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My friend Sam persuaded me to go to a pagan festival. I tried to say no, but Sam said it would be fun and it was at the end of summer. I would be going back to college a week after this festival took place. I caved in and Sam sent in our money for tickets. The weekend before we were to leave Sam came down with a bad case of the flu. He could barely get out of bed. He insisted I should go and not waste my money because it was too late for a refund.

I ended up packing my tent and some clothes and I drove the five hours to get to the festival grounds. It was going to be a four day event and I figured I might as well take it all in. I managed to find the place and I was given a spot to set up my tent. I got everything set up and then went for a walk through the campgrounds. I barely walked ten minutes when three chicks walked up to me. I got my first taste of the pagan lifestyle.

These three had to have been in their early twenties and all three were naked up top. Their boobs were proudly showing to all who wanted to see. They walked right up to me and asked me my name.

“My name is Mike,” I told them.

“You look more like an Erik, like a Viking,” said the woman with the biggest tits.

They all giggled like it was funny. I didn’t get the joke.

“You’re sort of cute,” the girl with the blonde hair and small tits said to me. “Are you going to be here all week?”

I said I was and the blonde said she hoped we would meet up later on. The third woman didn’t say a word, but she seemed to be eying me up. She had red hair and I thought she had the best pair of tits between the three of them. Off they went and I watched them walked away. gaziantep escort The redhead turned and looked back at me and then she giggled. Damn, I hoped the rest of week was like this.

I toured the grounds and got my bearings. There sure were lots of hippies, wiccans, and just generally strange people about. I was glad I had let my hair grow out this year. It was down to my shoulders that summer and I looked like I might fit in with everyone else. I was hungry that afternoon so I went to one of the stands and got some grub. I took my food back to my tent and I sat down in front of the opening.

Just a few minutes later the brunette with the big tits walked up to me.

“Do you mind if I join you?”

Of course I didn’t mind. She still was topless and I figured I might as well get an eyeful of those big mounds on her chest.

“My name is Hilda.”

I was damn sure it wasn’t Hilda, but I played along. Hilda started questioning me. She asked if this was my first time at one of these affairs. I said it was and a big smile went across her face.

“I hope you are staying for the bonfire on Saturday night.”

I didn’t know a thing about any bonfire so Hilda explained it to me.

“They stack up wood as high as they can and then light it. We all get naked and dance around the bonfire.”

I thought I could get into that for sure. Seeing young women dancing naked around a hot fire. I could picture it in my mind right now.

Then Hilda got up and walked over to the entrance to my tent. She went inside and I wondered what she was up to. I didn’t want her stealing anything so I followed her in. My tent was just about tall enough to stand in. Hilda started to pull her pants off and she got totally naked before me. I just stood there like a dufus. Hilda crawled over to me on her knees and started to unzip my pants. She reached in and pulled my cock out.

“God, you have a big one!”

I guess I am about seven inches in length and pretty thick in the cock department. Hilda didn’t waste a second and she brought my dick up to her lips. She proceeded to take me the whole way down her throat. I could barely believe what was happening. I hadn’t been here barely an hour and I was getting a blowjob. Hilda’s head bobbed up and down my dick. She took me right down to the root. Her hand went to my sacs and she started to squeeze them as she sucked on my bone.

I did what was natural and I put my hand on the back of her head to make sure she didn’t pull off. I didn’t think there was much chance of that, but I always like to control whoever was sucking my cock. Hilda was making these loud slurping noises as she worked her lips all over my erect dick. After a few minutes she pulled off and got onto her back. She spread her legs far apart and looked at me.

“What are you waiting for?” She said.

I figured I might as well take what was being offered to me. I stripped off all my clothes and I got in between Hilda’s large thighs. She wasn’t exactly petite, but pussy is pussy. I knelt down and took my cock in my hand. I guided my mushroom to her opening and I shoved my dick into her. God did Hilda let out a loud moan. I slid my bone all the way inside her and she gripped me like a tight glove. I guess I fucked her just like a pagan would.

I buried my dick right down to the bottom and held it there. Hilda was taking my bone raw. I didn’t even have a chance to slip a rubber on and Hilda didn’t say anything about it. I was pushing my erection deep into her passage and she looked like that is the way she normally fucked. Hilda wrapped her legs around my back and we really got into it then. I pounded her fat pussy as hard as I could.

“Harder, harder,” Hilda pleaded with me.

My balls were making those slapping noises as I drove my dick in between those wet folds. At this rate I wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer. I was getting so close and Hilda hadn’t said a word about pulling out. Another couple minutes of taking her hard and I exploded in Hilda’s pussy. I looked down at her face as I began to fill her with my seed. She looked like she was totally out of it. I just kept pumping my rod into her fat quim and she kept squeezing my dick with her pussy muscles.

A few minutes of emptying out and I slowly pulled my dick from Hilda. I looked down and my cum started dripping down her ass cheeks. I just stayed on top of her until we finally caught our breaths. I got up and Hilda stood up as well. My cum came leaking down onto the floor of the tent. I had some paper towels I brought along and Hilda took some of them and cleaned herself up. She quickly got dressed and then she kissed me on the mouth.

“I need to get back, they will be missing me soon. I hope I catch up with you later.”

Off she went. I just spread out my sleeping bag and rested for some minutes. If this was what the week was going to be like, damn! Hilda wasn’t even the female I had my eyes on. I was hoping that I might hookup with that redhead I saw earlier. First I would need to rest up and save up another load of cum for later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32