Soccer-Mom: Special Belly-Dance

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Hi, my name is Dorothy and I am a true ‘Soccer Mom.’ I live in suburbia as a stay-at-home mom and my 6 year-old son is really in a soccer league. My 3 year-old daughter will surely play too when she gets older. A few months ago, I had an amazing sexual experience at a swingers club with my husband Frank, that transformed my attitudes towards sex. Before, I was ‘Miss goody-two-shoes’ but now I’m a fox or as the young men I have been with say, a MILF. I have been writing in Literotica about my erotic adventures since my first swing party. Please read the previous episodes to get an idea of how my sex life has changed for the better.

Thanks to LarryInSeattle for editing it.


Today, I want to share a super sexual experience I had with a new young man following my belly-dancing class.

First, let me describe myself. I’m 33 and have red hair, very red hair, that’s a bit curly and falls to my shoulders. Before I started shaving my pubic hair, I could have proved I was a real red-head. I have been told I am attractive. Once when I was in college, a fellow from a modeling agency gave me his card and said I was beautiful. I’m five-foot seven inches tall and weigh 128 pounds. My bra size is 36C and I must say my breasts are magnificent. We have some exercise equipment in the basement and it keeps me fit and I have put on only three pounds since my school days. In school, some of the best looking guys chased after me for dates. When I was working, men would flirt with me. It boosted my ego. As a mom, that just didn’t happen anymore until I had my swinging experience. Now, I get all sorts of men, both young and older that check me out with lust in their eyes. They somehow know my libido has been unleashed. Many years ago, I had read that one can tell if a person is single or married by watching to see if they look around as they move through the world. Married people don’t look at the opposite sex in the eye. Well I can tell you that after unleashing my sexuality, I do look men in the eye everywhere I go even though I’m married. Who knows what kind of new experiences one might have. My husband and I have an open marriage. I have to admit I walk with much more of a sway to my hips and dress in sexier outfits. Life is so much juicier when I carry myself in a physically sensuous way.

Belly-dancing seemed like a great way to keep fit and limber to enhance sex and become more sensual. I had signed up for ten lessons and I was on the sixth lesson when this erotic encounter with David occurred.

The dancing lessons are held at a community center on the other side of the city in a fitness room off the gymnasium. The walls have mirrors which is excellent to watch your technique as you practice your moves. The students dress in silk skirts with bangles that shake loudly as we move. We wear colorful matching silk bras that accentuate our breasts. I feel very sexy whenever I put on the outfit.

The class has about a dozen women with a wide variety of ages and body types. It is on weekday mornings so I expect most of the ladies are stay-at-home moms like me. It’s a fun group and the room is filled with giggles and shrieks as we gyrate our hips to the sexy throbbing rhythms of the Far East music.

I was dancing at the back of the room, closest to the door to the gymnasium when I noticed a young man staring at me as he stood in the empty gymnasium. He was tall, had light brown hair, was in his early twenties and was fit with a wholesome look about him. He had a basketball in his hands and was dressed in shorts, T-shirt, and sneakers. He had been playing alone in the empty court. I could see his eyes were locked onto my undulating hips and this turned me on. When he looked up to my face, I smiled brightly and then swiveled around and shook my ass as sensuously as I could while looking back over my shoulder to see his reaction. He smiled broadly and stared down at my ass brazenly. He was a handsome young man who must have had experienced many girls flirting with him. I thought this would go nowhere so I played with our interaction and made him my audience for the rest of the lesson. The other ladies could not see him from where they were dancing. The little imp even adjusted his manhood once while I was looking his way. His smile when he did this was very saucy. I must admit my pussy was getting very wet as I strutted my stuff. I think we both got turned on. I thought there was no harm because who would have thought anything would come of it? A girl should be able to flirt with a good looking guy, shouldn’t she?

After the lesson, I changed into my yellow summer dress, fixed my makeup, peed, and went to my car. As I walked to it, the young fellow who had been watching me dance met me there with a big, confident grin on his face.

“Hi, my name’s David. I’m the guy who was watching you in your dance class. Boy, that belly-dancing sure is sexy. That’s the first time I had seen it up close and it’s really something.”

My heart was racing as I listened to his very masculine voice. He was broad-shouldered and tall. A year ago, I would have cringed and darted away shyly but after my sexual awakening at the swing club, I relished the sensuous Zonguldak Escort glow of being near a young hunk who was obviously flirting with me.

With my back against the driver’s side door of my car, I responded, “Yeah, I love it. It really makes a woman feel feminine.” I looked deeply into his eyes. His were locked on my lips as I spoke. I finished with a smile.

He smiled back and said, “Well, you ARE very, VERY feminine.” With that, he shifted his weight towards me and put his hand on the roof of the car. I couldn’t believe how self-assured he was. He was so close I could smell the salty sweat from his workout. Our bodies weren’t touching but he was so close that the air between us seemed charged with electricity. He brazenly looked down at my breasts and cleavage that was highlighted by my shoulderless summer dress. A year ago, I would be fleeing but now my mind was racing and questioning how to get alone with this handsome boy/man.

“I would love to give you a private belly dance some time. It’s best to practice with an audience.” I licked my lips and waited for his reply. I could see the wheels turning in his brain as he absorbed the true meaning of what I just said.

“Hell, why don’t we go to my apartment and do that right now? I’d love to see more. Why don’t you give me a lift? It’s very close.”

“Sounds like a plan, David. Oh, by the way, my name is Dorothy.” I put out my hand and he took it and gave it a little shake with an ‘Ah shucks’ kind of grin on his face. When our hands touched, a surge of adrenaline swept over my body in a good way.

“Nice to meet you, Dorothy.”

He was so sweet, I just wanted to eat him up. “Okay, jump in the car and tell me how to get there.” He ran around to the other side and after I put the small bag with my costume in the back, seat we got in. As I started the car, I could feel the nervous energy sweep over my body. It was exhilarating to know that I was going to be fucking this gorgeous young man soon. My nostrils were flaring a bit as my breathing became deeper. I really wanted to open my mouth and pant but that didn’t seem lady-like.

He didn’t make small talk as we drove to his place. He simply said things like “Left here. Turn right up there,” and that kind of thing. That was fine with me. I didn’t really want to know anything about him. Mystery was fine. I just wanted to have sex.

He also didn’t try to touch me as we drove. That was also fine. We both knew what was going to happen later and we were saving the touch-fest for the privacy of his apartment. The sexual tension in the car was palpable, however. I could hear his breathing and he adjusted his cock in his jeans a couple of times. The bulge was very large and my erotic imagination meter started hitting the red zone. Thank goodness his place was close because my pussy was throbbing like a tuning fork by the time we pulled into a visitors parking stall at his building. We were silent in the elevator, too, as we went up to the seventh floor. He was shifting his weight from foot to foot as his adrenaline energy needed some release. He hit the number seven button hard a couple of times in a vain attempt to get the elevator to speed up. I was equally anxious to get to his private space but was more successful at hiding it.

His apartment was your standard bachelor pad; kind of messy in a masculine way. I thought it best to get to the dancing right away as opposed to sitting and talking.

“Why don’t I get changed into my dancing costume? You wait here and I’ll go use your bedroom. Here is a CD with the music.”

I went to his bathroom first. I had peed after the class but my pussy was drenched with juices of sexual anticipation. It needed a good wipe with toilet paper or it would have made a huge wet spot on my costume. I noticed a few feminine objects among the guy stuff. He obviously had a girlfriend that stayed over some nights. But that wasn’t a surprise given that he was a good-looking guy. Poor young girl I thought. After I show this young man what great sex is, he’ll be needing more than she’ll be able to offer. I went down a short hallway to his bedroom.

His bedroom was pure male with posters of sexy women and sports teams on the walls and a huge amount of sporting gear leaning against the walls around the dresser. There was a smell of leather and manly sweat. I was surprised to see his bed was made but it was the easy type with a big dark green comforter that just needs to be tossed over the bed. There was a box of condoms on the night table beside his bed. It gave me a thrill to see they were the magnum size which confirmed what I had guessed from the outline in his jeans as we drove over. A girl can take a peek a guy’s package. It’s only natural.

I stripped until I was completely naked. I even took off my rings and earrings. Then I just stood there for about a minute with my eyes closed, inhaling the masculine smell of his room. Then I dipped into my bag and pulled out my sexy costume and spread it in his bed preparing to dress. My silk skirt was royal purple with gold trim. The matching bra-like top pushed up my breasts and gave them a nice amount of cleavage. The Zonguldak Escort Bayan waist was left bare so that an observer could see the rippling of the dancer’s midriff. There was a belt with a huge number of coin-like gold bangles hanging from it that jingled brightly at every movement. I decided not to wear any panties. I find they chaff a bit when I dance and it makes me feel naughty to know that if I twirl fast, my skirt will swirl high revealing my charms. My pussy was as smooth and soft as a baby’s bum when I ran my hand over it to check the state of my arousal. Luckily, I had shaved it just that morning when I showered. I slipped on my soft dancing shoes before taking a deep breath and going back out to the living room.

There was David sitting in the middle of the sofa with his legs in a ‘man spread’ and his arms stretched out along the back. He looked like a handsome prince on his throne. There was a nice tent in his jeans. He had moved some furniture around so that there was a space in front of him for me to perform. My libido was in overdrive and I was anxious to start dancing. Looking down at David, I saw his eyes ogling my body from toe to breasts. He was eating me with his eyes and I was loving it.

“Wow, Dorothy, you look great. Why don’t I turn on your music? I can’t wait to see you dance.” He had a remote in his hand and used it to start up the sultry Eastern rhythms. The music was loud and pulsing. I instantly fell into a trance-like state enveloped in its sensuous beat.

I put my hands together in a praying fashion in a traditional starting pose and bowed respectfully as I had been taught. He broke into a huge shit-ass grin when he saw this humble gesture. I raised my hands as high as possible over my head and slid my right foot forward and began undulating my hips. I was becoming a total sexual animal. His eyes were drilled into my center. I gave my hips a carefree thrust and the gold coins gave a cheery ring. I picked up the tempo with my hips until the bangles gave a constant, thrilling sound and the friction in my pussy was maddening. I could feel my nostrils flair with lust. The music turned from fast to a slow rhythmic beat and I stretched my arms as far as possible to the sides and shook my breasts to the music. I could feel my hardening nipples chaff against the material inside the cups sending erotic signals to the primal regions of my brain. I bent over to my young prince and shook my charms as sensually as I could. I saw his eyes widen as he ogled my breasts. By that point, I was a total sexual primitive animal. I caressed my body with my hands as my hips undulated in simulated sex. I turned and offered a perfect view of my ass moving in a slow sensuous rhythm to the drum beat just the same way I would be moving it while under his body as he drilled his cock into my pussy. I looked over my shoulder at him brazenly and then dropped my eyelids in a humble shy fashion that I knew drove men crazy. I could see his mouth open slightly as his breath quickened. I spun my body in a quick circle once, hesitated, and then three times again until I faced him.

The naughty boy was stroking his manhood through his jeans. My god, that was so sexy. I almost lost my rhythm when I saw that. A slight worried look crossed his face when he saw me notice him pleasuring himself. Maybe he was concerned that he had gone too far. To ease his mind, I smiled broadly and began undulating my hips as sexy as I could while moving my hands in a ‘give me more’, fashion. He smiled in recognition of what I was signaling and pulled down his zipper and pulled out his thick, long, circumcised pride. He stroked it lovingly as his eyes ran over my body. I licked my lips seductively and then twirled again and again fast enough that he definitely could see I was wearing nothing under my skirt to cover my charms.

His erection became the center of my world. I cannot remember even looking at his face after his weapon was revealed. It was the object of my worship like the Stonehenge monoliths or an Egyptian obelisk; phallic, earthy, yet sacred. I yearned to impale my throbbing womanhood on its velvet over granite perfection but felt compelled to give him the best show possible first.

I turned away from him and shook my hips so my ass was a blur of sexual motion. I undid the clasp at the front of my bra-like top and dropped it to the floor. I reached my arms as far as I could to the sides and shook my shoulders while still facing away from him. I wanted to tease him and reveal my charms seductively and slowly. I looked back over my shoulder at his magnificent cock and then lowered my eyes demurely in feigned shyness. David reached lower and cupped his own sensitive balls and rolled them slowly. That was so bloody erotic. I could feel a gush of love juice drip down the inside of my thigh. This was crazy making. I turned with a hand cupped over each breast. I gyrated my hips to the throbbing base beats of the music as I slowly revealed all to my soon-to-be fuck-mate.

David leaned forward on the sofa and pulled the T-shirt over his head and tossed it aside. He had a perfect swimmer’s build. He then lifted his butt off the Escort Zonguldak seat and shimmied out of the jeans and underwear. Those and his socks hit the floor in a wink. My God, what a delicious treat to my sex crazed MILF eyes. I don’t remember if I was dancing at that point or just standing still and looking at his glorious cock, in awe.

He broke my trance by reaching up his hands and beckoning me to come to him. I rushed over like a thirsty desert traveler to an oasis spring. Reaching down to the hem of my silk skirt, I raised it up as I mounted his hips and impaled myself on his thick weapon just as I had fantasized. My pussy was so wet that he slipped into my center with only a moment’s hesitation. Both of us gave a huge groan as the head of his penis hit the deepest part of my love canal. The sensation was overwhelming. I swear I almost fainted at the sheer pleasure that swept over me. The sweet boy reached up and fondled my globes and pinched my nipples just the way I liked. I started a belly dance with my body firmly rooted on his manhood but with enough leeway to stimulate my clit as I shook my hips. This also caressed and stimulated his cock with sensuous rhythms. In no time, a huge orgasm washed over me . My screams of pleasure drowned out the loud Far Eastern music. I fell onto my lover’s chest in sweet surrender and satisfaction. I could feel my pussy throb for a long time while filled wonderfully by his staff. I knew he could also feel those erotic pulsations on his dick. The dancing had caused such stimulation to my pussy that it was like a thorough, delicious foreplay.

With the great climax I just had, it was only fair that I make sure he had the orgasm of his short lifetime. I started kissing his chest and nipples. I dismounted from his steel hard cock and continued to kiss down to his rock hard abs and slid to the floor to kneel between his legs. Soon my mouth was at his cock and I kissed it from tip to base and then kissed and licked his ball-sack until it was soaking wet. I bet his girlfriend never gave his balls that kind of erotic treatment. No doubt, he will be insisting on it in the future gauging from the deep animal sounds I could hear coming from his throat as I ran my wet tongue over the lightly hair covered sack. It turned me on incredibly to hear those primal groans.

I started sucking his stiff cock deep into my mouth while twirling my tongue around the sensitive bulbous head. I made sure my hair was swept aside so he could clearly see his dick going in and out of my lips. I loved the salty, spunky taste of his manhood. It was the taste of pure sex. I held his balls softly as I sucked him. I would have gladly finished him that way but he had other ideas. He reached down and lifted me up like I was a feather and carried me on an exhilarating ride down the hall to his bedroom.

He dumped me on the bed unceremoniously and said, “Take off the fucking skirt.” This was a man in heat who knew what he wanted. I undid the side clasp of the belt and lifted my butt off the bed, pulled it and the skirt off and threw them on the floor as quick as I could. I instinctively knew this was not the time to be coy with a strong man that was this extremely horny. Adrenaline coursed through my body with a touch of fear along with the fascination of leaping off a sexual cliff into an unknown and extremely physical situation. I was worried I had turned him on too much. I was lying there totally naked as he shifted me to the center of the bed and quickly mounted me missionary style. His cock filled me like no other. In his youthful enthusiasm, he pounded his hips into mine a dozen times in a frenzy of lust. I held the cheeks of his ass, wrapped my legs around him and felt his strong, hard buttocks clench with every stroke. What a great feeling to be well fucked by a strong man.

He paused, panting. I suspected he didn’t want to cum to quickly. I wanted to communicate that all was good after his rough treatment of me. I whispered huskily, “I love the way you fuck me. You are incredible. Do me baby, any way you want.” I kissed his neck and earlobe.

He dismounted and turned me over and pulled my hips up, indicating he wanted to fuck me doggy style. I love it that way. I planted my face on the bed and bowed my lower back to offer my cunny at a good angle. Then I spread my knees to open the lips around the opening of my vagina invitingly. I could feel him move into position and point the tip of his cock expertly to the right spot. As he drove his cock in balls-deep, I whipped my long red hair and screamed for him to fuck me hard. He held my hips and drove his sweet dick in and out of my happy pussy. I could feel my breasts swinging lewdly with each stroke. His technique was driving me crazy. He would withdraw until his long cock was almost totally out of my vagina and then plunge long and hard to the very end of it. The effect on my clit was crazy-making and soon I was screaming a long, intense, continuous orgasm as he pounded into me. I had almost lost consciousness when I heard him growl deeply and thrust deep into me and hold still while his cock jerked in spasms as he came inside me. I could feel his cum drip down the inside of my thigh as he held that position for a few minutes. He murmured deep sounds of satisfaction as his cock gradually softened and fell out of my cum-filled pussy. We both fell over into an exhausted and satisfied heap on the bed. The sweet boy kissed my shoulder before we both fell into a deep sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32