Snowed In Ch. 07

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“So? What now?” Mandy asked as she made a slow pirouette standing next to me, her finger placed delicately on her chin as she turned, showing off her magnificently sculpted body clad in white lace, garters and sheer stockings. Collette was similarly dressed, though all in black, her long hair hanging full about her shoulders, adding to the sultriness of the sexy look she posed. And then there was mom.

There’s something to be said about a woman in red, at least for me anyway. And it was a subtle red, sheer rather than bold as I stood there watching her reach the bottom of the stairs. Her full breasts though partially revealed were encased in the sheerest of fabric, the sheen of almost non-existent material encompassing her breasts highlighting them in a way that was extremely erotic. The silk garters holding up her identical stockings shimmered as though on fire as the light from the fireplace tended to flicker as though part of the act as mom joined my sisters standing next to me.

“This about what you had in mind?” mom asked not only looking sexy, but sounding it too. Dad had been right, it was obvious by the way they were all acting that they felt seductive, sensual, and more importantly aroused.

While waiting for the girls to come back down stairs, dad and I had both slipped back into our bathrobes and nothing else. As though on cue, dad opened his revealing his hard meaty cock as it stuck out fully, rigidly hard and once again swollen almost beyond reason. Mom’s smile spoke volumes as she looked over towards him seeing it, almost daintily reaching out with her fingertip and drawing an imaginary line up the thick veiny shaft causing him to shudder with excitement.

Mine too was rock hard, peeking out of the opening of my robe on its own accord, though I didn’t fully expose myself as dad had.

“So Brian, what do you have in mind for the first shot?” Collette asked sounding more seductive than I’d ever heard her sound like before.

It was time to get down to business.

Remembering dad’s strength and how he had so easily lifted up my sister, impaling her on his shaft as he’d stood next to us at the kitchen table, me fucking mom at the time, I’d been given an idea because of that.

“Mom? If you’d come over here and stand in the doorway of the hall?” I asked walking over where I’d already set my camera up on the tripod. She did so waiting for more instructions. “Dad? If you wouldn’t mind coming over here as well and standing behind her? And please…go ahead and remove your robe,” I told him. He did so and then likewise waited as I ran through the image in my head trying to envision it. “OK, now…pick mom up, using the wall to support herself against, facing away from you as you do.”

Dad did so easily, mom reaching up as though trying to touch the ceiling, her feet completely off the floor reaching back slightly as dad skewered her from behind.

“Perfect, just like that…now go ahead dad…fuck her. I’ll work around the two of you.” I told them both.

He began doing so, and as they did I saw the look of surprise and delight in both of their faces, capturing it on film as well, though subtly so, only a hint of an eye or a smile showing through in the darkness, though the lines of their bodies entwined came through sharply within the image.

Mandy’s soft intake of breath punctuated the sensuality of the moment as mom groaned passionately, dad’s cock sliding in and out of her slowly, yet continually as he held her against the wall.

“Ok, let’s try a slightly different position only with Mandy this time,” I instructed them. They were almost reluctant to stop, the smile on dad’s face clearly evident that he’d been enjoying this, though so had mom. “You need a moment to regain your strength?” I asked dad.

“Are you kidding?” He said easily picking Mandy up, holding her in the air with his arms. She squealed in delight as he lifted her waiting on me.

“In that case,” I grinned back. “This time, hold her up with her back against the wall, her legs wrapped around your torso, but try and keep enough distance so that Mandy can also arch her back some while you’re holding her like that.”

Once again dad was easily able to hold her up like that already sliding into her, fucking her ever so slowly even before I had resituated the camera for the angle I wanted. As I did that, slowly making adjustments, Collette came over, her hand opening the sash on my robe, freeing my cock which she playfully stroked as I stood there.

“You’re not going to make this easy on me are you?” I said jokingly.

“No…I’m not,” she almost purred, her hand slithering up and down the length of my shaft like a snake as I pressed the shutter taking several pictures at once in rapid succession.

“Ok, now…try and step back a little more, not so much that you actually fall out of her, but just enough that I can focus on the space between you.”

I had brought in a small stepladder earlier, which I escort gaziantep özbek bayan now climbed until I had reached a point where I could focus the shot from up above looking down between them. This time, mom came over and became my distraction, stepping up on the opposite side of the ladder, just high enough that she could reach me with her mouth, which she now did. Even as I once again clicked off several provocative photos, her mouth wrapped about my shaft gently sucking it. Almost reluctantly I pulled away climbing back down forcing her to release me.

“This is almost like work,” I half laughed feeling the sweat on my forehead. “Especially with the two of you doing that,” I added.

“You know what they say, all work and no play,” mom teased suddenly reaching over to almost casually toy with the tip of Collette’s nipple which was pressing against the sheer fabric of her lacy black bra.

“Hold that!” I said suddenly seizing my camera, forgetting all about dad and Mandy for the moment, though neither one of them seemed to mind, Mandy moaning and groaning now pleasurably as dad continued to hold her there against the wall, fucking her.

I seconds I had Collette leaning over the back of a standard chair capturing images of the two of them as mom quite naturally moved around and about her, touching her, toying with her teasing her. When she knelt behind her, her tongue and lips coming out to kiss my sister’s ass, I caught what I honestly believe to be one of the most erotic sensual poses I’d ever done. Even Mandy and dad had come over, standing nearby watching as the two of them danced around one another in what became a ballet of almost epic proportions.

“Come, join us,” mom beckoned towards my other sister, which she now did, the three of them simply indulging themselves as they almost seamlessly came together, my camera clicking off images faster than anyone thought possible. I didn’t want to miss a single moment of any of this.

“Whew, that was fucking hot!” Dad said as we finally took a break. He stood, fisting his cock, a glistening droplet of moisture suddenly appearing on the head as he stood about to wipe it off.

“No! Don’t!” I actually yelled out surprising him along with everyone else. “Freeze!” I all but demanded, and then zoomed in, focusing on just the head of his dick and that almost clear droplet of fluid that now bubbled out of his head, slowly dripping and then sliding off to one side. I caught eight pictures of it in rapid succession as it did.

Things progressed quickly after that. As the intensity of our individual passions escalated, the images I captured became more and more erotic, in some cases hardcore, yet sensual as I switched to black and white film. Close ups of nothing more than twin tongues coming out of the darkness, faces hidden in shadows, though tongues clearly revealed as they each chased additional droplets of dad’s arousal which ran down the length of his enormously thick shaft. I got pictures of my sister’s firm breasts pressing against one another, nipple to nipple, dad’s cock kissing each, another droplet of moisture shown as being deposited upon hard sensual tip of each one. Mom’s tongue, actually lifting one long streamer of dad’s slick cum drool which hung suspended from the tip of her tongue, connected to the tip of dad’s dick. The light of the fire actually highlighting it when I did, giving it the appearance of a shimmering string of light as though electrical rather than liquid.

“Let me try taking a few,” Collette said after we’d been at this now for well over an hour. She had taken an interest in my work when I’d first started doing this as a hobby, seeing the potential in me that I had. She’d been the one to encourage me to continue, even when mom and dad initially balked at the expensive equipment I slowly began to purchase and collect, not seeing it as a trivial experiment, but one that truly brought me a great deal of satisfaction and delight. I had shown her how to use the camera’s, taught her how dramatic lighting effects could be on an image, and had even once conned her into baring her shoulders for me, as well as a portion of her breast though she’d never revealed her nipple as I took pictures of her like that.

I had admittedly retired to my bedroom afterwards and masturbated like crazy, thinking about just that, a simple soft curvature on the side of her breast. That image had lasted with me for days, and I’d even framed the photo of it, enlarging it, though never daring to hang it in my room of course. Though I did take it out on more than one occasion, more for admiring the soft lines and delicate sculpturing I had actually caught on film after that as I obviously matured.

Though the pictures Collette took became more and more X-rated, it had served its purpose as things heated up, images of me licking my sister’s split, and then mom’s.

Mom…holding my dick against dads, porno videolar an interesting comparison as she licked and tickled them both simultaneously. It went on and on forever until we were finally all at fever pitch, the camera finally forgotten.

I now lay on the bed half kneeling between Collette’s legs as they reached up draping over my shoulders. The head of my prick sliding back and forth between the slick folds of her juicy split, not quite entering, though teasing. Her hard little clit protruding wantonly, as she reached down further spreading herself, my hand purposely holding my prick, circling it as I rubbed it back and forth against that sweet little nodule.

To the side of us, Mandy on her back, her hands kneading her own now unencumbered breasts, mom between her legs, fingers probing, tongue and mouth sucking, kissing, licking as dad knelt behind her, his prick firmly and deeply embedded inside mother’s cunt.

“Fuck me Brian, please…fuck me!” Collette soon cried out passionately no longer accepting the tease of my cock to her cunt as I continued running it up and down the furrow of her garden.

Now angling myself, I thrust, driving my steel hard cock into her depths, impaling her fully. Her gasp of surprised acceptance forcing the air out of her lungs as she expelled it, her ass lifting up off the bed as she strove to take me even more deeply than I already was.

I felt my balls softly slap against my sister’s ass, felt them do so again as I slowly withdrew, before plunging into her once again far more forcefully, once again easing out. Collette reached up, her hands and then fingernails digging into my back as I fucked into her again, a bit harder a bit more forcefully this time, her breath coming in quick hard pants as our pace quickened until becoming a blur. The rake of her nails leaving marks, which I knew, I would feel in the morning, uncaring at the moment as I speared her deeply, over and over again.

Beside us, the unmistakable sounds of dominos falling once more, Mandy’s high pitched squeal of delight as she climaxed, mom’s almost simultaneous mewl of ecstasy as dad likewise plunged into her depths driving her forward until she collapsed, dead weight on my sister. His own deep voiced cry of delight as he came, no doubt the molten volcanic eruption once more of his prick as it filled her to overflowing.

When Collette came, it wasn’t the faucetted squirt of release I was anticipating this time, rather a frothy, slick squishy one that bathed my prick, clinging to it like whipping cream as I added my own to it, squirting copious amounts of my own liquid pleasure, which now mingled with hers. I felt it as it sprayed out around the opening of her sex, the splatters of our still somewhat furious fucking forcing it to do so, once again bathing my balls, running down each of our legs, thoroughly soaking the sheets as we slowed to an after-glowed coupling, swimming in a pool of rapturous delight.


It was now very late. Spent and exhausted as we all were, laying there for what had felt like an eternity, almost dreamlike, I eventually felt mom, and then dad roll out of bed. As she softly padded across the floor towards the stairs, dad once again stoked the slowly dying fire, and then joined her. I sat up slightly, seeing the two of them hand in hand as they quietly and carefully went upstairs to their bedroom. I smiled resting my head back down on the bed, the softness of Mandy’s breast now my pillow as I snuggled against it, hearing her pleasured sigh of acceptance when I did. I didn’t open my eyes again until it was near morning, the sunlight just barely peeking in through the window, though it wasn’t even that, which had woken me…but the sensation of my sister’s lips and tongues once again fencing with my prick.

I lay there half pretending sleep, though smiling, moaning pleasurably as my sister’s licked and stroked me full awake. I then felt the gentle sting on my back, a reminder from the night before, the frantic moans and cry of my sister as she climaxed, the sounds of my other sister doing the same as mom devoured her pussy sending her towards heights of passion and ecstasy matching our own.

“About fucking time you woke up,” Collette teased unable to pretend sleep any longer. “My mouth was starting to get sore,” she added, though immediately engulfing the head of my prick, once again sucking it, giving lie to the exaggeration.

Mandy’s tongue still paying homage to my shaft, her mouth now gently drawing in my ball-sack as she mouthed it, forcing me to groan delightedly once again. I felt the tingle of release already making an appearance, though they each now strove for it, wanting me to do so. I didn’t long disappoint them either, tensing up and then crying out as the first squirt shot through my prick. Mandy now hurriedly joining her sister, their hands simultaneously pumping my prick, jacking it, forcing out another, and another rus escort bayan gaziantep glorious hard-felt spurt as they fought over it. I lay there watching them, passing my prick back and forth like a shared ice cream. When I could finally open my eyes again looking at them, they were smiling at me, the streaks and tracers of my cum criss-crossing their faces, clinging to their cheeks, their chins, with Collette even appearing to be wearing a pasted on cum-stash. I couldn’t help but laugh as she sat there waiting for me to see it before licking it off her upper lip, and then turning towards her sister, kissing her, sharing the essence of my soul with her when she did.

“All right you guys,” mom’s voice came from inside the kitchen. “If you’re through in there, I could really use some help in here,” she said calling out. I couldn’t help but laugh. So much had changed, possibly forever. The thought of the three of us actually doing this, with mom obviously very much aware that we had been, patiently waiting until we had finished, only then calling out, letting us know that she had been, was something that would take some getting used to.

“Coming mother!” Mandy called out seconds later, though Collette added her own comment to that in a bit softer tone.

“I wish,” she giggled as the two of them bounded out of bed, hurriedly dressing into what had become for the two of them hardly anything at all as they raced into the kitchen where mom stood waiting for them.

Almost lazily I rolled out of bed, already prodding the fire back to life, adding a few pieces of wood to it until it was burning brightly and hotly again. The moment I had finished, the sudden sound of electricity filling the house, appliances suddenly coming awake that had been asleep alerted us all that the power was back on.

“About damn time!” Dad said half stumbling down the stairs a few moment’s later.

The worst of it was over, though as we all peered out the windows together, we were in total agreement that there was more snow on the ground than any of us could remember ever seeing before. We were still doing so when the phone rang, making us jump with the now unexpected, almost unfamiliar ring of it when it did. Mom sprang from where she was standing, snatching it up and answered.

They never had given up their landline using and preferring that over a cell phone. Mom didn’t even own one, and dad used his rarely, only then when he was out and about or away, just so that mom had a way of reaching him when he was needed. Otherwise, he kept it turned off, hating to use it. Perhaps now after this, they’d reconsider the necessity of keeping one on, available and handy. It became quickly evident that it was my Aunt Jackie on the line as she worriedly chastised my parents for being out of contact with her.

In moments though, mom had smoothed over whatever fears she might have had, assuring her that we were indeed all fine, especially now that the power had seemingly been restored once again.

“Are you sure you still want to do that?” Mom asked speaking at her sister, then listening. “I’m not sure the roads will even be passable yet,” she added concernedly. Though now nodding her head as though my Aunt Jackie could see it. “Very well then, we’ll see you around six, just be careful on the drive over…and don’t forget to call us if you run into trouble. Yes…yes, I know, I know…we should have too, and yes sis…we’ll keep Harold’s cell phone on in case you need to reach us.”

With that, she hung up the phone turning towards us.

“Well, they’re still planning on making the drive over here,” she told us unnecessarily. “She told us to expect them around six…so, that means we have a little work to do around her and straighten the place up. But…” She likewise grinned. “We also still have two more fantasies to fulfill between now and then too,” she added. “So…when should we plan on doing that?”

I was indeed curious as to my father’s response, as he’d deferred having his drawn until today, wondering now if he’d explain his reasoning to everyone. Though he didn’t. Instead, he began slipping into his heavy coat.

“I’m going to plow the drive again, see how the roads and highway is,” he informed us. “Brian? Go out and turn off the generator, I’m sure it’s also nearly running on empty as well, so fill it up again too in the event we still need it later,” he told me. “Hopefully, the heavy plows will be heading out this way soon, and clear the highway enough so that your Aunt and Uncle won’t have any problems in getting here, even with them driving that Hummer of theirs,” he’d added.

Dad had always thought that to be a frivolous expense on Frank’s part, though he’d insisted on getting it anyway. And not that dad couldn’t afford to get one himself even if he’d wanted one, but he’d not even purchased a newer model truck either, preferring to drive the ten year old truck that he had. Even the one with the plow on it was five years older than that. But as good as he was in keeping them maintained, it was highly unlikely he’d ever buy a new one again.

“Breakfast should be ready in about thirty minutes,” mom informed him just before he went out the door. “And then after that, maybe we should see about drawing another…shall we?” she asked. Dad winked, nodded his head and then stepped outside.

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