Sophie’s Descent into Sluttery Ch. 01

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If only he had paid more attention to her outfit, he might have realised something was up.

It was Sophie’s first night out in a long time, other stuff had gotten in the way of her having fun with friends but tonight was a big night and she was going to enjoy it. To her annoyance however her boyfriend, Sam, had declined the invitation so she would be going without him. She didn’t show that this bothered her but it did. She put it to the back of her mind as she finished getting changed and doing her makeup while waiting for her friends to pick her up. If Sam had paid more attention to what she was wearing things might have turned out differently.

Her outfit was stunningly suggestive, suggestive of willingness and ease. She wore a small black maid style dress with an entirely open back and a white bow around her middle and white lace edging around the seams, black stockings with a patterned white lace top and high heels and a cute princess style tiara to add an element of innocence to an otherwise suggestive outfit. The dress barely covered her arse and left the white lace top to her stockings totally visible. She was irresistible from all angles, especially from behind as her long brown hair laid against her skin showing in the open back. She finished the outfit with a black choker. Sam took a selfie of her posing looking over her shoulder and adana escort let her leave, if only he paid more attention.

They arrived at the club and found their booth and the drinks were flowing. Most were there as couples so Sophie felt as if she was missing out. She had always been a ‘worry about it later’ kind of girl so she let herself go and soon found herself on the dancefloor alone with a drink in one hand as she danced, recklessly sipping from stranger’s drink straws as she flirted her way around the room, it was innocent enough. It didn’t take long for her to have guys grinding against her and dancing with her, there was no way that outfit wasn’t going to garner a lot of attention on her curvy figure. To her surprise it was an older man in his 40s who had the courage to spin her around on the dancefloor and dive in for a kiss, she returned the kiss when she felt his tongue in her mouth, fueled by a mixture of alcohol and her ‘fuck it’ attitude. She could feel him putting his hand between her legs and gently rubbing and she adjusted her stance to make it easier for him before suddenly breaking off.

“I need some air,” Sophie says exasperated as she breaks the kiss with this sweet tasting stranger. She grabs his hand and heads off to find the terrace for some air with this mystery man in tow.

“Sorry ankara escort needed some air,” she said with an innocent smile as she declined his offer of a cigarette

“You don’t smoke? I don’t believe there is a good girl hiding under there!” he exclaimed playfully.

“You’re hardly an angel kissing a random girl on the dancefloor” she replies with a cute smile, shivering slightly in the cold crisp air.

“Well she kissed me back so I guess they’re both bad inside,” he says, not hiding the fact that he is very shamelessly checking her out.

“She did but then she felt bad for her idiot boyfriend who didn’t want to come out with me tonight,” she says with a jokey but serious tone.

“Well he isn’t here so he doesn’t matter, does he?” he says seemingly without a care that she was in a relationship.

“But it does mean we can’t go back to mine” Sophie replies with a cheeky smile

They were stood in a quiet corner of the outside terrace and slightly out of view around a corner so he took advantage and moved close to her, pushing her against the wall gently and putting his hand between her legs

“We can have fun here, I don’t care, do you?” he asked as he felt the heat between her legs through her black lace thong, all she could do was shake her head and grin.

She leaned antalya escort her body weight against the wall and moved her legs apart causing her dress to ride up her stomach due to its short length leaving her exposed in her lace thong. She looked down at his hand as his fingers slipped beside her thong and gently into her warm wetness, she could feel her legs weakening already.

He began to fiddle with his belt buckle but Sophie stopped him “Not here, toilets!” she said while moaning to his finger inside her. She readjusted her dress leaving her knickers to the side and they crossed the dancefloor and dived into a cubicle in the men’s toilet, not caring who noticed or put their phone over the wall to film.

As he sat on the lid of the toilet Sophie straddled him and he slid her thong aside and pushed his cock inside her. Sophie wasn’t sure what had gotten into her, she was riding a stranger in a club toilet but she didn’t care, she needed it and wanted it so she took it. She balanced herself with one hand on the toilet roll holder and the other on the wall as she bounced on this stranger’s cock. He took full advantage and began to squeeze and suck her nipples as she rode him with an increasing pace until he began to cum inside her. They shared a brief kiss and Sophie stumbled back onto her feet, adjusting her dress and her hair.

“I should go find my friends, but thank you,” she said as she made her exit to a loud cheer from every man in the toilet as she disappeared back into the crowd with his cum dripping into her thong.

“I’ll be home soon babe” she text Sam, feeling that she had gotten suitable revenge for him ditching her.

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