lightly with her fingertips. Pressing a soft kiss to my wet folds, she began eating me again. This was heaven, exactly what I wanted since I saw her.

I don’t know how long she spent licking me, flicking her tongue over my clit as she probed my pussy with her fingers, sliding them in and out, my hips matching her pace. But eventually, she urged me into the warm water, joining me a moment later, completely naked. Her mouth sought mine as we touched each other, my fingers moving over her and into her, feeling her heat as she had mine. I touched and caressed her as she washed me with a soft towel, taking extra care to run it over my entire mound and ass when she saw me respond with a moan.

I was absolutely lost in the sensations she caused, and quickly responded to her request of putting my leg on her shoulder. Much to my surprise, she moved so that her pussy touched mine, one of her legs resting on my hip. Slowly at first, she rocked, then moved faster and faster, her hands running over my slick skin. I squeezed her nipples between my fingers, adding pressure as I watched her orgasm.

“Cum for me,” she panted, fingering my clit, “cum for me.” Unable to take it any longer, I gave in, and relished in orgasming against her pussy.


A few minutes later, Candice leisurely rose out of the water, and began to dress. She turned back to me, towel in hand, and patted me dry. Little tremors pulsed through me again as I stretched my body into her hands. Her mouth came down and clamped on a nipple, sucking insistently, her hands gripping my hips.

“I’ll go and see if Mischa is ready for your session, Ms. Whitmore,” she murmured, pulling away with a grin. “I’ll be down to check on you in a few minutes.”

Session? What session?

In the midst of great sex, I actually forgot why I was here. I smiled at Candice, and before she left the room, I called out to her.

“Candice? For the record, the personal attention was fantastic.”

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