Somali Muslim Lesbian Tale

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“Amal, why couldn’t you find a nice Somali gal, or even a white chick? Why did you have to bring home this Beth, this frigging Ethiopian hussy?” Abdullah Shire said, looking sternly at his only daughter Amal Shire. The two of them were at the dinner table. Normally, father and daughter talked about school, life, work, and all that jazz, but today’s topic of discussion was provocative, to say the least.

Shortly before this line of conversation began, Amal’s girlfriend Bethlehem “Beth” Tilahun departed the Shire household in Mississauga, heading to work in downtown Toronto. Sheesh, Amal thought. The young woman closed her eyes hard and rubbed her forehead, feeling the onset of a headache coming along. This is going to be a long night, Amal thought, before replying to her Aabo ( father ).

Amal Shire wasn’t born in Somalia, indeed, she was born and raised in the City of Mississauga, Ontario, and had only left provincial Ontario once, to visit some distant relatives in the City of Calgary, Alberta. Still, what Somali person doesn’t know of the conflicts between the Somali people and their Ethiopian neighbors? Many Somalis harbored ill feelings toward the Ethiopians, who’ve often intervened in Somali affairs, invaded the Somali heartland and generally speaking, caused strife wherever they went.

“Aabo, Beth isn’t like that, sure, her family is Ethiopian but she doesn’t even speak to them anymore, they kicked her out when they found out she’s a lesbian,” Amal countered, and Abdullah stroked his goateed chin, which was more salt than pepper these days, along with his formerly dark hair. Tall and gaunt but still solid, the dark-skinned, rugged Somali elder carried himself with an air of dignity and toughness that most men half his age couldn’t match.

“Amal, you’re my flesh and blood, my only daughter, I accept your life choices, some people in this world hate you for being a lesbian and I’ll fight such people with my dying breath, but don’t ask me to welcome an Ethiopian into our family, these fiends hate our people, and think they’re above the rest of the African people, they’re bigoted and evil,” Abdullah said, his ire rising.

Amal Shire sighed deeply, and wondered how she could help her father come around, so to speak. Amal had always been proud of her father, and with good reason. Abdullah Shire had always been her rock, and that of the Somali community of Ontario as well. The man had a mind of his own, and wasn’t easily misled. A lifetime of hardship and perseverance shaped the Somali elder into who and what he is. A good man who is somewhat set in his ways.

“Aabo, you used to tell me how people would stare at you and Mom back when you were dating because you are black and she is white, don’t you see how it’s basically the same way for Beth and I? I’m part Somali and she’s Ethiopian, who cares?” Amal said vehemently, and Abdullah Shire’s eyes blazed with anger barely kept in check. It’s not the same thing at all, the older Somali-Canadian man thought sourly, wishing his daughter Amal would drop the subject.

“Amal, there are lots of beautiful young women at the University of Toronto, statistically, at least one out of every ten of these young ladies swings your way, find another,” Abdullah Shire said softly, smiling at his daughter as though he were suggesting she choose apples instead of oranges for dessert. Amal shook her head, and bit back a sob. Stay cool, Amal reminded herself.

“Aabo, I can’t believe you just said that,” Amal cried out, and, as a stunned Abdullah looked on, his only daughter ran out of the house like Shaitan himself were after her. How did we get to this place? Abdullah Shire wondered. He’d always been a loving and supportive father to his only daughter Amal. When she came out as a lesbian, Abdullah supported her, even though most people in the Somali community thought of gays, bisexuals and lesbians as haram. In time she’ll come around, Abdullah told himself.

When Abdullah Shire arrived in the City of Mississauga from his war-torn homeland of Somalia in the early 1990s, he had to adapt to a brand new world. As a Somali Muslim man in his early twenties with no education or skills, that hadn’t been easy. Abdullah Shire patiently worked his way up and adapted to the strange, at times wonderful new world that was Canadian society. He went to Humber College, graduating with a degree in Criminal Justice in 1995.

While at Humber College, Abdullah Shire met the woman destined to change his life forever. Estella Andreotti, a tall, bursa escort bayan raven-haired, green-eyed and bronze-skinned beauty originally from the island of Sardinia, somewhere in Italy. The two of them fell in love, got married and had a daughter, Amal. In spite of their abundance of differences, Estella and Abdullah were determined to make their relationship work, for the sake of their daughter Amal.

Abdullah Shire wanted to become a police officer, but in those days, Canada wasn’t quite open to hiring Muslim men to work in law enforcement. The excuse that the Ontario Police College gave is that Abdullah, who lacked certain key identity documents when he fled Somalia, didn’t meet the requirements for becoming a cop. Abdullah, who had a wife and daughter to take care of, lamented the social restrictions preventing him from pursuing his dream job.

After that, Abdullah Shire enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces, quickly rising to the rank of Captain. Abdullah Shire served all over Canada, and his most recent posting was with the Canadian Forces stationed at the military base in the City of Trenton, Ontario. Amal grew up as a military brat, following her parents everywhere, from base to base, province to province. Unfortunately, the life of an Army wife wasn’t for Estella Andreotti-Shire, and she filed for divorce from her hubby Abdullah Shire, a few months after he made Captain.

Like a lot of families torn by divorce, the Andreotti-Shire clan tried its best to move on. Abdullah Shire and Estella Andreotti tried co-parenting to take care of their daughter Amal. It wasn’t easy, since the two of them had very different ideas about the world, and questions of religion and culture had been at the heart of their divorce. Estella wanted to raise Amal in Catholicism, and Abdullah Shire wanted to raise Amal as a Muslim. Amal grew up to hate organized religion and was a fervent atheist by the time she started her freshman year at the University of Toronto.

“Amal, I love your father but I kept you away from his people because of certain barbaric social practices of theirs, your father may be modern in his thinking but some of his people think women are inferior to men, and they think female circumcision is okay, I had to protect you from all that,” Estella Andreotti said to Amal, on her first day at the University of Toronto.

“Mom, please, let’s not rehash that,” said Amal, who’d been disappointed that her father was working at the Canadian Forces Base in the City of Trenton, Ontario. The young woman lamented her Aabo’s absence, which irked her mother. Even though it had been ages since the divorce, Abdullah Shire and his former wife did not get along, which was putting it mildly.

“Alright, honey, let’s check out the campus,” Estella said, taking her daughter Amal by the arm. There were lots of families hanging around campus, fathers and mothers taking pictures with their sons and daughters on their first day at university. Amal desperately wished her father were there. Then again, if her Aabo were around, he’d end up bickering with her mother.

“How I wish I had a normal life,” Amal whispered to herself as she led her mother around the University of Toronto campus. These days, Estella Andreotti was dating a Sicilian guy named Paolo Napolitano, whom Amal secretly couldn’t stand, and Abdullah Shire was seeing a very traditional Somali lady named Ayaan, who saw Amal as a threat. Welcome to my life, Amal thought.

After that little chat with her Aabo, Amal Shire desperately needed some fresh air. She went to her mother’s place, but her mother wasn’t there. She was probably out with that Paolo bozo whom she was so fond of. Amal sat on the couch and watched TV, having run out of ideas. School had just started and she didn’t have any assignments due yet. What’s a gal to do?

Amal thought of her beloved girlfriend, Bethlehem “Beth” Tilahun, whom she’d met over the summer. Amal had been walking around the Eaton Center, doing some light shopping, that’s when she spotted the cutest gal she’d seen in a long time. A tall, curvy yet athletic young woman with caramel-hued skin, long curly dark hair and golden brown eyes. Decked out in a red flannel shirt over a black T-shirt featuring The Walking Dead, blue jeans and boots, the stranger looked…amazing.

“Salaam, do I know you from somewhere?” Amal said, boldly approaching the tall cutie, and Beth smiled and looked her up and down. When their eyes met, Amal was immediately glad to have approached this bursa anal yapan escort particular tall glass of caramel. She likes girls, Amal thought, her suspicions confirmed when the other gal returned her smile and looked her up and down before answering.

“Hmm, yes, I think I saw you during Orientation Day at U of T,” Beth replied, before introducing herself, and thus, the two of them officially met. Amal and Beth bantered for a bit, before walking around the mall together. Amal joined Beth at Aldo, where they bought some shoes, and then went to grab Sushi at Akashiro Sushi-Q. As they sat down to eat, they got to know each other a bit better.

“So, you just moved here from Ottawa? Cool,” Amal said, and Beth regaled her with tales of Ethiopian immigrant life in the Canadian Capital. Amal listened, fascinated mostly by Beth’s lovely face, and melodious voice, rather than strictly listening to what she was saying. Beth was one gorgeous young woman, and if Amal were honest with herself, she wanted some of that.

“Yeah, my parents flipped out after catching me making out with my girlfriend Sheila, if you know anything about Ethiopians, then you know that being a lesbian and an Ethiopian really don’t mix, and I had to leave town, for my own safety,” Beth said, and there was a well of sadness in her golden brown eyes which caused Amal to wince. Amal took a deep breath, and gently brushed her hand against Amal’s, hesitating a bit, as she sought the right words…

“Oh my gosh, Beth, I’m sorry to hear that, is Sheila still in the picture? Cause, you know, you need some support at a time like this,” Amal replied innocently, and Beth looked at her and smiled. She saw right through what Amal was saying. The biracial gal was fishing for information, and wanted to know if her girlfriend Sheila was still hanging around. Best way to deal with obstacles is finding out where they are, Amal thought.

“Alright, Amal, Sheila is gone, and although you are cute, I am not looking for a relationship,” Beth replied with a sly smirk, and Amal nodded and leaned back in her chair. As Beth fixed those golden eyes on her, a pretty young woman with a gothic look walked by, and Amal not-so-discretely checked her out. Beth noticed, and “accidentally” nudged Amal’s foot under the table. I see we’re maintaining her interest, Amal thought, smiling.

What could have been just a random encounter turned out to be much more. Amal and Beth began hanging out regularly, going to malls, restaurants and movie theaters together. At first, they weren’t girlfriends, but gal pals…as in two young women hanging out together, with zero possibility of sex or anything even remotely close to it. Slowly but surely, though, Amal wore Beth down…

“I could just eat you up,” Amal said to Beth as they sat inside a packed Shawarma restaurant located in the downtown core of Toronto, Ontario. The owner of the place, a nice Lebanese Christian gentleman named Marcel somebody, was trying his best to keep up with the throngs of hungry customers pouring into the restaurant. Luckily, Amal and Beth came early, and sat at a corner by the window, dining amid the fracas…

“Hmm, you have some hummus on your lip,” Beth replied, pointing to the corner of her lips, and she smiled as Amal tried, in vain, to remove the nonexistent smear from her face. Beth grinned, and then leaned forward, until her face was inches from Amal’s, so close that she could smell her perfume, and the bubble gum that she was chewing prior to eating.

“Oh,” Amal said, actually surprised, as Beth suddenly kissed her. Amal, who was usually the seductress in her dealings with women, was quite surprised when Beth, Little-Miss-Not-Ready-For-A-Relationship planted a kiss on her, as they dined in this crowded Middle-Eastern restaurant. Nevertheless, Amal kissed Beth back, and smiled at her new friend when they came up for air…a few moments later.

“I’m ready to try new things,” Beth said to Amal, as they reached her apartment, shortly after leaving the Shawarma place. Amal looked at Beth, this six-foot-tall, curvy, sinfully sexy young Ethiopian woman who made her heart skip a beat whenever their eyes met. Such beauty, Amal thought, as she gently wrapped her arms around Beth and kissed her.

“Life is about changes and trying new things, cutie, I’m anxious to show you that,” Amal replied, and Beth grinned and pushed her on the couch, then climbed on top of her. Amal grinned as Beth settled on bursa rus escort her lap. Only five-foot-nine, and a bit chubby, with big tits and a thick derriere which she’d given up on trying to tone down, Amal is curvy as can be and has a thing for taller, slimmer girls. Beth was just what the doctor ordered…

“You talk too much,” Beth said to Amal, and she rose to her feet, took the other woman’s face in her hands and grinned, then kissed her once more. The two of them slowly, tenderly undressed each other. Amal, who’d heard her entire life that her curvy body was less than ideal, hesitated a bit as she bared herself to Beth. Sensing her hesitation, Beth flashed Amal a bright smile, gently reassuring her.

“You are beautiful, Amal, let me show you how much I mean that,” Beth said softly, and she admired Amal’s curvaceous, simply gorgeous body, while removing her clothes. Tall and athletic, but curvy where it counted, Beth stood naked before Amal. They couldn’t be more different, two daughters of Africa brought together by circumstances, and yet, they were drawn to each other, and that desire brought them here…

“Beth, I’m already naked, stop sweet-talking me and let’s do this,” Amal replied, laughing, as she grabbed Beth’s ass and gave it a firm squeeze. Beth grinned and kissed Amal once more, and they began fondling and exploring one another. Beth nodded approvingly as Amal sucked on her breasts, and then slid her hand between her thighs.

“That right there, Hmm,” Beth said softly, and Amal drew her down to the carpeted floor, and began making love to her. Amal looked at her, this tall, gorgeous Ethiopian Amazon who was hers to explore and make love to. Amal kissed Beth’s lips, and her breasts, then spread her legs. Without further ado, Amal buried her face between Beth’s legs, and went to work…

“You taste good, you freaky slut,” Amal teased, flicking her tongue over Beth’s clitoris, and the young woman actually squirmed, much to Amal’s delight. Beth squealed as Amal thrust her fingers into her pussy and began to suck on her clit, and worked her over until she shuddered violently, close to the edge. Amal flashed Beth a wicked grin, and then pushed her to the edge, twisting her fingers inside of her while sucking her clit like a straw. That did it, and Beth cried out as she came, and a smiling Amal held her tight…

“Your turn, bitch,” Beth said to Amal, a little while later. The two young women continued with their fun, and Amal found herself on all fours as Beth ate her pussy from behind. Amal grinned as Beth playfully smacked her rather thick derriere. To really shine her lover on, Amal began undulating her big round bum, and a delighted Beth looked on as she even did the booty clap. Beth grinned and slid a finger into Amal’s warm, tight butt hole as she continued to eat her pussy…

“Hmm, that was fun, I definitely missed sex, shoot, I missed feeling alive, thank you,” Beth said to Amal, as they sprawled on the carpet, after hours of steamy, creative sex. Amal, whose ass still stung from Beth’s spanking and fingering, lay on her belly. Beth caressed her lover’s big round bum, and Amal grinned. It could be just like this between us if you let it, Amal thought to say, but kept silent. Now wasn’t the damn time.

“Beth, I like you, and I know you like me, we can just chill if you want, this doesn’t have to change anything, I want us to stay friends, even if we don’t hook up again,” Amal said softly, looking into Beth’s lovely eyes while lying through her teeth. Beth looked at Amal and appeared to be considering this. Instead of replying, Beth gently stroked Amal’s face…then poked her nose.

“Hmm, my sweet Amal, with the silver tongue, will you be my girlfriend, my fuck buddy, or my friend? Hmm, decisions, decisions, I guess, ” Beth said, and she stroked her chin, trying to look thoughtful. Amal grinned, and then poked her in the boob, causing Beth to grin, then wince. Beth laughed, and Amal began playfully wrestling, like a couple of goofs…

The rest of the summer turned out to be quite fun, at times magical, and occasionally frustrating, for Amal and Beth. New relationships are like that. The chemistry was right between them, and after countless trips to the movies, restaurants, malls, art houses, museums, and steamy sex, they forged an unexpected strong connection.

The only complications, as far as Amal was concerned, was her father Abdullah Shire’s attitude toward her lover Bethlehem. A lot of women who love women worried about their parents not accepting their lesbianism, but with Amal and her parents, this wasn’t a factor. The eternal conflict between Somalis and Ethiopians, though, that was something else altogether. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there, Amal thought to herself, feeling hopeful for the future in spite of everything else.

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