Smoking Babysitter

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Writer’s note: I know from some past feedback that I’ve received that including the smoking of cigarettes in a story isn’t to everyone’s liking.

Be forewarned: There IS smoking in this story and it is a plot-point.


My father left my mother when she was pregnant with me. Needless to say, Mom had it tough starting out, but as I got older, she got things together and eventually got her real estate license. As it happened, her most recent sale was to a couple who were just moving to town. She told me they were a wonderful couple in their thirties with a four year old. I’d just turned eighteen, so Mom volunteered my services as a baby-sitter. I didn’t mind the idea of picking up a few extra bucks, so I happily agreed to do it. Little did I know how much that decision would change my life.

The Taylors called and asked if I could baby-sit for them on the upcoming Saturday. My mother told me she’d drive me over to their place, and Mr. Taylor would drive me home. That caused me to let out a frustrated sigh. I had my driver’s license, but still got ferried around like I was a pre-teen. Still, I knew my mother didn’t want her eighteen year old daughter walking the sixteen blocks alone, so I accepted it. I just hoped their kid wasn’t a brat.


After meeting the Taylors, and Mr. Taylor in particular, I decided it wouldn’t matter if their kid was the anti-christ. I was still going to love this job.

GOD! He was gorgeous. He had to be 6’2″ with short, but curly, brown hair and sexy blue eyes. Not to mention he had a smile to die for!

His wife was no slouch herself. She was about 5’7″ with long black hair, and even deeper blue eyes of her own. She had a killer figure that was shown off by the slink little black dress she was wearing for their night out.

As for myself, I was an inch or two shorter than Mrs. Taylor. Our tits were roughly the same size, strong B-cup or so, and while I had blond hair, I also had an ass to die for! Nicely rounded and curvy so that it filled out my jeans quite well.

After I entered their home, the Adonis that was Mr. Taylor excused himself for a moment, so Mrs. Taylor offered me a seat on the sofa. So I followed her over and she sat down on the other end. She smiled at me then. daintily leaned forward and lit herself a cigarette.

I couldn’t help but smile at her as she eased back onto the sofa. She looked so cool and elegant with that cigarette between her fingers.

“So Jenny,” Mrs. Taylor said with a smile after exhaling softly. “We really appreciate this. Since we’re new to town and all,” she smiled at me and I felt myself getting mesmerized by her deep blue eyes. “It was so wonderful of your mother to recommend you to us.”

“Not at, Mrs. Taylor,” I smiled and shrugged as if it was no big deal, which it wasn’t.

“Call me Bev,” she winked at me as she took a slow drag of her cigarette and seductively exhaled the smoke through her red lips. “I just hope we’re not infringing on any plans you have?”

“Oh no,” I softly chuckled and averted my gaze. “I don’t have much of a social life,” I sighed.

“Really?” she seemed genuinely surprised. “A pretty thing like you? I would expect you’d be beating the boys off with a stick.”

I was about to reply when Mr. Taylor reappeared. “Oh hell, Bev,” he groaned. “I can’t believe you’re doing that now!”

I instantly knew what was up. I’d seen enough of my friends’ parents get into arguments about smoking. And I guess Mr. Taylor was willing to let his wife smoke, but he probably preferred she didn’t do it in the house, especially with their son upstairs.

How wrong I was.

“Oh Scott,” she chuckled. “Is it so bad?”

“You know how hot it gets me,” he purred as he approached her from behind the sofa and smelled her hair.

“Um, Scott?” Mrs. Taylor gestured in my direction.

“Sorry, Jenny,” he chuckled as he kissed his wife’s head.

“No need to apologize,” I replied with a warm smile. “It’s nice to see a married couple who actually get along instead of just tolerating each other.”

In truth, I was SO entranced my Mr. Taylor’s rugged good looks; they could have done anything in front of me and I wouldn’t have cared.

They both laughed at my comment. Then Mrs. Taylor butted out her cigarette and beckoned me upstairs. “Come on,” she said with a smile. “Let’s introduce you to little Joey.”

I followed her up the staircase and noticed how her taut ass swiveled back and forth as she ascended the stairs. I couldn’t help but glance over my shoulder and saw Mr. Taylor watch her as she swayed her hips. It was cool to me that there was still some passion between these two married folks.

Wait a second! I glanced back up the stairs. Mrs. Taylor was already down the hallway and out of view! I took a quick glance back and Mr. Taylor was still looking up with a smile! Was he watching me?

I swear I felt my pussy start to tingle as I followed Mrs. Taylor down the hall.

Mrs. Taylor then introduced me to their four year old son. He was a cute kid – obviously given the genes gaziantep escort he got from both his parents! He had a nice enough demeanor. I pleasantly greeted him and told him if he needed anything during the night while his folks were out; he should let me know. That’s what I was there for.

After Mrs. Taylor tucked him in, we exited his room. I was told that their cell numbers were both by the phone in the kitchen. She also told me I was free to help myself to anything in the fridge, and she even offered me some money up front if I wanted to order a pizza.

I assured Mrs. Taylor all was well as we walked back down stairs and rejoined the Adonis that was Mr. Taylor. GOD! His eyes and his smile were making me feel warm and flushed!

A few minutes later they were headed out the door. I saw Mrs. Taylor light herself another cigarette and heard Mr. Taylor groan with delight from behind her as he closed the front door.


I wish I could say that my first night of baby-sitting for the Taylors was uneventful, but that would be a stretch.

As far as the baby-sitting itself went, that was all fine and good. Yes, little Joey did wake up at one point. But all it took was a glass of water and a few minutes by his bedside and he was out like a light again in short order.

What wasn’t uneventful was how I spent my time after dealing with Joey. Initially I sat back and tuned on a college football game. I was still a year away from going to college but I figured I should at least bone up on things like this before I went.

But it was SO hard to concentrate. I kept glancing around the living room and saw pictures of the Taylors all around. And in each one was Mr. Taylor’s gorgeous smile, sexy eyes and wavy hair.

I glanced down at my t-shirt and jeans combo. I had nothing on Mrs. Taylor’s sexy outfit. Hell even in the pictures, she looked like she’d just come back from a beauty salon.

Young girl’s fantasies. That’s what it was. At least that’s what I tried to convince myself. With a wife that hot, there was no way Mr. Taylor would ever be interested in an eighteen year old like me.

Or was there?

I turned off the TV and glanced around. I had baby-sat before for other people, so I knew very well: Snooping was verboten! I just couldn’t help myself!

I started in the kitchen and was fortunate to locate what I was looking for in a drawer: an open pack of cigarettes and a lighter. I smiled and walked around the living room with them glancing at all the pictures. I found one of just Mr. Taylor that I particularly liked. I eased it off the wall. Then I made my way to the ground floor washroom.

I propped the picture of Mr. Taylor up on the counter and smiled at it. Then I opened the cigarette pack and pulled one out. I tried to hold it as seductively as I’d seen Mrs. Taylor do earlier that evening. But something was a bit off.

I took a deep breath and opened a few drawers. Bingo! There was a stick of lipstick in this one. I popped the top of it and coated my lips. It wasn’t as deep a red as the shade Mrs. Taylor was wearing that evening, but it still looked sultry on me. I ran my hands and fingers through my long, dirty blonde hair and brought it forward. I picked up the cigarette again and put it between my freshly coated lips as I eyed my reflection.


I glanced at Mr. Taylor’s picture and smiled at it. “Oh Mr. Taylor?” I said coyly. “Does me smoking make you hot too? Tsk, tsk,” I wagged a finger at the picture. “You know I’m only eighteen, right?”

I continued to put the cigarette in and out of my mouth as I eyed his picture and my reflection in the mirror. I think I had Mrs. Taylor’s mannerisms down. I glanced at the lighter on the counter next to the pack. Did I dare?

I did!

I turned on the fan in the bathroom first and then lit the thing up. I took a slow puff. Then I proceeded to cough my lungs onto the floor.

Well at least that’s what it felt like.

What the hell made people do this? I hacked and gagged a few more times and then tossed the just lit cigarette into the toilet bowl and flushed it down.

“Great, Jen,” I frowned at my reflection. “Real attractive.”

I stood there for about ten minutes, disappointed in myself. I kept glancing down at Mr. Taylor’s picture. I SO wanted to look sexy and seductive for him. I just didn’t think I could pull this smoking thing off though.

I sighed and pulled another smoke from the pack and went back to practicing poses with it. I started to feel better about myself. I thought I looked pretty hot with that cigarette in my mouth and between my fingers.

Judging by the smile in the picture, Mr. Taylor thought I looked hot too. “Well,” I cooed to the picture. “If you think I’d be more comfortable without jeans on, Mr. Taylor,” I put the smoke between my lips and unbuttoned my pants. “Why don’t you take them off of me yourself?”

I slid out of my jeans and turned to admire my ass in the mirror. Of course I was only wearing a thong. I still thought my ass was to die for. I glanced over at Mr. Taylor’s smiling face in the picture and knew he’d concur.

I could feel my pussy getting warmer and wetter as I made seductive pose after seductive pose in front of Mr. Taylor’s picture. Eventually my t-shirt and bra hit the floor and I stood there in my thong with a cigarette between my fingers.

“You just want to fuck me so bad, don’t you?” I purred to Mr. Taylor’s picture.

That’s when it hit me. No, he wouldn’t. I was behaving like a stupid school girl. Yeah I was topless and in a thong, but I was standing there holding an unlit cigarette.

I took a deep breath and reached for the lighter again. “Don’t inhale this time, idiot,” I mumbled to myself as I lit this one.

Okay. Not too bad. A few short coughs, but everything was under control. Now I was feeling more confident. I took a slow drag of the smoke, but I made sure not to inhale. I exhaled heavily and didn’t like that look at all.

I placed the cigarette between my lips and adjusted my hair a bit, then I glanced at Mr. Taylor’s picture. “You just wait,” I said as I finished teasing my hair and then grabbed the cigarette from my lips. “I’m gonna get this.”

I gave my best seductive look into the mirror and then slowly brought the cigarette back to my lips. I gave my lips a bit of a pout as I wrapped them around the filter. I took a slow breath and then slowly lowered the cigarette from my lips. I waited a second and then slowly blew smoke out through my pursed lips.

HOLY SHIT!! That looked good! I tried it a few more times and was feeling pretty good about myself. I glanced at Mr. Taylor’s picture and smiled. “Now you DO want to fuck me, don’t you?”

I continued to writhe my body in front of the mirror and Mr. Taylor’s picture. GOD! I could tell I was drenched at this point and decided fantasy-time was over. Even though it had gone better than the first one, the second cigarette hit the water in the toilet before it was close to being finished.

Next I pulled my thong down and climbed up onto the bathroom counter and stared at Mr. Taylor’s picture and began playing with my pussy.

FUCK! I came in like two seconds! God, did this man get my juices flowing!


I don’t even know how long I played with myself in there. All I do know is that I had to clean up a bit of a mess on the counter because I had cum so much. After that, I got dressed, flushed the toilet, grabbed everything and headed back out to the living room.

As I hung Mr. Taylor’s picture back on the wall, I smiled warmly at it.

I nestled myself onto the couch after that in pure contentment.


I didn’t realize it until I heard the key in the lock that I had nodded off. I put a hand to my mouth and made sure that I remembered to put everything back where it was. Picture was on the wall, cigarettes and lighter were back in the drawer. I exhaled and thought all was good. Then I saw a lipstick smudge on my hand.

FUCK! I used the inside of my shirt to rub it off as quickly as I could. I dropped my hands to my side and hoped to hell I didn’t look guilty as the door opened and Mrs. Taylor walked in.

“Hey there, Jenny,” she said with a slight slur in her voice. “How’d things go?”

“Perfect,” I mumbled as I stood up to greet her, while giving my lips another once over with my hand – just in case.

“He didn’t give you any trouble?” Mrs. Taylor giggled as she almost lost her balance.

“He woke up once,” I smiled at her. “But it wasn’t a problem.”

“Good to hear,” she nodded. Then she moaned as she leaned over and pulled her heels off. “GOD! Does that feel better!” she laughed.

“Where’s Mr. Taylor?” I asked.

“Oh right,” she giggled. “Out in the car waiting to drive you home. He’ll pay you too, okay?” She walked over to me and put her hands on my shoulders. “Thanks for everything, but make it snappy okay?” she playfully flicked my nose. “He took my smokes because he doesn’t want me to do it without him around.”

“Listen, Mrs. Taylor,” I said with a smile as I put my shoes on. “I can make my own way home.”

“Don’t even think about it, honey,” she smiled at me. “We have to get you home safe. Besides,” she lowered her voice to a whisper. “I have cigs hidden around the house. I can have one before he gets back and he won’t know what he missed.”

“If you say so,” I laughed as I turned to the front door. I exhaled heavily feeling like I’d just gotten away with something. Now the next problem: The ride home with Mr. Taylor.


GOD! He was SO charming and SO sexy! My pussy was tingling during the short ride back to my place.

I SO wanted to do something – anything to let him know how hot he made me, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Mr. Taylor pulled the car into the driveway of my mom’s house. He dug his hand into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet. He pulled out some cash and handed it over to me, and then closed his hand over mine.

“Thanks again, Jenny,” he smiled at me. “It’s so nice to have someone we can trust so soon.”

“Think nothing of it, Mr. Taylor,” I breathed back at him. I swear I was cumming just from looking at him smiling at me and holding his hand over mine.

“No, sweetie,” he smiled at me. “I mean it, thank you.”

I felt myself flush when he called me that, and GOD was my pussy tingling.

“It is appreciated,” he released his hand and kept his smile beaming at me. “Okay,” he finally muttered. “You should be on your way.”

“Yes sir,” I said in coy voice as I opened the car door.

I stood there after I exited the car and watched Mr. Taylor drive away. I then ran into the house, up the stairs and into my room. I was naked in an instant and lying back on my bed playing with myself again.

WOW! Did I cum huge! I felt myself gushing slick goo all over my fingers as I ran one hand up and down over my breasts. I had my teeth dug into my lower lip as I writhed while imagining Mr. Taylor fucking me.

I arched my back and dug my fingers up against my g-spot and brought myself to another wonderful orgasm. Finally, I slumped back into my bed. I laid there with a contented smile as I withdrew my cum soaked fingers from my pussy.

I didn’t even bother pulling the covers over my naked body. I just rolled over and smiled as I drifted off to sleep.

One thought did enter my head before I nodded off though: I wish I had a smoke right now.


The next week when I was at school, I tracked down one of the girls who I knew smoked to ask for some pointers. She was a bit curious about my interest in smoking at first but then she had no problem helping me along.

“Don’t worry,” Nicole chuckled as she patted me on the back as I coughed up a lung. “You’ll get the hang of it.”

By Thursday, my friend Amy was questioning me about my hanging out with Nicole and apparently taking up smoking.

“It’s ugly and disgusting!” Amy almost spat. “Why would you want to do that? And besides,” she huffed. “It makes your breath reek, and kissing a person who smokes is disgusting.”

“Oh really, Amy?” I chided her. “And how many people who smoke have you kissed?”

“Well,” she said defensively. “There was Jared,” she finally finished.

“Seriously?” I mocked her with a smile. “He took you to the movies once, and only gave you a peck on the lips. At least that’s what you told me.”

Amy sighed. “Look Jenny,” she sounded exasperated. “I just don’t want you to take up something like smoking. Why would you even consider it?”

I knew the grin that crossed my lips was PURE evil. “I have my reasons.”


When I got home after school on Friday, I picked up the phone and found a message waiting. YES! It was the Taylors and they wanted to know if I was available to baby-sit that Saturday.

I immediately called back and was surprised to get in touch with Mrs. Taylor directly. So rather than leaving a message that I’d be available, I told her directly that I was only too happy to oblige.

“Stop calling me Mrs. Taylor,” she giggled through the phone. I knew she was smoking as we spoke. “I told you to call me Bev,” she finished.

“Got it, Bev,” I smiled. “I’ll see you Saturday at seven.”


On Saturday afternoon I made plans to hook up with Nicole at the local mall. She was going to help me buy a pack of smokes on my own.

“Dress sexy,” she told me on Friday. “It’ll help.”

So I did just as she said. When I met Nicole at the mall, I was wearing a tight, low cut top that showed off my cleavage quite nicely, as well as a form fitting skirt that hugged my hips tightly and accentuated my sexy legs.

“Very nice,” Nicole laughed as she saw me. She was dressed pretty seductively herself. She was wearing denim shorts that were very, very short, as well as a t-shirt that was about a size too small for her. “Hell between the two of us we could probably buy alcohol if we wanted.”

I smiled at her. “Thanks, but no thanks,” I said with a shrug. “But I have to baby-sit later on this evening.”

“Shit,” Nicole said as she locked her arm in mine and set us off on our way. “Either the kid your sitting for is a hottie, or you like the dad.”

“What makes you say that?” I asked, feeling my cheeks redden a bit.

“Um,” she smirked at me. “You’re dressed like that to go babysitting?”

“You told me to dress nice to buy smokes,” I told her matter-of-factly.

“You’re right,” she smiled coyly at me. “I did. So,” she added in a very sly manner. “You’ll be going home to change before you go babysitting?”

“Nicole, for crying out loud,” I moaned.

“Don’t worry, Jen,” she giggled. “You’re secret is safe with me.”

Less than fifteen minutes later, both Nicole and I had successfully bought ourselves a pack of cigarettes. Nicole then led me to the back of the mall and we both lit up.

“Nice, Jen,” she said as she exhaled a plume of smoke from her mouth. “You seem to be getting the hang of it.”

“Thanks,” I smiled at her as I exhaled without coughing. I felt a bit of a head-rush, but still liked that I seemed to be getting the handle on it. “So,” I paused and brought my smoke back to my lips and took another slow drag. “Why back here? Is it so we won’t be seen?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32