Something Primal Ch. 02

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Female Masturbation

A few nights after Emily found the condom, Connor and Nicole were laying in bed. He tried to get her to tell him of any fantasies she had, or things she wanted to try. Nicole just laughed as she repositioned her head on his chest, and looked at him endearingly.

“Awe babe, you’re so cute. No; no fantasies or anything, I’m totally happy with our sex life,” she admitted as she rested her head against his chest.

“Just making sure” Connor said calmly, but trying to hide his growing disappointment.

“Maybe we should try things more often?” he said out loud, not really meaning to.

Nicole raised her head to look up at him, and tried to sound understanding and willing to compromise.

“Well, doing things more often is okay, but I think I’ve tried everything that I’m willing to try. I mean; there’s really not much else that gets me hot…,”she stated, putting her head back against his chest.

“You’re okay with that, right babe?”she asked him, as her head moved on his chest from his rising and falling breaths.

“I just wish you could be more enthusiastic, more nasty, more cock hungry. Just let loose, Nicole,” Connors inner voice beckoned inside his head.

“I understand; you know what you like and that’s great. Let’s just try to keep things fresh, sound good?” he asked hopefully.

“Okay babe, sounds like a good plan,” she replied, trying to sound agreeable.

A few weeks later, Emily, Connor, and Nicole were sitting down and enjoying a nice dinner. Emily was trying to get to know Nicole a little better, and suggested having some “girl time.”

“Oh, we should totally watch that vampire show, the one with that hot blonde guy,” Emily suggested as she turned to Nicole. “It’ll be on in a few minutes,” she told her.

Nicole barely looked up from her One For the Money novel. “Hmm, I don’t think I’ll be that into it,” she admitted.

Emily nudged Nicole with her elbow a little and admitted; “It’s an alright show, but the guys are really sexy, especially the one with those piercing eyes!”

Nicole just turned the page and smirked. She obviously didn’t have much interest in being close to Emily.

“I just really want to finish a few more chapters,” Nicole claimed. “You can go ahead and watch it though, I don’t think any of Connors shows are on tonight, are they babe?”she asked, briefly glancing up at him from her book.

“Nah, nothing on that I plan to watch,” he said.

Emily used her fork to stab at the last pieces of salad that were in her bowl.

“Okay then…you’re missing out though,” she said as she secured the lettuce and crouton together.

She raised her fork to her mouth, but before taking the bite, she proclaimed; “Plus you get to see em’ naked…it’s fun to think about what else might be piercing.”

Nicole’s eyes widened and Connor smirked a bit as he jokingly called out; “Ah, and the truth is out; never mind those eyes, you just want him for what he might be packing.”

He pointed at Emily as she leaned on her elbow, put her head in her palm, and tried to suppress her laughter while chewing.

“Hey, it’s not everything, but it is important,” she claimed, between bites.

Connor looked to Nicole and asked with a smile; “And do you concur?”

Nicole looked up from her book, lacking amusement with the topic of conversation. She knew she didn’t want to let on what kind of influence, and how much confidence Connor could potentially have. So she looked back down at her book and gave a half hearted reply.

“A guys penis is a factor, but I don’t think size should really be all that much appreciated,” Nicole claimed somewhat sheepishly.

Emily began laughing out loud now that she’d finished chewing.

Nicole smiled a bit and asked her; “What, there’s nothing wrong with that, is there?”

Emily quelled her laughter a bit and managed to expel the words; “First of all; you called it a penis…c’mon it’s not a penis. Penis is a term used for little boys. Call it a cock, Nikki.”

Connor raised an eyebrow. In a few short seconds it occurred to him that she never called it a cock. Nicole always used the term “it” or “penis.” Then Connor’s thought was interrupted by Nicole’s stammering.

“I…uh…what’s the difference, really?” Nicole recovered, trying to sound oblivious and assertive.

Emily looked at her almost confused and surprised.

“C’mon, you know there’s a HUGE difference,” she submitted confidently.

“Whoa now, is that right?” Connor inquired to whoever would answer.

Emily smiled wide and nodded, then Connor looked to Nicole and asked playfully; “And did your findings present the same data?”

Nicole looked at him somewhat surprised and reluctant to answer. She was caught off guard that he wasn’t the least bit uncomfortable with the conversation. That made her a little frustrated.

“No; there was no data, or findings…I was taking no such notes,” she claimed, trying to sound playful and assertive.

“I guess it is a difference though, to some…and what’s the other thing I said, that you laughed at?” Nicole asked curiously as she looked to Emily.

Emily grinned at her, hesitated for a moment, then Zonguldak Escort explained; “Well, you said size shouldn’t really be appreciated, but I have to disagree; a huge cock is great…for me at least.”

Nicole was surprised and frustrated by how open and honest she was being. But she maintained a blank stare.

“First of all; seeing a big cock makes me feel really…feminine, I guess would be the right word,” Emily tried to explain.

“It’s…well, it can seem like a sign of how masculine the guy is, and that makes me feel protected, submissive, and empowered all at the same time. It’s kind of difficult to explain, so I just say it makes me feel, like, really feminine.” Emily explained, articulating it fairly well.

Nicole had to think for a second, about how much sense Emily was making. She wished that Emily would shut the fuck up before Connor got wise to the bigger picture, and started getting ideas. Nicole looked to Connor briefly, and found him looking fairly intrigued and contemplative. This made her worried, so she was about to interject when she realized Emily had stopped talking for a second, but Emily began again before Nicole could interrupt her.

“So that’s really what it’s about; masculinity and femininity. I wanna feel like a woman…like I’m delicate and I’m about to be fulfilled in ways that only a man can fulfill me. And anything less than 6 inches reminds me too much of a boy who doesn’t have what it takes to fulfill me.” Emily said, appearing to arrive at a sort of further realization of what she already suspected.

“Then the feeling…Oh Gawd that feeling!” Emily mused as her voice filled with excitement.

“A nice cock just reaches every possible spot, and makes me feel totally…full,” Emily proclaimed, looking like she was fondly remembering that feeling as she zoned out while speaking.

Connors lips slowly parted as he temporarily let his jaw drop slightly. He watched intently as she reminisced, and Nicole watched as well.

Then she quickly caught herself. “So I don’t mind showing my appreciation for a big one,” Emily finished her plight.

Connors cock flexed once as he imagined little Emily and her huge tits crashing together, as she got railed from behind.

“Well, it’s good you aren’t afraid to admit what you like,” he assured her as he laughed.

Then he looked to Nicole and gave her a little smirk.

“Well, I don’t know about all of that, it sounds like you’re a little too fixated on size, hon. Sounds like a lot of empty reasoning,” Nicole said, trying to sound convincing.

Emily smiled at Nicole and said; “Eh, maybe a little fixated, but I think my reasoning makes a whole lot of sense.”

Nicole squirmed nervously as Emily continued.

“And it’s not like I mindlessly praise size. I mean; I wouldn’t stay with just any guy who had a huge cock. If he’s an asshole that doesn’t know how to use it, then I’ll get rid of him right away,” Emily submitted.

Nicole nodded her head to the side in agreement as Connor told Nicole; “See; the woman knows what she’s doing, good for her.”

Emily contained a coming blush in her cheeks, as she noticed herself admiring Connor, for acknowledging her as a woman.

“That’s smart, but I guess I just don’t believe in putting so much importance on size. I don’t know, I’m just not like that; a penis is a penis to me.” she weakly claimed.

Emily quickly corrected her; “Cock and penis…there really is a difference.”

As Nicole lifted her wine glass, she left her pointer finger extended as she motioned the glass of red wine slightly towards Emily, before she took a sip.

“Right…I guess,” she said with faint annoyance in her voice.

Nicole’s nose was buried back in her book, and Connor smiled at her resistance to discern the difference between the two.

“Well ladies, me and my cock, dick…or meat snake, are gonna go take a shower,” he announced as he stood up and pushed his chair in.

They both laughed, Emily more than Nicole.

“That really doesn’t sound right,” Nicole admitted.

“Meat snake; now that’s a term!” Emily proclaimed, as she briefly wondered if his use of the word “snake” accurately described his cock.

Connor smirked as he picked up his empty plate.

“Maybe I should start calling it that, what do you think hon?” he asked as he passed Nicole, then leaned down and gave her a quick kiss on the forehead.

Nicole rolled her eyes and said sarcastically; “Oh, that’s sooo hot.”

Emily couldn’t help herself from smiling somewhat deviously at Connor, as she actually did think it sounded hot and dirty.

Connor looked at her knowingly, with a slight mischievous smile. Unbeknownst to either of them, Nicole looked sideways at Emily, here eyebrows furrowed in anger. Connor went to rinse his dish and put it in the dishwasher.

“Oh, I think your show is on one of the channels in the 800’s, Emily. Try starting off at 850, and go up from there…you should find it.” Connor told her as he began to walk down the hallway.

“Thanks,” she called out as she got up and found the remote.

Emily began noticing a rising tension between Zonguldak Escort Bayan Connor and Nicole, a few days after that conversation. She sort of felt bad, but she didn’t want to say anything. Though the more she observed, Emily began to notice that Connor took a lot of shit from Nicole, when he really shouldn’t have. She quickly began asking herself if Connor actually had any balls. It seemed that he was right under Nicoles thumb, and that made Emily mad; mad that Connor couldn’t see what she saw. But her anger was quickly directed at Nicole, when she realized that Nicole was a true manipulator. So Emily backed off a bit from trying to get closer with Nicole. But she still couldn’t believe what a bitch Nicole was, and as much as she wanted to expose her bullshit, she struggled with the idea of getting in the middle. Emily knew how messy situations like these could get, so she was really torn.

June was approaching in two days, and Connor had gone out for his morning jog. Nicole was still asleep and Emily had woken up shortly before he left. She laid there for a few minutes, deciding whether or not to masturbate before she got up. Sometimes she figured a good way to start the day, was to use her big dildo to pound herself to a blissful orgasm. Today was one of those days. She knew Nicole was a heavy sleeper, so she could let out some moans if she felt the need. She heard Connor leave, and debated for a few moments after, then she decided she had enough time to work herself over. Emily got up, went over to the spare dresser that they gave her, opened the top drawer, and pulled out the dildo she used for special occasions. This fake dick was one she knew would get the job done in a short amount of time.

It was a flesh colored, flexible replica of an 8 inch long and 6 inch thick circumcised cock, with a set of balls at the bottom, and veins running up the shaft. Her pussy pulsed in anticipation. She took a few steps back and felt the back of her legs hit the bed. Then she pulled her panties off to her knees, and let them fall down to her ankles. She stepped out of them and began scooting herself backwards on the bed until she was at the head of her mattress, with her back against the wall. Then she put her legs up and spread them, keeping both feet on the mattress. Using her left hand, Emily slid it down her stomach, passed her shaved pubic bone, and right over her moist lips. She was already beginning to get so wet. She stroked her lips for a moment, then parted them. She slid her middle finger inside herself, pumped knuckle deep for a moment, then pulled out. Then it was time for a second finger. Emily did the same, adding her ring finger to the space between her moist walls. Then she pulled out and added her forefinger; making sure her pussy was nice and ready for what she desired. Then she spread her lips once more and teased herself with the fat head of her big dildo.

After beating the head against her slick pussy many times, and making her little clit swell, she pushed the head in, then popped it out. Then she smacked her pussy a few more times with the big fake cock. Those wet smacking sounds practically filled the room, then she pushed the head in again, and went a few inches deeper. Emily felt her walls stretch to accommodate the trusty friend she hadn’t used since before she moved in with Connor and Nicole. She began rubbing her clit as she slowly started to fuck herself with the first 3 inches. Then after a moment she slid an inch deeper and let out a soft moan. Emily sat for a short moment, letting her walls grip and hug its shaft; letting it get reacquainted with her pussy. Then she began rubbing her clit more intensely as she worked the dildo into her now dampening slit. Emily felt a bead of her juices run down her left ass cheek, and she let out a small sigh of pleasure.

Then she gave into her desire and began sliding another inch into her gaping hole, then another, and another, until she was almost balls deep. Emily let herself go completely and began stuffing herself with all 8 inches of that dildo. She lifted up her t-shirt and made sure her big tits were accessible, and began pinching one of her stiffening nipples. Then she grabbed her big tit and hefted it up to her lips so she could suck at her throbbing nipple. After a moment, Emily really started to pound herself with complete abandon; rapidly impaling her now soaking cunt, with her fantasy cock. Juices leaked from her stretched hole and began to pool on the sheet, under her thick ass. She was lost in bliss and focusing on every little sensation.

Imagine this luscious, 5’3″ dark haired beauty, with slightly milky white skin. Imagine her fucking herself balls deep with a long, thick dildo, mouth open wide, and her face contorted. Imagine her thighs trembling and legs spread to accommodate the size. Those big tits of hers rippling between her arms as she brings herself to an intense, moaning climax. Think of the lewd sounds of her juices being sloshed around as she rails herself on a big, fake cock, and rubs vigorously on her swollen clit. It’s a sight that would make many want to cum uncontrollably. And speaking of cumming Escort Zonguldak uncontrollably; Emily’s pussy clenched around her dildo as she brought herself to an explosion of an orgasm. It took all of her concentration to keep herself from releasing a deep, feral moan; vocalizing her pleasure.

Her juices leaked out and onto the now sizeable wet spot under her ass, as other droplets coated her inner thighs. Her chest and face were flush red, as she felt her walls ache and her whole pussy quiver around the realistic cock stuffed within her. Emilys lips were red from the pounding, and her clit was so swollen and highly sensitive as she began to slowly pull her friend out of her satisfied cunt. Inch by inch, she withdrew the toy lodged in her pussy, until the head appeared and slid out abruptly; hitting the mattress with a light “thud.” Just as she regained her composure, she heard a door close and lock.

“Connor must be home…I finished just in time,” she thought.

Then she looked up and saw that her bedroom door was cracked open. She froze; confused for a second. With that, Emily pulled her top down, pushed her dildo under the covers, yanked the sheet up over her and wrapped it around her waist to cover her bottom half. She scurried to the edge of the bed, scrambling to get off the mattress. Once off the bed, she rushed to the door, closed it, and locked it. Then she sat back down on the edge of the bed as her thoughts raced.

Emily rambled in her head, asking herself; “Had the door been cracked the whole time…did I even check if it was closed when I woke up? I thought I closed and locked it last night, that’s why I wouldn’t have bothered to check in the first fucking place! I can’t remember, I was so tired last night! Did he see me?”

Emily started to feel a little embarrassed at the scene she might have unknowingly displayed, and she also questioned whether or not Connor would have actually watched her. She found it hard to believe that he would have.

“But then again,” she thought to herself.

“It doesn’t sound like he has the most exciting sex life,” she quickly discerned.

Emily thought; if anything he probably caught a quick glimpse and turned right around, trying to forget what he saw. But she couldn’t deny that there was reason to believe that he may have been eager enough to stay and watch.

Then she began to muse; “After all, it’s not like we’re related by blood, so it really isn’t that big of a deal.”

“Oh no, bad thoughts,” she said quietly aloud to herself.

“Get away from that thought, moving on, putting it out of my mind. I would have noticed him, felt him watching. No need to spend any more time thinking about it,” she reasoned.

In fact, Connor did see her. He caught her just after she began burying the head of the dildo into her pussy. Connor usually goes on 3 mile jogs on weekends. Though on this particular morning, he was only a few minutes into his jog when he decided that he wanted to get his ipod, and hear a playlist he arranged the night before. So he turned right around, picked up the pace, and doubled back. When he came home and got to his bedroom door, Emilys sounds were irresistible. Emily actually did have the door closed, but it wasn’t locked. So when Connor made the bold attempt to try the handle, he knew he could only crack it a few inches before it creaked. But that was okay, because he also knew it would be just enough to have a view of the guest bed.

Connor was soon treated to the unforgettable sight of his step sister fucking the shit out of her beautiful pussy. He had never been so stiff and aching, so full of desire, as he was when he saw his step sister pounding that realistic dildo into her wet cunt. He couldn’t resist stroking his engorged cock through the fabric of his reebok gym shorts. He stood there edging himself through the thin fabric, as she climaxed and drenched the sheets. Then when he saw she was coming down from her orgasm, he was afraid that he couldn’t fully close the door, without making a sound. So he just made sure it was slightly in the frame, before he eased away and went into the bathroom to begin the best masturbation session he had in months. Who can blame him; the material he had to work with was highly erotic, like something out of a porno. First of all, he couldn’t believe she didn’t realize the door was open. He also couldn’t believe how turned on he was by seeing his step sister impale her pussy like a fiend for big cock. There was no denying it; he now had a step sister fantasy that he would have to forever quell and hide from Nicole.

So there he sat; on the toilet, cock in hand, stroking nice and easy at first, then he spat in his palm and built up to the rhythm that Emily had been keeping just moments before. Connor’s cock was a deep red only a few minutes later. His veins were prominent and the ring under his reddened head was turning purple as he stroked his big, circumcised, spit coated cock. His wet stroking sounds echoed in the bathroom as he thought about Emily begging for every inch of his meat. Then he abruptly stood up, turned around, lifted both seats, hovered over the bowl, and fired off 8 of his thick wads right into the toilet. Meanwhile, Emily got dressed and took the sheets off of her bed to wash them. She walked out of her room and quickly folded them so that the wet stain of her juices couldn’t be seen. As Emily turned to open the basement door, she saw Connor emerge from the bathroom.

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